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Today’s Comic

Boy meowdy

Back again! Had to delay this update due to an unexpected death in the family, a $$$$ deadline, and some random other disasters that required full attention… have had a lot of loss the past month, but trying to end on a good note. If you know me, by now you already know I finish what I start, just “unpredictably.”

Well, the next hurdle is fairly predictable, as con season has officially begun. I’ll be at C2E2 this week, Feb 28- March 1, at table T-3 in Artist’s Alley! Neato. I will have physical copies of my now-finished ex-webcomic, Mare Internum, looking sleek and beautiful in book format. If you’re on the upper west coast, you can also find me at ECCC in mid-March at table CC-5. I’ll also have copies of my other two books, Electrum and The Meek V1 at these cons, as well as other merch. You don’t have to attend a con to get cool stuff; all of my in-stock products are now available at my store, but cons are nice for avoiding shipping costs and getting personalized signed books and all that stuff~ Look at these nice babies.

It’s also supposed to be below 20 degrees in Chicago this week so there’s a non-zero chance I’m going to freeze to death in a snow drift.

I’m going to try and get another page out this week (if I can finish coloring the next page on the plane to Chicago that is ha ha), and aim for 2x a week updates until I’m done with ECCC. After that I will truly be finished with all my pending stuff until SDCC in summer, and will hopefully be able to get back to the goal of 3x a week.

Anyhoo, see you soon. $2+ Patrons, feel free to read this brief recap of the arc so far, feat. Soli beating me up in case you need a refresher, or just do an archive binge as god/nature/etc intended.

Feels nice to be back on the old stompin’ grounds, ready to stomp on some unsuspecting characters.