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Today’s Comic

Hope you liked this page! Next update is in Jan 2019

*wah wah*

I timed the relaunch to coincide with the end of the first chapter of my other comic, Mare Internum, so anyone just checking here now gets to not only read a new Meek page, but also an entire new chapter of a different comic if they want :O If you weren’t already reading it, then happy surprise birthday!! If you were already keeping track… sorry, your birthday was cancelled :C

So, I’ll be updating once a week here on Thursdays and once a week there on Tuesdays until the end of next month. You can get to the comic any time by clicking on the MI box or red and blue circle icon. In July my time will clear up and I will be able to offer several regular updates a week of all my comics!

The Meek has been my baby for over half my life now. I had some bad things force me to hiatus, but permanently quitting this project is just not an option. I mean, unless I die or whatever. Hopefully that’s not for a while. Thanks for sticking around, and I’m looking forward to posting more of this weirdass project.

Today’s bonus art: glad to be back