• Andy

    What… the….?

    Should I understand what’s going on?

    • nnnnot really XD Aside from the fact that this is a flashback.

    • HydraHYD

      I finally realize what she meant when she said the gecko was similar to her grandfather :D

  • Wow. Just. Wow.

  • grandfather is a giant mudpuppy? this is AWESOME :O

    • in adendem to my kneejerk “omg”, it looks like he’s been fighting something with teeth.

      • O!

        Excellent call.

  • Ross

    Love it, but something about the giant salamander made me a little dizzy… Upon further inspection, I think his back left foot is backwards (assuming, of course, that I am interpreting this correctly).

    • Ahaha, could this be… a ROOKIE ERROR yes I think it is XD I’ll correct that when I get my next chance. Thanks for catching it!

    • Cookie Monster

      … Dude, how could you tell where/which one/what his back left foot WAS? I could hardly tell the difference between one of it’s legs, it’s tail, or a tree.

      But I still thought it was awesome and my first reaction was “I want one!”

  • whatwith

    Whaaat? YES. Oh my goodness, yes! Oh, I’m so excited now!

    • whatwith

      Is it like, an axolotl made of trees? I’m all geared up now.

      • somnomania

        Yes! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought “big skinny axolotl”.

        • Naktarr

          Me too! My pet one died two years ago, he was my first pet :<
          I feel really sorry for this guy though, he looks like he would be in a lot of pain.

  • Woooow….that’s….AWESOME. <3 This comic never ceases to amaze me. Great job, Alexds!

  • Well, that’s something you don’t see every day.

    I’m guessing it is some sort of tree spirit that was guardian of her village. The village was destroyed, and her grandfather was killed during its fight with something equally as large, but this one lost the fight.

  • Andrea

    holyomgwow! I LOVE IT! a twisty turn, not expected, but totally plot electrifying!
    ps- i like your webcomic XD

  • awesome!
    I love the colouring <3

  • Lunalover009

    so if Angora’s grandfather is a muddy bleeding thing-a-mabob, is angora even human?

    • O!


  • Wyvern

    Cool Salamander!
    can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Filipe

    Oh boy, this is going to be epic. Funny but the thing that shocked is that Angora is wearing a dress!!!

    I suppose this explains the lack of people skills.

  • I’ve been waiting for this ever since I saw the original sketches in the lj… aaaaaaaah!

    It looks amazing, and the atmosphere… oooh. Her grandfather reminds me greatly of some latin american myth… I can’t remember anymore… I feel like a terrible latina now. But still! Amazing! Awesome, Alexds!

  • stephanie

    the mudpuppy’s body seems…. awkward? he’s cute though. and yeah i caught the back foot error too XP
    his front feet just dont really seem to fit where the rest of his body would be…

    but i definitely thought he was a giant tree until i read the first comment, and i didnt even see angora until a few minutes later haha. but i really love the colors, i wish your comics were more often or longer per page!! :D love them!

    • Yeah, he has odd proportions and I always loose track of them! The front legs are correct but odd looking (and biologically impossible), they are very very long.

  • ._. omg

  • Kris

    I was the same way when I first saw it Stephanie. I didn’t even realize it was a creature and not a tree until I read the first comment. And I think that it may have been fighting something with huge claws as well because some of the marks seem like someone (or something for that matter) just clawed through him. Like the marks on the very front of his face seem like claw marks to me. But that just might be me lol. I can’t wait for the next update I’m really excited!

    And I wish that it would update more often too. However I understand the whole “having a job” thing kinda getting in the way ;P Keep up the great work! I’m actually voting for this webcomic everyday lol

  • Ash


    • My reaction exactly! The albino mud puppy is awesomely surprising too though. I had a normally-pigmented non-giant one as a pet when I was a kid.

    • mag

      For some reason I felt this comment was the best out of all. J00 winz th3 !nternet~ XD

    • lollll

  • Carmencita

    D’aww, that’s why she liked her little buddy she found so much.

    Is her hair more brownish here, or is it just the lighting?

    What an enigmatic page! You always keep me wanting more!

    • VeroJade

      Remember? It’s moldy now and grows flowers in the spring :D Keeping with the face that she’s wearing clothes, I think she had a better sense of hygiene at this point.

