Page 30, the 2/3 of the way done page. Too many details.

Just so you know, my computer is acting up, which may lead to late pages. I am keeping updates on Twitter and Facebook regarding any late posting, so please look there first before asking me here if a page is late.

Anyways, if nothing terrible happens there should be another update tomorrow to keep everything on schedule. See you then.

*edit* Sorry, I am taking out my comments re: my computer problems. I shouldn’t be complaining about that here at the comic, that is something I need to solve on my own or somewhere else. Comics is for having fun reading comics.


  • AW! I hope you can save up soon! I’d say open commissions but you need a computer to do the art so it’s like a Catch-22. But there’s always sketches?

    Great page! Also are they supposed to be so rude when eating in front of the Emperor? xD

    • Haha, probably won’t be doing commissions anymore. At this point in the game commissions are a waste of my time compared to what I am getting out of them and considering that my goal (art-wise) is to finish this comic before I die. Right now it isn’t looking good XD

  • Colt-Khaboom

    As a fellow owner of a crappy computer that desperately needs replacing despite my lack of funds, I say bitch away.

    Awesome page, by the way. That food looks nice and dubious. What is that green stuff, anyway? Luca doesn’t even seem to like it.

  • This is a great page, despite all the troubles you’ve had! And the reaction to the pigs feet is the best thing. THE BEST.

    When it comes to money, I think all I can really suggest is putting a donation button somewhere on the site so people can give what they can if they want to. I know some people don’t like having donation buttons, but I think this is definitely a situation that excuses one, because in a way, the money is going back into the comic (i.e. it’s being used to make sure you can ACTUALLY make the comic. if that’s not a good cause, I can’t think of one. oh wait, charity. DUH. but still.)

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I was actually going to do something like that, but not until the end of the chapter. I know I’m being too anal, but it feels like cheating to ask for something before I’ve delivered the final product. ETA of end of chapter is around the end of May, so it will be interesting to see if I can keep from losing my mind until then.

  • I really truly am SO sorry that your computer was so uncooperative with you as you put this page together. But I’m very happy to finally see that it’s here and completed! You still did a wonderful job, and I can only hope the time you spent on it before all this trouble started can at least be considered good practice, if not a very irritating test of patience.

  • I’d have to agree with GJohnson with the donation option. What I’ve noticed works fairly well for me is giving out a wallpaper for every dollar or more donated, and if someone is feeling EXTRA generous and donates a good 20$ or more, they get something super special (aka porn of the month. I’m horrible)

    But even with the frustrations, this page is gorgeous! And I have to say those are the sexiest pigs feet I have ever seen.

  • Crotius

    Are your issues software or hardware related? If It’s software, why don’t you just do a good backup of all your important data, re-install whatever OS you are using, and start from a fresh install? It’s not the ideal solution, but considering your self-proclaimed lack of knowledge about computers, it certainly is the easiest, and it’s gonna be a lot cheaper then buying a new machine for a simple software bug. If It’s a hardware problem (say a burned out fan on your video card causing the chip to overheat and shut down) you can easily and cheaply buy a new card and install it in about 10 minutes. Again, far cheaper then buying an entirely new computer for a simple problem. It’s really not hard to learn to fix your own problems with computers. If you can assemble an IKEA shelf, you can build or repair a computer.

  • Marion

    Silly suggestion perhaps, but have you tried cleaning it? My computer did hard turn offs as well last year, from working happily to dark screen and no power the next. I thought I had to shell out for a new one, or have costly repairs done, and it turned out that the thing was overheating because of dust build up inside the fan. I’ve used a vacuum and all, but that didn’t help; I had to go inside the fan with a brush and lo, out came dustbunnies by the dozen. And it purred happilly afterwards.

    • I’ve done everything obvious that I can do. I’m not quite desperate enough to attempt to remove my CPU fan and clean it manually but if I get any angrier that will probably be my next step.

      • Marion

        You don’t even need to remove the fan (I can’t remove it – I think it’s probably spotwelded down or something, and I’m not technical enough to take a computer apart anyway). I simply popped off the outer casing of the computer (which is easy), removed all the obvious dust lying around with a soft brush, and then, with an old brush with fairly stiff bristles and small enough to fit between the blades of the fan, clean the fan thoroughly, sticking it between each blade and gently poke and rootle around. You’ll be amazed how much dust will cling to the bristles.

