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Today’s Comic

*edit 8/17* The Meek was nominated for an Ignatz!! I’m really grateful. Thanks to you guys for reading and driving me to continue upping my game with every page, even if that means I’m updating like glacial molasses. I’m really glad about the news and will try and bang out an update this weekend :]

Oh hey buddy long time no see

Not much news, just chugging along. Schedule here is still the same if you need a reminder: slowly finishing this chapter (maybe a page or two a month), but my main priority in 2017 is completing my scifi webcomic Mare Internum, so there’s a lot of updates over there! As usual, you can subscribe to the RSS or email list for immediate update notifications as soon as a page goes live.

New tutorial for Patrons will also be up on Weds in case you are into that sort of thing. They go public after a ~6 month delay, so you can check out some of the free-to-read tutorial series as well :]

And for those of you who care, I’ve been slowly updating my web archive so that all of the page numbers match in style to the new black circles from this chapter… I’m up to page 35 on all the previous chapters now XD I’ve also been tweaking some colors and art to make things a bit more cohesive and readable.

Oh yeah, digital books are finally available on Comixology now, as well as in irl format below! I also just listed a few dinged HC and SC books on the Gumroad with a hefty 50% discount, if you wanted to pick up a fast cheap copy.