      • VeroJade


  • LMP

    it looks so sand and very much like a tree-mander (tree+salamander)

  • Now thats a really intersting twist and I really like it, it means there’s more to this than just a coragus young woman lost in the jungle and finding friends but there may be a deep rooted mythos behind everything.

  • Lais

    Is this her grandpa?
    I had imagined him a little more… human-like… but that’s fine too.

  • Oh, wow, Grandfather turned out even better then I thought he would. Did she originally have brown hair in this flashback, or is that something you added for the final version? If so, it works great!

    • Yeah, it was part of the original but I didn’t bother mentioning it since most people missed the fact that her hair was green to start with XD Thats the problem with b/w comics, doh.

  • This page has a great impact.
    I really didn’t expect the “You are a lot like grandfather.” line to be so literal. : D
    Another lovely colour scheme.

  • Nate

    Oh wow. The flashback is looking even more awesome than the first version.

  • candeldandel

    Oh MAN did I have some catching up to do. But in a way, it helped a lot, because I can see the progression coming along a lot faster when it’s not one page at a time. Can’t wait for more! <3

  • Holy crapoli this just went from zero to totally bitching in one page!

    • Laurens

      No, not really, this just went from beautiful but slow to totally bitching in one page.

    • lol, I have to agree (sadly)

  • stephanie

    i like how you censor by they way…. feel free to show the boobies but still covering up other parts ;) which makes it not trashy or slutty in any way. kudos

  • Elle

    I think there might be a slight bug in your site. When you open the comic the vote button under the page disappears D:

  • marinatedfish

    Wow, this is looking so far more awesome than before!

    • Thanks, glad you think so XD Would you believe this is my first colored pic of Mocheril? This page took a bit longer to color cuz I had to figure out what his exact pattern was, haha.

  • Moons

    I love your dragon-lizard-tree-thing…yeah! I want to learn more about it. It’s really creative and well drawn. I wish I could draw bloodly animals like that.

  • I’m wondering if Grampa isn’t the spirit of the forest, or some such, and all the logging is killing him. My current theory, based on the limited amount of information I have, is that he endowed Angora with special powers, evidenced by her green hair, so that she could go “do something” about him getting killed.
    I’m quite prepared to be entirely wrong, of course :D

    • Good guess! You’ll just have to wait and find out ;3

  • yim-yam

    D= omg poor giany smily salimander!

  • Stella

    Woww, this page really struck me, I love her grandfather! If my grandpa was that cool i’d want him around all the time…. :( LOL beautiful page!

    • Yim-Yam

      we can’t be totally sure that it’s her grandpa. it could be! i hope it is!

  • Marian

    Oh would you look at that! She’s wearing clothes! @.@

  • whatwith

    I dunno what everyone’s on about. I like the weird legs. It makes everything all crazypants and out of the blue. It had this insane impact, and I’m sure that part of that was just the fact that I had to try and get my bearings first. I think changing the feet would be a shame.

    • haha, crazypants. Well the foot problem is definitely my fault, but the legs are all him XD Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  • Linden

    Supercrazyawesome. That’s the only word to describe this sudden shift!

  • Evan

    I think that’s one of those blind cave salamanders, those red leafy things are gills.
    Here’s a pic


    • Actually, mud puppies aren’t blind. They’re similar to the eyeless salamanders, but they’re more closely related to newts.


      I don’t really think the leg is backwards, honestly. I can see how it could be perceived that way, and of course, it’s your art so you know how it should look. But the way he’s wrapped around the page, I would imagine he’d have his leg kind of angled that way for balance.

      • Cave salamanders are different from mudpuppies! This guy in the comic is a giant-ish sort of cave salamander thing. Though I can see how you could mistake it for a mudpuppy, since both salamanders are paedomorphic (which means they retain their juvenile characteristic -the gills- into adulthood).

        • ~L.K.

          That would then explain the axolotl inferences, then, as they’re the neoteny of a particular species of salamander!

          (In a fantastical overthinking on this, it makes me think that he had a lot more years in him, and eventually grow into a giant salamander. That if there are any other of his species, he’d only be a child.)

