Its Rana! She is Suda’s older sister, and a bit more mature than he is (just a bit). This page is dedicated to Gene, who has already claimed Rana for his wife.

Two items of note: First, the store is updated with what I’ve got to sell, so take a look if there is anything you want. Supplies are a limited to my remaining stock for the Chapter 1 packs, so first come first served (btw, if you have already ordered/paid, I have likely sent your package out already). Second, if you think you know the word of the month, good for you! You can email me with that word at the end of the month, please not before! I will give more instructions about redeeming for the wallpaper at the month’s end.

Oh, and I can’t forget, Yuko of one of my fav comics Johnny Wander, did a fanart of the Emperor!!! I’ve been secretly wanting exactly this picture since I first saw her work so… I guess I am a very very lucky person!

Big theme pimp this week: Herge styled comics! I truly love the Belgian comic Tintin, and I’m sure a ton of you do as well. These folks all have made some very nice webcomics in this recognizable style:
Ellie Connelly: Victorian era adventures!
Fifine: Foxy shenanigans!
Tozo the Public Servant: Detective of the future!
They are all different, but I found them all to be very entertaining.

I’ll see you sometime next week with the next page.


  • Suda and his bowl of cookies is quite possibly the best thing ever. Baked goods are what brings out the paternal-side madness in him!

  • Super87

    Really fantastic page. I really wish I had a better monitor so I could truly appreciate the hard work you put into the background details. I also really dig how much Rana looks like Luca in that last panel with that less than amused expression.

  • nitPickyFan

    I notice a lot of inspiration from the Nickelodeon series Avatar.

    • I actually did all of my character designs and most of the writing before Avatar was on the air… not to mention my style of drawing. Annoyingly, readers tend to think that I am taking concepts from the show when they were actually developed at an earlier date. Just like every lion that is drawn nowadays is likened to Simba, haha. Oh well!

      • DoggySpew

        Just think of this : The guys of Avatar saw your style and used it for Avatar.

        Rana has quite a bit of badonkadonk there btw. :)

        • lol, no it was convergent evolution I’m sure.

          • irene

            That has to be the best explanation I’ve ever seen for two similar ideas getting published.

            *is a Biomedical major*

        • caris

          I was just about to say that bit about the badonkadonk…in those exact words. It’s a pretty fantastic badonk

        • caris

          Oh man. Love your comic so much. And I just wanted to say, the details of the green chair in the second and third panels are GLORIOUS

      • Maku

        creativity is like a virus….it spreads and mutates. :D

        I love this artwork, I never really thought about it being similar to avatar but it slightly is. Noticably in the expression work. Maybe you’re the inspiration behind that…..that’d be cool o_o

        character design aside I’m a huge fan of the color work here. I’m way out of practice when it comes to digital rendering so I’m envious of your skill.

        • I doubt it XD I was definitely inspired by Avatar but my style was already independently a fusion of anime and american style (as are a lot of other artists online). Though this gives me a precedent to throw an internet shit fit and claim that Nick crept into my room at night and looked at my character designs and TOTALLY STOLE THEM lol

      • TBman256

        I know what that’s like.

  • wandering-dreamer

    Lol, Suda’s got the right idea, grab the food and bar the door, the family won’t be sane for a while. Good lord I remember having to do that a few times when I was younger, probably why I keep a large supply of food in my room even today….
    Oh and are there different pictures on TWC everyday? I try to vote every day to see but I vote for so many webcomics that it’s a little hard to keep track of.

    • Yeah, different stuff every day :) And I do that too! Not only because of family crazy but just in case there is a giant flood or disaster where I might need an emergency bag of chips, lol

      • caris

        I don’t vote for all that many webcomics, but I just wanted to say I really appreciate that you have a different vote incentive every day. None of the other comics I follow do. :) So thank you!

