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Hopefully this page clarifies the scene a bit more. As usual, the wiki has enough info for you to figure out what is going on if you are a careful reader. For example, in the Emperor’s entry it does mention that he often talks to himself :B

Plug of the week goes to Gunshow, a hilarious comic about… uh, well you can decide for yourself. It might be an acquired taste for some of you but for what its worth, I think it’s great.

Oh yeah, and it came to my attention that this comic site is banned in certain countries :B So I’m putting the pages back on Deviantart, at a slightly higher rez than they are here. So if you’d like to see them there, you can find them at The Meek Club on DA along with other great Meek art by some great artists and occasional contests and giveaways!


  • Oooh, allusions….:D

    That first panel is so awesome to look at, it makes me think even more about how awesome The Meek would be as a movie. Gorgeous, crisp lines and I love all that blue.

    • indeed, it is rather cinematic isn’t it?

  • Evan

    Who are the referring to when they say “Do we know what it wants?”

  • I love young luca’s face in the first panel and old luca’s face in the third panel.

    I just really love the way this little interlude was done, by the way. Very flowy and natural and I could understand everything that was going on without too much effort.

  • Emperial

    Aaaaah, I totally need to see the next page now! I will spend the next week gnashing my teeth in anticipation. <3

  • DoctorWhyly

    I love Luca’s younger self, he’s so reasonable. The last two panels are quite cinematic and the transition is great. I can really feel the movement. I also like how you put this inner monologue into two pages. It’s really efficient. I think if it was longer it may have affected the overall pacing of the scene.

  • Young Luca: “C’mon man get with it! I’m never gonna grow old–you forgot what’s important!”

    Old Luca: “:U . . . .” *smashes door*

    Ahahaha… sorry. I seriously love this crazy guy.

    • Old Luca turns into the Hulk? I guess it could work… XD

  • angela c

    Absolutely beautiful work as always. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

  • “I was going to say the same thing about her.”
    that was hella powerful. and I don’t even know WHY yet.

  • …is it too early for this comic to have a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming?

    Seriously. Awwww.

  • wait. this site is banned in several countries? buh-why?

    • Naked ladies, I’m guessing XD

      • XD You know, I suppose that was a duh, but HERE I AM FORGETTING THE OBVIOUS

  • Michael

    I guess we can conclude from this that Basori uses gendered pronouns, eh?

    • Michael

      Whoops, that comment was supposed to reference the quote:

      “Because I was just about to say the same thing about her.”

      (I tried to use angled brackets around the quote like in the comic, but the server ate them.)

  • Rachel

    I enjoy the fact that Gunshow was being recommended this week. Mostly because my very geeky boyfriend and his very geeky best friend only discovered it a few weeks ago.

  • BentKatana

    I don’t know what else to say except, Nice. Love how you only said “him” and alluded. ;)

  • Maphysto

    This comic is becoming a bad addiction. I spend the entire week waiting for Sunday, get a comic, like it, and then immediately begin waiting for the NEXT Sunday.

    But, I understand perfection can’t be rushed.

    Also, even though I know it’s unlikely, Luca: STAY WITH HER STAY WITH HER STAY WITH HER STAY WITH HER STAY WITH HER

    • Perfection could be rushed if I didn’t have a bunch of other stuff do to in the meantime :B Can’t wait for summer.

  • Rainey


  • Allison

    I have to say, I started watching this way back early in the first chapter, and I enjoyed Angora’s section, but this part has really gripped me on an emotional level. Luca’s character and situation are just so fascinating. I think this is the third time I’ve looked at this page since it was posted, and the story just keeps getting better and better. You just do a beautiful job of showing complex characterization and emotion without sacrificing pacing.

    • Thanks Allison! Glad you think so :)

  • Fleece

    Now young Luca looks ridiculously cute.

    Damn, this page is not good for people who are trying to quit smoking: you make it look like a major component of awesomeness. :P

  • I very much like how this scene is clearing up.

    aahhh so cinematic. Do you see each scene in your head like a movie? I know that many artists do (myself included) and I think it just..wow. I’m sorry, your work is just awe inspiring for me~

    • Like a movie… yeah, i guess. More like a scene in real life that I have to get on paper somehow :

  • Hérisson

    Oh ! You have to choose Phe!
    (Young Lucas looks a lot like my boyfriend. tehehe)

  • RJF

    Hmm… so it seems that we see Luca wrestling between his pride and “The Meek”.

  • Ponthion

    D8 I never thought that the dialogues and your story telling could become any better. But you prove me wrong! I adore how natural your characters are talking!
    And your paneling really is like a movie, that’s one reason why I love reading TM so much.
    Haha Luca got owned by his younger self.

  • Ok, now I’m super-curious: In which countries is your comic banned? O_o

  • DoggySpew

    My guess it is some backwards idiotic communist country that doesn’t like anything that looks in the vicinity of pron. ‘Cause you know, nudity=pron *rollseyes*.

  • Marbles

    I lol’d at the vote incentive.

    I wow’d at the page.



    (*it is a joke)

    Well I voted, maybe you could… lick my boots now :3


    Listen to him! Er, you. xD

  • Anie

    “I was about to say the same thing about her.”

    Comic moment of DAAWWWW anyone? ;) Seriously, that one line was what did it. LOVE it! <3

  • dmyy20

    Oh man, I can’t believe it took me this long xD I just noticed it was Luca’s past self…well done self, well done lol

    Anyway, like everyone else, loved the last two panels :] great transition. Can’t wait for the next page, I am so into this comic, I check to see when it updates all the time (even though I know it’s updated only once a week haha)

  • Gotta pop in and say, I absolutely love this comic. It’s Beautiful. Thank you for making something that is truly inspiring.

