Jazz hands! Just to clarify, in Pasori culture, toothy smiling does not connote good humor.

There is a new wallpaper contest this month! You can find the first clue and more info right here. Yes this is a not so clever way of making you vote.

This week’s pimp is a comic that is recognized as one of the finest webcomic ever, ever made. It is called Nedroid (starring Beartato and Reginald)! I had put off reading it until now, which was so stupid. Don’t make the same mistake as I did!


  • Super87

    I’m, excited to see where this is going.

    • KennyC

      Yeah, I don’t think I’m the only one who saw his face toward the end there, and immediately thought of a predator about to strike. Like a man-shark of some kind. Maybe me about to demolish a triple cheeseburger or something.

      • I didn’t know that mansharks ate cheeseburgers! Learn something new every day.

  • Luca is so badass <3

    (but we already knew that)

    … I thought of the tatermitts…

  • Evan

    I hope this leads to a “This is Sparta!” moment where he kicks them down a well.

  • Especially beautiful lighting going on here. I love that first panel profile shot of Lethy….the lines and the way her nose slopes is so nicely done.

    Yeah, I was gonna say, Luca’s face pretty much scares me in that last panel. :O

    Random question: Before, the ambassadors called her Queen Amakessar, now they’re calling her Queen Symon, and her dad Amakessar IV. Is Amakessar a Caris royal title?

    ….probably a very obvious yes :)

    • The family name is Amakessar :) The current Queen is Queen Symon Amakessar, and her father was Furano Amakessar IV.

      • OH okay that makes sense….haha, shoulda figured that out before. :) Thanks!

      • marinated-fish

        her father’s name sounds japanese-ish.

  • Colt-Khaboom

    Ha ha! Oh God, I would be so afraid right now if I was her…

  • Luca reminds me of a crazy person with that face

    • He is a little crazy, haha…

      • Leo

        No one who is sane could make the faces 2, 3, and 5. Very good job on the faces.

  • Kyon

    Luca looks insane. I love the lighting in this page.

  • Someone Else

    I don’t normally, comment, but I just wanted to say that the look on Luca’s face virtually had me in tears. Awesome work!

    • Just to clarify, in Pasori culture, toothy smiling does not connote good humor.
      {laugh} I don’t think that his toothy smiles connote good humor in any culture. Those are fantastic faces.

  • erm

    Any news on when we can buy you out of your extra print comics? :-)

    • It’ll be up before next update for sure XD I’m waking up early tomorrow to start working on getting that set up.

      • erm

        Thanks! I was obsessively checking during the day of the last update and I figure that’s probably not a good thing to do… ;-)

        Gotta support the artists and comickers you enjoy, I say!

  • Yara

    That…is…just…so…SCARY! AAAAAAaaaiiiiii!!!! *runs for her life*

  • ~L.K.

    The other ambassador looks so unhappy :D
    And Luca’s pupils get so large! It’s almost feral D:


  • Those necklaces she’s wearing are going to be pulled like a train conductor’s whistle if this conversation continues like this… :D

    You always amaze me with the brilliant coloring and expressions you do.

  • Ga'tor

    Great story and art Alex. I sort of thought, with the background you had provided, that Caris was the aggressor and a really bad, nasty, slaver type country. From the little I’ve been able to gleen, Caris under King Amakessar VII, expanded and accrued a great deal of wealth on the backs of the enslaved Pesori. That reparations be made, especially to the families who lost loved ones to a slaver/torturer/murderer nation is not at all unreasonable. While Queen Symon’s claims that she is not personally responsible for her father’s actions have merit, that little detail in no way mitigates the fact that she is now the head of state of a nation which committed those atrocities and that makes her de facto responsible. I like where you’re going with this. Lot of similarities to be drawn with our own worlds history.
    On a different note, I had the impression, with the start of this latest story arc, that Luca was a real asshat. Now that we see a bit more character development I’m beginning to identify with him a bit. Given the grey in his hair and apparent age, I’m assuming that he was the leader responsible for bringing the depredations of Caris under King Amakessar VII, to a halt. If so, it’s not surprising that he takes the loss of his people very personally (millions!). Yah I totally understand the manner of his dealing with these ambassadors and his comments in the last panel. A king, no matter how powerful, does not rule alone.

