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Today’s Comic

Who left this here??

Thank you so much Patreon pals for your support in Sept! You’ve funded another 10x total Meek/ Mare updates for October, and we’re also getting a new wallpaper every month we maintain at that funding level, starting this month. I’ll be posting details and goodies for $2+ Patrons later today. The next milestone, which is about $150 away, unlocks 12x total comics per month… really looking forward to hopefully hitting that :] to be honest I do better when I don’t have time to think about anything but comics, haha.

Some people are being weirdoes and making fanart, this Inktober Angora by Verface is particularly lovely!

Today’s bonus art: Just a quick costume swap with webcomic numero dos protag, since Halloween is on the way…

Next update either Fri or Sat; 2x this week to make up for the pause last week.

Last but definitely not least, a giant round of applause to our $10+ Patrons, many of whom are accumulating pips for consecutive months of Patronage… thanks to them! and thanks very much to all of you for reading :]