Wow! A comic 8D Almost as if this were a webcomic that updates every week! Thats amazing.

Anyways, stuff ensues. Did you like my transition from boring conversation into ADVENTURE? Cuz I sure did 83

Don’t ask why the bushes look so fucky, I don’t know why. Actually I do, its cuz I flattened the wrong layer and saved and couldn’t fix it in time, but there will be time for editing later… in any case, if you enjoy the comic, please vote! It will make me make more comics XD Not really, but we can pretend. This week I’m uploading fanart of other webcomics I like as the incentives, so check back daily (yes, daily, the one for today will be up in a few minutes).

As always, you can find news and discussion scattered about on Facebook, LJ and the Twitter. Thanks all for your comments and patience! And don’t forget, the comic will be updating twice a week starting next week!