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Today’s Comic

air quotes staff cuts. Let’s just say there’s been a lot of hasty internal reorganization following a certain unfortunate dinner party >__> I also hope this explains the biggest question in this chapter so far, “why is that sandwich so weird.” The answer is because Rudy is a camp chef/not a professional sandwich engineer, and because the previous kitchen staff was definitely executed.

I’ve been working on this page so long I can’t even stand looking at it anymore, haha.

THANK YOU to folks who stopped by to say hello last weekend at SVCC! I had copies of the book with me, which is awesome because the book is finally going out to backers all over the place!!! US backers should have all received their books (if I got your addresses before the cutoff… next round soon) and international orders are going out very soon. I’ll hopefully be getting out my personalized orders by early May as well~ You can check out all the happy backers and their celebratory photos in this collection! (warning: many cute dogs and cats (and one stuffed armadillo))

For folks that missed the Kickstarter, I’ll begin selling books pretty much after the Kickstarter people have got theirs, likely end of May. I’ll probably kick off the online sales with some limited/ special packages, so if you’d like to be in the know as soon as that info is available, you can put your email on the list for that news! I will also be at Vancaf with copies if you are going to that in a few weeks~

Anyways I’m in the middle of drawing a million things and convention stuff and freelance and a new comic and etc etc so my schedule is a bit fucky at the moment, but a new tutorial will be out tomorrow for Patrons and I’ve got a lot of Patreon backlog stuff to post (I’ll link it here when it’s up). Just… like yeah I’m p much just doing my thing, and also planning for Ch6 since we’re only a few pages away. BUT FIRST finish this scene, haha. I’d better get back to it.