Meeting fail!

Okay, some cool news and some sucks news:

Cool things have happened since the last update: Dylan Meconis of the awesome comic Family Man (and artist/ author of one of my first favorite webcomics, Bite Me!) totally drew me a thing. Me. A thing. Overwhelming! And then! my favorite comic luchador, El Santo, totally reviewed the comic on The Webcomic Overlook. I may have mentioned it before but I’m quite enamored with his review style (and opinions), so I feel very lucky to have gotten a review from him!

In sucks news, I’d like to apologize in advance if I start posting late, and extend an offer to kiss my ass to anyone who bitches about how webcomic people are lazy and don’t update on time. From now until the 17th of December I have 11 papers and three projects due for school, not to mention this comic and other art duties. I’m going to try to knock out as much work as I can during the Thanksgiving break but you know how it goes. Also next week is my three day observed teaching solo, arrgg. I am already stressing the hell out! *Luca face >:c* On the plus side, the next few pages are going to rock. EYES ON THE PRIZE.

Last thing: pimp of the week goes to Bobwhite, an excellent comic that made me procrastinate for an hour yesterday instead of finishing up this page like I was supposed to. Makes me feel like I went to art school, even though I didn’t XD