Ambassador fail!

God this page took a while. I expected it to be like 5 hours of colors (what with there being a lot of faces) but it took… 10. Thankfully I did my other work first before I did this so the day wasn’t a total productivity bust. The pages I’m really dreading though start next week. I have no idea what I’m going to do!!!! They are so complicated. But I’ll figure something out. Thats how much I love you guys.

The vote incentive for today proves that that one ambassador is indeed a woman, as some of you have been wondering… I, uh… I’m really sorry in advance.

And last but not least, the pimp of the week goes to Angela Melick’s Wasted Talent, a great journal comic about engineering and other things. I am impressed! and I’m sure you will be as well.

See you next week D:



    well he should know that too much type O blood makes one a little “off”

  • Lostthyme

    Oh snap. Ambassador fail indeed.

  • PHE-PWN!

  • Rainey

    Awkwaaard silence in that last panel lmao

    That’s funny, I thought it was blindingly obvious that both ambassadors were women. Considering Caris is run by teh wimmens and so on

    • And considering its been mentioned everywhere XD But whatever, hopefully we are all on the same page now.

  • Wotkay

    The first time I lol’d at The Meek. Well done!

  • Maphysto

    I thought that look she gave the ambassador in the last panel of yesterday’s comic seemed awfully sardonic.

    Nice to see Phe’s not afraid to stick up for her hubby :D

  • I love their expressions in the last panel — Tesa almost looks frightened… maybe wondering if they really do drink blood XD.

    Your dedication to the one update a week schedule puts so many other webcomics to shame, doing a double update to make up for a missed week @_@. Just thinking about that makes me tired XD.

    • Hahaha, no YOU make me tired XD I keep thinking about you walking 8 miles to school every day or whatever impossible distance it was…arghgh

  • Wotkay

    Is it just me, or does “I hope you will forgive my husband his outburst this afternoon.” not make a lot of sense? It feels to me that you may have forgotten an ‘of’ somewhere in there.

    • Hmmm… maybe. It sounds okay to me, and I am generally perfect and never make mistakes, but maybe this is my first one :B I’ll wait to see if anyone else comments on that!

      • Sounds right to me.
        Forgive him his x
        Forgive them their x

        I’m sure it’s in the lords prayer like that, for lack of another example. Forgive them their trespasses or something?

        If anything should be added it would be a “for” not an “of”, but I wouldn’t change it :)

      • LeDayz

        “I hope you will forgive my husband (for) his outburst this afternoon.”

        It is implied in general speech all the time. You iz still perfect.

        • Blue

          Yeah, the ‘for’ is missing. But it sounds more formal and slightly archaic like that, so I think it’s fitting. In fact, I will be sad if it is changed.

          SAD I SAY D,:

      • XD

        • Hey, no dissent *keeps eye on you*

    • Maphysto

      Sounds fine to me.

    • LadyFox

      Did somebody call for an English teacher?

      No? well here’s my two cents anyway.

      Dropping the preposition as Phe does is not wrong at all. It indicates an older, more formal way of speaking. That seems perfectly in keeping with Phe’s position/rank and the conversation at hand.

      • Thanks! Thats what I thought, but I wasn’t sure after being called out XD

        • SotiCoto

          Correcting perceived errors is not uncommon on the Internet.
          The problem is that when those who are effectively able to identify genuine errors do so enough, it tends to lead to those who can’t distinguish between genuine error and regional / chronological variance trying their own hand at the game… and failing miserably.

          It blemishes the reputation of those like myself who identify and solve problems for a living.

    • Tobu

      It’s the same grammatical construction as “Forgive us our trespasses.” Slightly formal, but hardly ungrammatical.

  • I love the 5th panel; the lighting is great. The dinner should be very interesting. :D

  • whooomeek

    oh i didn’t realise they were both women :x haha anyway, todays ‘artist’s comments’ really touched me! i mean i’m sure you get a sense of accomplishment doing this comic, but it’s so nice that you care enough about your readers to keep it going. so thankssss (((((:

  • DarkStorm

    Burn. :D
    Nice to see Phe remind them that diplomacy is a two-way street. I’m sure she’ll have a ball playing referee.

