She doesn’t like being called that! And I don’t think she made a great first impression, ahaha.

As usual, thanks very much for reading and such! I’m trying something new this month. Some people told me that they’d like a Meek wallpaper, and I like the idea too. I don’t want to just upload one cuz I like playing hard to get, but I don’t want to make it like a pay thing either. So I’m doing a little voting challenge instead. You can read about it here at the LJ! At the end of the month if you know the word you can email me to get the wallpaper, that way nobody pays and everyone wins, haha. The word will be the title of an entry in the wiki as well, just so it isn’t too difficult. To check the most recent incentive, you can vote here.

And just to reiterate, LJ, Facebook and the Twitter for keeping on top of my stupid comic schedule or other things!

We’ll be getting out of the smelly tent in a few pages, thankfully!


  • Dave G

    Just want to say, this is an awesome piece of work! Keep up the great work!!! I’m really curious to see where it’s going!

    Wow, I’m feeling exclamatory today!!! ! !!! ! !!

    • Thanks for commenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tam

    Guess no one ever told Pinter it’s taboo to insult ladies’ hair.

    Love how Angora’s expression went from Hopeful Puppy to -DENIED- xD

  • I love the shift outside to show how loud he’s coughing and then the shift back inside.

    Moldy hair. LOL!! :’D

  • Otaku-sama


    Pinter went from sarcasm to blunt right away!
    “Nobody is more worried about your irresponsible missing grandpa that i am”
    “and I’d really like to help you out, but… you’re weird”
    Angora must be very bothered! not only her general appearance was criticized, but also her hair!
    A gentlemen would never clapperclaw a woman’s hair! hahahaha! :P
    Maybe we’re going to have an explanation of why her hair is that color…

    • Otaku-sama

      damn! it took me too long…

    • “Clapperclaw”!! I love it.

      Yeah, he’s being a bit of a jerk, but then again so is she, haha.

  • y2jenn

    I looooOOOOOooove your establishing shots. The first panel is brilliant. Gives that gagging/coughing/choking/OMGWHUT from Pinter some oomph. Poor Angora’s expression in the 3rd panel killed me. It cracks me up that she completely bypasses his smarmy sarcasm about her missing grandpa and focuses all her shock and horror on his statement about her hair. It’s so early and she already seems to get him. I love it.

    I’m completely spoiled by you updating twice a week, by the way.

    • Aw, thanks so much! I was getting tired of looking at the inside of the tent for so long, its good to re-ground the scene every once in a while.

      I’m thinking she probably missed the sarcasm about her grandpa, she’s not very focused it seems, hehe.

      And I’m spoiled by your lovely comments! Thank you!

  • Konira Thax

    Fourth panel, Angora’s silliest face by far. I love it. XD
    I can see where moldy would be an insult, it’s not nice to call anything moldy. D:

  • rainey

    Angora’s indignant expression is adorable! I’m getting as drunk as Pinter on these twice weekly updates, ahhh.


  • I have to agree with rose-rayne: the shift to the outside of the tent really emphasizes Pinter’s gagging/coughing. Obviously the expressions are fantastic, and the second and third panel really capture his emotions without really showing that much of the face. Oh, and fifth panel is love.

    • Thanks! I loved drawing the 2nd and 3rd panels, I wanted to get the hand on 2 right especially. Sometimes a little body language can go a long way…

  • Sen

    That is such a good idea.

    Fun fun coloring on these pages. <3

  • This page made me laugh so much! You did a great job with the expressions (love Angora in the last panel!) XD

  • Ahaha I love how Angora’s expression is changing!
    And the tent in the first panel looks so homey.. Maybe because of it’s warm light compared to the dark forest around.

  • Tonos

    Your comic is better everytime you continue. Your character design is great. I can say that this is one of best comic i have ever seen, Thanks to you, you made this all happen.

    • Wow, thanks very much! I’m glad you think so, that really keeps me motivated to keep going!

  • Haha, Pinter’s so not a gentleman =P

    Indeed, as other people said before me, showing the outside of the tent to emphasize Pinter’s coughinh and then going back inside was a brilliant idea. Can’t wait for the next one!! ^_^

  • awesome per the usual…very nice expressions on this page. also, the contest idea is a great idea

  • FleshAndStone

    You’d think Pinter would be a little bit completely stoked that a cute little green haired naked girl was in his tent.

    What are you doing, Pinter?! Do whatever she wants!!

    • Yeah, you’d think so! He’s probably feeling more like a bear that got poked out of hibernation.

  • Bryneeeee

    I am so geared up for getting that word

  • Az

    XXD I love the last panel

    “Angora angry!

    Sorry, I could not resist ^^

  • Lee

    I love their faces

  • whatwith

    Oh my gosh, this has barely gotten started, and I can already see it as one of those huge animated summer blockbusters. You know, the sort that has Smash Mouth tunes playing in the background of the preview commercials while all the kiddies cringe about how out of place it sounds. Fantastic stuff. This is what I look forward to every Friday. Keep up the amazing work!

