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Today’s Comic

Time to spill the beans~

No real updates, other than that the KS is coming along. All the rewards are in and I’m in the middle of putting stuff into thousands of envelopes, fun fun fun. Can’t wait to get them to folks who pledged.

Oh, but you can take a peek at this incredible piece by Joy Ang, which is part of the miniprint set. I wanted to make it the postcard image as well, but as it turns out that might get me 5 years in prison for creating a piece of mailing material with nudity on it XD So I went with a different image. And a bit more love: this beautiful fanart by Lennan6

I’ll be moving this notification link to the sidebar soon but for now I’ll just keep it here for folks who don’t use RSS and would rather have email updates!

mmadOkie dokie see you again soon