What the hell?

The room we’re in (the bedroom), btw, is the same room as on the cover. Getting ready for a scene change next week too which I for one am looking forward to.

Today’s vote incentive is a quick illustration of one traditional Pasori bedtime activity *wink wink*

Pimp of the week! I’m not sure if this started as a webcomic and became a book or the other way around. Someone told me that its also being made into a movie and etc etc. Either way, many many pages of Diary of a Wimpy Kid are available at that site and it is pretty great read. Very authentic and humorous, and I’m sure many of us can personally relate to being giant dorks in middle school. I spent a few nights reading through the archive and really enjoyed it.


  • hillary

    I am going to call this apparition “bedroom eyes” from now on

    • lol XD

    • Jay

      I was thinking more “ceiling cat” but maybe that’s just me.

      • Jac

        … Ceiling cat is quite the voyeur…

    • it’s a serious case of the bedroom eyes

      • Alec

        I get a less ominous vibe from the thighfriend.

  • Kep

    You have written the most adorable non-stereotypically realistic couple in comic form ever. Great work as always, I look forward to more.

    I enjoyed the comic prior to Luca and his family but enjoy it far more because of him. He may do “terrible things’ but he’s human. I think what most people forget is that even people who have done terrible, unforgivable things were human. It may be painful, but in my opinion his humanity makes his POV more palpable.

    Your art is something to live up to, even for me : a traditional artist. Thank you.

    I look foward to more, please finish this story.


    • Annabella

      Mmmm…he can do ‘terrible things’ to me anytime he likes.

      Ugh! NOT NOW, OLDER MAN COMPLEX!! (But seriousy…)

      I am loving the coupling though – so lovely, actually quite romantic, in a way.. :D

      – Bella

  • Ponthion


    Btw I like Phe’s butt. It looks so cute.. xD (oh and Luca in the fourth panel looks cute, too! aww)

    • Angry Luca is angry! hehe. I think I may use that panel for an LJ icon…

      • I think he’ll be angrier if he hears that he looks cute when he’s angry :B whoops

  • Allison

    O.O oh dear

    At the beginning of this chapter, I really didn’t like Phe too much, but she’s quickly becoming my favorite ^^ I love the way she talks

  • Cappies

    long-time creeper of this comic finally coming out of hiding, aheh.
    well, i gotta say, i am happy that phe and luca seem to be on a somewhat even keel for now, but…it worries me that things are constantly up and down with the two of them. troubles me indeed. and…..the last panel…im not even gonna lie, when i saw it, i flinched and shivered. brrrrrrrrrrr! im getting a REALLY ominous feeling about all of this….*whimper*

  • neka

    ceiling shadow is watching you!!

  • Oh god, the back hair.

    For some reason I really like Phe’s totally-realistic middle-aged-woman butt & thighs, haha. Very nicely drawn!

    • Yeah, I went there : I can’t see anyone with that much hair in the front not having any in the back. I’m just glad there were pillows at the bottom because I was not looking forward to elucidating his hair placement any further.

      • Totally one of those dudes with that weird little patch of hair just above the ass crack.

  • Nora

    I, also, am grateful for the not-every-character-is-a-size-zero bodies that you draw– you boost the esteem of so many ladies, myself included!

    Just, um, this one thing… am… am I missing Luca’s tattoo? It- it was in the last page, on his right arm, but it’s uh… gone now? Sorry for pointing it out, I just… th-thought… you shout know…?

    ANYWAY thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to unique, real, flawed, gorgeous characters. I have you on my “check daily just in case!” list, just above my tabs. Your favicon burrrns into my eyes with looove. <333

    • Haha, yes, you’re very correct. I was hoping nobody would notice until I got a change to get back into Photoshop but I can’t get one past you guys XD I also forgot Phe’s strechmarks, but I have to put those on too.

      And no problem! Real people are easier to identify with, imho.