    • Hel

      I agree with most of what you said, though I had a different impression on a thing, that is, I don’t know if Caris was THAT bad. War involves dead people for both sides. Judgement, however, comes always from the winners. In WWI, the winners were also those who had enslaved their colonies for centuries. In WWII, Germans were asked for reparations because they were the losing ones – not because of morals (among the ones that won the war was Stalinist USSR)
      Luca has probably seen much blood spilled in his country, and pain always calls for revenge. However, I doubt that he got to be called Emperor and Hand of the North without a reason. The further you go up the ladder, the least weight you are able to carry – the moral of a State and the morals of individuals cannot be the same. Anyway, what is obvious here is that Luca is a way better emperor and politician that Queen Amakessar, thus more responsible towards his nation, in kind of a Richelieu/Mazzarino/Olivares-que way.

    • Uh. Haha, its complicated. Yes, Caris under the king was the aggressor, but he wasn’t exactly in his right frame of mind. The Emperor wasn’t kidding when he said that they were all inbred, the Caris monarchy is basically made up of one large family. After the war Caris was basically broke, and Mesda (the old country) was so weak that it could no longer hold together. After the war the new states of the Territories were formed and Luca is the post-war leader of these. So this situation does have some parallels to our world’s history, but in this case the “victimized” group is now in a position to balance the score.

      Luca is still an ass hat though.

      • Hel

        Thank you there!

  • Basho5eyes

    I will say I’m not one to read webcomics a lot but this has got me hooked. great job!

  • origamibunny

    :O i think you’ve reached a record high with the art again…

  • right, got it. Toothy smile=CRAZY MAD. I wonder what happy looks like?

    • Krotius

      hehe, we’d first have to assume that Luca is *ever* happy.

      Also, been reading from the beginning (of this version, not the DA stuff), first comment! This panel drug me out of lurk-mode! Keep it up!

      • Leo

        He does have a happy face, I would say the second to last panel of the comic where he was saying goodbye to Phe, that was his happy face.

  • Jennifer

    AAAAUAGAHGHha this comic is so good. I love the art, I love the coloring, and I love the story. Seriously, major kudos to you. Really great stuff. I remember when I first discovered this comic a month or two ago…waiting for the next pages is so agonizing! :P I want to read moooooore…

    Keep up the great work, you’re fantabulous! :)

  • Alduskkel

    Panel 3 is scary awesome. Panel 5 is a close second. How the hell does Luca control his pupils like that?

    • Through the power of love and magic.

      • Colt-Khaboom

        HA! that reply made me snort coffee on my keyboard.

        Do you read One Piece? ‘Cuz you just pulled an Oda-sensei moment.
        “How does Zoro talk when he’s fighting with a sword in his teeth?”
        “Ventriloquism and the power of his heart!”

  • D:

    Luca looks positively mad here!

  • That last panel is amazng – even more so when contrasted with the beginning of the chapter (I forgot both ambassadors were female, and Lethy looks so much more obviously feminine here that I had to go back and look at the original dialog about them.)

    You win at life, and get a cookie. I love this comic so hard!

  • Lisa

    Oh wow, I’m loving your style more and more.

    And I really like the detail you put on Luca’s graying hair in the second panel.

    Things are heating up! Can’t wait for the next page, as always.

    Beautiful lighting, nice contrast for a conversation so serious.

  • He reminds me of an evil John Adams…..perfect!

  • You’re an absolute genius with coloring… That second panel is just stunning. o.o

  • I’m so confused! D: I could have swore that Leth was a guy and that it was just the other ambassador that was a woman, but everyone is calling Leth a she!

    Anyways, great page. Definitely not what I was expecting, and totally cool to start seeing into the history of the situation.

    And I’m kind of glad that this isn’t just Luca being a bitch. He actually does seem to care about his people and the damage done to them, rather than say a monetary loss or something, or pure “guys are better than girls.” It kind of makes him the good guy in my mind (even if he’s the insane egotistical good guy).

