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Boy meowdy

Back again! Had to delay this update due to an unexpected death in the family, a $$$$ deadline, and some random other disasters that required full attention… have had a lot of loss the past month, but trying to end on a good note. If you know me, by now you already know I finish what I start, just “unpredictably.”

Well, the next hurdle is fairly predictable, as con season has officially begun. I’ll be at C2E2 this week, Feb 28- March 1, at table T-3 in Artist’s Alley! Neato. I will have physical copies of my now-finished ex-webcomic, Mare Internum, looking sleek and beautiful in book format. If you’re on the upper west coast, you can also find me at ECCC in mid-March at table CC-5. I’ll also have copies of my other two books, Electrum and The Meek V1 at these cons, as well as other merch. You don’t have to attend a con to get cool stuff; all of my in-stock products are now available at my store, but cons are nice for avoiding shipping costs and getting personalized signed books and all that stuff~ Look at these nice babies.

It’s also supposed to be below 20 degrees in Chicago this week so there’s a non-zero chance I’m going to freeze to death in a snow drift.

I’m going to try and get another page out this week (if I can finish coloring the next page on the plane to Chicago that is ha ha), and aim for 2x a week updates until I’m done with ECCC. After that I will truly be finished with all my pending stuff until SDCC in summer, and will hopefully be able to get back to the goal of 3x a week.

Anyhoo, see you soon. $2+ Patrons, feel free to read this brief recap of the arc so far, feat. Soli beating me up in case you need a refresher, or just do an archive binge as god/nature/etc intended.

Feels nice to be back on the old stompin’ grounds, ready to stomp on some unsuspecting characters.


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  • Andrew

    Yesss, we’re back, bay-bee!

  • Nate

    Wow, the embossing on the seal!

  • rrr598

    looks like it’s time for a reread

  • Bozzie

    Oh my gosh, it’s here! IT’S HERE!!!

  • Glavos

    “Uh, Hello” Indeed!

  • Artyom

    Been waiting for years for this as the story had me captivated from the first chapter and the art style was and is fantastic. So happy you’re back to it!

    • Thank you! Me too. Is scary updating again after being away so long, haha.

      • fridge_logic

        We’re here for it though!

        Also Mare was great, so at least in my world you’ve not been away for so long.

  • sour berries

    I can’t believe I’ve been reading this comic for basically ten years. Feels weird, man. I think this is Soli(?)’s chapter now, so I’m excited to see what happened with her!

  • Skye

    Holy crap I checked this site on a whim and it’s updating again! So excited!

  • Luces

    Yes! Been waiting for so long! That’s the difficult part with multi-angled stories – they take such a long time to form, but it’s certainly worth it!

  • RichWalk9891

    Welcome back, Der-shing!

    Thoroughly enjoyed Mare Internum, and I still have high hopes of The Meek since having started reading your work ten years ago.

    Keep it up!

  • Yesssssss, The Meek is back! Happy birthday to me!*

    *birthday not for one more day; delighted regardless

  • Delay? What delay? You said it’d probably start in February, and it’s February now :B

    But in all seriousness, I am glad to see you back at the meek again!! And I am ready… 2 see my girl soli……. bringé me the trash blondés

  • Fredrik Torstensson


  • Rafael Cordeiro

    Yessssss! Welcome Back Der-Shing and The Meek Updates! :D
    I’m sad to hear about your loss in the Family, I wish you all strength and peace in this moment… But I’m glad to see that returning to The Meek helps you :)

  • Pylgrim

    Here we go again!

  • BearShirt

    Welcome back <3

  • septentriones

    I’m so excited to have this reappear in my RSS reader!

    • Back from the dead, like a zombie :D

      • Madeleine

        And with the same speed as a zombie? ;)

  • tamago

    so stupid excited to see a new page!
    this comic means so much to me, i started reading it in 2009 when I was in high school. it was such a huge inspiration to me then, and still is. grateful & excited to see the story continue!!

  • Linda

    I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey with you! Bought a small artbook and Snowball in hell came with it. It was from your deviantart page ages ago and been loving your comics since. <3

  • HKMaly

    Welcome back!

    I’m most wondering about Angora but now it’s Soli’s turn so let’s see how she will get out of this …

  • Hey, welcome back !

  • dew

    Heck yea! its back!

  • Saberbeam

    It’s great to have you back Shing! Very sorry to hear about your losses, here’s wishing healing and smooth sailing for you and your family. Look on the bright side of -20s Chicago, this is the perfect opportunity to launch a new line of TM and MI winter wear! :D

  • fwippy

    I’m surprised no one has done this yet but…

    “The Meek is back! Can I get an Amen??


    …I’ll see myself out now

    • I’m sorry, you have to go to jail now, it’s the rules.

