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Today’s Comic

*angel chorus*

I want to explain/ apologize for any update spottiness… a member of my family died in an accident this week. It’s also the most work-heavy month I’ve had in over a year, so I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I’m going to be updating Mare a bit more than Meek in the remainder of the month. When I’m in a bad mindset it’s a little bit easier to get MI of my system than TM, since TM requires me to be a bit happier to keep the lighter tone consistent. I usually do a 4:8 comic split between TM and MI updates, but I’m anticipating May to be more like 2:10 just because I’m having a rough time. Technically comics is my job, and I think in a professional environment you’d need to share this info with the people you work with/ for (that’s you) so they aren’t confused. I’m still a professional tho, and we’re still gonna get all 12 of the updates that Patrons are supporting for May. I know it’s frustrating for the updates to come less frequently, but I really don’t want to compromise the quality of my work if I can avoid it.

Anyways, “interesting times.” Thanks for understanding, and see you for next week for another update.