    • Thanks very much for taking the time to comment :)

  • lovely page, that expression of his in the second to last panel makes me feel sad..which is good.

    and it’s not wrong to talk to yourself. i find it’s the only way to ensure intelligent conversation…

  • Jac

    Hobo!Luca is so adorable. :squish:

    And on the banning, let me guess – China?

    • United Arab Emirates, actually!

      • L

        maybe it’s because there’s an alcoholic in the comic, isn’t alcohol banned there?

        • Jac

          I like how we all seem to forget about the nudity… I certainly forgot. ^^’

  • Are they talking about Dagre, I wonder?

    There’s something about this page that’s extra-stunning. I mean it. :’D Luca’s design is just so beautiful, and… I don’t know if it’s the subtle color depth in his skin, the contrast of the highlight on his nose, or… if it’s the story and how much deeper it’s getting in just the past couple of pages. I’m amazed at how much you’ve set up in so little time, and how much muck Luca’s in right from the start. I feel bad for him… I think he’s my favorite character, really. So complex, and… derp, sexy. :’)

    And lol at the vote incentive. Just a little extra reminder of how amazing you are. <3

  • KoniraThax

    Dang it, I already know what’s going on but I dun’t wanna spoil anything so I’ll keep my mouth shut. I love how you set this up, so well mooded in colour.

  • Nyzer

    Young Luca and old Luca, huh?

    When I first saw the page before this one I thought they were two different people – that Luca had stomped outside to cool down or something, run into an old friend/advisor on the grounds. It wasn’t until I saw “life” as opposed to “lives” and noticed the hand still on the door that I got it.

    So I guess we see he’s kind of got two personalities so far – “him”/”it” being another, suppressed one? It looks like he’s been tortured, so it’s possible he had some sort of break in the past, I suppose.

  • lennan

    Awww, younger Luca.

    You’re banned in several countries…I’m really curious to know which ones.

    Also, read the vote incentive hourly comics and I came to the conclusion you will be an awesome teacher based on the last panels about deadly bacteria. XD I laughed so hard.

  • Mujaki

    So, I clicked the “Vote” button, and GUESS which image came up as the anti-bot guard?
    What are the odds?

  • I just noticed that older/present Luca doesn’t have any fallen snow on him – a lovely touch! Your obsession with detail serves you well, haha.
    Absolutely beautiful comic.

  • Spoons

    Yay for unstable sanity! I love how Younger Luca seems to have more common sense. It’s great how, just from his wider eyed expressions you can tell he’s…well younger.

    P.S. Vote incentive, Your day was creepily like mine! We had to watch Gattaca and I got a large fuffy toy of the Tuberculocis bacteria…well it was sort of similar =D

  • Nothing like being banned in foreign lands – although I don’t know why, aside for the first chapter? Or maybe they think you’re somehow attacking their politics? How strange! At least you’ve caught their notice – if only it were for your art!

    Thanks for the beautiful bump to my week!

  • Hérissonne

    Ooooh! The Meek has the 4th position on the top 100. Keep on voting people! Show your support for a truly amazing webcomic!

  • Hel

    These last two pages have just confirmed to me that, whenever you publish this, it will be worth having on a shelf at home. I can’t wait to see this story develop and unravel. Congratulations to your dedication and constance in this project; I think it really is paying off. Post again soon! ;)

  • I loved the alternative text on panel 3 on the vote incentive a few days ago :)

    Perfect length of inner conversation/flashback/transition of “real time”. I think sometimes flashbacks can turn too lengthy and detailed and lose it’s power (I easily fall into that trap).
    I am not saying there is something wrong with long flash backs, I mean that sometimes short flashbacks are more powerful in certain situations/scenes. Like here: I think the timing is perfect for what’s happening in Luca’s life, and those are perfect last words (ah, and I loved Angora’s flash-back scene too. You are good at those! XD).

    Aw, Luca’s nose looks so cold on the fourth panel. I just want to warm it with my hands!

    • Thanks! Though this scene doesn’t technically count as a flashback… in this comic I’ll always put flashbacks into panels with rounded corners :) This scene is something else..

      • You are welcome!
        yeah, I do realize it’s more of an inner conversation/paralell thing, I don’t know the word for it, but I still think the timing is perfect. :) Going away from the other scene for way too long would not set the right mood, I think.
        Can’t wait until tomorrow <3

  • Edmund West

    I just wanted to give an odd sort of thanks for creating a character I could actually do a decent cosplay of. XD Being myself a rather short, not very thin and quite ornery fellow.

  • the_pale_lady

    The more I read this comic the more I just LOVE the facial expressions. So awesome.

  • iceman

    I love everything about this comic. Absolutely everything. I found it yesterday and have read the whole thing as fast as i could, work-permitting. Now i’ve caught up and cannot wait for the next page. I’m torn between wishing i’d found it sooner (hence would have been enjoying it for much longer) and wishing i’d found it much later (then i wouldn’t have to wait for the next page…and the story would have advanced). Oh well, guess i’ll just go back to the beginning and soak up the artwork. Truly amazing!!

  • Nayt

    Banned in other countries? How/why?

    • No idea how, but I think the reason why is because of the rampant nudity in Chapter 1.

      • Nayt

        Huh. That’s . . . weird. I know some foreign countries (such as Australia) have extremely strict pornography laws, but the first chapter of this wasn’t pornographic.

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