Today is the 1st of the month, so if you’d click that vote thing up there I’ll kiss your feet or eat my hat or something craaazy

Hopefully this page clarifies the scene a bit more. As usual, the wiki has enough info for you to figure out what is going on if you are a careful reader. For example, in the Emperor’s entry it does mention that he often talks to himself :B

Plug of the week goes to Gunshow, a hilarious comic about… uh, well you can decide for yourself. It might be an acquired taste for some of you but for what its worth, I think it’s great.

Oh yeah, and it came to my attention that this comic site is banned in certain countries :B So I’m putting the pages back on Deviantart, at a slightly higher rez than they are here. So if you’d like to see them there, you can find them at The Meek Club on DA along with other great Meek art by some great artists and occasional contests and giveaways!