Howdy! Page 25. I feel like the colors are a bit off, could be more red or something… I have to go do chores now otherwise I’d fix it up. Anyways its better to do edits after a buffer time period of not looking at it.

Getting close to my favorite sequences in this chapter. I know a lot of you are enjoying the comic so far but honestly I’d probably be bored if I was you! Or maybe I’m just bored cuz I know that fun stuff looms on the horizon.

Not much to say today…. thanks again for all your votes, I can’t believe we’re #5 on TWC right now. Its sort of crazy! Today’s vote incentive is a WIP but not like the normal ones, so check it out!

As ever, Facebook, LJ and Twitter got things going on, feel free to check them out at your leisure! Esp if you want to give me some suggestions for how to improve the site, I’ve got a post on that on the LJ. Have a good one!


  • Haha, I have read this page as a vote incentive before it appeared as an actual page. : D
    I really like the way you handle lightning- like the ray of light coming from the tent in the first two panels.
    Although, it seems to me that Angora’s face in the fourth panel could use more shading, it looks a bit flat to me like this.
    Anyway, another amazing page. I truly love how your characters have such distinctive personalities.

    • Haha, you beat the real page by a minute! And thanks, panel 4 is looking a bit blah… I forgot to up the contrast on the shading on her face (it doesn’t help that the light is coming from a boring angle for that shot, but oh well).

  • MR. Seiv

    Pinter is Alcoholic?

  • sweet_gardenia

    Oh Pinter have a heart! :C you just throw smelly pants at her and shove her out into the cold? Where’s the fun in that?

    hahaha so let me guess. Pinter follows her because she’s holding his booze hostage….All she really has to do is tell him she knows where a magical spring is that bubbles up grade A quality moonshine and she’ll get him to go anywhere ;D

    • It would probably be easier to harness a bottle on a string and dangle it from his forehead until they get to the Center…

  • whooomeek

    WHOAHOHO!!! hear that pinter? “stupid stinky water”!
    angora’s said the magic words, i believe!

    love angoras face in the last panel, really captures the emotion D<
    oh and pinters nose in the third. it’s so cute and just, wow, that’s some nose.

    • Thanks XD And yeah, those are the magic words. I wanted to fit his reaction in this page but it’ll have to wait till 26.

      • whoooomeek

        haha, you’re welcome! actually, having pinters reaction in the next page might be a good thing, cos you know, it gives the readers that bit of time to go, “stinky water? wha.. wait a minute…!!!” :D

        to be honest i almost forgot all about the moonshine. so i just love how you gave it some screen-time, ignored it for a bit, then brought it back. genius!

  • Caitlin

    .I love how the light from the tent is hitting Angora in the first panels. Hehe, those pants look a tad too big for her.

    • Mayyybe a few sizes too big XD

  • maera-kyrie

    Ohoho she stole his stinky water! c3

  • Mag

    Mucho love for this! And I enjoyed the vote incentive so thx!
    I can see how Pinter’s going to be “persuaded” to go get his “wat- I mean go with Angora. =D

    Also, I just want to say real quick how grateful I am that you draw natural breasts. Angora’s boobies are not UFO’s that magically float without a bra; they are attached to her chest and flop according to gravity’s whim. They are also a decent size. Thank you for that, and for taking physics into account in your comics. *sob* Truly, your destiny is great!

    …I’m not a pervert by the way. >:O

    • Haha, no problem. Fake anatomy of all kinds are my enemy! As for whether or not you’re a pervert, that is still to be decided… hehe

  • Aww, Pinter, you jerk. I love the way you handle light and shadow, and the stark lighting difference between outside vs inside Pinter’s tent. Angora’s very nicely shaded, too.

  • Yes, Pinter, why are you being so mean? :giggle: Angora’s face in the second to last panel. AWWWWWWWWWW. :(

  • stephanie

    I didnt think she still had his booze. It seemed to have disappeared once she climbed the tree to talk to the lizard (?)

    • Actually she set it down, but I didn’t show that part very clearly… one major edit I’ll have to make when I do my final walkthrough.

  • angela

    awww, she looks so SAD :(

  • Eric

    Only Pinter would throw a naked girl who doesn’t understand alcohol out of his tent in the middle of the night.

  • Tonos

    Printer is true guy, he is my idol. I want more this, more more and more. Will this comic be shopped in out of U.S.A, because I live in Finland and I want buy this comic. We need fan stuff.