  • :D This was one of my favorite pages from the sketches. I miss Suda’s “pissed-er” line, but I’m glad to see the “cookie?” bit stuck around. The timing on that was just perfect and Rana’s expression makes it even better XD.

    It’s great how you can see her leaning forward on the chair too. It’s been said tons of times I’m sure, but the attention to detail in not just the environments but the characters’ body language as well is amazing :D

    • Haha, yeah, I liked that line as well, but the more I thought about it the less I thought it was something he would say (it is more like something I would say >_>)

  • i didn’t realize this until after i saw the voting incentive, but i was totally reading suda’s lines with sokka’s voice. XD

  • Really nice backgrounds on this page! I keep going back to that squiggly rug in that fourth panel :D

    Also: Tintin = YES

    • Obviously this is Suda’s room, he doesn’t keep it tidy T_T

  • I LOVE Rana’s outfit and hair! Just simple cultural touches like that really add an extra flair to this story. You can really see the family resemblance between her and Luca. :D Nice.

    Suda when will you stop being so adorable/awesome.

  • this page looks amazing. I love the way he’s holding the cookie while he’s counting off on his fingers, too.

  • Ha, I was thinking the same thing as I was reading this; she certainly does look like Luca’s daughter. And Suda is quite adorable/awesome. Adorsome?

    • Adorsome. I like it!

      Or alternatively, awesorable! XD

  • Chris

    The art and Suda’s “Cookie?” line just made made my day. Nice job.

  • Awesome! Have I mentioned I love Suda? xD “Cookie?”

  • Psyk

    In that first panel… Suda has his dad’s maniac smile XD it must be genetic. The crazy I mean.

  • The Old Wolf

    Hqiz. I *am* totally hooked, after my first exposure. Let’s just call this electronic coke…


  • Lili

    Damn, Rana’s got back!

    • She gets it from her dad’s side of the family D:

      • Lol that’s funny, considering Phe has just as big a badonkadonk. Guess in runs in both sides, huh?

        …sounds like my family. XD

        • Haha, well Pasori women tend to be a bit more… curvy. Thats probably one other reason why Luca likes Phe so much XD

  • Alduskkel

    I love how sinister Suda looks when he’s looking at… a bowl of cookies.

  • Silver Lady

    I liked that Rana! :)

    Can´t help but thinking that she could be an interesting pair for Pinter (if she only wasn´t a princess…) But maybe I´m being too rushy.

  • Spoons

    Gah! You do dialogue so well.
    I really can’t find any flaws in the art, story or anything! This comic is perfect in every way!
    I loveeee iiit.

  • wulfnstein

    heh, sorry for being an ass now, but I couldn’t help but say that Tintin is a Belgian comic, not a french one. I know I’m nitpicking, but forgive my pride for my country.

    Love your comic btw, Especialy the first two pages with the little animal. :)

    • Oh crap! I apologize for that error, I should have double checked!

  • You’re doing weird things with expressions again! I am not sure if the “and with these cookies, I will take over the world” face is super appropriate at the moment.

    Then again, maybe the cookies are just THAT GOOD.

    • Yeah, I may want to go back and modify that a bit XD I fixed it up to look less scary before I posted, if you can believe it!

      • … He’s got serious potential as a mad scientist, I think we can all agree to that.

      • Sv. Rogue

        DON’T DO IT! Seriously though, that’s my favorite frame.

  • rainey

    Suda’s DEVIOUS FACE kills me.

  • Shigorath

    Oh, how I love the last panel!

    Your way of making storyboard is marvelous!

    (sorry for my poor English)

  • Mister Blake

    “Bravo” on getting the page out by Saturday, based on your schedule as explained last week I really didn’t expect one this week, but you came through!

    Keeping your web-comic schedule is not as important as school or work. But, when you demonstrate your commitment to it like that it makes it easier for readers to commit to loving it.


    Man, Suda we need to hang out and eat some cookies.

