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Today’s Comic

Wow this page was a bear.

As a reminder, the Meekipedia is back up in case you’re struggling with some of the crazy lingo! But here’s a quick history lesson:

There are only two countries in this part of the world: Caris (where we are now), which is located directly south of The Territories (ruled by Emperor Luca deSadar).  The Territories occupy roughly the same area as the previous country ((old) Mesda) before it’s collapse… many people who were born before the last war still prefer to call this area Mesda, despite the new management. The Carissi are ruled by Princeps Symon Amakessar, whose father did some Bad Things during the previous war. Caris isn’t in a great position economically to make amends for those Things, and have something of an attitude problem when it comes to accepting responsibility/ apologizing (see Chapter 2). Now that shit is going down, the borders have been closed tight and deSadar is ramping up shenanigans (see Chapter 3). Folks who are caught on the wrong side of the curtain are potentially in deep trouble right now. What a time to be alive! Of course our friends Angora and Pinter do not know about annny of this because they are running around the Allodian jungle like fools (see Chapters 1, 4).

There are more complications due to the pan-nationalistic Santri religion/culture and compulsory military service in The Territories, but we can ignore all that until it comes up I guess, haha. I think about fake history a lot.

You can always comment here if there’s anything you’d like me to add or touch upon on in the Meekipedia, I am happy to expound as long as it is not spoilery. Generally I add to it as the chapter requires.

Today’s bonus art: One of my favorite illustrations of Pinter that I don’t think I’ve shared yet! Trigger warning: you may be seduced