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Today’s Comic


Thanks for bearing with me while I have been working on the Kickstarter. In case you were confused, I’ve been:

-redrawing and recoloring every page of the comic for the print version!! literally every single page. This took a very long time, and was worth it.
-finalizing and ordering literally thousands of Meek reward items for KS backers… so much STUFF.
-other boring logistical stuff that takes time to do.
-patreon, Mare updates, etc, I slept a few times I think…

So yeah, that’s where I’ve been… it is really important to me to make sure this book is as beautiful as possible so I decided to put the time in and really polish it the best I could. Hopefully all backers have picked up the Volume 1 wallpaper set already! If not, check out this post with info on how to redeem yours :] The PDF copies of the book will be going out this month, I am just running it past a lot of people first to make sure it (and the print pages) are completely perfect. If you missed the campaign, I will likely be opening up limited preorders, will post here on that when it happens.

In other news, I finally set up email notifications! If you don’t like RSS or the unreliability of social media notifications, you can now get updates sent straight to your inbox.


I know I tend to update randomly… my normal schedule is 1x a week at least (recently less due to book fulfillment duties) but I always upload at the random time I finish it. With email notifications, you don’t have to check back on the site manually, and will get a simple notification (here’s an example) as soon as new pages are posted~ yay

Last, I’ve been still hard at work on other stuff… there’s a giveaway contest running both on Mare Internum and on the Patreon if you’re a MI reader! I’ll be doing giveaways more frequently now that I’m a Real Capitalist, will probably have some Kickstarter swag up for grabs in the upcoming months. The September tutorial was also pretty popular in case you missed it, and there are two whole supplements unlocked this month as well to sweeten the deal.

Anyways, sorry that’s a lot of info XD Basically I’ve been staring at Meek stuff for the past month straight and you haven’t, but I am slowly sliding back on track with everything, so see you next week with the next page!