      • even strechmarks? I love you for these details

  • Erica

    OMG I squeed. I just love them. *cries*
    But that last panel….*shivers* Scared the hell out of me. Can’t wait ’till next week! ARGH!

  • kat

    yaaay, I’ve been waiting for the appearance of…the advisor? I know so little about it other than it’s creeepy.

  • SladinForever

    hehe, look at him pouting in panel 4 :D That is the cutest grown-man face I have EVER seen XD *pats his head* Love the snappy humor XD

  • BentKatana

    Best. Vote incentive. Ever.

    Shake that booty, Phe! ;D

  • K-A-U

    I absolutely adore Phe, she’s so gorgeous and as previously stated she’s not the ‘perfection’ of vanity sizes but she still rocks that figure. Ahh, the return of my faith in the human ideals of beauty. ;]

    Also. Love the comic, shame I don’t really get around to commenting, I could probably write all my enjoyment of it out in here…but it is probably better if I don’t -completely- fill up your comment space.

    So pro, so pro.

  • I love your style of cartoony-realism. I admire your work so much that I constantly find myself subconciously imitating little things of yours in my own comic. I swear I don’t do it on purpose, lol! (The freakiest thing is that my main character is also missing his front teeth and I thought of that before I started reading this)

    At first I thought that Phe’s body looked a bit strange in the third panel, like her butt was way to big, but now I think that I only thought that because I haven’t seen as many naked middle-aged women and yonger women. Plus, the top of her body is turning away from the viewer while her lower half is straight-on, so it makes sense.

    • Yeah, well she also has a big butt/ pear shape in general :B It was a bit tricky at first because I originally drew her head disproportionately large to match her ass, but I guess the ass stands alone.

  • More nakedness! My joy is made complete.

    And something was watching them… an unearthly voyeur! D:

  • MissMercurial

    Ahahah, sneaky Phe is sneaky!
    I love that you consistently draw characters that don’t look look like the media-average body type.
    Also really like the dialogue – we know so little about Luca/Phe factually, yet the dialogue (here and elsewhere) has given us a lot of insight on them.

  • Abisian

    God, this cat trips me out. Luca is just too adorable. <3

  • squidmaster

    Can I just make note

    Luca’s pouty face just made my day

    And it’s only midnight

    Anyway, absolutely gorgeous page. I’m sure you get tired of hearing that. ;) The details in the background… the bed, especially, just really blow my mind every time. Keep up the amazing work. <3

  • Sally

    Hey! I love your comics, so I think I should tell you that my friend and I have put up a link to your website on ours :D

  • LoveDemon

    omg, I didn’t even notice the shadow in the last panel until I read the comments. It freaked me out. xD (I was to busy staring at Phe’s awesomely realistic body!)

    I’ve been silently reading your comic for awhile now, keep on rockin!

  • You draw really nice butts…

    Man, I need to learn how to draw butts better…

  • SpawnofHastur

    Phe is awesome.

    While she’s rocking the behind, she’s most attractive in the second panel. The look on her face is just brilliant.

  • Oh my. I honestly can’t imagine why anyone their age would continue to sleep naked, unless those sheets are reeeaaaally freakin comfortable. D:

    • Sleeping naked is the bee’s knees if you have the right kind of blanket.

    • Sorry? I didn’t know there was an age limit to sleeping naked .-D
      You may want to consider the fact that we live more of our life as adults than as kids.
      Being able to buy your own clothes isn’t that bad .-P

    • Brad


  • colorme

    That must have been interesting to draw. 8|

    Oh jeez, I didn’t see the shadow at first. What’s the word for the opposite of a pedophile? lol

    • Connor

      Gerontophile! Haha wow I just had a vision of that word being featured on The More You Know or some random Saturday morning PSA, except with Luca as the announcer instead of Tom Brokaw

  • Tanja

    Haha, at fist I thought you forgot the highlight layer of his eyes in the last panel or something xD

  • Bunni

    That last panel looks like one of those shitbricks pictures.

    Also I just noticed Luca’s grammarfail tendency. xD Boy am I perceptive.

