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Today’s Comic

Good to see the fam doing well

So, I’m going to be updating as much as possible in the next week. Meek Week got off to a Meek Weak lame start as life is hitting me hard right now; I should probably not make too many extravagant promises, but please rest assured I am doing my best to get as many pages out as I can. I just want to sit down and work ;__; haha. ugh.

Again, all Patrons will be getting access the full 12 pages of updates this month, likely in pencil/lettered or inked/lettered form because my plate is so full. July is going to be a major comics catch-up month since most of my deadlines are hitting this week and thankfully won’t carry over into the next few months, phew. New content going up on the Patreon soon as I finish up a few things.

OK shutting up/ getting back to work.