  • DoctorWhyly

    I think this is my favourite page of the chapter. The way you drew Rana’s hands and her rocking on the chair… I laughed when Suda broke it down. : )

  • SoulWind

    I love this comic, the way the characters are portrayed and interact with each other is both charming, interesting and highly amusing. The way you display the emporer, with his superiority complex, anger issues, and the brilliant use of contradicting facial expressions (smiling to show annoyance and dissaproval is very difficult to do, hats off to you for showing great understanding of the human face), create this very lovable characiture. More so because we can see underneath what is shown, and see subtle hints of other sides to his personality, a softer side, a caring side, and of course a small dog complex.
    The style of art matches the characters, and in general the whole layout of this comic is very classy and rich.
    I’m actually enjoying the emporers arc, even more so than the main section with the main characters! It will certainly be interesting when their paths cross, but alas I’m getting a little ahead of things. I’d rather just enjoy the plot as it comes.
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • powree

    I certainly enjoy this chapter 2 a lot. Luca has become my favorite character already!

  • KoniraThax

    I love how laid back Suda is, he’s a good brother. XD

  • kat

    I like how you can really see the family resemblance.

  • cli

    I love this one. And the best is “cookie?”

  • did you know that “Rana” is the italian for “Frog”? :3

    • Yep :) It is the latin Genus name for Californian frogs as well.

      • I totally should have noticed that! D: I’m a freaking zoology major and I didn’t notice that! *facedesk* XD

        • Maybe you will appreciate the other sibling’s names then (Hyla and Sudacris)

  • I like how you can tell which side of the family both of them take from in different ways. Physically, Rana looks more like her dad, in facial expression as well, but the fun crazy over cookies Suda currently has kind of make you think of Luca too, but only kinda, cause Luca has yet to unleash the fun crazy, he seems really serious. Suda also seems more laid back, like Phe, but in less iof a calm mannor, so really, Suda takes after a puppy.

    GASP! Phe is part puppy! xD

  • Rosemary

    I love the details of how Suda’s bed looks messed up like he didn’t bother to make it that morning. Rana really looks like her dad too, she has the glare down pat.

  • Where do you get the time to find all of these awesome webcomics, aside from creating an equally (if not greater) webcomic of your own?!

    Not to mention you’re going to school. You are a crazy person.

    Definitely love this page. Especially Suda’s expression in panel one. XD

  • Awesome body language in this one. And I really want cookies now… :)

  • I just.

    I love this comic.

    So much. :D

  • I never knew the act of stealing cookies warranted such deviousness XD my love for Suda is ever rising. Great job on making the sibs look related to each other and to Luca! They both really seem to take after him – do they have any other siblings who look like their mom?

  • Cheri


    I love how Rana looks almost exactly like her dad. XD

  • TBman256

    one more thing, what’s with the fourth panel? it looks like Rana is sitting on the wall. XD

    • Monica

      She’s rocking on her chair. Though that confused me at first, too.

    • She’s leaning forward on her chair….which is on a carpet :)

  • Dude, speaking of Hergé-like artists, you forgot to mention the webcomic by Les McClaine called “Jonny Crossbones”! (http://jonnycrossbones.com/) It’s the best Tintin-esque art I’ve seen and it has a great story.

  • oh! can i have a cookie? please?! *puppy dog eyes*

  • Fronzel

    My, they look very much alike.

    He wears that face better, though.

  • You definitely deserved a bowl of cookies! =D

    Also, I missed so many letters – probably too many to form a word for the wallpaper thingy. D:

  • I didn’t catch Suda was Luca’s son until this page.

    • Yeah, I wrote it that way (so there wouldn’t be too much info at once). Though technically this is only page 13, so someone reading this for the first time would figure that out in the first few minutes instead of the first few months like its been so far T_T

  • MikeLinPA

    re: Last two panels

    The kid isn’t as dumb as he looks! Have a cookie.

