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Today’s Comic

The most important character in this chapter!!! toy bunny

Sorry for the delay, I am juggling ECCC prep and working on KS bonus comics while trying to keep up on updates, but mostly it’s because this page was annoying XD You can see the original two pages and an explanation of writing compression and expansion on today’s Patreon process notes for this page. You can ALSO grab an older 4-pg bonus comic from the rare original Ch2 printing, which went up last week for Patrons.

A cute fanart of Angora by Isa, who is lovely and whose webcomic is currently having its KS here!

And last, here’s my ECCC info for those attending this Seattle comic convention in early March~ I’ll be at table K6, and will be debuting copies of The Meek Volume 1 for those who missed the Meek Kickstarter campaign, or for backers who want to check out the books that will be arriving to them soon! I’ll also have copies of my little minicomic, The Tide, revised and retoned and back for a second printing after its original publication in 2008. And some other minicomics and stuff I’ve been working on. Hope to see some of you there~