    • Haha, thanks very much! Believe me, it gets much better than this… that sounds sort of conceited, sorry, I just mean to say that these pages are pretty boring compared with where the plot is headed in the future. Thanks for reading!

      • sue

        Conceited?! With the quality of the comic,you’ve got the right to be.But it’s good not to jump into so much action during the beginning as it usually would be too rushed.Yours seems to be balanced so far.

  • Miki

    Me thinks I detect sarcasm from Pinter. Thier expressions are just epic awesome by the way.

  • JL Glover

    The tree in the first panel looks like a woman’s back; it’s not appropriate to say what the tent looks like.

    • Hahaha, isn’t there enough nakedness in this comic for you?

  • Ceylon

    Ooh, big shiny pretty colors wallpaper… I do love the palette in this comic…

    …If I promise to vote every day once I get back, can I ask someone to keep track of the hints this week while I’m at camp? :C
    (Got today’s :D )

    • lol, do what you have to do! Its all good.

  • This is great stuff! My favorite is the change in Angora’s expression change between panels two and three. It reminds me of some of the faces in “Yotsuba”: http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/5877/1215054187012.jpg

  • That is so mean, pinter! you’re the one with moobs!
    very smexy moobs i might add :B
    love this!

  • Skyrunner

    Love the art, definitely deserves the top 10 at twc :D

    and agreed with above, love the expression change

  • Wyvern

    I love the new page very funny!

  • Riley

    Your comic reminds me of another graphic novel/comic story thing called Bone, which is a good thing because it is my favorite graphic novel. I guess the grand art mixed with a story slowly unwrapping to something far bigger with characters the readers care about are some similarities.
    I also may be dumb for i voted for the comic and saw no clue or something of wallpaper nature, but all is well.
    Keep up the great work, i shall be watching…i mean reading. Watching just sounds creepy.

    • Aw, thanks! I love Bone, it was my first favorite comic (and still has one of the most natural-feeling made-up worlds ever, imho).

      As for the incentive, I apologize! It got updated last night, so theres something different there now. But you can find all the info you missed from yesterday right here: http://community.livejournal.com/the_meek/5921.html

  • Riley

    i think i found the clue, so i feel a degree smarter.

  • whoooomeek

    i like the way you drew pinters hand in the second panel! it really says a lot about what he’s feeling.

  • God this is turning out to be a really beautifully drawn/painted comic. LOVE it. Can’t get over your expressions!! I check this site like every day XD

  • Authorette_XP

    He really looks like he’s serious in the second panel, XD. Twice a week, yay! Now I have incentive to get through Mon-Wed, ne? ^.~ You daw really amazing, it looks like you’re really at ease when you do it. It flows so well. XD

  • cedarwolf22

    I just about had a heart attack with the vote incentive/WIP animation today… Angora’s got a case of the meow virus!

    Look at those puppy eyes Pinter! How could you be so mean? 8( It’s okay thar Angy, just call him a fatso and poke him with that stick again, maybe he’ll deflate.

    • Meowvirus is spreading fast! Make sure you wash your hands and take lots of vitamin C.

  • Korilian

    he can RESIST the nakedness! (clearly he’s gay… or alternatively she really just is that weird. it could go either way :)

    • I think he’s just really not into her, haha!

    • Wex

      Moldy hair is a major turn-off.

  • Yim-Yam

    okay… i don’t like pinter anymore>_< he’s RUDE!! i like her genn hair!! he’ll get cool again…right?

  • Tyler

    AAAARRRGG!!!! I cant find the letter! Plz give me a hint or something, it wont mean anything to the ppl who dont vote! I want that wallpaper!

    • Haha, well there isn’t one in today’s incentive. If you want the first one its posted on the Meek LJ.

      • Tyler

        Oh… Well, that makes sense! Lol

  • maggle

    I’ve always wanted to say this, ever since I saw Pinter:


    :B I couldn’t help it I’m sorry. Also, very lovely expressions on this page <3

  • Oh snap! I have a feeling Angora is about to throw down!

  • Andrew

    And here I thought she didn’t like being called Moldy…

  • Emily

    This is really cool! I can’t wait for the next part =)

  • 'N' a.k.a 'J' a.k.a 'E'

    Hahaha, and I was just wondering about her green hair the last time I checked this comic. I thought it might have had something to do with mold, much like how a sloth’s fur turns green over time from mold growing in its fur.

    All that rambling aside, once again you’ve done an absolutely spectacular job on your comic from both and artistic standpoint as well as a writer’s standpoint (not an easy feat for sure).

  • falconempress

    Aw, her hair is not moldy, its just…its not moldy! lol.

    Great comic. I used to read the sketched version as well, but I did not know Angora had green hair until you put it in color. Cant wait for Luca to show up! <3

  • Tina!

    Hiya! i just found this from drunk duck>deviant>here and it’s a really nice comic! i’ll stick around! :D

  • Treyos

    It’s not mold! She just dyes it! With kool-aid.