  • Liz


    i don’t even watch Lost and it’s invaded my consciousness.

    also i wish you had 26 hands, or some other rediculous number, so that you updated more often. ONE WEEK IS TOO LONG, CAPTAIN.

    • Haha, I was thinking about smokey too XD And I am glad I don’t have 26 hands, that sounds like a logistical nightmare.


    Meant to make that comment last week. Came a little late.

  • Oh and in regards to the last panel


    this time I’m not late.

    • There’s always time for FFFFFFFFFF

  • Holy shit. I guess I am tired, but I read through the page a few times, went ‘awww’, then read the comments, wondered what people were talking about, scrolled back up to look at the last panel and … aaaahhhhhhhhh! How did I miss that?

    The way you’ve made Luca’s grammar slips is very authentic, I can empathise as another non-english person with lots of foreign language interaction. :3

    Their natural looking bodytypes look so good, you’ve created both the small teenage girl look of Angora and these older two to look more than just vague indications of age in facial proportions.

  • Tobu

    Dinner. Ohgod. D:

    I’ve been reading this comic since it was thumbnails on your LJ, albeit only the first three chapters, and just so you know, Phe is pretty much my favorite character, in that incarnation and in this one, marvelous mom-butt and all. (Pinter’s up there, too, though that is neither here nor there at the moment.)

    …dinner. Ohgod. ._.

  • *eye twitch* Old woman butt. Do not want :<

    • Cheri

      If by old you mean Not Jessica Alba or whatever, okay.
      Phe isn’t old. D<

      Wtf is Dagre doing watching them sexin' ?
      I'm assuming that's him. =o

  • Jac

    I should have you know that when monday comes around I start refreshing this page obsessively… :3

    • Jac

      … Is that creepy of me? ^^’

  • SP

    Ha, the hot makeup sex must’ve knocked the grammar right out of him XD

  • Vert

    I’ve been waiting for that shadow since its appearance in the chapter cover. And now it looks even creepier because it’s a clear, physical presence and IT’S IN THE ROOM WITH THEM OH GOD

  • You’re really awesome, jsyk. <333

  • neustrasbourg

    Yeah… The perspective to see Luca do horrible things one day, after getting so “close” to him… It’s pretty scary. Well, I guess that’s what makes it fine art :)

  • Tenenbaum

    i’m a long time lurker of your work and i wait with baited breath every week (day) for a new page.
    i seriously love, love, love that you made their bodies appropriate to their age. little details like this is what makes them look so real, to compliment how real their relationship feels. phe is just gorgeous, with and without clothing.

    not to mention, i just love luca. loll.

  • sooo, he has issues with his language?

    • He’s been having issues for the whole chapter…

  • Maelstrom


  • Sprite37

    Dem hips~ He’s got quite the curvy wife :3

  • TLL

    Things were happy and shiny and then I saw the last panel (a second time, I missed it the first) and went ‘:| why did I read the sketch-comics oh so long ago. darn.’

    Either way, Phe knows how to handle Luca. lol. lovely page, can’t wait for the scene change.

    baccckk haaaiiirr

  • AmericanNinjaX

    I swear. So many pages into this and STILL every page is worth every second spent looking it over. Best Webcomic out there.

  • I are not crying either!

    -wipes tear-

    I seriously can hear his accent in my head. It’s brilliant… You’re characterization, not my head.

  • Coming out of the shadows too…
    Now I dont know what is creeping me out more….
    Everyone getting head over heels for Phe’s body or the creepy shadow that really creeped me out…
    Hhmm… though choice * X*

  • ugh I love how you draw they’re shapes so realistic and normal without being eccentric and chunky. It’s so nice to be able to admire a REAL body.

  • Danielle

    Awwww! I wish my fiance was more like Luca D:
    Also…CREEPYSHADOWISCREEPY!!!! Keep up the good work, hon :> *two thumbs up!*

  • FuulieQ


    I love Luca. xD

  • Why yes, Kittyface Meow, I also have a boner from this page.