          The evulsed or torn skin on his head makes me cringe every time! (And I’m not squeamish at all–our EMT instructors loved flashing really disgusting photos at the greenies, lol.) While a lot of the cuts are claws, are those puncture wounds on the top VERY left on his tail?

  • Wow crazy twist of events. He looks like a huge skinny Greater Siren with trees for gills and an extra pair of legs. Crazy cool.

    But I just noticed that in that last panel, the rain is drawn to look like you are looking straight down at them, but the angle at which you drew Angora makes it look more like you’re looking at them from an angle, as if you were perched on the top of a nearby tree, rather than straight above them.

    Does that make any sense?

    Anyways, wonderful comic. This is the first time I’ve commented on it, but I love it. Your style of lines and colors is totally unique and unlike any comic I’ve ever seen. How you manage to do it all and still post once a week is baffling to me. Amazing work.

    • VeroJade

      I think I see what you’re saying but she’s leaning forward, not sitting up, so it works.

  • scott

    this page is so beautifully done :)

  • Wolfman


  • Cookie Monster

    If that dude’s her grandfather, then HELL I AM JEALOUS OF ANGORA. I wish my grandfather was a giant tree-based lizard.

  • Blue

    I have to admit I like the tangle of legs too–it fits with the confusion of the sudden appearance of the salamander and how battered up he is–but until you said so in the comments I didn’t realize Angora’s hair is supposed to be brown. It’s so close to the color of the mud that I figured it was either dirty or that you’d given the comic a sepia coloring to reflect the sad mood. I remember having this same thought when you showed a panel of Angora like this earlier in the comic… The hair isn’t green, but it isn’t QUITE a natural brown either…

    And one last thing: Grandpa’s gills look REALLY cool XD I love the way you colored them. I kept scrolling back up to look at them as I wrote this :D

    • Haha, thanks! Like everything I do his gills were a happy experiment/ accident, I’m also pretty glad with how they turned out.

  • hannah

    I has one :D

  • Well. That explains why her salamander friend reminded her of her granddad. Awesome page. Though now I’m wondering how Angora’s hair turned green in the middle of the jungle…

  • whooomeek


    and ouch.

  • Your comic is beautiful, and I’m really looking forward to its progress. I know you put a lot of effort into your artwork, and I want you to know that, at least for this reader, it’s really appreciated. The colors are deep, the style is refreshing, and somehow it invigorates my imagination. Great work!

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad my effort isn’t going to waste XD

  • Otaku-sama

    being a grandfather doesn’t mean to be “human” (less in the case of angora, nothing is conventional with her XD ) It was suspecting it when she spoke with the little salamander before, although
    unfortunately I knew it from your wiki, is too much spoiling… :(

    so, her grandfather was severed, I wonder why…

    by the way, I liked this page very much! It is very well made and It means a lot for the story so far!

    • Haha, yeah I think I didn’t edit Angora’s article enough (and I edited some other ones too much, oops!) but I’m glad you are enjoying it still!

  • ~L.K.

    The evulsion-esque skin flap makes me cring! The skin is ripped OFF. D:

    His gills are so neat! I also enjoy the mud-splatters on Angora’s legs!

  • woooah
    this is EPIC
    you raised the suspense factor from… lemme say 10 to 100000!! XD
    guuh can’t wait for wednesday/thursday!

    • Next page updates on Saturday, silly XD Thats only a few more days!

      • oh my, I thought it’s saturday XD aaah…

  • Konira Thax

    By the gods, I think I’m starting to understand this story but I’ve only read the first three chapters and seen artwork… Man, I hope you never stop making this comic ’cause I wanna see it end, I really do.

    • Really? ‘Cause I don’t want it to ever end. Evah.

  • CS Heath

    May one politely inquire if one of your influences is Mononoke-Hime? The anatomy of the salamander (Mocheril?) reminds me greatly of the Forest God. A definite good thing, as I love that movie-and
    Hayao Miyazaki’s other works.

    Love the comic so far and am eagerly waiting for updates!

  • Andrew

    Good gosh that came outta left field… or SPACE. He must be very good at holding his breath. =)

  • Stalker in your cupboard

    Is that CLOTHING I see?
    I sense flashback. :DD
    Or dream sequence.

    Either way = awesome.

  • Lindsey

    That’s…..a giant axolotl.

    KICK. ASS.

