Its the first of the month! So please click on the vote button if you can spare 5 seconds! The TWC board always gets me nervous on the first few days (why do I care so much).

Anyways, comic. Page 40, yayyy. Only 5 more pages in the chapter. I might have mentioned somewhere that The Meek is basically a stew made up of things I find interesting/ cool, put into comic format. Unfortunately I have a 3rd grader’s sense of humor, haha. Cock-punches and spit-takes, that’s all it boils down to in the end… Though I have been looking forward to drawing that since around page 2.

Anyways, its Wednesday! That means pimpage time. Today’s pimp (verb, not noun) goes to the fantasy webcomic Dead Heaven. It also started recently but has some extreeemly amazing professional quality art. It also has a more mature storyline (which I personally enjoy), so caution/ have at it!

See ya’ll on the 4th!