  • Hilen

    It’s great to have you back, but I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through such tough times. As always, best of wishes for you and your family, hope you get some peace and comfort going back to this story you have a strong bond with. And Mare Internum is still your webcomic, no need to “ex” it just because you finished it. It’s your baby after all. (Just in case it’s not clear, I only mean the last lines as a light-hearted joke.)

    • *punts baby out the window* no room for you anymore, lol. JK. And thanks, the last year has just been so crazy haha. Am looking forward to things settling down, hopefully, and getting into a nice comics-friendly routine.

  • Jenna


  • Sara George


  • Jac

    I’m sorry for your loss, and all the chaos that’s been happening. It’s just delightful to see this and hear from you again <3

  • So glad you’re back! I’ve missed you and look forward to the upcoming chapter!

  • Tim F

    Think about what it says about your work that so many people have held their breath for this long! I have refreshed this site way more than I am ready to admit.

  • PumpkinCake

    Lots of creaking. Is he on a boat, maybe?

  • Sara Pace


  • Stampers

    No need to apologize for Life–The more online comics I read, the more I am impressed with those who can keep them going, often in spite of stuff that would have me curled in a fetal position, whimpering.

  • a dude

    dont be nervous, you still got it
    /slaps junkie veins

  • TimesNewLogan

    One year since the last page. Two years since the last non-cover page.

    I. Am. PSYCHED!!!

  • DreamPiper

    Yes! At long last!~

  • Liina

    I like that subtle disgust on his face in the last panel. :D

  • Emerald Shine

    Oh shit!!! We’re back!!!!
    (I’m sorry to hear about all of those unfortunate things that happened to you, though ):)

  • Nakku

    Ahhhh que bueno que volviste
    Mi sentido pesame por la muerte en la familia,
    Muchas gracias por continuar

  • Kincajou

    My heart made a leap when “The meek” had an unread page!! Wooo!
    Take us on an adventure please :D

  • Ceceoh

    “Uh, hello? Did you call maintenance about a creak?”

  • fridge_logic

    Aww Yes!

    We’re gonna get more Amen and Soli!!!!

    I’m so psyched for this :D

  • LazyReader


  • SlugFiller

    I’m surprised by the sheer amount of people who noticed the second it was back. Bit slow to the party on this end, but not too slow, apparently.

    • HKMaly

      Well, either they moved from Mare Internum, or they have RSS. Or both like me.

      … I’m surprised there is still just first page there. Considering all cons are canceled now …

  • JuaSaysHi

    Der Shing are you okay? The comic can wait, but are you okay in all this madness?

    • TekServer

      You beat me to it by a day; I was just about to post a similar question.

  • TekServer

    We miss you, Der-shing!

  • Daniel Soder

    uh, hello?

    Just saying, we‘re waiting, for as long as you need the time.
    Greetings (and a big dose of positive energy just for you)


  • TimesNewLogan

    Really hope you’re alright, Shing.

  • DoubleU

    Question. What’s the secret to your awesome artwork? Besides “hard work” of course.

  • TimesNewLogan

    Hey, Shing? If you see this, could you please let us know you’re still alive? With all that’s happened this year, I’ve been really worried about you. Any other time, I would guess you were just busy, but this year…

    • TimesNewLogan

      Scratch that, I just found your Twitter… can’t believe I missed it for that long. Glad to know you’re alive and kicking!

  • Some Guy

    Just put it to bed already.

  • TimesNewLogan

    I keep coming back here from time to time, hoping for a new page or some news… something, anything really. I really hope you’re alright, Shing… and that goes for anyone who might still be here in these trying times.

  • Black Pete

    Yep, I too check occasionally. If a Media Designer (print, screen, 3d) with marketing- and psychology knowledge can help out, I’ll listen.

  • Black Pete

    We miss you.

  • okapi

    Just writing again to say that I miss you and appreciate you. I was spellbound by Mare Internum and felt like I could experience the depths of the heart from which it ran. I can’t imagine how the last 3 years have been for you, adapting to life in COVID times, when you were already trying to get it under control prior to that…like everyone else, I hope you are alright and doing well. And I do of course look forward to the days when we will see more of the world through the lens of the profound musings of your amazing mind.

  • TimesNewLogan

    It’s officially been three years since the last update, but I’ll wait three more if I have to. Whoever you are, author or reader, I hope you’re taking care of yourself as best you can, and that whatever you may be struggling with now becomes a harmless memory three years from now.

  • Black Pete

    Still checking occasionally. #AngoraMustLive

  • Fevley

    I’m grateful that I can come back and reread this whenever I want

  • Fevley

    I’m grateful that I can come back and reread this whenever I want <3

  • Black Pete

    Still checking occasionally. #AngoraMustLive

    It’s fascinating actually that I’m still breathing. Although it’s obvious to me that I won’t witness how the story will end.

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