    • No, there are two women. Lethy is just sort of more masculine looking (it happens).

      And Luca is caring for his people, to some degree, but he also has a personal vendetta which is a big part of the problem.

  • Hel

    P.S: today’s vote incentive looks amazing, I wish we could see more of the comic without resizing!

  • Gleebits

    He has a point you know. Sure Hitler ordered the majority of what happened on the side of the Germans during WWII, but the Nazis carried them out without much complaint.
    It’s easy to push blame on a single, hated individual

  • Luca’s faces….LUCA’S FACES! I’m at a loss for words…seriously, I’m flored by how awesomely expressive and just plain batshit crazy they are!

  • Ponthion

    Oooh Luca’s such a crazy adoreable dork!
    In the last panel he looks like he’s on crack XD

  • The Shining comes to mind.

  • Kyn

    “The guy who is responsible is dead!”

  • kat

    Man all of Luca’s panels are great. Expressions and dialogue alike. That close up of him has really nice hair detail.

  • BentKatana

    Wow, his expression in the last panel is giving me chills! Ooooo, what will happen? Will Suda or Phe interfere and get told off by him later? Will Hyla suddenly float outside the huge window via a cute lil balloon? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS

  • marinated-fish

    Luca’s way to think about the position of his territory and Caris shows the despot in him. It’s rather the desire for payback that he talks about than balance. (huuuuuh Angora has to restore balance to the world~ haha. Poor word choice there.)
    I really liked the discussion comment above about historic/ real world references. I thought of the same reference before (splitting up Europe after WWII) but uh, WWII is something like a bandwagon at the moment so I didn’t want to mention it (But well, where’s the problem, I guess you got this idea way before so there). Nevertheless, I really expect you to surprise the readers… I guess this idea will be modified- the story so far has the potential for a totally unexpected development in the situations of these two great forces, Caris and the Territories, who stand against each other. Looking forward to that! :B

  • Nosferatu

    I love Lethy’s profile in the first panel, I love her nose =D
    Luca is freaking me out though! Are his eyes a really dark green or a really dark brown?
    Whatever they are, they are very flexible.

    Yes you heard me, he has flexible eyes.

  • wright

    Great art as always, especially showing the increase of tensions and Luca’s anger. The politics are convincingly messy, with parallels quite nearby in our own world…

  • sweet_gardenia

    Luca’s grinning makes me think of the Maoris sticking out their tongues and making faces to intimidate their enemies…nice cultural reference!

    Also I am reminded of a certain…shadow with those eyes and that grin. burrr. so scary. so badass BD

    although we all know the original version had Luca with teef :B don’t even try to deny it

    • Man, everything had teef in the original version :B Even the horses, if I recall correctly XD

      • sweet_gardenia

        hahaha for reference…Pasori progression of rage

        B{ = Peevish
        BD = Pissed
        B3 = Super pissed

  • raeloth

    His face on second panel.
    It hurts. It’s all like “So you want to play ? Okay, i’ll play this little game of yours. And you’ll suffer all the way to the sad end..”

  • KoniraThax

    LOL, Jazz hands.

  • Interesting how earlier I rather liked Luca, but now I think he’s an idiot.
    A driven powerful idiot. His mien is just begging for escalation. If he had just thought to say, he doesn’t hold the QUEEN responsible, he holds her COUNTRY responsible, then things, meh, would no doubt end up no differently…
    I wonder how the ambassadors will deal with this doubly dangerous lunatic?

    • sweet_gardenia

      lol probably run screaming ;)

      Well he’s err…not really likable and probably not MEANT to be likable at all but I don’t see him as a idiot. I think he’s a lot smarter than that and I also think he’s in a position of advantage and is the sort of person who enjoys the feeling of having his enemies come begging to him but first they will pay and pay dearly. I get the idea that Luca’s culture is very clan-minded in the sense that if one person does something EVERYONE is responsible so there’s some of that to consider as well. As Alexds explained up further in the comments, Caris was the original aggressor so I think in this sense Luca feels justified in demanding recompense of some sort when they have the audacity to come begging for land to the people who they had victimized (at least in Luca’s way of looking at things) That’s the way the mean nasty world of politics works. Somebody’s gotta pay.

