Aw yiss first page >:D Nearly completely different from the sketch page, if you remember that old thing.

I’m going to be updating once a week until the week following the 10th, as I have some kind of annoying test coming up and I need to study for it XC But after that I’m gonna do at least two pages a week, haven’t decided on the days yet… In honor of democracy, are there any opinions on whether I should do 2 pgs of updates in a single day, or one page on two separate days? Please to head over to the LJ comm to discuss if you care (you do).

HOWEVER there will be vote incentive updates every day (even weekends)! Mostly sketches and that sort of thing, if you watch my sketch LJ you will be either happy or unhappy to note that these are new sketches that I’ve not posted before. So yeah, go get them 8B

Thanks in advance for reading ;__;