All schedule info continues to be posted to FB page, please check here first if you have a question about (lack of) updates.


First, sorry for the late update. If you’re following the Facebook page even a little you’ll know I took a trip, got hired for reals (first day is tomorrow), then started dealing with some pain/ medical issues. On top of the holidays. So it’s been a little crazy. In addition to that I’m formatting the Meek book (!), which has to be completed very soon. I know the update “schedule” here drives some people nuts, but what can I say? I’m one person, and I’m doing my best. If anyone doesn’t feel like reading, you’re surely free to stop. I’m not offended, nor am I going to lose sleep over it. My job as far as the comic is concerned is to put out pages and not kill myself while doing it, and like I’ve said before, I’m going to keep doing that until I can’t any more. If you’re going to get personally offended because I’m not keeping to a full-time job schedule that is actually totally fine with me and you have my blessing, but if you post a comment to that effect on my page I’m probably going to laugh at you, so that’s a head’s up.


Everyone who is left, thank you very much for your understanding. I have really high hopes and expectations for the print book (I’m having to recolor lots of pages, guh) so the updates may be light this month. I’m aiming for once a week until the formatting is done. You can get on the RSS if you don’t want to keep checking back manually, or subscribe to any of the other social media things. I have to be done with everything by Feb 1 so this isn’t going to last long… As for the medical issues, they are sort of are unresolvable so we’ll see. I’ll do my best, okay?


Thank you for reading!