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Today’s Comic

Rudy does not want to be involved

Small deet: the common stairs have been modified (like, extra steps have been added in between the existing steps) because Luca has a hard time walking up stairs. This is as close to handicapable accessibility as it gets… All the places the Emperor doesn’t go (to the kitchens for example) have the regular stairs because everyone else trips on them.

In other news,

The first volume of The Meek, comprising the first 3 chapters, is happening soon. I’ve never done a KS before and the amount of work involved is crazy. So many goddamn art assets. But, I think the end result will be pretty sweet. Here’s what’s going to be involved:

-new 8 pg prologue comic
-art/ formatting overhaul (the faces are so bad to me now)
-bonus shit
-actual merch, which I have never made before and am terrified of
-some really insane level artists contributing art to a limited set of prints

Anyways it’s gonna be nuts. I’ll mostly just be excited to sleep again. I’ll be posting a preview of the cover tonight on Patreon… probably Thursday the new tutorial/ worksheet of the month goes up (please nab your files if you haven’t already!), then a SURPRISE that I’ve been holding out on until some time where I felt like a surprise was needed, which is now. I’ll post what it is when relevant~

Oh yeah, last few days to back the Elements Kickstarter, I finally busted out my pages last last weekend, phew.

Last but not least, our Patrons of highest renown~~ Some green graduations too :D