    • Bwee

      Basicly what I thought.


  • Az

    Giant Axolotl thing? That’s pretty awesome.

  • Mołot

    Wow, she’s dressed? Why is that? It seems we’re in her imagination, after all.

  • Oh well, that’s interesting, but kind of creepy… O.o :P I like it! The big panel is just outstanding, great composition, atmosphere and colour! :D

  • Tashka

    Woah! I so did not see that comming!! Is that her ‘grandpa’??? No wonder why she’s mixed up!

  • :( this is so sad. Great artwork though, as usual!


    They’ve gone plaid!

    Holy hellbender Batman, this something newt!

  • Amanda

    A giant salamander!!! Or something resembling it… Great flashback :)

  • A giant newt!… probably…

    And a flashback! Great stuff as usual ;)

  • ciran

    Giant tree salamander, I like his feet and leafy gills. Is that her grandfather?

  • bearmann

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! …. Errrrr, or something like that. ;)
    I quite like the idea of the white salamander, but it’s a bit confusing – where is her trunk from page 27?! At first I thought that I’ve missed one page… ;)

    Nevertheless, great idea! =)

    Keep up the good work.

    best wishes,

  • Bwee

    Axoltol! o:
    Giant Axoltol!
    Really hurt giant axoltol! D:
    It looks like he/she/it was atacked by a giant… something. o___o
    Poor axoltol. D:

  • cedarwolf22

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS, I love GrandPops.

  • Treyos

    … That’s her grandfather? ;P Either way, that’s one ginormous salamander… and looks like he’s been on the wrong end of a beat-down. Which makes me wonder who could beat up on the ginormous salamander. O_O

  • Aaron

    Absolutely incredible.

  • qwed

    OMG, she’s wearing clothes ?!?

  • Kitty



  • jumarn

    Not to be picky (and also because I’m not up on my amphibian anatomy) is the big salamander thing’s foot backward?

  • jumarn

    And by foot (because now I’m noticing that there is more than one in the picture – oops) I mean the one at the bottom left.

  • No one in particular

    NOW you decide not to say anything.

  • Daniel Jackson


  • Andrewk



    Sorry. :)

  • At first I thought that this was a flashback, but with everyone’s comments, now I’m starting to wonder… if it’s ‘magic’ inside her head, or just a dream.
    And jeebus rice, it *IS* a giant axolotl… o_O

  • Wolf

    I find it interesting that everyone is commenting that she has CLOTHES and no one is commenting that her hair is a traditional color. We are definitely in flash back, I might even say nightmare, and she looks JUST like she did in the flashback on pg 20 as well.
    Hello, grandfather.
    I wonder if this dream will be used to tell her something she needs to know as well as reminding her of what she has already heard,

    • shallot

      Isn’t that because the panel’s in sepia? I dunno, it might not be.

      • Lhorkan

        Na, it’s ’cause the rain washed out her green hairdye. :p

  • NoaMizuno

    Have some of the previous pages been redone since they were put up? Not to imply that your pages aren’t all freaking amazing (because they are, and the writing’s great, and I love this comic), but today I hit Previous a few too many times and for some reason the page I had seen before looked different and made me go “oooooh, so pretty. And look at that lighting! Was the lighting that awesome before? How could I have missed that when I saw it?” Or maybe I am just crazy and it takes me a few days to fully appreciate the beauty of your artwork ^_^. So…um… anyways, thankee for comic!

    • Haha, well there have been a few touchups on the faces but not so much with the overall coloring… I guess that means you’re crazy XD XD JK JK You’re awesome

  • Sir Reginaldo

    Leaping Lizards Batman!!
    Poor thing looks like it took a beating and a half >_< what in this graphic novel has paw/claws to leave wounds larger than Angora :(

    • Sir Reginaldo

      Wow I am reply’n to myself…
      More of an edit really just to add on…

      Well lord if thats her grandpa, which I surmise it is from the amount of people saying such, is she some sort of love child between nature and man :3
      Nature says,”We were kids back then, young and we made some mistakes… Someone forgot to take their pills!!” :3

  • Adrian

    This would explain what she meant by, “You remind me of my grandfather” to the little lizard.

