I guess there’s no point in trying to act innocent when your face is already covered up like you’re guilty, but good effort.


  • Wood

    Is that a robbery ?

    I wonder what the deal is with the handkerchief over her face ? That tattoo is till pretty recognizable…

    Unless it’s some kind of tribal mark, and hundreds of other people have it ?

    • Kathryn

      Pretty sure that’s a dude!

      And whomever wanted to identify him wouldn’t be able to see the full tattoo anyway. If he wanted to completely cover it, it would block his vision.

      • RBrent

        Check the Meek Wiki. Soli is a girl

      • Kay

        Actually its is a chick, click the cast page and look under the name “soli” she just disguises herself as a guy

      • Noelle

        Not a dude, Soli is indeed a woman.

        Hehe, I love the door-to-door sales routine XD

        I can’t get Laurence of Arabia out of my head with this page…

      • Anna

        Pretty sure your wrong on this one. Soli is definitely a girl! Easy mistake to make though, if you didn’t know before.

      • SotiCoto

        Apparently not… but I’m frankly at a loss as to why anyone gives a toss.

        Do normal people really care that much about knowing what gender a fictional character is?

        • Representation is important for groups that are underrepresented. Took me a while to understand that as well, but now I can appreciate that some readers have different reactions and takeaways from my work than the ones I had intended for them to have.

  • Jac

    Oh yeah, one of the first comments! 8D

    My god Soli, I want you in a Trigun crossover so bad :>

    • Seconded!

  • mandy

    Soli is the definition of a BAMF. Unh.

    • AlbinoBee


  • You’ve gotta be forceful with door-to-door sales. Soli knows!

    • napsterkitten5

      This very true, ever tried to sell those damned magazine subscriptions? Force = success!

    • Joe

      She could be a Door-to-Door Door Salesman!
      “Hello sir, could I interest you in a new door?”
      “No, mine works fine. See?” *slam*
      “How about now?”

      • Koi

        Oh my god yes.

  • TLL

    Second panel makes me inexplicably happy. Your ability to convey an expression–an ENTIRE expression–using only the eyes is amazing.

    Also, i’d totally buy whatever Soli was sellin’. ;D

  • lmfao sparta kick much? XD

  • sweet_gardenia

    ” Housekeeping! You want fluff pillow? ” BAM

    Gotta watch those Jehovah witnesses mmhmm

    This is an excellent little sequence. Though I’m guessing either no one is home or they are DEAD (I am totally looking over your shoulder reading your notes sorry)

  • He’s totally missing out on those religious readers.

  • Or they might know it’s a lie and they’re hiding.

  • Ryl

    A guy living in the middle of nowhere in a shack? He’s obviously hiding from something. Poor bastard should’ve just subscribed to the periodicals. ^_^

    And I totally agree with TLL. Your ability to show the character’s thoughts and feelings with the smallest of things, whether it be eyes, hands, or a tilt of the head, is just remarkable.

  • Kr

    Soli in panel two looks like Richard from Looking For Group. Well, she’s reminiscent of him.

    • Allie-Wolf

      No way!! You noticed that too!!
      Especially the 2nd and 3rd panel.

    • dredogastus f

      It’s true. Richard has the same big soulful eyes as Soli. I would be happy to buy periodicals from someone that so obviously has a good soul.

  • Android 21 3/7

    If you look at the top of the last panel a certain way, what’s her mouth looks like an eye, her chin looks like glasses, her clavicle looks like a mouth, her face cover looks like a wild west fedora, and she looks like a total (for the lack of a better word) badass. (That’s a very good thing. When I said “for the lack of a better word”, it’s because I dislike using cuss words.)

    • Zombie Porn

      Hahah, thanks. Now that you pointed it out I can’t NOT see it.

  • I just love that door :O

  • Zersk

    Heh, I love Soli’s face in the second and third panel.

    -Raises hand- I wouldn’t mind periodicals.

  • I like this guy. Sort of holds no bars type of guy.

    • Mark

      Except that he’s the holds no bars type of guy that’s actually a girl.

      • Jimmy

        It’s a reasonable mistake to make if you didn’t already know that. I certainly thought the taller diplomat was a man for a good long while :p

  • Dan M

    Soli, the worlds most aggressive salesperson!

    And i love her face in the third panel~

    • Danreiv


      She’s almost cute !

  • TBman256

    another good page :) can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Steffyn

    Don’t worry, this page is worth the wait
    i’m in love with Soli’s expressions :D

  • Libby Rust

    For some reason, this page makes me want to put a big sign on my door that reads, “Solicitors will be eviscerated – Unless they have chocolate.”

    I do love that World’s Best Chocolate the kids sometimes sell…

  • Arkan


  • … seconding Trigun crossover.

    That was an amazingly flimsy door, smashing to bits like that D: Hopefully the person who lives there isn’t as flimsy.

    • amadre

      That’s not a flimsy door. That’s a badass kick.

  • awol360

    Mmmmmm… Trigun. Though I’m having a Kill Bill Volume 2 deja vu, and I hope I’m wrong about that feeling.
    Digging how expressive Soli’s eyes are in the second and third panel. I’d be curious to see Pinter’s map in more detail to figure out where Luca and Soli are in the world. Keep up the great work.