  • Morag

    I don’t think anyone could describe that look as good humor 0.0. The psyco eyes kinda’ ruin the image of “good humor”.
    Looks more like the baring of teeth.

    Why do I get the feeling that Luca’s going to be yelling in your next update…?

    PS: I am bedazled by those jazz hands. I feel the sudden need to emulate them…

  • ColdCedric

    If by all this is Luca’s move

    Luca use ‘scary face’ attack
    Ambassador is intimidated.

  • I love how the colour pallet has kind of gradually brightened as the chapter went on. Somewhat gradual anyways… ha ha. it is so bright!

    Also I’m glad you’re reading Nedroid now! It is a greatness. But there were a bunch of great things in his archive a year or so ago that are gone now ‘A’

    Also also: Luca is such a professional.

  • Essie

    I-I think that is the scariest face I have ever seen Luca make.This is getting even more interesting than it already was!

  • Laura

    So, crazy Luca’s face is deliciously crazy. I might even venture to say I am hungry for more Crazy Luca face. Especially so well-lit as this. And kudos to that ambassador for speaking up. I don’t think I’d be able to handle the big L face to face.

  • SD59

    What an amazing page – Congratulations. Luca’s expressions truly draw in the reader.

  • Irontoad

    Luca’s faces remind me of the movie The Shining

    “Here’s Johnny!”

  • Patron Vectras

    I just realized the grey-haired character is a lady ;]

    • ColdCedric

        • Leo

          • marinated-fish


    • sweet_gardenia


  • Shaheen

    His face in the last panel creeps me out. I`m not understanding the story up to this page… could someone clarify

  • It’s not so much the toothy grin that worries me as it is the… the…

    Yeah, he’s got dem crazy eyes.

  • Mebio


    The expression on his face in the second panel is just scary. I can see the anger building up right there. I would have expected an outburst of rage, but instead it’s an outburst of sarcasm and madness.
    This is such a great comic!

    • Aalbiel

      I actually find him scarier in the last panel ^^

  • RJF

    I think that Luca is in a better humour than most of the commenters are crediting – from the Emperor’s perspective the ambassador is obviously cracking a joke. “Yes, we started a war in which millions died and whose scars are still raw today, but eh, water under the bridge, let bygones go by, right?”. Luca’s probably thinking that anyone who could say something so absurd with a straight face is obviously a comedian.

    • Pattom

      I don’t think that’s the case at all. He obviously recognizes the statement as absurd, but he’s not amused. Well, maybe he’s amused at the idea of doing grievous harm to the ambassador’s person for acting so condescendingly, but not by the statement itself.

      Something else I realized is that smiling Luca looks very monkey-ish. Don’t chimpanzees only smile when they’re threatening each other, bearing their teeth until one of them backs down?

      • The most Pasori-looking Pasori have those kinds of features: smaller heads, blunter features, etc etc. And they do have mannerisms like teeth baring and direct eye-contact that are sort of animalistic. This is often cited by Carissi when they’re trying to justify treating them like non-persons.

        • Lin

          Tustis and the Portuguese used to cite similar arguments when justifying treating the Hutu people like animals. I foresee much bloody battle in the future of this comic…

          • Yes : I did a lot of reading about genocide before doing the comic. I hate to trivialize the result, but the causes can be so very stupid.

  • Deerinheadlights

    Someone’s got the crazy eyes~
    I kinda agree with Luca on this one, even though you weren’t leading the country at the time, it still happened, and if you’re gonna walz in asking for land you should kinda realize that :/

  • Cinsa

    I’m in love with the shading. SO MUCH.

    other than that his expressions are great. It’s amazing how no matter what expressions he makes he makes it scares me XD

  • Skaski

    Luca, that face scares me D: You did such a great job of making his words and expressions drip with sarcasm toward the end there. I wish I could fast-forward time to The Meek update days!

