Alamand! >:c

Today…. Today has been pretty awesome. Thanks again to Scott McCloud for mentioning the comic on his site. This guy is, if you were not already aware, the beginning and end of comics analysis, and it is incredible to me that he reads my stupid comic. If you have not yet read his books (Making Comics is extremely handy if you are a comics creator), you should definitely hit up your library and see what I mean.

I’m trying really hard to climb back on the 2x a week wagon that I mysteriously fell off of. Part of the problem was extreme trepidation about setting up this scene, but I think I am over it. Check back sometime this weekend for page 10 and again, thank you all for reading.


  • Bubby

    Yes, don’t let him go down there alone!!

    Great page, as usual. You freaking rock.

    • Skenned


  • eagle-elf

    I agree. Scott McCloud is AMAZING. And I think it’s absolutely fantastic that you get the pleasure of knowing he reads your comic. ^-^

    • Connor

      Well its obvious that he just has good taste.

  • Arison

    Ahaha, I like how it looks like Alamand is copying Soli with his scarf. XD

  • Love panel four and the ever-subtle presence of Soli’s freckles. XD

  • Sheperd

    Yes! Another new page! Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I like broccoli too.

  • Sara

    Wow! Congrats on the McCloud mention!! That’s a big deal!!! (Meriting ever-increasing numbers of exclamation points, apparently.)

    Also, your amazing art & storytelling is a big deal!!!!!!!

  • Peony

    Aaah! Moar Update! Also, I didn’t even realize that was Alamand at first–apparently hairbuns can do wonders to one’s appearance :P

  • Vanessa

    EEEEE! Scott McCloud! That is so amazingly awesome! I’ve loved Making Comics since I was thirteen. There are any number of positive words I could used to describe this. I’m just so happy for you. :D

    On the topic of this page, I really notice the depth of field in this page, with the bolder darker outlines for Soli and softer more knock-out lines in the background. It really adds to the atmosphere here. Love it. :)

    • Haha, I just noticed I should darken the lines in the fg of some panels, durr XD

  • I saw that plug! Totally awesome, congratulations!

    And haha Alamand’s little tuft of ponytail is so cute. And is there something on his chest? It can’t possibly be chest hair! Or if it is…wow. XD

    • No, not chest hair :) Good eye though!

      • Back story, then someday??? YAY! Mighty curious now.

      • Happy

        HAHAHAHA oi I totally thought it was chest hair too! And then I was just like, remembering how everyone’s confused about both of their genders… it’d be a pretty shocking thought if you happened to decide he was female before this. <w<

    • Miw-Sher

      Got me as well :)

  • LeDayz

    *heart attack!* DAMNIT ALAMAND!!!

  • Jimmy

    The only thing I know about Scott McCloud is what Penny Arcade said 9 years ago.


  • roland

    It’s not often I find a new web-comic with this much potential… I’ll be sure to check in regularly.

  • wandering-dreamer

    And this people is why you need to keep QUIET when someone breaks in, Alamand clearly knows this!

  • Raptorbane

    Ssssssoooooo gay for Soli. :<

    • Raptorbane

      I am, I mean.

      • Jac

        I think we ALL are.


  • Jac

    OH MY GOD.

    I just realized that I could cosplay Soli.


    • I am just going to assume you have a giant ponytail mullet.

  • Got my book today…omg I can’t wait for the next and the next and the next ;)

  • Mr.Tophat

    Alamand just made the biggest stealth fail ever… Well…. Soli did…. but Alamand helped.

    Where’s Sam Fisher when you need him?

  • Pneumonica

    Meek: The Roleplaying Game

    Soli’s Player: “Alright, I’d like to roll Stealth for Soli.”
    Alamand’s Player: “Alamand will assist!”
    GM: “Excellent. Soli, you’ll take a -4 penalty for Alamand’s assistance.”
    Soli’s Player: *looks angry at Alamand’s player*
    Alamand’s Player: “What, that isn’t helpful?”

  • Mr. McCloud is all sorts of awesome. I actually got to play wii sports with him and two of his comic buddies. I am horrible at the game. XD But he gave me a lot of seriously good advice about my art and comics.

    He and his family are all super cool people.

  • Featured by Scott McCloud? That’s like a knightly accolade!! Congratulations are in order! *hugs*
    If I were you I’d totally freak out. You probably already have… XD

  • Shaun

    I think it’s pretty cool that the way you’ve colored these pages makes the detail more apparent the longer you look at it; like your eyes are adjusting to the light.

  • Wood

    Ooh, I was wondering where the radio equipment was… It’s in the basement !

  • Chris

    I am getting some Raiders of the Lost Ark vibes from that fourth panel, might just be me, but it (and this entire scene) are totally fantastic.

  • Soli makes the best expressions evar. I am not even joking.

  • Gothy77

    points go to:
    alamand for: stealth fail
    soli for: best “GAH!” ever

  • jmaccabeus


    Hurray for quicker updates! Without any drop in quality, either. And congratulations on being the one recommended this time around, and by a big name like that as well…

  • Poor Sobbing Sob

    Now don’t call your comice stupid. I went to school for the stuff and I can’t draw half as good as you.

    That’s why I’m going to another school so I can get half as good as you.

  • Raquel

    So Alamand really has piebaldness?
    I can’t think of anything else that’s on his chest.. I missed him by the way!!!!<33

    • Matt

      I think that’s just the light coming in from outside. His tank top is very loose, so what you’re seeing is some of the light reflecting off his chest.