  • Oh ive been waiting for this.
    Im a big fan! Keep up the great work!
    Best wishes from Argentina.

  • Emperial

    Hee, the thing is, you could always tell Phe had a butt before when she was clothed, and now you just can’t deny it!

    They seriously are a great couple. I would love to see Luca’s reminiscings of Phe and their earlier years at some point.

  • Konira Thax

    sexy nude scenes of sexyness, I love how you draw them. Finally, a comic where even the none-horribly skinny or well toned can be nude.

  • Merrin

    Something Dagre this way comes…

  • Kirisali

    Oh shit, Ceiling Dagre is watching you.

    The details of this page! Amazing! I’m curious what that mark on Luca’s arm is….hmmm

  • Sesam

    I agree with Konira.
    Also gotta say:
    She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s awesome. :D
    I love reading your comic, keep up the great great work!

  • Kurai0okami

    I got a cold shiver when I saw Dagre.
    I didn’t notice him at first but then I saw his eyes.
    Something dreadful is going to happen D:

    • kishkashi



  • So… did those scratches on Luca’s arm come from Phe or from the war? lol

  • Nice job on Phe’s anatomy :).

    You’re the only one in existence that can draw comics which are able to make me cry a little whilst going “aww” and having to resist the urge to hug the characters.

    Great job! Feed me more!

  • Chukkzter

    This is one of the most entertaining comics I read in a while now, your drawing style is really great for this sort of storytelling. Also the two really give a good couple… *waits for next page :D

  • Yeeesssss!!! LAST PANEL = EPIC WIN.
    I’m so excited.
    So. EXCITED.

    Phe is lovely.
    Luca = Sexy Beast.

    Der-Shing = The Shiz

  • fgarza

    Their relationship is just so lovely and human!

    * Did you draw stretchmarks on Phe? Because if you did that would be first in any comic I’ve gotten my hands on.

    • Yeah… well, she has 3 kids. It would be weird to leave them out.

      • fgarza

        That’s awesome ;)

  • Enchiladas

    Heheh, I love Phe. And I love dis page. Yay! Will i finally know about all this tiger stuff?!

    PS. The TV is on in the background and there’s a quiz show on and JUST as I clicked on this page the question was: ”In the Authorized New Testement, Who is said to ‘Inherit the Earth?”’ And the contestant was like ”THE MEEK!” just thought I’d tell you that.

  • kishkashi

    its amazing how you make the mood of the candles in the 3rd panel (or something like that)


    … well you are, like, older than me… but still!


  • Marion

    You can almost hear glowy-eyes-murky-misty-creepo thinking: “If he will only do these things for her, she will have to go..”

    *dum* *dum* *dum* *dummm*

  • Evee

    I have to say
    I really love the way Luca speaks
    I really really do

  • R BUG

    I LOVE your style of drawing! The story is very interesting, it keeps me coming back to it. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!

  • Evan

    I wanted to ask (sorry if someone has already brought this up) about the Chapter 2 cover. I noticed that the shadow looming through the window seems to have eyes. Is there any relation between them and the eyes on the wall in the latest panel?

    • Evan

      And Luca seems to be looking right at the eyes (Just notices that after I posted the first post).

    • Rosemary


      I had never noticed the shadow and eyes on the cover. *shits brix*

    • Good question!

  • Yasha

    I love how you draw them! you can clearly see that they aren’t young anymore, they both have some meat on the body, and some saggy skin and everything. And they are really beautiful like that! (plus, I have a thing for breast hair *g*)

    Thank you very much for sharing!

  • Its not often you see something in such a clean cut style that has so much expression and movement,
    or a fantasy setting with such mature writing and emotion.
    This comic is amazing, just wonderful. The argument that just past, it felt so natural, so real. Its so great to see real complex charcaters, so full of history and real emotion. This comic wonderfully written, the charcters feel very real and are just charming, every one seems to be made with love and care. And the artwork ofcourse is gorgeus, but suprisingly so full of emotion whilst keeping such a tidy and refined look.
    Keep up the good work, I’m in love with this web comic, Id love to see it go to print one day.

