Ch 1 Cover
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Ch 1 Cover

Yesss ;_____; First of all thanks so much to my friend L, who got this site running in record time because he is amazing. He seriously did it all in a few hours over this and last weekend, I don’t have enough vocabulary to thank him enough.

At the moment we’re looking at a once-a-week update schedule because I’ve got this fucking big test coming up but once I get my pace on I’m going to try to make it M-F. At the moment I’m considering W updates, but maybe M if I can get all my shit together so who knows?!?! in the meantime you can look around and find all the mistakes in the wiki and of course, tell your friends XD Once Jan 1 hits I’m going to start promoting the comic like crazy so lets consider this week the calm before the storm.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been reading the sketch comic so far, and who has been waiting for the site to be up! You are my inspiration to do better! Lets see if we can’t make this the best quality web comic around >:3