  • Herisson

    I love it so much when you talk about your characters as if they were your acquaintance! It’s amazing how you can answer any question about them and the world you created. Do you improvise or has everything been imagined for a long time?

    • Well, technically I’ve known them for a few years now :) I tend to develop the characters first, so I can get a feel for what their motivations are and how it will effect the plot. And I like thinking about small details… so most of this has been imagined for a while, but if someone asks a question I hadn’t thought about I can usually extrapolate the answer based on what I already know.

  • whoooomeek

    okay, do NOT even feel the need to apologise for/explain late updates and all that nonsense. you have a life outside this comic, and to be honest you’re doing a fantastic job juggling work and this “hobby” of yours – which is turning out to be epic.

    the quality of each page is just. superb. WELL WORTH THE WAIT.
    kind of reminds me of the lackadaisy cats comic by tracy j butler.

  • The lighting is gorgeous, it seems that I see huge improvements with every post (on an already awesomely gorgeous comic). I also like how you made the siblings bear resemblances to the parents, almost to the point where I laughed seeing the daughter bearing such a close resemblance to Luca :)

  • Fantastic work as always! And I think I have the wallpaper word. Eeeee.

    Did you mean to leave his cookie unshaded in panel five?

    <3 <3 <3 This comic

  • Stig Hemmer

    Yep, sounds like he knows his parents.

  • BentKatana

    Aw, Rana is so cute! I love how she takes after Luca (well, in my opinion, lol). Suda apparently inherited some crazy from his father, but it seems to only surface, thus far, with the application of cookies. Interesting…

    • TBman256

      I actually thought Rana WAS Luca at first. She needs a new hair-do, she looks like a dude from the front.

      • Don’t tell her that :C

  • yakaykra

    the 4th panel makes me sick XP but still good

    • Why sick? :B

      • ColdCedric

        Maybe because of the point of view

        • Maybe. I’m thinking its that rug texture, I probably skewed it at the wrong angle.

          • ColdCedric

            Definitely the angle

          • Billy the Kid

            it kind of looks like she’s sitting on the wall… I’M REREADING CHAPTER 2!

  • Nate

    Well he’s got the important bits down at least. Gotta know where the cookies are.

    • MikeLinPA

      Damn straight! Cookies Rule!

  • Jenni

    I love the expression on his face in the first panel. The humor in this strip was awesome! But theres something weird with the 4th panel…. The perspective doesn’t seem to line up. It looks like she’s on a slope or something but the next panel she gets off on the same plane. Woah.

    • Oh, right. Well, she’s leaning forward in the chair on its back legs (the way your parents tell you not to sit cuz you’ll break the chair/ yourself)

      • SirReginaldo

        Thats something I do all the time, even at school if I can! No disrespect but I think it is comfy.

  • This is just awesome. I didn’t realize Sudo was Luca’s son at first, but I definitely saw the resemblance in Rana immediately, and this page clears things up for me quite well as to who they are. Maybe I’m just a little bit slow. xD

    I’m loving the story! And the art is to die for.

  • ColdCedric


    This comic strip of this point is indeed excellent but many complained of the fourth panel. Again Rana is seriously more of a very diligent type of person (hello Gene) and Suda is more of a happy go lucky guy who isn’t interested in politics.

    I’m thinking of your next strip would be that they have dinner *passes the cookie around*

  • just another guy

    Ooh, love new characters. Looking forward to this chapter’s development, family relationships ftw!

    Oh, and another addition to the well done Tin-tin style comics: Jonny Crossbones. Love it to peices.

  • Allison

    Rana looks a lot like dad.

  • Wildace

    genetics work weird sometimes, huh?

  • MikeLinPA

    I love the family resemblance. When I first saw Luca, I thought he was maybe the mapmaker’s dad. They kinda look alike. I see the resemblance to Luca in both his children.