    • Haha, thanks! And I have no idea, I will have to figure out how to cross that bridge when I get to it :B

      • dadman

        That woud have to be one heck of a bridge to get to Finland. Pack a lunch.

        Long-time reader, long-time voter, first-time poster. Do I get a tote bag or something?

  • Ted Thompson

    Love the hurt puppy to “Yeah? F you two buddy!!!” expressions!

  • tutsi

    I just…. loooved this!
    Your way of coloring is so unique and so great!!
    Im really liking this comic…. and loving Angora<3

  • RnH

    Uh oh Pinter, your booze is now being held hostage. What you gonna do about that hmmm?

    hehe ‘stinky water’. That cracked me up. :D

  • Aww Angora looks so sad in the second-last panel.

  • Kchano

    “Stupid stinky water”! Awesome XD

    That last page incidentally, makes me want to see some spring time Angora art, all you other people who can draw fan art with me! =D

  • Fudz

    Hey!! XD I love this page! I just wanted to ask, out of curiosity:
    In the 6th panel, I see no nips. Shouldn’t I be able to be nips? I mean, I dunno, but it looks like a nip-friendly angle!
    I wanted to say something just in case you forgot, but if you DIDN’T forget and its on purpose or I’m just being a PERV then I really am sorry! You do fantastic art, a pair of lost nips isn’t a big deal. xD

    • Haha, yes I forgot the nips. I seem to forget them in every other panel… honestly I can hardly tell with the colors on this monitor so I’m surprised that you saw that XD Nip peeker.

  • Naktarr

    Angora lost her nipples along the way from sadness to frustrated anger XD

    lol I still feel like its my partner who’s the one angry when I see Pinter – and he never gets angry so I cringe a bit from the images ^^’ and then I feel stupid for cringing from a picture of an angry face.

    I’d dress him up Pinter style and take a picture but he is kind of sensitive about exposing his top half and would probably never agree.

  • You’ve undoubtedly been told this many times before, but your characters’ fingers are wonderfully drawn. I’ve been a lurking fan for some time, and just thought I’d point this out.

    Comic’s wonderful so far.

  • Harualea

    I found this web comic quite by accident (around the time when page 5 was posted) and I love it and can’t wait for the rest of the story. The art is beautiful and the story engaging. Joy. :D

  • Pinter’s growing on me so much, it’s awesome. XD He’s kind of like… a big cuddly teddy bear. *SHOT*

    Also, sad Angora is sad. D: But I do sense a bribe coming a long, amiright? >D Ho ho ho~

  • I’m really enjoying this so far. Great work! Reminds me of SkyDoll.

  • Skyrunner

    lol moonshine?

    again, great work :D

    would this ever possibly come out in an actual graphic novel?

    • Thanks! I’d love this to get printed professionally one day but of course that would depend on a lot of factors (not least of all: marketability. This comic has some weird stuff in it so I’m not so sure about that one, haha).

  • Commander

    Big fan of what you have up so far. I really like your coloring style. I’m a studying 3D artist, but I’ve always wanted to draw and color. I appreciate those tutorials you have on your your DevArt. Browsing through your pose one reminded me fondly of my life drawing class, learning the skeletal and muscles structures, and then quite promptly forgetting them :<

    I find your sense of lighting great too. Keep on updating boyo..

  • mishmoo

    I love this comic! Not much people take the time to colour their comics (like me) but not you!

    Nit-picking moment:
    Panel Six- Where are Angora’s nipples? (hehe)
    Panel three and six- Her mouth looks a bit 1-D (what about a sulking lip?)

    Other than that I love the expressions!

  • Ln

    I just discovered The Meek! And I love it, really enjoy it!
    It’s a wonderful work! want to read more, more, more… :)

  • Ooooh looks like Angora has an ace up her …sleeve?XD

    Very nice, I like the lighting in the first two panels especially and I totally love the expressions=D Great as always! I really like the last few pages, the plot is getting very interesting!

  • O-oh, Pinter’s not going to be happy with that ^^ xD.
    Don’t touch the hair!