  • Enigma

    oh wow… i’m completely awed…. wow…

    you’ve seriously got some artistic skills man…

    oh… i think i need to go lie down… :O

  • Enigma

    no…. i think it’s a flashback.

  • Jes

    This is such a breathtaking page. Not expecting Grandpa to look like that. He is so cute in his own way. Poor Angora. I can’t wait to find out more about her story.

    And no, the page isn’t confusing.

  • She’s in clothes O_o
    I bet that’s her grandfather!
    To the Red an Black Salamander: “You remind me a lot of grandfather.”
    And the thing called her “child.”

  • Kate

    Whoa!!! Awesome. The first thing that comes to mind for me is like a forest spirit or something. It looks like its made of wood and the blood because all the trees were cut down? Anyway I love the big panel. Totally love it!

    I’m also thinking “Dream sequence” Because this have all seemed realistic to a point so she’s probably dreaming how the forest has been destroyed since she was just crying on a tree stump… haha now I’m rambling. Keep it up!

  • Chris


    (intelligent comment, there ;) )

  • Wolf Freak

    wait, Angora’s hair wasn’t always green? of is it just the lighting?… and CLOTHES!?
    I wish i had a giant salamander as a grandpa… so does this make Angora not human?

  • I actually had to stare at it for awhile to figure out if the “grandfather” was a tree or lizard of sorts O_o

    The feet helped out.

    Awesomely magnificent page! 8D

  • andy

    sweet its that freakish cave thing from planet earth :D friqqin epic dude :o

    • Yes! They did have footage of a similar species on that show :) That was exciting, since this its a rare kind of organism.

  • Emily

    @Jumarn: Yeah, you’re right. Unless Alexds1 intended it to be backward. ;)
    This page….it drives me insane!

  • Hikage

    An axolotl! Awesome! XD

  • First of all, giant axolotl = AWESOME.

    Second, it took me a second to realize most of those wounds were made by claws, which then made me wonder what the hell was big enough to have claws like that. Aaaaand then I finally noticed something about the title graphic at the top that I had only given maybe three seconds of thought to. To which I went HMMMMMM. And also, AWESOME. This comic just continues to amaze me with all the little details.

    (btw, well done claw-wounds! particularly near the end of the tail where you can obviously see the downward motion of the strike and how the wounds get deeper the further down the rake goes. Kudos to detail!)

    • Hehe, good attention to detail yourself XD

  • Sivere

    Allow me to refresh the page.

    Yep, I still see a giant bleeding axolotl.

    I think that this comic suddenly got a lot more stranger than it used to be.
    Well, hair sprouting flowers aside.

    Love it, keep up the good work.

  • Dard

    Just noticed this webcomic.
    An olm? Her Grandfather is an olm? Shouldn’t he be in a cave or somewhere?

    Anyway, I just have to say that the characters in this story look so much like Alessandro Barbucci’s art that is almost scary.
    Which is a good thing, Barbucci is one of the best and popular comic artists around right now.

    • Haha, thats awesome XD I’m trying to emulate the moody and saturated coloring, not so much the drawing (this is my natural style).

  • Amy Blue

    So her hair really is moldy? This whole time I assumed green was her natural color, a la anime style, but it makes me smile that there’s a real reason for it. I want to see it grow flowers in spring!

  • Cassidy

    The art on this page is.. Wow. Ha ha, I’m so technical I know. I just love how looking at the lizard you can imagine the whole of it first and then you start picking out details like the flap of skin and general beat-down and such.

    As for whats going on, my guess? Grandpa there, cause I do agree thats probably who he is, may not be ‘The’ nature spirit, but you don’t get to be a giant talking lizard for nothing, so he probably does have some more magical stuff going for him, and I predict he done and handed some over to Angora. possibly because he was dying, possibly because he can’t go where he needs her to go, whatever.

    I figure its these new added earth attunement or whatever you’d like to call it that turned her hair green (I still want to see the flowers xD) and possibly gave her her distaste for clothes. Or mebbe she just lost ’em. Who knows.

    Also on the whole grandfather thing.. She might not be related to him like, by blood (although she could be) it might’ve been more of an adoption type thing.