    The more I read this, the more I love the expression in the eyes. Normally, over sized eyeballs creep me out a little, (except for Garfield,) but it is working right here. The expressiveness is awesome!

    Hey, what about the mapmaker and the naked girl? Where are they? Is anyone gonna get that ass out of the tree before he dies? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  • Zeb

    Love Suda’s personality already!

    Keep up the good work m8, looking more foreward to seeing each page for every one you make!

  • Dan

    my favorite is panel 5


  • tam

    I don’t get the feeling that Suda is not interested in politics. Only that he realizes quite clearly that he is only a young guy that has no power over things (his parents got him away from the argument!) and he worked out (as wonderfully recaped in the sixth panel) that there was NOTHING he could do and that worrying like hell wouldn’t change anything. Eating, though, is something usefull that you need to do, and because he is not gonna be invited to the big lunch, eating cookies makes sense. And it’s also a wonderfull way of forgetting one’s stress and anxiosity. I would probably react like that : nothing that a piece of chocolate cannot make forget (at least for to minutes). And I don’t see why that would be some crazy inheritance from his father : Luca seems to be the sort of guy that won’t eat (or do/think to) anything if he is mad. Suda seems to take things more quietly and with more philosophy.

    And, because I can’t leave a comment without pointing it out, I really love your art!

  • kittengrl39

    Hee. I like Rana a lot. She reminds me of me. Except that I’m currently studying in Costa Rica and using Spanish all the time, and in Spanish, ‘rana’ means ‘frog’. So, unfortunately, I always mentally associate her with a frog. ^^;

  • RnH

    When all else fails….have a cookie. :P

  • Vanessa

    Yay for clair ligne style comics you linked :) (Loved Tintin, was miserable over the “end” of Alph-Art)
    And oooh, the suspense in The Meek (I wonder how Angora and Pinter are currently faring…)

  • nofrigatelikeabook

    I love panel2. I love her expression! The emperor makes me laugh for some reason… LOVE!

  • minhata

    I love how Rana = frog in Spanish. <3

    • TBman256

      really? she does seem a bit “frog-ish”

  • shallot

    I love your characters.

  • Alexander

    Suda is my favorite character in this series. He makes me lol.

    • ColdCedric

      Yes, he also make you like this (-_-) to this (OVO)

  • TLL

    This comment come too late, but nevertheless: I would like to voice my love for Suda.

    For srs, I wanna take that man home and lock him in my closet. You have created a darling character. <3

    That aside, though, lovely page: after clearing up how Rana was sitting in the fourth panel, it all looks fantastic. Especially the expressions.

  • Tashka

    I love the almost raunchy desire look in the first panel!! Brilliant!! I’ve been away at sea for 6 weeks and have been looking forward to my ‘The Meek’ omibus the entire time…definately NOT disapointed, well worth the wait.

    • What were you doing at sea for 6 weeks?! I bet it was something awesome.

      • TBman256

        maybe he’s a sea shepherd?

        • Tashka

          lol I’m a surveyor, and a girl. Although I would love to see what the prospects are for sea sheparding ;)

  • Ga'tor

    Poor girl. Favors poppa waay too much.

  • Sarah

    Just wanted to pop in to declare that I have a total lesbian crush on Rana and will be submitting a fanart of her soon! ^o^

  • Zeb

    Gotta comment the awesome look of *yarr, treasure!” / *w00t, phat lewt!” on Suda’s face on the first panel.

  • DaPrincipessa

    Well, Rana kinda looks like guy to me:/. She definitely needs new hairdo or at least new clothes :/ I mean, the way her hair is combed back just makes her look so.. boyish:D

  • Aha, she looks just like her dad!

  • im likin luca already! he’s funny!

  • srry i mean suda

  • …this is like my brother and me.

    And, by the way? Rana? Second panel? THAT IS WIN.

    So much win.

  • Rana.


    I love you so much

    • Really???! I am jealous, it is a favorite word/ name of mine.

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