  • Colombian


    Hmmm that was even worst than WWII, anyways think the number is a bit exagerated.

    excelent artwork

    • mikelinpa

      By exaggerated, I am not sure if you are referring to the comic or WWII, but the Nazis didn’t just kill 6 million Jews, they killed 18 million civilians including 6 million Jews. Sadly, that record has been topped since then.

  • ckpk

    Good grief I love the art style of this comic so much

  • rockfish

    This actually frightened me, I enjoy that smile so much j 3j

  • Luca looks like he’s going to go for her jugular . oAo

    • ColdCedric


      • Lin

        Well, Lethy is a girl… right?

  • Laura

    I’ll admit…Luca scares me a bit on this page….

  • GerunKnarlson

    HO! dear.

    That smile…..definitely does not connote good humor. (shudder)

  • rainey

    If I were the ambassador I’d be backing away as fast as possible. LOOKIT THOSE TEETH

  • Interesting. I was assuming that Lethy was a man, but from these angles, it appears I might have been wrong. Can we get clarification? It’s such an ambiguous name..

    • Luca mentioned earlier that he was annoyed about having to meet with the female ambassadors. Caris men and women from eastern parts tend to style their hair short in comparison to the folks from the larger cities and the coast.

      • Aha. I read that earlier panel as “ambassador”. That’s what tripped me up.

  • Haha, I love this page! It shows how frightening Luca can be. His expressions are extremely intimidating here XD.

  • DP

    So when a pasori smiles is like a dog showing it’s teeth? A sign of aggressiveness?

    Great work with the comic. I’m loving both art and plot.

  • ColdCedric

    Dude I don’t wanna be rude or anything alexds1 but you seriously have to get more practice on the female faces. Don’t get me wrong I can see perfectly from but others do not as they think there…male. If I ask of this then punch me if this is stupid.

    • I think most of her female faces look female, there are just some women with features that look more masculine than feminine. I thought the tall skinny lady was a man at first too, though :)

    • Thanks! But you know, in real life some women look more masculine than others, as Seanan pointed out. And some men have feminine qualities to their face. Its not that I’m unable to draw everyone looking “the same,” or at least, draw them so they are immediately recognizable one way or the other, but I’ve chosen to make them look a certain way to reflect their 1) individual features 2) ethnic look 3) cultural styles etc etc. Or in other words, different people look different. If you can get your head around that kind of thinking, you’ll be prepared for chapter 3 :)

      • Skaski

        I actually knew Lethy was a woman from the get-go. I totally admire the fact that you don’t make all females stereotypically female looking. It’s realistic and I like that :)

  • Woww Luca. touchy?

  • someone

    The emperor’s facial profile looks very ape-like.


  • Wow, I love the Luca’s expressions going on here. Awesome! And I love the incentive today~

    I am a bit surprised by how Lethy has been mistaken for a male character. Not only considering previous dialogue between Luca and Phe but also because my first thought was “oh, interesting female design!” when I saw her. I love it when characters have characteristic noses, cheekbones, foreheads, chins etcetc – both males and females. :) It’s a true skill to be able to portrait either gender with interesting facial traits, thinking outside the norm, and still keep it convincing!

    PS. I think my chin is very similar to Lethy’s. And I can wiggle it!! xD Does she carry such ability?

    • omg XD What do you mean wiggle it? Like back and forth or up and down?

      • Up and down! (It runs in the family…xD Dad’s side……..)
        I can crab light, thin things with it as well… like cards… and stuff… (omg, too much information!!!!)

  • Lizzi

    Available in Stoic and Batshit Crazy.

    (I must admit I stole that from someone of Roflrazzi.)

  • Lin

    It is puzzling to me that people thought that Lethy was a man… It just seemed so obvious to me. It worries me that some people cannot recognize a woman if she is not wide-eyed, curvy and pouty-lipped. I just get a decidedly female vibe from her.

    Also, I just started reading this comic not to long ago, and I’m in love~. Please, don’t ever stop drawing. That would be a sorry loss to the world. :]

    • To be fair, Lethy has been mostly quiet and in the background until this page. We assume what we assume until new information shows us otherwise. And new information has. Also, gender is now relevant to the character, whereas before it really didn’t matter because who cares about the person in the back. I consider that efficient storytelling.