    Btw, are those long sashes around the ambassadors’ necks a thing to denote rank and does the color add additional meaning to it?

    (I found this comic some months back and decided to de-lurk. It is pure awesomesauce, just so you know!)

  • Nadiasama

    Ooh SNAP!

    I knew the Lady Phe probably heard “Little Miss Pancake Face” make that vulgar comment earlier. Go Phe! :D

  • Tbwulf

    I love the expressions in the last panel and how the ambassador on the right is looking at the piggy ambassador.

    Thanks again for doing such a great webcomic, and I really need to find a time machine! D=

  • itypeslow

    !Angela! Melick

    *goes back to lurking*

    • ffffffff durr I know that XC And I was looking right at it while linking it, and still I made a mistake! Haha… Thanks for catching it!

  • BentKatana

    Oh shit, owned by Phe. She’s so badass, I love her. Horray for gorgeous ten hour coloring! :D

  • Marion

    Weird. I never doubted the gender of ‘skinny ambassador’. Maybe because she’s the spitting image of my aunt Ina, and because her hairdo and glasses remind me of an old (and older) friend and co-worker, who used to be a secretary for thirty years.
    I suppose that dressing a bit androgeneously (sp?) is a sign why she is good at being ambassador. You don’t want to be judged and treated as a fluffy airhead or a potential conquest, nor do you want to be concieved as a threat by the wives of the male dignataries you’re working with.

    It’s a sad fact of life that we women are always judged by our looks, by both men and women (the fact that the readers of this comic thought the characters sex so important just shows you, really) and that women have to walk a fine line when dressing for work. Too ‘sexy’ and you’re not taken seriously, too casual and you’re considered a slob or not professional at best and too professional and you’re considered an overbearing b*tch. Sad, but true.

    Kudos for the ambassador then, for getting it juuust right.

    • Wandered In

      Well, I assumed it was important because if Lethy were male, it would change the Luca/Ambassadors dynamic. His misogyny is on display, as well as their distaste for ‘barbarians,’ to set up the coming scene.

      I can’t wait.

  • Awwww snap! No she didn’t!!

    I love Phe <3

  • LeDayz

    Tesa is quite a prat… (yes, I did have to hit the archives for her name, lol)

    • ColdCedric

  • See, regular blood for me is too high in iron content. Too much iron makes my liver hurt.

    So I have to get this lighter-branded blood. Problem is that stuff actually does go to my head, gives me a migraine for a few hours until I take a blood thinner. But see, then I have this massive wound on my arm here? The clot breaks and I start bleeding all over the place.

    So I collect that blood in a vat, re-drink it, and I come out even. It’s tough to get a decent drink these days.

  • I will also admit, I thought that ambassador was a geeky guy the first time she appeared — until, a few panels later, we see the profile shot, and it was clearly feminine.

  • MissMercurial

    Ahahaha, Phe, I seem to love her more and more with each strip.

    I didn’t really care about the gender of the other ambassador. I was intrigued that they were both blond, though. And by the glasses. I like glasses XD.

  • NeverfilledVoid

    Did the curvy amassador get embaressed in the last panel? *giggle*
    Is it just me, or does the other ambassador leer back to the first ambassador? with a “I told you to not say anything stupid” -look.

    • Nez

      Honestly, it looks like shes about to punch her.
      I would. xD

      • NeverfilledVoid

        Haha, I would not be suprised if he did hiv her a punch. xD

  • squidmaster

    Smooth move, snarf-face!

    I’ve been enjoying the architecture of their palace, too… You and your scenery porn, it inspires me like you wouldn’t believe. <3<3<3

    Lethy's gender was in question? I knew she was female. Plus Luca said it early on… :'D

    Though that vote incentive effectively raped my brain. :') / :'( Proooooobably not the healthiest thing to look at at 5 in the morning.

  • Hel

    Ah, diplomacy. Caris ambassadors put too much oil on the salad!

  • hahaha owned XD

  • Tito

    Heh, knew this was coming! Well done!

