Its been a long time/ shouldn’tve left you/ without a dope beat to step to/ wiki wiki uh uh what
(my internet Timberland impression, thank you, thank you)

Sorry for late post! But its here now. In the future you can keep on top of news like me sucking on Twitter or the Facebook, if you’re not already. Or you can hunt me down IRL and kick me till I stop moving.

I hate messing with that map so much, uggghhh. I could probably make a master map file instead of pasting/ drawing important stuff on it every time but THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY. Also I realized this comic has had a alarming lack of spit takes, so that has been corrected FFFFFFFF

I’m reading a book about a plague at the moment, haha. Maybe not the best choice since I tend to freak out about giant disasters (especially population dependent ones). The one in the book is a nano-robot plague (oh so original) that consumes organic matter to propagate. A lot of melted lungs!

Okay, gotta get back to work/ freak out about other stuff now. See you Saturday!