      And yes! Der-shing: you will draw forever! Your audience commands it!

      • Forever D:

        I am of course imagining a rotting arm, continuing to draw.

  • Lin

    Also! Why is it that I get the feeling that the other ambassador is going to bust in with something offensive/foolish/unfounded? Like, that in the next page she’ll interrupt with “But oh, can’t you just get on well enough on your own?” or “Well, you’re just animals anyway”.

    • Then she wouldn’t be a very good ambassador. :) I can see her asking why they can’t all just get along though.

  • Oh my god this is so good

  • LP

    Few people can draw emotions this well or a mix of emotions on a character at once – this is truly a great page!

  • Mika Ears

    I completely agree with Luca here. A change in government can’t be used as an excuse to just ignore all the atrocities the previous government committed. Not when you’re trying to maintain relations with the victim country. I say Luca kills them both and then starts war.

    • Haha I agree with the fact that changing government doesn’t justify ignoring the previous atrocities. Even if they can’t afford to pay reparations yet like Lethy says, the Queen should at least accept responsibility. When you take up the mantle of ruler, you have to take up all its prior mistakes too.

  • Love the light and shadows in this one in particular.

  • Kwillow

    Luca smiling gives me shivers, man. I weep for those ambassadors.

  • Oh, man. The expressions here are so awesome. I love Luca’s “I’m going to kill you” faces.

  • TBman256

    I wouldn’t be suprised if Luca snapped her neck in the next comic. I would LOVE to see that.

    • Man you guys are hella bloodthirsty XD

      • Connor

        Can I call you out every time you say a hella? Also, great lighting/shading! (as always)

  • sanionka

    I think Luca’s losing it…

  • makani

    dude I love that woman’s face

  • Daniel Jackson

    Man. Just when he was clearly the asshole of the galaxy, he goes and says THE only morally relevant question at hand.

  • Chris

    Luca’s face in the last panel. Put it on a shirt with the caption “Luca’s gonna kill you.” I would buy that shirt. If I bought stuff online, but I don’t, so here’s a suggestion for a shirt anyway

  • Hugo

    Haha, I love this guy! Kickass.

  • Wuh-oh…Luca’s losing it…

    I love the shading on his face in the second panel. Beautifully rendered!

  • shallot


    That toothy snarl is the best thing in the world, ever. you win the internet.

    • shallot

      Also, can I please take the Emperor home and have him as my pet?

  • Huh! My darn computer- I thought I had left a comment last week about Luca’s feelings seem perfectly justified, but his manner is provacative – but apparantly not, as I don’t see it. Anyway, on my umpteenth re-reading I must admit I agree with him more and more. Especially as they seem unwilling to give the one thing he wants – why be appeasing? Except, well, “millions dead”. If he doesn’t find some way of defusing things he may end up with millions more…
    Maybe if instead of “reparations” they agree to a tax or something? Not gonna happen, I know…
    Finally, “With all due respect” is a great line, and you can see what Luca thinks of it is his final response.
    Lovely work!

  • Me

    I can just see his eye twitching on this page. Love it! :D

  • GreenEyes

    You manipulated emotions with Luca v. well! I could feel myself becoming angry on his behalf esp. in the 3rd panel. His look in the 4th panel is almost comical, the 5th is frightening. Excellent roller coaster of emotions. You are talented not only as an artist, but a writer as well. Many fantastic artists flag in the writing department, you clearly do not. Bravo.

  • faramir

    The easy answer is to SELL them the bit of land they want for the amount he wants in reparations. That way the queen can pass the reparations off as a mere payment for territory to whomever it is she’s afraid of admitting that she is responsible for millions of deaths. He’s already admitted he’s willing to give up the land (a bad move, diplomatically), so it’s no skin off his nose to lose it; he may as well get something for it.

    But it wouldn’t be drama if it were easy, would it?

  • seraphestus

    Pardon me, I’m a relatively new reader to the series, but Luca in the last panel?


  • Jac

    Luca, your teeth are showing. That can’t be good. :/

    BTW, I’m still loving this comic sooooo much <333

  • Megan

    Luca’s missing some of his teeth, right? Is he wearing falsies here?

