Suda is based on my own younger brother, who pisses me off and amuses me endlessly (sometimes simultaneously). He also tries to make me eat things when I don’t want to.

Stuff is still available in the store, if you like! Thanks to those who ordered and who have put up with my first uneasy steps into the world of mailing a bunch of Things.

And of course, Happy Thanksgiving, to those who celebrate it :) I am thankful to know all you nice folks. Thanks so much for reading my comic!

This week’s pimp goes to an honest-to-god all ages webcomic called The Dreamland Chronicles. Its an adventure story set in the dream world, with some incredible visuals. It seriously looks like screencaps from a Pixar movie or something, its amazing. And its got a nice hefty archive to fill some of your time, haha. Have fun!


  • Neill

    Oh wow, these backgrounds are beautiful! I’m loving the color scheme in the palace a lot. How do you make everything look so precise and clean cut in the last panel, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Drawing it 20 times, basically (ugh). I find the right lines eventually and copy over those for the final lineart.

      • Oi. I know how that is. I still dont get clean background lines. Bleh

      • Bogrim

        May I suggest giving Adobe Illustrator a shot for your line-art? It’s vector-based and very flexible, you can quickly adjust your lines till they fit to save dozens of time redrawing the curve. Unlike any other vector based program, Adobe Illustrator also goes like butter and bread with Photoshop so you can just swap the image over when you need to make adjustments Illustrator can’t do.

        • Well its not the line itself that I need to redraw, its the perspective and the emotions/ motion in the lines :) Unfortunately I don’t think they’ve made a program with that function yet.

          • Yeah, vector lines will always lose the “can you be something useful aside from a fixed-width curve” race. Sure, there are a million brush textures and a robust brush creator, but that just means hours and hours of tweaking until you arrive at something you won’t be happy with. It’ll never beat the rasterized siren song of a pressure sensitive tablet. Leave vectors to word balloons and lineless shapes, I say.

      • ShellShock

        Just started reading this comic. Nab, 09 was a long time ago. Cool to read your ancient comments though. Haha.

  • Enrique

    The joys of having a siblings.

  • Connor

    Happy thanksgiving to you, too! It makes my day to have a new comic (and actually have internet to check it) today, especially on a holiday I’m already happy to be celebrating, so thanks!

  • angela c

    I can’t believe he’s using the bedsheet to wipe his face XD

    • Sv. Rogue

      That’s exactly what I was thinking

  • Colt-Khaboom

    Holy geez, how high is the ceiling in Suda’s room? Fifteen feet? Twenty? I am jealous. I love high ceilings, and that palace seems to be full of ’em. Seriously, you could release a book that’s just a tour of the palace, and I’d be happy.

    • Yeah, I hate this palace XC Its too big. The one up north is a lot more compact (this one was built in the beginning of the Emperor’s reign when he was trying to do a lot of big construction projects to glorify the new nation. Some of them are kind of gaudy).

  • Lisa

    Haha I see a dart on Suda’s door.

    He reminds me of my elder brother. I love him and feel like strangling him at the same time.

    • Touches like that and like his wiping his mouth with his blanket are absolutely fantastic little bonuses to this awesome comic. :-)

  • phuzzypanda

    Panel 2 is definitely one of suda’s sexiest faces yet

  • om nom nom

  • My younger brother doesn’t make me eat things. He eats them himself.

  • Q

    I love how he’s wiping his mouth with his blankets. I remember doing that with my mom’s tablecloths when I was small. :D

  • marinated-fish

    yeah I’d be the one eating stuff I guess. COOKIES!

    I really like Rana in colour. She does look quite much like Luca. (And she wouldn’t like to hear that I suppose!) It’s funny how their hairstyles resemble each other.

    • Ave

      It’s funny, I was thinking the same thing… she looks a lot like her Dad!

    • Ignotus

      Thirding the familial resemblance! I was just coming here to say that. It makes me sort of ridiculously happy to see that similarity, because there are so many comics/cartoons/etc where the members of a family look nothing alike!