      Also, I love both of their expressions. Soli’s face is priceless, while Alamand is sporting one of the best People’s Eyebrows ever.

  • Marbles

    Why do I find her expression in panel 1 so awesome? Also – never fear, ALAMAND’S HERE. To help with all your trapdoor/spelling related conundrums.

  • DoggySpew

    Gah indeed, Soli, gah indeed.

  • Haha, this really reminds me of my brother, awesome!

  • fish

    hey, um… i wanted to ask:
    since you don’t have a “vote”-button anymore, and since you are not doing any vote-incentives… will there be no way to get a wallpaper for this chapter, like for the other two? are you even doing one this time?

    • Actually, I was going to bring the vote button back for the wallpaper :) I’m thinking beginning of next month, since all the players in this chapter will have been intro’d by then!

      • fish

        yeeey! :D
        i’m looking forward it!

  • That’s awesome that Scott McCloud reads your comic! I saw him at Comic Con, but only briefly. He is an amazing person when it comes to comics.

    I really like the last panel! The expressions came out great! :D

  • Andy 0.o

    Alamand shouldnt sneak on ppl like that!!!Imagine if Soli was holding a gun!!Pffft this kids nowadays…
    Oh gr8 page btw… it was worth the wait
    Congrats for the mentioning by Scott…he rules m/
    Uhm and a lil suggestion: Make a Personas Theme on Firefox of The Meek…Pretty Pleaseeeee!!! “Sad Bambi Begging Eyes”

    • I don’t know what that is! But for you, I will look into it.

      • Andy 0.o

        Yay me IS happy 0.0(look at my happy face xDD)

  • and whatnot

    oh Alamand. :3

  • ColdCedric

    Such a shocking face, I was surprised that he didn’t pull his gun out.

    • Gharuel Shaan


  • LuLu

    8U Is that chest hair I see on Alamand or am I just seeing things?

  • …Most random observation ever, but I just realized that Alemand’s name is just one extra ‘L’ away from the French word for German. :I Guess I’m learning something in that class after all.

    Also, Alemand is awesome at stealth. For srs.

    • Erica

      It’s Alamand. :)

  • Kadath

    Sometimes it’s worth the wait, just to see your comments towards your characters. :P

  • Gideon

    Just found this comic. I’m in love. Very glad it’s not hundreds of pages long already or I’d have even less spare time.

  • Wow, that must feel pretty awesome! Congrats! Scott McCloud has been a great help to me + still learning from his books – I use his “Understanding Comics” and “Making Comics” as comic-bibles!

    And dang, Alamand. Way to go… XD
    Have fun at APE. :3

    • I didn’t acquire Making Comics until… last year? I think? It was a b-day gift from a friend. But as I was reading it and recognizing some of the things I do (and other things that I need to do) I realized it was basically clear instructions on how to make a great comic. The only problem is the leading a horse to water bit, haha… some of the tips mentioned in the book that I do currently are things that I only started to do after years of learning and experimentation, and not necessarily things I could have changed myself overnight to accomplish. But I guess that’s the same with all learning :B

  • Lee

    HOORAY I finally got my chapter 1 comic in the post this morning. I thought it was forgotten about :’c

    I don’t mind that the comic was at a slowish pace the last few pages. That’s what separates this from being just a “webcomic” that needs to have a mini-story and a punchline at the end of every page. For people reading the whole thing in one go, this works far better.

    The comic was fantastic quality, and I love the little extra bits you included at the end. I’ll make sure to keep it in good condition :] Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Thank you so much for reading :`D And I’m glad you got your comic on time as well! I apologize for it being late (sort of), it was my publisher’s first time offering a smaller paperback type book, and we sort of underestimated the interest D: I really had nooo intention of signing about turned out to be 700 books when I agreed to the preorder thing. This time around for Chapter 2 we’re going to limit the special preorders and make sure the books will be sent out in faster batches. I’m super excited for Ch2 though, the minicomic at the end is one of my favorite comics I’ve ever done.

      • Lee

        Ohhh snap. I’ll need to keep my eyes open for a signed copy of the second one then.

        And no need to apologise, I didn’t know whether it was late or on time cause I wasn’t aware of when they’d get sent out ^^;

  • sweet_gardenia

    Alamand is like the wacky next door neighbor in all the sitcoms. The one who randomly pops his head in in the middle of crisis/dinner/hot-n-heavy make-out session and gives his Snappy Catch Phrase to canned laughter and will probably have a Brilliant Scheme of some sort


    • “Did I do thaaat?”


      • Sheperd

        LOL. I can’t believe you quoted that old show.

  • congratulations on getting featured by Scott McCloud :D That’s awesome!!!

  • TryingToBeHelpful

    I’m not trying to be anal retentive, but isn’t there supposed to be a circular design on Alamand’s bandana? :3

    • lol damn it. My readers are too smaaaart

      I was leaving it off because I didn’t like the original symbol and am still trying to think of an alternative. I was hoping nobody would notice, and then I could go back and put it in XD It’ll be in for the next page, and I’ll go back and correct the others as well. Good work on holding me to a higher standard :B

  • Miw-Sher

    So who IS Alamand in relation to Soli? Is he her kid? ( icant see her having a kid though for some reason)

    little brother?

  • Ohhh, Scott McCloud is my husband’s idol. “Making Comics” is was motivated him to really start his own. Congrats on being featured!

    Also, got my Chapter 1 in the mail. YAY!

  • Novus-Aurigo

    Wow, Scott McCloud! I’ve read his books, they’re very helpful. Maybe he’ll mention your webcomic in his next one! :D

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