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Today’s Comic

Amazingly, Pinter has lived in places other than “under a tree.”

Now… art share time! This cute sketch by LightningSpam, and an adorable Angora one of my besties did for my bday :3 Oh yeah, it was my bday recently, shorter of breath and one year closer to death, etc. Every year I’m like ha HA oh god I’m running out of days to make comics. GOTTA KEEP GOING ahaha *stress*

BTW, gonna upload all of the previous vote incentives since relaunch to the Facebook page right after this posts. If you missed any, you can go there to check em out! They will be in a new folder and will continue to update there at the beginning of every month~

Todays’ bonus art: sorry, kinda boring (not to me, but whatever), the page without borders. Looks a lot different without the ridiculous contrast! Also why MI’s borders are not white, since I had anticipated that comic being pretty dark-toned.