Happy ending for (almost) everyone! Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 2 will begin on August 22nd! In the meantime (starting on 7/22) I’ll be posting the sketch pages from the first draft of Chapter 1. Its changed quite a bit! Hopefully for the better. Best of all I’ll be posting those pages at the original rate of posting, which is to say two pages per day. Pretty crazy right? One page will be up on the site and another will be up as an incentive. I will also be turning off comments for those since they will not be a permanent part of the site archive, but you can feel free to comment on them on the Meek LJ.

Again, thanks so much for all your support for the comic so far! It means so much to me… this is a very long term project, and knowing that people are enjoying my work is what keeps me most motivated. I’ve already started on Chapter 2 and it is going to be awesome.

Also, happy birthday to my brother, who is turning 21 tommorrow! Congrats on somehow surviving (me) all this time, haha.