When will the comic return from hiatus?

The comic will be back in Spring 2015, likely late April or May. Chapter 4 will resume with the conclusion of Chapter 1 of Mare Internum. For more specific dates, check the Twitter.

When does the comic update?

The comic is currently updating at the pace of one or two pages per week, on randomly chosen days. For notifications regarding updates or delays, you can follow the Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed.

How long have you been working on this comic?

A long time. I had been thinking about the story and working out details for many years, but didn’t start drawing out comics until mid-2007. I’ve been doing rough draft/sketch comics for the last year and a half (and still am!).

Where did you learn how to make comics?

I am a self-taught artist and comics-maker with a background in biology. I have a degree from UC Berkeley in Integrative Biology, and a credential for high school–level science education. I learned how to make comics on my free time by reading a lot of books and comics in order to learn how to tell stories, and by practicing my drawing skills a little bit every day.

How long does it take to make a page?

About 8 to 10 hours, spread out over the course of a few nights! I’m sort of anal about everything so it takes a while.

How do you make your lines/colors?

I do all of my work digitally, on Photoshop CS4. I use a tablet to draw everything and to color. My line quality and color are a product of years of practice (boo) and more practice (boo again!)! I had to keep trying out different methods until I found one that felt right.

More specifically though, my tablet’s setting are such that the brush diameter = pen pressure, giving me my lovely lineweights. I practice my lines on several layers until I achieve the right look. For colors, I use a general palette to which I add and subtract colors to evoke a certain mood… again, it is a matter of personal preference, and this is the style I feel best fits with the type of comic I am making.

What/where are these sketch comics I keep hearing about?

The sketch comics were my first draft of The Meek (for chapters 1 through 8). The sketches for chapters that are not yet complete on this site have been taken offline. They will, however, be posted here at the end of each chapter, and will be archived/available to subscribers of The Meek LJ.

Is The Meek being published? Where can I buy The Meek in print?

The Meek is now being published through 4th Dimension Entertainment! You can find Meek merchandise including single issues, prints and other items in the 4DE shop at affordable prices. They will be offering a trade edition of The Meek containing the first three chapters sometime in 2011.

Do you draw any other comics?

Yes! I have an original miniseries called Snowball in Hell that you can read about at my site. I also illustrate educational comics for the fine folks at Lerner Books.

Is drawing this comic your full-time job? Are you fairly wallowing in cold hard webcomics cash?

Hahaha. No, the Meek is what I do for fun and self-fulfillment when I have free time in between the work that I do for a living. At the moment, that work fluctuates between science education and various freelance art jobs. As for money, I make enough each month from The Meek to buy approximately… enough Redbull to keep me conscious enough to make comics for that month. It’s a vicious cycle.

Will you link me/plug me/review my work?

Thanks for asking, but I don’t link on request. I do link quite often to comics that I find on my own or that are recommended to me, and I read a lot of webcomics. If you would like me to link you, the best way is to do a good job on your comic. I will eventually find it and say something about it. I am also unable to do a review of your comic work. Unfortunately it takes too much time out of my day to read through an archive and write up an analysis, especially when I never hear back from the person that I wrote a critique for. It’s been necessary for me to learn to spend my time more carefully.

I love the way the site works and looks! How did you make it?

I don’t know! I put it together in Photoshop and hired my genius friend to code the entire thing for me. All I know is that 1. He is a genius, 2. He is not open to new clients at the present and 3. The comic runs on ComicPress and is hosted by Dreamhost.

I am making a comic! Do you have any advice?

Plan ahead! You can never plan too far in advance. Make sure your plot and characters are original and engaging and that everything you make is something you’d personally love to read. Don’t skimp on stuff you are not good at, do your research and practice every day to get to the results you want. When people describe their works as a labor of love, they really know what they’re talking about. Make sure you use equal parts labor and love in everything you do.

When will Angora get some clothes?

Great question.