The Meek returns this month!
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The Meek returns this month!

Happy 2020!

The Meek is coming back this month! Woo!

I finished up my other webcomic Mare Internum in 2019, which is now complete/ free to read on the site in its original form. So, for the first time in about 5 years I’ll be able to focus on The Meek as my only webcomic :]

Before I can hunker down, I have a large project to fulfill… I’m going to be packing and shipping a lot of books- more than I’ve done for all my previous projects combined- for most of January. I was going to update the comic today, but a few days ago I realized I’d be burning through my Jan backlog without being able to make new pages, and starting Feb at a deficit, so I’ve decided to hold off until packing and shipping is finished. Everything has to be out the door by Jan 26 so the latest the comic will be back is on Jan 27, but I’ve got a system now so maybe I’ll be done earlier. Figure I might as well not start the year off by shooting myself in the foot, if possible.

After fulfillment is done I’ll be updating TM about 2-3x a week since it will be my main priority for 2020. To be automatically notified of updates, please feel free to hit up the mailing list or sub to my Twitter, since I’ll be making page update posts on these platforms regularly.

Chapter 6 will be our next chapter. Patrons already read the sketch version of the upcoming chapter (here), but the polished version going up starting in Jan has a lot of changes and adjustments, so I hope it’s a good time for all. I’ll probably be posting early access pages for Patrons in Jan just cuz I started doing that for Mare, and it was enjoyable, but obviously it’ll be up here pretty soon after.

Anyways, it was a very busy 2019, and I’m looking forward to a productive 2020 :]