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Today’s Comic


Holy crap, it’s done, haha. This chapter was so hard to draw! If you want, go back and reread, some of the scenes might have a different weight now~

Some fanart to celebrate: Meek sketches by Kelsey and a lovely Angora by Depleti. *edit* AND a Luca by James :D

Here is the PDF of the original Chapter 5 comic for Patrons~ The Patreon will continue updating with Meek notes and preliminary sketches as I prepare for Chapter 6!

What’s next? Chapter 6 is likely going to begin in 2018, I was hoping to get to it faster but I think I really need to finish up my scifi comic Mare Internum first, so I’m going to prioritize a bit. If you haven’t already, the Meek mailing list will send you an email as soon as updates begin, and the generic Shingworks mailing list (emails rarely) will let you know of any other upcoming news, books, special sales, etc for the upcoming holiday season.

I also launched my first anthology called Alloy (accepting submissions through 10/27): an all-ages comic anthology about mixed-race experiences. If you’d like to submit a story, both myself and my asst editor Kiku will be working with chosen contributors to create a beautiful and meaningful book for all types of readers… hope to be working with some of you soon.

Until then you’ll just see this page upon landing, and I’ll be making improvements to the site behind the scenes as well cuz I do that. You can still buy Meek books and such at the store. I might update here with a bold *edit* text at the top of this box in case of some pressing news, but if not, hope to see you at Mare Internum for as many updates as I can handle until the story is done: then after that it’s just Meek updates for the forseeable future :]

Hope you enjoyed this chapter, and thanks again for reading.