        It’s pretty non-invasive and low-tech and it works! Well, it did for me :-)

        Good luck with it!

        • Thanks! I actually already do that every other month (my brother has a chinchilla and the dust tends to migrate to my room) but its good advice in general :)

          • Ellie

            How funny! I actually used to have a chinchilla! At least, I did, until my dog murdered it…. XP

  • Wood

    1. Hmmm… pig feet ! Or, as we call them in France, pieds de cochon !

    2. My first reaction when reding about your computer problem was to look for a donation button.

    3. I concur that reinstalling the OS willl most probaly solve your problem if it’s software-related.

  • Quats

    Overheating is the most likely problem – when it’s off, clear it out. Be sure you get the major heatsinks and fans and fan intakes in the case. It could perhaps be bad RAM, though I’d think you’d be likely to get some error messages also.

    Unfortunately, it could be fried hardware, too; the last time I got intermittent hard shutdowns, it turned out to be the motherboard. When it turned itself off for the last time and refused to come back on, I rebuilt it, and found a nice big scorched spot around a tiny component that had exploded — I couldn’t even tell what it used to be. I’d kept it clean so it wasn’t overheating from dustbunnies that time (have wrecked a couple video cards that way though, when I was too slow about cleaning ’em out…)

  • Quats

    I don’t know why, but I love the servers’ clothes. Gorgeous colors, practical, yet exotic to the eye, and lovely draping.

    I’m not quite sure what’s up in the last panel: at first I thought it was the sound of the late sibling-rivalry-drama entry of Suda and Rana off-screen, but then I looked again, and it almost looks like a food fight going on at the table on that side, though I couldn’t identify the combatants.

    … and hee, the ambassador tormented by the pigs’ feet… I suspect I’d have similar thoughts on my mind but control my face a smidge better. She deserves it for her insensitive comments, anyway!

    • Yeah, its very Pasori to argue at the dinner table (and to mistrust your host, haha). Happens at every dinner, but still annoying!

  • Fleece

    What? Are those people fighting over food?? O_O
    That´s awesome! XD Plus, I love how those speech bubbles are halfway behind the panel border.

    • More food= more win XD

      Haha, I’m amused that you noticed that. I did the same thing with the bubbles for the argument earlier :B

    • TBman256

      Im guessing that was Rana and Luca in the background right? ;)

      • Luca’s there, but none of the kids are invited to dinner :B The waiting ladies are Pasori though so they do look similar.

  • I just noticed the Emperor Zadar engraving on the background window. Is that a weird Pasori spelling of Luca’s name?

    That fifth panel amuses me to no end.

    • Actually its just backwards :B The window faces a courtyard.

      • New rule: I don’t comment on comics unless I’ve gotten more than three hours of sleep. :-P

      • *cough* the “Z” isn’t, actually .-)

        • Emperial

          It’s an “S”. XDD

  • Maphysto

    Huh, interesting. So instead of employing a taster, the Emperor samples all the food himself. And since I highly doubt he’s known for his appeasement of rivals, that takes balls.

    • Its a tradition thing, you can’t serve food to others until you’ve eaten it yourself (there are a lot of suspicious poisonings in Pasori history). The Emperor of course has a crapload of tasters but that all happens behind the scenes. Its pretty rote.

  • whooomeek

    thanks for doing this! <3

  • I feel your pain. My computer has a terrible graphics card and isn’t very powerful, so getting my comic or art done tends to be a pain in the butt. I will be gearing up for a new computer soonish…I hope…


    As someone who lives in South Carolina, the pigs feet weren’t very shocking. It’s unfortunatly a very common item here. That and pigs brain in a can, chitlins and pork rinds. yum! :P

  • This is the first time I’ve left a comment, but I love your comic. It’s beautiful and has a wonderful story. Not to mention engaging characters and realistic atmosphere. Which leads me to a question.

    You said on the previous page that Luca uses this room as a dining hall for amusement, and that it used to be a church. The emperor that this hall was built for wouldn’t happen to be the Emperor Zadar whose name (and visage in the previous page) can be seen in the window? Why is his name there if this was a church?