  • Laurens

    Hah! If Pinter forgot about the fight he would have forgotten about his booze too. He should be grateful to Angora. :P

  • Maddy

    I found the use of multiple bubbles in the 5th panel very effective for what you were getting across. The comic’s coming along very nicely-please keep it up. Can’t wait to see Luca come into the picture ;)

    • Thank you! I couldn’t think of another way to make the words more impacty… originally everything had periods after it. like. this. but that seemed a bit too serious.

  • Renan93

    Youre right Im bored. But its on my favorites cause I liked your art, Angora and I think this comic is worth reading. I mean its just starting (colored version)

    • Haha, I appreciate the honesty! Thankfully there is action in this comic, yay… Thanks for your continued readership!

  • now that was just the right thing to say to him!
    I wonder what’ll happen next.. hummm… *-*

  • Pants? What are pants?

  • Ur a nut case are you?

    That is epic artwork, very clean and sexy, count me in as a buyer when the compilation comes out, oh email me when it does, ill try to gather up some cash for it!

  • whatwith

    I just noticed that he’s holding something on this page. Any hints?

  • With his name being “Pinter” that was just too obvious.
    Yet, it surprised me.
    I suspect hilarity.

    • Ahaha, actually his name has nothing to do with the besottedness, its actually pronounced pin-ter (the “pint” rhymes with “mint”).

  • Okay, this may seem a little strange, but I definitely had a dream about Meek last night. I was sitting there reading it, and Luca was in it? And I was like “whoa, I thought I wouldn’t see Luca until next year!”

    And that…was the dream.

    • XD Lucky! I never have dreams about my chars. And actually, we’ll probably get to Luca chapter around August the way things are going!

  • Emily

    I would definitely buy this, if it ever comes out. Great job and keep up the nice work, can’t wait for the next part!

  • Korilian

    Maybe you should have STARTED the introduction by giving him back his things Angora. He might have liked you better :)

  • Hi! I just had to say that I LOVED the vote incentive with Soli today :3 Yeah, pretty much this :P Sorry to waste time XD

    • Haha, actually it wasn’t Soli! Just another white-ish haired character. But they do look similar, I hadn’t noticed that before :B

      • Really? She looked very much like Soli, the attitude and all :P

  • Yim-Yam

    what is the stinky water she drank earlier?

  • Elle

    I wonder why people keep commenting along the lines of “Pinter, why are you throwing a naked girl out of your tent?! I’d be so happy!”

    I interpret it as follows: she’s pretty young and Pinter automatically dismisses any possibilities as inappropriate because he’s a good guy (at heart). Plus, getting hit in the head with a stick usually doesn’t usually commence business time. Unless your into that. Pinter’s only into his moonshine.

  • lol :D Great way to throw a naked chick out into the wilderness, Pinter. But, oh, wait~! “Stinky water”? I think Angora just got Pinter hook, line, and sinker. XD LOL

  • That vote incentive doesn’t even look like your artwork, I’m confused.

    • Read the description! Its from ’97, haha.

    • Oop, I apologize, I guess my comment on the pic wasn’t registered somehow XC Anyways that pic is like 12 years old.

  • Moons

    Oh…. the swamp water. I have a feeling that’ll get ‘im. 8D

  • alec

    I’m a little late pointing this out, but the map here is identical to the Sea of Cortez, making the rest of the map (gentle left-right curve, common to various areas) a dead ringer for western North America, oriented south, and putting ‘the Center’ somewhere around modern San Luis Obispo.

    Considering that Pinter dresses the way Generalists are supposed to and they’re seen as a northern branch of the dominant ethnicity, “Dejersi” is pretty simple to puzzle out: “de [Nuevo] Jersey”.

    • Pretty good XD Its Santa Barbara, actually.

      • alec

        What I find interesting is that eighty miles south of Santa Barbara would be, well, the sea, but either he’s speaking in the more general sense people tended to before large-scale seafaring made ‘north’ or ‘northeast’ meaningfully distinct or the Earth is tilted on its axis. The latter would put it in Victorville, which isn’t coastal; the former (or possibly ‘north’ meaning something else in this world) would put this scene either in Los Angeles or Pismo Beach – and good luck finding a rainforest either place. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this all works out. I’m a sucker for alternate history and weird maps :P

        • There are definitely reasons for everything XD I can’t say anything now but feel free to guess all you’d like!

  • Rabbit

    I love the nudity in this comic. It’s really refreshing.

  • Reids_Athenaeum

    What is Pinter eating….?

    • He’s rolling a cigarette XD

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