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Today’s Comic

This page was supposed to take me 1 day to finish, took three, haha. Going down in history as one of the more painful comic deliveries.

And, because it’s come up in the comments a few times this chapter, I’ve posted a new Meek post about eye color variation for those who were wondering about that.

Lots of other stuff going on, esp for tutorial-enjoyers and Patrons. Patrons– A new tutorial about proportions in comics is up now! The worksheet will be up later today. For non-Patrons, an unlocked tutorial about branding your work was recently posted to my Tumblr, so you can read that for free if you like.

ECCC was earlier in the month, I had a great time meeting many of you guys :] So nice to preview the lovely Volume 1 book and get a few into the hands of people who missed the Kickstarter. For Kickstarter backers, the books will be going out probably at the end of this month or very beginning of next… the boat is set to arrive into port tomorrow so I’m really excited.

If you missed ECCC, I had a few stickers and such for sale and giveaway! Any $5+ Patrons can enter the Patreon sticker giveaway contest to nab some stickers shown below~ There will be several winners so go ahead and comment on eligible posts any time this month to enter.

There will be another update next week, see you then~