    • Jimmy

      Man, if she spent the next 50 pages having flashbacks in a coffin, it’d be amazing. (…ok, I hated Kill Bill 2, but still…amazing in a sort of troll your fans way)

  • Jake

    Damn, Jehovah’s Witnesses are getting bad ass!

  • Matt

    *knock knock knock*
    “Candygram!”, says the shark…

  • Mr.Tophat

    That door really should have brought some of those periodicals.

  • Pneumonica

    Why is it that I’m now thinking of the Abstraction Salesman from Dresden Codak?

    • Zersk

      Oh my god, so am I now.

  • Ooh, the last “kicking down the door” panel is awesome. :) Sweet!

  • AWWW YISSS kickin’ down doors with high-heels! soli is such the HBIC.

  • BentKatana

    Soli ’bout to choke a bitch.

  • Thisperson


  • Cherry B.

    *Mouth foam* Gosh, Soli is so darn cute/sexy. >.< I love the second and third panels the most. Reminds me of Richard from LFG.

    Great job as always. :)

    • Pneumonica

      Definitely loving Soli. Turning into my favorite character so far.

      And much with the sexy.

  • Starface

    Oh, she actually IS binding. o:

    I love the expressions, for some reason they look really comical behind that mask.

  • Soli SMASH!


    (Sorry, I just felt I had to counter all the Trigun references with a much older Marvel reference … )

  • Daedalus_Scribe

    It’s great how each chapter so far feels so distinct. The tone of each makes them appear to be different comics on the surface, all in the same world. I can’t wait to see how these stories combine! I love Soli and Alamand’s dialogue so far.

    Speaking of past chapters, my signed Chapter 1 book arrived today! You’re awesome, Der-Shing! The book looks beautiful, and everything really jumps off the page.

  • Hey I just got book 1 today! I love this comic, can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • watchergryph

    I think I love this character, especially the subtleties of her design. At first I had taken her to be a lean man, but with this page I noticed the feminine shape underneath that trench coat, prompting me to look deeper at the Wiki. And is that a breast binder I see peeking out from her shirt?


    • jmaccabeus

      You’re right, after you mentioned that I looked back and noticed that; I figured up until now that she was just naturally like that. Ah, it’s the little touches like that which help me love this comic so much.

      (Also, add me to those who happily got their physical copy of Chapter 1! Even better in print than it is here, and that’s saying something.)

  • ADC

    The day the Jehovah’s Witnesses wouldn’t take no for an answer. =B

    Man, I love this webcomic. *squee*

  • Ekkehardt

    Brilliant page – the front door explosion is epic! :D

    Not sure if it means anything but Pinter’s symbol on his upper arm is a similar blue to Soli’s??? Coincidence!?!?!?!?!?!? probably xD

  • Mr.Tophat

    OH OH! 10 dollars its the wrong house!

    Oh hilarity…

  • This panel is just so awesome! I love her expressions and the subtle hints of her femininity….so many different nuances that make this comic really come to life. I have my signed copy as well and I was so excited to see all the extras!!!

  • GoSign


  • Nolan

    Mind you, now that I’m in here, I don’t know if you’ve ever really considered the advantages of owning a really fine set of Moncton Encyclopedias – can really make you think…

    Soli is a successful encyclopedia salesman.

  • Neon

    Dude, those eyes are the best. Also, she could make a killing selling things door to door… like new doors.

  • Space c0w Girl

    A question… do you use comic press for the comics? or is the website just coded for it? Hope you don’t mind me asking.

    • Yeah, it’s Comicpress, but I don’t know anything about the coding XD I hired a friend to do it for me.

  • Raoul

    It’s odd, but Soli looks much more feminine with her lower face covered. Especially in panel three. Younger, too—I’d almost say a teen or early twenties, when the last few panels thirties would’ve been my guess.

  • Simply Me

    Soli is so pretty in panel 3. :]

  • Amberblaze

    Man, I LOVE this comc so far.

    But, Question- does it update regularly, or just whenever? I like to keep my comic reading schedule organized. ^^’

    • It’s supposed to update 2x a week, but due to some issues I’m having it’s been more like 1x a week : If you want to be notified of updates when they happen, you can hit the RSS button at the bottom of the page, or subscribe to the Facebook or Twitter for the comic!

      • Amberblaze

        Okay, cool! I totally understand, issues happen.

  • Soli = “The woman who cries but sheds no tears”

    Her tat is a great recreation of a tear. ^_^

  • Speckie

    Why does the second panel remind me of Richard from Looking For Group?


    Anyway- seriously loving the comics. 8D Just enough humour, drama, mystery and kickass art skills to make a sweet webcomic and I love it. lD

  • Another great page

  • blix

    loool he’s got copies of Watchtower hid in that cloak.

  • Mike

    by the way when i kick your ass i’ll forbid blood transfusions. cause i’m extreme Jehova’s witness!

  • Duke

    Re-reading through these, I just noticed something. In that last panel, her thumb is on the wrong side. o.o

    • lol, you’re right XD I’ll put that on my list of things to fix.

  • friday

    how’s he do that with his right hand in the last panel?

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