    • Well thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic so far :)

  • Rosemary

    Seeing someone else mention the eyes on the cover made me think “What eyes?” and then when I went back to look at the cover again I had a shit brix moment. I had never noticed that before. D:

    • Me either! I didn’t even notice the eyes on THIS page until I saw the vote picture that’s up! XD

  • Nadiasama

    Is it bad that when Luca said “I do not crying” I imagined him saying it with a thick slavic accent? I hope not ’cause I totally heard it.

    They are so cute and she is so content with herself! Awww! ^_^

    • evee

      I know I did.

  • Silver Lady

    The last pannel was creepy. Wow… who or what would be that?

  • That last panel is so wonderfully creepy.

    And Luca’s lack of back hair amazes me.

  • pasha

    oh snap, I read this page like fifteen different times and only just noticed that thing in the last panel.

  • Yochva

    Okay, I know I’ve spazzed about this before, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your treatment of the language. You’re so attentive to detail, and your mistakes are spot on! Can I use this as an example for my class next week? The topic is modals, which is PERFECTLY what this page highlights, and it’s BEAUTIFUL!!! XD *spazzes*

    • Yochva

      AND THE SECOND TO LAST PANEL! aghagagagagaggagh….


  • Misteree Gurl

    Oh, I’m late this week. I almost choked on my dounut when I saw that bedroom shadow creeper.

    Is that a tattoo on Luca’s arm? Or a scar or something?

    • Its a tattoo :) You can go to the facebook page’s image archive to find the image that goes with it, if you want to know what the tats are for.

  • holyshit, I hadn’t noticed the Dagre O_O… *creeped out*

  • sweet_gardenia


    buhhhhhhh *shudder* Also don’t cry Luca ;_; I like the subtlety of the eyes in the almost exact same place as Luca’s eyes the panel before. byootiful

  • R BUG

    Who’s eyes are those? I know what the thing looks like, but I can’t remember the bloody name.

  • Awww, I love these two! <3 And I can't wait for the next page!

    And as a previous commenter mentioned: I love how you drew her stretchmarks!

  • Lavender

    I was rambling about your comic to my sister about how amazing the art was, and suddenly she asks me what the story is about…. I realized that I actually had no idea yet :D After a few blank seconds I just told her that it’s about awesome people being awesome!

    • loll I have the same problem sometimes. Mine is more because I don’t want to spoil anything than not being able to summarize it though :) In general I guess you could say its a story about people trying to rule the world…?

  • Harry

    Incredible comic with already wonderful characters. Truly sublime, keep up the good work!

  • Justin

    2 words:
    dat ass


  • Jac

    Do you think Luca would be upset if he read all of these comments about how hot his wife is? XD


    UPDATE!!!!! GRRR…..

    • Grrring will not make time go slower so I can get everything done XD But maybe it will help.

      • REEVA

        Well, anything I can do to help! =) *clears throat* grr…ggrrrrr….GGRRRRR!

      • Tbwulf

        Well if it might help then I shall join in. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

        By the way, great comic. Now if only I had access to a time machine…

  • MisaoAkiOlivier

    omgosh what is that thing, some kind of monster ghost thing… it looks like its going to eat them >:Z -scared fayce-

  • Cheri

    Monday morning tea is not the same without a new Meek page. =[


    I’m excited.