      • I agree, it’s like a younger version of Luca (well…sorta) :)

        GREAT PAGE!

  • Ponthion

    Haha , I love Suda.
    Love tha BG in the last panel, but damn, these rooms are HUGE!
    Um, could it be that the lampshade in the fourth panel is just flat coloured? Looks a bit out of place

    • Yeah its totally flat XD I couldn’t decide what pattern to put on it, I’ll do it later… (I also missed coloring a cookie on the last page)

  • sweet_gardenia

    yaaay so glad to see Rana showing up. For all her crankiness she is one of my favorite characters (I think I must have missed a page upps) That ” these are sooooo goood ” comment made me laugh. I have two younger brothers EXACTLY like Suda. Way to catch the family dynamics thar :3

    You know I wasn’t thinking the public argument was that so out of place at first ’cause I had read the cultural notes about the Pasori men and women having no qualms about verbal sparring and figured it was the Pasori kicking in but now hmmm Rana is worried so maybe it was a bit unusual.

    can’t wait to see how this plays out. GO GO GOOOO <3

  • Shigorath

    Suda wiping away the crumbs on his face with wrap is so frikin’ real! I almost feel sudden urges to strangle that guy! I feel for Rana about him XD

    Ah, I hope her diet will yield some results, she has pretty profile.

  • Moog

    Its amazing how much Rana looks like her father! Thats pretty damn awesome.

  • DoctorWhyly

    Ahahaha, panel two is great! But, panel four . . . ew, Suda. Real classy. These cookies remind me of those Christmas ones with the snowmen or trees on them. Also, I think Rana looks a bit more like Phe in the fifth panel.

    • ColdCedric

        • sweet_gardenia


          • ColdCedric


  • Wow…thank you so much Der-shing! You know I absolutely LOVE your comic.
    Thank you for the Pimping and have a wonderful week!

    • No problem :) And congrats on your recent 1000 strips!

      • ColdCedric

        …Wait, is that the artist of DC??

  • The siblings make me laugh. I am glad you added them to the story

  • ColdCedric

    Alex that was quick that you posted it and for Dreamland Chronicles this artist is one of the most diligent and the most stubborn that I have seen. Making about 1000 comic strip, the artist ain’t human.

    Again everyone commented on panel 4, hilarious and the rest awesome

    • Yeah, the DC team is nuts… at least, I think there are a few people who work on it? In terms of modeling the objects and such. But it is a phenomenal effort with great results regardless, and has a very nice theme.

  • Tyris

    “When come back, bring pie!”

  • Suda, why aren’t you fat yet?

    Hm, did you finish doing his… uh, socks? I think they are socks. That and the lampsh- MAYBE I AM JUST LOOKING AT IT TOO HARD.

  • Hel

    The vote incentive is amazing, thank you for posting some full sized panels again. It’s great how your style has been shaping up since it all started.
    Expressions are, as always, one of the best things of the page, followed by lights. I’d want to take a walk around that palace, the corridor near Suda’s room looks so calm =)

    • Pedro

      I hate *hate* HATE *HATE* that I can’t see the original stuff.

      In a loving sort of way, of course. I mean, I’m thankful I can see the new stuff, and all. But still…

      Hate it.

  • Full size panel love! Wait, is that a dart next to Rana’s face in the first panel? The wall also looks like Suda is ‘practising’ quite often with them. lol

  • Those cookies do love delicious though. :>

  • ColdCedric

    Alright I do not want to do this and no disrespect Alex but I just want to show you and everyone in that matter on what I have just found…recently

    So then if you guys don’t mind…

    http://www.housepetscomic.com ((Look, Read and Comment))

  • Way to be supportive of your sister, Suda!

    Then again, living in that household might make you either self-destruct or to become apathetic in an act of self-preservation…

  • Tammy Lee

    That darn, Suda! XD
    My brother used to do that to me, too.