    And personally, I think her lack of clothes (and lack of bashfulness because of it) is all the more reason to help her. I mean, when people ask him what he’s been doing lately he’d be able to say “Oh, just hanging out with the naked chick.” ;)

    • Yeah, you’d think so. I guess he’s more concerned with the fact that she’s like totally up in his face vs the fact that she needs help, haha.

  • Alana

    the entrance of the tent looks like the opening of a backside, which is fascinating, but probably not what you want to hear.

    i <3 your EXPRESSIONS!! It’s what make your characters so interesting and different and alive!! (anime has gotten to me.) your paneling really makes the story that much better too.

    cannot wait for the next chapter. MOAR MOOBS

    • haha, someone else pointed out the butt-tent thing, can’t win them all I guess! And I’m glad you like my panelling too!

  • whoooomeek

    omgosh her hair! just saw todays incentive, and it really IS moss?? :O i thought green was her natural colour… although i guess you can’t really say the moss is “unnatural colouring”. ah well.
    by the way, i love that sloth you drew… it’s soooooooooooo cute!

    • Haha, no, her natural hair color is the color from that little flashback panel (sort of mousy brown). And just about everything looks better with the meowface!

  • marinatedfish

    out of the smelly tent, up ahead into srs trouble!
    I like the incentive reward. It’s a good solution!

    • Thank you! It makes a lot of sense in context, I just need a way to make it obvious without spelling it out like I had to in the incentive. Maybe Chapter 2…

      • marinatedfish

        Yeah it’s a bit tricky, but I’m sure you’ll manage it just fine. The naming of the chars turned out inobtrusive and natural, I liked that.

  • Mollypop

    Cool comic. First visit today, but will definitely be back. Bookmark already added!

    • Thanks so much for visiting!

  • Dragonair

    Your comic is so unique. I hardly ever get to start reading such a cool comic from the beginning, so I’m really excited to see where it goes (although it is a bit tantalizing having to wait till the end of the week to see a new page)!

    On a side note, I have a feeling Pinter is going to be sucked into this quest whether he likes it or not. :x

  • I’m glad there will be wallpaper. I’ve been thinking about nagging about it, but now I don’t need to, which is good because I don’t like nagging.
    And ahahaha, the tree-back and tent-butt thing… I didn’t notice until now, but I can totally see why people say so. :B

    I’ll end this comment with once again saying how much I love this comic:
    I love this comic very much. c:

    And twice a week-updates makes me very happy too. It’s like… having Christmas AND birthday every week!

  • Ymo

    Anyone else notice that in the first frame (panel? Picture?) the tree+tent combo looks like a woman’s backside..?
    I don’t think it’s my thoughts that are perverted on this matter, the last thing I would want to look at is a WOMAN’S backside. (why am I reading this comic? For plot, of course! No boobsies for me, haw haw haw)

    • Rose LeFe√®

      YES! Oh my gosh, ever since I saw his… bush-tent I’ve thought it looked liked oddly lit lady parts… not backside as much as front, though… with the bush and all… most trees aren’t quite that curvy…
      I love the comic so far, it just makes me chuckle a bit every time I see it.

  • sweet_gardenia

    hahaha Pinter’s expressions in this page XD That’s pretty hot. Especially the ” oh let me think about it for a miNO! ” expression hahaha. Poor little Angora looks so hopeful

    ooo Pinter, Angora’s gonna make a flower sprout out of your nose for that comment. Not cool, man. Not cool.

    I heart Incentive Sloth. Everything is better with sloths <3’s

  • Sarah

    Uh-oh, I think he hit a sore spot on that one.

  • “…nobody is more worried about your irresponsible missing grandpa than I am.”

    Gah! I love that line XD. And the incentive was very illuminating, lol.

  • I love the sarcasm.
    And Angora’s hair is amazing and I WANT IT. D:
    But of course, I’m not going to put moss in my hair….Still…

    I can’t wait for the update. Seriously.
    This comic is the best I’ve read. Ever.

    And the originality is refreshing! :D

  • and thus we discover angora’s hair colour is not normal for this world :o

    i’ve been wondering this a bit now, though. what does pinter’s tattoo mean?

  • Baracai

    I adore Pinter. And Angora’s ‘moldy’ hair. I’m assuming its natural though. Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to read more!

  • scott

    heh nice chap sorry on the long response and i want a wall paper :P

  • Alan

    Does there have to be a reason for green hair?

    My excuse is “Because” :)

  • Lunalover009

    XD Angora looks so cute in the second panel!

  • Great stuff you’ve got here… I’ve just read from the beginning, and I look forward to more ;)

    Really well done!

  • stephanie

    When do you usually post new comics? i just read the whole comic the other day for the first time, and noticed its been like 5 days since this page. im getting anxious =P but great art takes time, i know.

  • Dan

    I honestly don’t know if it was intended…but that first panel looks very…well, feminine ;) Might just me my brain in the wrong place after reading through watching a naked green haired woman!! Great comic and artistry though

  • SotiCoto

    She invades his domain, pokes around his stuff, and then has the audacity to make demands of him… let alone get angry at his refusal / justification?

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