    • Windows have been replaced! Along with other changes (pews removed, pulpit/ religious items removed etc)

  • Al

    The waiting ladies are the same height or taller than the emperor ! lulz! Luca is awesome!and he’s using some dentures right?
    Luca eating/picking on his tooth is so…nice!Cx

  • Namsab

    If he has banquets like this all the time, I wouldn’t wonder at all about Luca’s body being sliightly out of shape. Even if he just has to try a little bit of everything, it sums up! XD
    We really don’t want to know what that green food stuff is, do we.

    I really admire how you bring across that ’emperor’ feel with the smallest sentences etc. In the last page, Luca’s bored reaction to his impressive entrance – he’s so used to having power like that. In this page, how everyone is scared to eat until the emperor basically ‘commands’ them and suddenly everyone’s stuffing their face.

  • cedarwolf22

    Haha, on first seeing this I was like “Aww, he made them brownies” in the 6th panel. Love the designs on the back of the chairs… the little “clawfaces”. Luca likes his intimidation!

    apigbwa computer issues 8( So frustrating. I wish I could send you my illegal Brazilian computer master to fix it.

  • amadre

    hahahaha, if he has to eat from every dish at every meal, no wonder the poor emperor is overweight!

  • I absolutely checked every day past last Sunday for an update. I’m thoroughly addicted to your art.

    Also, I’ve been in PC repair for 5 years professionally, if you email me the symptoms of your problems I’d be happy to provide any advice I can. Thanks for making these pages for us!

  • DoctorWhyly

    He eats with his gloves on? INTENSE. : )

  • Now that’s an interesting custom.

  • BentKatana

    Oh, it’s alright, D! I hope all goes well with your computer! Mine is on the fritz, too. :/ Beautiful detail in these pages! :D

  • sweet_gardenia

    I’m having some serious flashbacks of various thanksgivings and christmas/new year’s dinner with my family. Jumping over shoulders to get to food…sleeper holds over the last chicken leg…fork duels…HOW DID YOU KNOW. Also that looks like some sort of little green fish he’s taking a chew of in panel four but I could be wrong. Did the carissi bring food too like some sort of giant potluck or has it all been prepared by Luca’s cooks?

    I’m surprised he doesn’t have a royal tooth picker tho haha

    Wonderful sense of space and granduer in the grand dining hall too!

  • Whoa, their language is written in English letters? I thought you had a different alphabet.
    What are those spiky things on the table?

    • Santri is, at least! Isn’t that kind of strange!

      They’re unlit candles.

  • I like the colors in this. Very nice! And the plot is smooth and very well displayed here.
    Yum yum, pigs feet!

  • Simply Me

    This page is absolutely gorgeous.

    I wouldn’t mind eating pigs feet, looking like that. :] In fact, all the food looks amazing, fermented or not.

    The servers (or servents) look gorgeous as well. :]

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who noticed the “zader” in the background. ;]

    I wish I had some way to connect these thoughts all into one… Haha


    shouldn’t it say “eaten off every plate” instead of “eaten of every plate”? either way, this is another amazing page. can’t wait for more!

  • I don’t know why, but those are the best darned rendered pig’s feet EVER! LoL Such epicness!

  • Sabreur

    That is a fascinating tradition they have there, and one that makes a lot of sense. If the Emperor himself acts as a poison-taster, then you can be assured of good intentions. Not to mention it would be one hell of a gracious gesture, only slightly undermined when he apparently stops to pick his teeth with his thumbnail. :-P

  • This page is absolutely gorgeous.

    I wouldn’t mind eating pigs feet, looking like that. :] In fact, all the food looks amazing, fermented or not.

    The servers (or servents) look gorgeous as well. :]

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who noticed the “zader” in the background. ;]

    I wish I had some way to connect these thoughts all into one… Haha

  • Wandered In

    Just noticed, on my second readthrough: Luca has false front teeth, which is why he’s picking them! the detail! MY GOD, IT’S FULL OF STARS, I MEAN, DETAILS!

  • Amanda

    Wow, Luca is crazy, but he’s a good host/emperor if he test tastes the food

    • It’s an old custom/ show of good faith to take a bite of every dish yourself, since the Pasori traditionally love killing each other in various ways.

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