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Today’s Comic

Hyla is the nicest, imo. Also I know it’s been a slowly-posting chapter, but if you’re still reading between the lines, yes~a lot of people are suddenly doing jobs that they are not very well trained to do, and it’s causing some problems. Chapter 6: Luca fires 59 Tomahawk missiles at Caris HAHa

A couple of updates on ye old Patreon since the last time I was here, just to recap: Notes for this page from last week’s preview! and some bonus intro to the new character, which as usual is not necessary for enjoying the comic! If you ever just wanna remind yourself who’s doing what, I’ve got the non-spoilery info ready to go on the Meekipedia as usual, and organized nicely for Chapter 5. Additionally, March contest winners were posted, the Proportion tutorial worksheet was posted, and the poll for the next tutorial remains open until I start work on it so feel free to vote whenever~ I have some more updates to post this weekend including another Legschilla comic, so that’ll be up after I make the PDF.

And a copy paste from the MI page: thanks for waiting for this update. I put the specific reason on the Patreon because although it’s a sort of personal reason to share, my Patrons are the ones I care most about and answer to. To others who are feeling frustrated or have a question, you can either contact me personally at any of the billion links I have to do that, or just wait patiently until the comic updates. I know I’m just some random internet person to most of you, but in real life I’m a one-person business who has been working pretty much nonstop, 12+ hours a day, 7 days a week for 3 years, and my tank occasionally goes dry. My life quality is whatever/who cares, but when the quality of the comic starts to suffer I have to choose to step back even if it is annoying to you. Believe me it is much more annoying to us both to have to make/ read bad comics. Thanks again for your understanding and feel free to bounce without guilt if you feel the wait is not worth it (I try to keep the laffs coming tho so if you haven’t seen my obit floating around, probably better to just keep checking back)