  • DaPrincipessa

    Wow, that was fast :D Thank you :)

  • Marion

    Heh… The Dumb Ambassador’s name is Tesa, right? *heh heh*

    There’s a German brand called ‘Tesa’. It’s a brand of all kinds of glue. It’s slogan has been for years “Klebt es mit Tesa” (“Stick it with Tesa”). Not being German, I know this because an elderly friend of mine went to the Russian satirical opera ‘The Nose’ (by Shostakovic) in Germany. It’s an absurdistic piece where a person wakes one morning to find his nose has left his face to live a life of its own (yes, very weird). He sings (this is opera, after all), “My nose! My nose!”
    At that moment, so my friend told me, some wit in the audience cried “Klebt es mit Tesa!”
    They had to stop the opera for fifteen minutes, the orchestra, singers and audience laughed so hard.

    Silly story, it’s true. But seeing panel five, I can’t help thinking, “Stick it, Tesa!”

    • lol XD XD Thats awesome!

    • marinated_fish

      Oh god, I would’ve laughed so hard!

    • Blue

      Oh, I read the short story by Gogol! It was actually pretty awesome, I kept cracking up.

      I had absolutely no idea that there was an opera! I seriously want to see that now XD

  • Marion

    Sorry, that was supposed to be, But seeing panel five, I can’t help thinking that Phe thought something along the lines of “Stick it, Tesa!”

  • Taylor

    And here was me thinking that not insulting your host was what Ambassidor School was all about.

    Also, untill now I thought both of them were women. Now i’m begining to doubt myself…

  • Elora

    Does Phe mean “wine”? Right?!

    Also, the scenery is so gorgeous!

    • Lizzie

      He doesn’t drink…. wine. :)

      • lollllllll that is my favorite

  • I really feel sorry for the taller ambassador, both for her partner… and for the vote incentive *eyes bleed* DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN, LOL. Seriously, I did notice she was a woman from the very first time she appeared on the comic! ._.

    Btw, loving FEY a bit more every update xD

  • Gleebits

    Well in all fairness blood is quite delectable. Well mine is anyway, can’t say I’ve drank anyone else’s, don’t know what diseases people have these days what with AIDS, ghonorea, or however that’s spelt and what not.

    Oh well, I liked the Phe character from the beginning, but omni-lingual and lingually cunning enough as this. Good grief, I see what he sees in her

  • Fffffaaandamntasticcccc!!!!

    High fiver for Phe and her royal hotness.

  • I don’t get why people thought Lethy was a dude…? Ah, well. The voting incentive nearly made me spit out my cereal, I laughed so hard.

    Phe is a goddamn master. Pwning emperors and ambassadors….that’s how she rolls! :D PS I love when you draw profile shots of her, she always looks so pretty!

  • DoggySpew

    Ooooooh, burn !

    Phe is on a role.

  • lennan

    LOL, someone just got owned. XD She totally deserved it though.


    I’m glad I’m watching this on here, as apposed to DA. I love the full pages, and your other work is awesome.

  • I’m curious as to why this person was chosen to be an ambassador. Was it solely for her relation to the queen? That would imply that anyone else related to the queen is less suited or more inept than her (less able to hold her tongue or use the proper one, anyways).

  • R BUG

    The expression on her face is PRICELESS!

  • SilentSong

    Lol, Phe is amazing.

    What is this entire blood drinking thing about, I haven’t seen anything about it on the wiki. Maybe I just missed it…

    • Try the previous page. ;)

      • SilentSong

        I know that it’s on the previous page, I’m asking why she thinks they all drink blood

        • Oh, its just a common saying about them. I forget if I put it in the wiki or not, if not I’ll correct that over the weekend :)

  • Shortie needs to let the smart ambassador do the talking… Royal blood is hardly a form of leverage in her current situation. Its a delicacy, in fact.

  • cornu-aspersum

    hm, i think that last panel would be stronger if the ellipses bubble were gone.
    still, a fantastic page tho’, Phe is incredibly awesome.

    • You know what, that was sort of a last minute addition… I put them there because the top was looking really empty and I didn’t think they’d hurt the panel any. I’ll think about taking them out, now that you’ve said something…

  • sweet_gardenia


    sorry sorry kidding I’m evil. Also I distinctly heard a ” ba rump bump ting ” in that last panel. Hahaha oh Phe way to keep the ambassadors guessing. I’m glad she got her little dig in.

