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Today’s Comic

Seems like every time we see this guy we’re stuck at a door

Not much going on, just making comics. Like mentioned in the last post, Mare Internum is updating at a good clip now! Been getting those pages out and streaming a lot more for my $2 Patrons in the last few weeks, it’s been pretty good for productivity. If you were at the stream for this page you can tell I changed a lot of the text~ it’s a process. More process streams definitely on the way.

We’re also having a live/open tutoring session this week sometime, so if you’re into that, feel free to add any questions to this post for the tutorial-tier Patrons.

And also thank you for availing yourself of the Meek Store! I think there’s one more signed HC pack available for now, a few signed SC packs, and I may add some dinged copies at a discount sometime this week as well for those who want a book and don’t mind a tiny flaw or two. I’ll put this here again just for ease of clickin’

Okay, more stuff soon~