Wow, on time update?? How mysterious. Short Emperor is short.

And he doesn’t exactly have a wide range of expressions >:

Hum, I should probably plug something… it’s becoming hard to think of things, since I am off the internet so much nowadays ;_; Under normal circumstances I breathe and eat internet but nowadays I have to budget my time and hands. But hey, I just thought of a good one… This week’s plug shall be to Flaky Pastry! which features a variety of cute girls getting up no good. In addition to the creator being a nice guy (rare), the comic is actually pretty funny (super rare) and is very very well drawn to boot (ultra rare!!!). So kudos to Felix! Go take a look if you haven’t already (FP is often linked in the ads up there so you might have seen it previously).

To other webcomic folks, I want to reiterate something that I read somewhere and will not cite because I forgot who said it (whoops)… since we have readers and people might actually care about our opinions, please take the time to plug other comics and artists whose work you really enjoy (if you don’t already)! It creates a great community feeling and won’t take away from your traffic ;) At some point we’ll all just glom together into a multicellular organism of love (and then form a stalk and release spores so that the cycle may begin anew).