  • Tambo

    Dagre a bit of a creeper isnt he? Watchin them there, hope he wasnt the the entire time… :S

  • Bodine

    I’ve got to say, I love this comic. It inspires me to put my ideas up on the web. I’ve been coming up with comic ideas for at least 13 years now and have been very secretive of them from the public. I sort of have a fear that if I do actually make them into a webcomic it’ll shoot down their chances of hitting it off big, becoming popular and all official-like. Some of these ideas I’ve been working on since I could first draw and as I grew up they evolved into more complex, better storylines. I know they’d be great and I don’t say that to gloat, I say it because most of them I’ve took years to make sure they are. But I don’t want them to just be a webcomic, like how I hope The Meek gets the recognization it so rightfully deserves. From one inventive story maker to another, I know this took a LONG time to come up with. Heart and soul was poured into this comic, ideas were perfected and dedication for this project was tested I’m sure. Kudos to you and I hope The Meek goes far.

  • Sarah

    There`s a Dall on your wall and probably a Nellar in your cellar.

  • popcorngoo

    so sweet…
    I love Phe so much. I want to be like her when I get older.
    And that creepo thing….yeah…can't wait for that to be explained. xD

  • Rika84

    This happens to be the first page I saw.
    A friend directed me here today.
    I read it all at once and I’m caught up.
    And this one is certainly my favorite page out of them all.
    Can’t wait to see more!

  • Chris

    Oh the suspence x_x



  • sweet_gardenia

    The week from hell is almost over! You can make it!!!!! Cheer cheer cheer

    ALSO ceiling dagre still sees what u did thar

  • I REALLY like Luca’s body shape. It’s so unique to the realm of webcomics and sparkling man-candies with bristling abdomens and hairless chests.
    But, ya know, I have a soft spot for the squishy hairy men~ They need more love~

    Great job! Looking forward to the next page!

    • Jimmy

      “I have a soft spot for the squishy hairy men~ They need more love~”

      Yes we do~

  • Kitty

    Phe needs to work out.

    Also the eye’s are missing the signature kitty mouth.


    • Cheri

      As far as you know, having that body shape might be what is preferred in Santri women. *nodnod

  • MineTruly

    My birthday’s on March 8! The best present in the world would be a new page!

    You don’t know me, so I’ll just assure you that I deserve it. :^)

  • brian

    its been a few weeks how long is this going to be before some new pages?

    • If there is ever a break, rest assured that my schedule update is posted in the LJ or Facebook or Twitter! So check there first.

  • Kate

    LOVE IT!

    Hey, in the 5th panel is it supposed to be “this things”? It sounds like it should be “These things” or “this thing”. I don’t know, it just sounds somewhat odd.

    • He sometimes makes grammatical errors when he’s talking! If you look back in the last few pages you might find some more :)

  • Marcutiolives

    Aww, that was a suprisingly sweet moment–GOOOD Damnit there it is again!!

    • AEGiS

      “again”? Where was it before?

      • Rah

        they were referring to the spectre in the last panel, methinks ;)

  • Barrie

    I…see some sort of apparition ….
    also…why is he speaking weird all of a sudden?
    oh, btw i love how you draw bodies. the lines all appear to be in the right places where there are rolls of fat or muscle. =)

    • MathBuster

      I think he’s speaking weird because he *was* being emotional.
      When confronted with it, he was attempting to deny it so rapidly that he misspoke.

      It really is brilliant story-telling. From all the characters, I think I like Luca the most because of how ‘real’ his emotions seem to be.

  • mr

    what are those wierd spots opn the wall?


  • mr

    so it isn’t on purpose? buh!

  • Jac

    So… Dagre is Ceiling Cat?

    • Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes

      • BentKatana

        Dagre is watching you have make up sex. :o

  • khornez

    Shit! Dagre you pervert!

  • Mike

    after seeing those 2 chunky bodies bang it out, the chesire cat’s finaly stopped smiling….

  • Aaronious

    Imperfect anatomy! This is excellent! I like the fact that the Emperor and his wife are overweight – most comics, everybody is either perfect or way out of proportion. I feel almost like I could take anatomy lessons just from this cartoon.

    Also, I like how Luca’s accent comes out when he is ticked.

  • DAT ASS ! O_O

  • Oh, I just now got the connection. The woman who cries without tears. The man who destroys the ones he loves. Watch out Angora!

  • Thisguy

    Demonic boner….

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