    Anywho, I lurve this comic, and I lurve how often you update it (no complaints here!) and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out! :D

  • Wolf

    Oh, i still think green is her natural color… but not the color she was born with. I think *something* is about to happen. Likely the same *something* that results in her feeling that not wearing clothes is as natural for her as it is for the lizards and squirrels.
    I just have no idea what.

  • M

    Why is everyone accusing that olm of being an axoltol?

  • lol i completely got that this is a memory! its like the little flash back when she was talking about her grandfather….um ok it that her GRANDFATHER! wow that would be kool XD

  • Stig

    Awesome! Utterly and completely awesome!

  • Abdsuda

    Or maybe it’s brown because it’s fall? Leaves trurn brown in the fall, why not hair? As long as it doesn’t fall out… (insert funny mental image)

  • Kass

    Aaah! It’s Grandfather! With COLOR! <3 *was waiting for this for awhile*

  • maybe he’s a giant axolotl? and Agora the young sapling! (is that slightly blonder hair?)

    good job! (y) can’t wait for the more exciting stuff, i was enjoying this already on the “boring pages”

  • Absinthe

    Wow! @_@ He looks amazing! It’s like something out of a Miyazaki or something wow!

  • Jade

    I really enjoy your comics, the pictures are really clean cut and nicely done. In my opinion your comic should be rated highly of because the art compared to other online comics are superior. I think that the farther along you develope your story the more popular it will get.
    But enough my random yapping. Thank you for sharing this wonderful comic :-)

  • Sarah

    Awww, poor giant gecko. T_T

  • Lliae

    Been reading *cough*lurking*cough* since about page 8, and I must say I love the reveal!
    Axolotl Rainforest kinda-Dragon!
    I do hope that is indeed Grandfather :3
    I dunno about it being a proper autumn in the rainforest, looks kinda… tropical where she is, for real hot/cold seasons.

  • chris

    I know what animal it is based on but I can’t remember the name of it. They’re very rare and live in underwater caves.

    • ciran

      Texas Blind Salamander, think there’s more than one species that look like this.

  • Ali

    Wasn’t she on a tree stump? And wasn’t she naked?

    Oh well, it’s still fantastic. :D Yay!

    • anko

      She’s dreaming. = )

      You can also tell by the round-cornered panels.

  • Yara

    Heh, so that’s her grandpa? Whaa?! Well, he looks more like a mudpuppy. XD
    By the way, awesome comic!

  • pineapple

    omg!!! everything makes sense now!!! hahahaha srry.

    i was riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
    i knew there was a reson she was talking to a salamander…. lizard..


  • Maggie

    Thats one of those rare waterfall clinging cave newt fist huh?

  • Teo

    so… her hair wasn’t green from the very beginning. Or is that just from the “flashback” coloring? And she DID wear clothes at one point :) Great pages, these. Everything is getting more and more interesting!

  • Me

    You say you went back and fixed the leg, but….It still looks backwards to me.

    Other than that, LOVE this comic! :D

    <3 Me

  • sweet_gardenia

    Late comment is late

    anyways. ARGH, so, sooooooooo GOOOD. The colors the mood, the DRAMA. Hi granpa I remember you :D You are still adorable and awesome! Poor guy he really got a working over :C Really nice overhead shot of those two. This is so cinematic I can even ‘ hear ‘ the somber background music

    someday I hope this becomes a movie. Or a mini-series <3

  • jailor

    Ooo. So…is this supposed to be at a different time of year? Fall maybe?

    ‘Cause if angora’s hair grows flowers in spring, maybe it turns brown/gold in the fall/winter?

  • Koi

    Angora wearing clothing?

    IT CAN’T BAY! D:

    I’m so used to her being nakies, it’s just so weird to have her clothed.

  • Sen

    Completely awesome.

    Boy, I’ve got to keep remembering to check in on this comic more promptly, lol.

  • It has giant axolotl god or shinigami or whatever!!!! Approve! That is great! Even if it’s badly woundend. =/

  • Woxsea

    ZOMG giant salamander I love it I want it :D

  • Ashley


  • Crestlinger

    You’ll want to watch the anime movie Origin: Spiirts of the Past. Defineite relationsto this comic, especially what happens near the end of it

  • Crestlinger

    Dang typos. Origin: Spirits of the Past.

  • Flow

    So grandpa is…a giant axolotl?


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