    I’m loving the little changes you’re making from the thumbs to the finished pages!

  • Ms Angelica

    Suda is my new boyfriend.
    I thought you’d at least like to be informed.

    • Twigs

      HANDS OFF >:O

  • They also make out
    (Luca and Phe)

  • Ryl

    Always love the in-depth details, be they facial expressions, or something inanimate in the room to emphasize the character–like the throwing dart in the wall with a few correlating pinprick holes in the first panel. Absolutely love it! Keep up the good work!

  • Falcolf

    I think Suda must have my metabolism XD – able to eat and eat and never gain a pound! Gah I love the guy, but I also really like Rana now too. She’s so caring seeming. ^^

  • RnH

    Those are some biiiig cookies! I also lol’ed at Suda wiping his mouth with a sheet.

  • Alexander

    Last comic I said Suda was my favorite character in this series. I would like to retract that statement and post a correction: Suda may just be my favorite character in anything ever. He’s, quite simply, perfectly written. He just seems to have life figured out, and even then he doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. His expressions and mannerisms are hysterical, one of the few moments a character (not just the comic as a whole, mind you) alone has made me laugh out loud for real. It’s a shame Meek can’t update more often, I just can’t get enough! Fantastic work.

    Also, he has giant cookies and I want one.

    • Twigs

      You took the words out of my mouth =) Suda is the perfect comic relief.

      He makes me wish I had a brother even more.

  • Lee

    I used to envy my brother because he could eat anything and still look like a beanpole. Until he started drinking and developed an impressive beer gut. Heh.

    PS When I first glanced at panel 1 I thought the ballon read “You know I’m on a diet soda”…

    • Alexander

      Lmao. I did as well. “They had diet soda in those times?”

  • Shay

    8D Just started reading, and I just want to say that this is amazing! <3 The colors are so gorgeous, and everything is just so much fun! x3 I can't wait to read more.

  • I love the last panel. Such harmonic and spacious “hall/corridor” shot, even if the scene tells us “steaming sister!”. Wonderful colors too! And Suda’s expressions are priceless. I still want those cookies!! What are they made of anyway? Can you post a recipe? :)

  • DanReiv

    Overall a really nice webcomic, keep them coming !

  • Asrath

    I’ve got one question. How do you create the talking balloon thingies? (I’m not English, and I cannot come up with the right word, but I bet you understand what I mean…)

    ^^ yay! Love the last panel, but I see I’m not the only one with that opinion ;)

    • I draw them freehand, same with the rest of the comic :) Takes a bit more effort than just using an oval tool, but I like the way it looks much better.

  • I have one of those. An annoying ass hole younger brother, I mean.

    Love it.

  • Fletcher

    Suda reminds me a lot of Cousin Ivan from Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series, if anyone’s read ’em. I do have to say he’s still only my second-favourite character in The Meek, though – first place goes to Phe, with whom I fell instantly in love the first panel she appeared. That face! Those eyes! I know, I know, I am weird …

    Totally digging your hand drawing, by the way. Hands are hellishly hard to do right, and you give them every bit as much expressiveness as the character’s faces. Keep it up. :)

  • icekold

    your thing is sooo cool, i’m bookmarking it :D

  • cedarwolf22

    I am really late on this, but I both love and LOL at how well-rendered that giantass cookie is Suda is holding. They also look like… Paprika cookies. Or Tumeric. In conclusion: this page made me hungry.

  • Those cookies look good!

  • Loserificus

    Suda & Rana reminds me of Sokka n Katara… only Rana’s older than Suda XD
    anyways why did Suda call Luca ‘sir’ in his face?

    • You have to show respect to the Emperor!

  • penandsword

    I love how much Rana looks like Luca.

  • Twigs

    Bedsheets make the best napkins.

  • Addiline

    These two remind me of Katara and Soka right now.

  • Infinity1201

    Avatar vibes… Not in a bad way though ^-^ Love it actually<3

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