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Today’s Comic

Yayy you’re the worst

For funzies, a comparison of this page vs the original comic from 2007

In other news, I’ve been pretty busy! Some general status updates:

-did some conventions, it was tight. Thanks to everyone who came by!

-shipped out the last of my Meek Kickstarter books, it was not as tight, but I think that’s all wrapped up! By the next update the books will probably be available for sale~ You can sign up for the mailing list to know when the store opens, since I will also have some limited/ signed editions available to celebrate that my workroom is no longer a packaging center.

-decided that to make my schedule work for next year, I’m going to prioritize finishing up my other webcomic, Mare Internum, in 2017. This means that Meek updates are going to be on a bit of a backburner after I finish up this chapter. Once we’re done with Ch5 we’ll be taking an official/ planned hiatus until Chapter 6 begins in early 2018. I know that kinda sucks, HOWEVER, being done with MI will mean that all of my webcomic updates from that point forward will be Meek only. It’s very difficult trying to juggle two very different comics at once, and MI has an achievable, finite conclusion, so I think this is a good move in general. Feel free to yell at me in the comments, at this point my body is riddled with angry Meek-schedule bullets already so a few more won’t hurt

-since updates here are likely to be a bit spotty, you can use RSS, check the Twitter, or get brief email updates as a poke to let you know when the new page is up.

-I will continue to post behind-the-scenes Meek/ MI materials to Patreon! And continue with normal operations there as well with tutorials, side project news, etc. I made a status update there recently to explain some new features so feel free to check it out

-Speaking of side projects, a Kickstarter I did a pack of cards for is finishing up soon (just made goal, in fact), you can take a look here if you’re into games sort of things


As usual, I can only continue to thank you for your patience with my comic. I mention my “business plan” now and then, but this year was always going to be weird schedule-wise… my priority was learning how to travel to and sell at conventions, getting a second book ready, and setting up projects that will be coming out 3-4 years from now. I’m a big webcomic reader too so I deeply feel all of your frustrations with having to wait for new pages, and can only promise that you are going to enjoy all the material coming up. I just keep running into the limitation of having one body to do all this goddamn work, haha. Despite all of the bumps in the road, my goal has always been staying alive long enough to get this comic fully made, and sometimes that means Being Responsible and Learning New Skills and other horrifying stuff.