  • emma

    Uh oh, Luca’s got his crazy face!

  • Twigs

    I’m totally on Luca’s side for this one. This is a bit like the Canadian government taking so long to apologise for the history of colonisation of the First Nations people in Canada, and not taking responsibility for the fact that the government used treaties to cheat the Aboriginal people out of the land they were living on. We have a caste system here that everybody tries to pretend out of existence, and meantime, everyone touts Canada as a “tolerant” country. It’s disgusting.

    • Twigs

      Sorry, I realise this is a comic and I’m making it way too serious x) But I definitely sympathise with Luca right now.

  • Judo

    I’ve just been plucking through your archives [since you were talking about the superawesome previews on the new page] and I really have to say… The larger size comic REALLY brings out the vivid detail and nuances in your artwork and colouring. It’s like reading a whole new comic. Seriously, I am geeking out embarrassingly hard over the intense details on Luca’s face in the second panel. I do love Soli and Angora, but man, I think this has to be my favourite chapter of the bunch.

  • Thisguy

    His face belongs in Aladdin.

  • CatKaj

    I think he’s right, though. Like Versailles – even though the following generations of Germans hadn’t been alive yet in the war, they still had to pay reparations. It’s called taking responsibility as a nation, and the queen should do it too. I don’t like the concept myself, but it’s as fair as it gets.

  • Bob

    Kinda gotta agree with him there. A country is not suddenly absolved of all its sins just because its ruler changes, and this queen is ridiculous to try and act like that’s the case. Even if they had actually changed regimes, instead of just handing leadership down to the offspring as is usually the case they would not be ENTIRELY off the hook, but a prince or princess is ENTIRELY bound and burdened by the decisions of their predecessor when they take the throne. That’s kinda the whole point of kingdoms and royal lineages.

    I get that this carris is supposed to be the reasonable righteous femtopia and the emperor is supposed to be the evil and unreasonable oppressor, but the way you’ve presented it he’s entirely in the right. This other country attacked his and apparently did some pretty horrific stuff and now their new leader is saying, “Oh, that was all DADDY’s thing, we’re not going to make up for that, oh and also give us back the land you won during the war.” I’d be sending my armies over the border in his case lol, or at least assassins.

    • Bob

      Just want to clarify looking at some of the other comments that what I’m getting at is that a country is not a person. You may not be responsible for the things your father did, but a whole country’s sins don’t just go away because they change leaders. That’s just not how it works, neither logically nor in real life. This dude isn’t being unreasonable to stand on that fact, the ‘ambassadors’ are being unreasonable to try and insist it.

      The CORRECT way to absolve their country of the guilt of its own deeds would have been to END the dynasty which committed it, essentially to end the current government and replace it with something else. At the very least to hand the throne over to a different lineage, and possibly marry off the new king or queen to someone important in this country which they’ve apparently been pillaging for a while.

      So again, his demand isn’t unreasonable. Reparations are a thing for a reason. When one government rapes and pillages the people of another, then that other wins the war, the original government PAYS FOR THE DAMAGES, no matter who’s running it at the time. These ambassadors are basically saying, “Yeah, sorry, we totally profited from damaging you and all, but that war was pretty expensive so we don’t want to pay for it you unreasonable asshole.”

      Sry for the wall of text, but I’m really confused as to how anyone can be on the side of Carris at this panel. Maybe something is revealed later that makes them sympathetic, but so far we KNOW they were the aggressors and guilty of atrocities (he accused, they confirmed), and now instead of ending the reign of the line responsible for this, making reparations, and offering apologies, they’re what? Continuing with the same guilty royal family, demanding land back that they lost in the war they started, and refusing to make reparations or even admit that they bear any guilt.

      What am I missing here? Is it just that the author clearly INTENDS carris to be the good guys? Is it that Carris is run by women, and nowadays that makes them the good guys? Because all the actual facts make them irresponsible, outrageous, evil garbage as presented so far.

  • AFritzFan

    Why does Luca remind me so much of Marlin from Finding Nemo?

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