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Today’s Comic


I say “we” because this comic is nothing without you guys reading, commenting and supporting my work. This is such a huge milestone for the comic, I cannot thank you enough for letting me create this story for you. Also: thank you for your kind comments on the reflection comic, and for letting me get those thoughts off my chest :’] I’m so sorry again for the hiatus and for not being able to let you know what was going on at the time (it would have killed the comic for sure), but thanks to you I never have to be in that situation again.

Now lets finish up this chapter X[____________]

*nb* I’m posting this update on what was previously a different page in order to preserve your comments! Comments posted prior to ~11am 9/17 was in reference to the reflection comic, which is archived here

I’ve been reflecting on the comic a lot this year, what with the book coming out and it being 20 years (!!!) this year since I first started thinking about what eventually became the story.
After all these years of work without much notice outside of the internet, this nomination means a lot to me. Realistically I don’t think I can win, but it’s been quite a journey for me to get to this point, and I wouldn’t want to go down without a fight :] If you’re going to SPX tomorrow, please consider voting for the comic!

Update tomorrow, and the next 2 updates I do will be Meek updates to finish up the chapter. I might be revising my Ch6 schedule too, to start if off a bit earlier. Once MI is over this will be my only updating comic for a while, should be awesome XD

Thank you so much again for reading.