    Ok I must go now as my bosoms are escaping *runs*

  • Mr. M

    This all happened in one day?

    I can see the tall one smacking the big one across the face.
    Does Phe speak Carissi (or w/e it’s called)? I thought that the big one had made that comment about the blood in Pasori.

    • No, Phe doesn’t, but she overheard the part that was in Santri (the common language they’re all speaking). Guess it pays to be discreet D:

    • Wandered In

      I think Lethy (quickly becoming my favorite character to watch, expressions-wise — the disdain! It burns!) can’t really slap Tesa, due to the whole ‘royalty’ thing.
      Nepotism can be inconvenient.

  • fawn

    So do your students get the anime explanation as well? :P Because that could make for some very funny non-disjunction error discussion.

    • Ahahah god no. Though we did have a good time with nondisjunction anyways.

  • I don’t normally bother to comment. *lurker* But I wanted to say Phe looks sooo pretty with her hair done like that. :> Also, I am envious of your round hoops. I can’t get clean looking hoops like that for earrings to save my life ;[

    • Haha, thanks! Took lots of ctrl+z, thats for sure…

      • LOL… the best I can do is draw a shoddy circle and then erase the middle of the line XDD

  • I am amused and baffled that so many people didn’t get that the ambassadors were both female – especially since Luce gave this information right on page 3! Listen to him – he is the emperor, dammit! D:<

    lol, anyway, love this update full of ownage. <3

  • Silvermoonlight

    Tesa’s face on that last panel is priceless talk about epic fail I guess Phe was listening at the door. I have to ask though which one of these ambassadors is the queen cousin but who is the other ambassador is and what’s her relation to the queen.

  • Phe is awesome. And Luca is lucky to have her – I hope he knows this, despite all the PTSD and frustration with the wider world in general.

  • I have to say, I absolutely love panel 5. The look on her face is perfect.

  • “.. all that blood he drinks.”

    At which point I had to wipe the *SPLORT* off my monitor. Well done!
    And as a Creative pro.. I have to say that the color work is LUSH and subtle. So all the hours are definitely appreciated.


  • Ohhhhhhhh SNAP!

  • Asj

    I’m glad she knows a little about what they’re thinking. If she didn’t, it would be harder to change their minds.

  • dmyy20

    I am loving Phe more. :]

    The last panel is great. I can just imagine in there head, they’re saying “…..shit…” xD Great new page :D

  • Fleece

    *Anticipating the next page* So, Suda & Rana won´t be at the dinner, eh? That´s too bad. That would only add to the crazyness, so I can see why their parents don´t want them there messing things up even more. XD But I would like to see what would happen!

  • brian

    i’ve read both chapters several times, and i always pick up something new.

  • Blunderbuss


  • Kt

    And we love you back! :)

  • Fr3aKaZ0!D

    I guess she heard the conversation they talked about before.

  • Haph

    I love how the ambassador on the left is blushing. xD

  • Jon

    Aww, snap! Ambassador fail, but queenly win!

  • Simply Me

    Oh, wow. I just noticed the shadows from Phe’s earrings on her face in panel 3. Amazing attention to detail!

  • Very ambassador fail, but as said before, Queen win! These comics are amazing! Amazing attention to detain and very beautifully drawn!

  • Madmab

    no update? :'(

    • Still working on it ;_; You’ll see why its late.

      • LeDayz

        Aw man, I bet it’s gonna be awesome as HELL!!!

      • Maphysto

        Ten bucks says it a full page, beautifully detailed and colored banquet spread.

      • Madmab

        can’t wait!!! :D

  • 80

    Don’t make her snap in z-formation.


    Phe, you are fucking awesome!

  • Leon

    I love Phe for this!

  • Luna

    The fifth panel rocks so much.

  • Mike

    when unleashing hateful ignorant stereotypes on foreign soil, use your indoor voice.

  • AlmostLiterally


  • choko

    You’ve done splendid work so far!! ;3

    Why doesn’t Nickelodeon Animation Studios animate this??

  • Crestlinger

    ‘Incidentally. That’s the main course.’

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