FINALLY. I won’t bore you with how many times I had to redraw this page (This layout is completely different from the layout I started with, haha). I can’t look at this thing any more.

Thank you to all of you who showed up at APE last weekend! I am all sold out of my Meek minis (the Tide), yay to those of you who got one XD Congrats too to those of you who picked up your Chapter 2 comic early, the new printer rocks and this chapter looks suuuper nice. They should be released for purchase on the internet very soon! I also had a wonderful time hitting up old friends and making new ones! Cons are awesome. I don’t think I’ll be going to any more this year due to a heavy workload, but it makes me look forward to the next :)

I have a deadline coming up early next week, and after that comes more pages. I wish I had more time to do everything I want/ need to do! See you then :u


  • Guzba

    Looking forward for a chance to pick up the second issue as well :)

  • P-chan

    Hi there! :D

    I’ve been trolling around here a while and never had a chance to comment until now. I just would like to say that your coloring is mighty awesome and your lighting and expressions are pretty dang good! Will be keeping an eye for more Soli and Alamand adventures!

    BTW, when is Amen going to show up? Also, I think you forgot to update in Twitter….

  • Ah I love this page! I was so excited to see a new update :) Alamand’s expression is wonderful, and just with his eyes and pose…you do a lovely job with body language!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on chapter 2!

  • Esile

    Soli doesn’t mess around.

    I love the strength of the female characters in this series. :D

    • Poor Sobbing Sob

      You have no idea what this does to guys. We now feel outdated and purposeless. :’/

    • Adam

      well. it’s a shame that that that’s not true for Soli… seeing as he is a MAN!

      • Adam

        well. it’s a shame that that that’s not true for Soli… seeing as he is a MAN!

        edit: well… is my face red, sorry about that I wasn’t very far into the comic yet :/

  • Ah! Here we go. Books, eh? This here be a radio station, not a library.

    Your colors are something else. Every page, it hits me.

    • “Your colors are something else. Every page, it hits me.”

      Agreed so hardcore.

  • Hah-ha ! That was clever ! I’m really curious about those books ? Need me some more information on those characters !!! ^^

  • speearr

    Nice way of drawing out the rats from their hole!

    I can’t help but stare at the droopy finger in Panel 1! Soli’s rubbery! :p

    But seriously, the final layout is good, I like the symmetry.

  • I laughed so hard. C:

    Soli is one cunning gal.

  • Well that’s a quick way to smoke out the rats, so to speak.

  • Sarall

    Soli’s so great. I love how calm she is about everything. <3

  • I’m so happy I was able to nab a copy of chapter 2! The printing is indeed fantastic. Of course, meeting you in person was the real highlight!

    Also, I absolutely love panel three! Who doesn’t love to burn things?

  • Novarri

    You don’t like the layout? I think you made it work very nicely; all the information is well presented. I especially like how Alamand’s speech bubble in the first panel has the gap between “really? but…” and “ohhh,” but instead of a speech bubble interrupting it, it’s Soli’s hand. That’s an interesting way to convey the timing of her gesture.

    Also, now I can’t wait for chapter 2 to be available online!

    • Oh, I like it now! I just didn’t like redrawing the page 3 times to get to it XD

  • Libby Rust

    LMAO! I officially love Soli. XD

  • poor old man!

  • Emperial

    Clever Soli! Ominous Soli! … Soli!

  • jmaccabeus

    She even has a library card, it appears. A cylindrical, metallic card that makes loud noises, but I’d say that’s a valid one. And Alamand’s reaction to getting a chance to set the place alight is absolutely perfect. I imagine that’s the whole reason he tagged along in the first place. :p

    Once again, very much well worth the wait. The composition of the whole thing is absolutely perfect, to my admittedly untrained eye. Keep up the good work!

  • sweet_gardenia

    Soli. Badass. That’s all there is to it. I love how neatly she set all that up hahaha

  • Ronadir

    Don’t burn his tower! He needs that to listen to his Sinatra!

  • Soli’s so crafty! Gotta love her… even though I’m going through Pinter withdrawal at the moment (he’s my favorite!).

    I’m such a nerd for good characters, and this is one of the many reasons I love your comic. All your characters are so different and well-defined. How’d you come up with them all?

  • This sounds terrible, but I love the panel where Soli pushes the gun up against the guy’s nose. And then she’s so formal when speaking to him XD.

    ‘Nother awesome page :D

  • concerned fan

    Its about time. I was beginning to get worried that this one would never come…

  • I love Soli… with a passion. Fire is not the answer to all of one’s problems; it is the question. The answer is yes.

  • BentKatana

    Lol, I just pictured Soli holding up a library…

  • Android 21 3/7

    I love how that Soli does things.

  • I thought that this was really well done. The layout in panel 1 seemed a little confusing at first with the dialogue, but when I looked at it a second time, I was impressed. You did really well with the timing and the natural feel of it. I really like it!

  • grove

    Oh my god



    I love this page

    Alamand’s big eyes look a bit creepy though if you stare at them too long.

    • Amused

      Alamand is watching you, grove.

      Everything is great as usual. I continue to adore Helmer’s work and eagerly await the next page.

    • Pneumonica

      Alamand’s eyes are especially creepy when you realize how excited he is to burn the tower down.

  • :D

    :O this comic is awsome xD

  • Marion

    That frail old guy sure packs some muscle if he can lift a trapdoor with a twelve-year-old still on it! Or he’s just that desperate, of couse… (* cue theme music from ‘The Hulk’*)

    • Alamand is on the table, actually :B

  • Pneumonica

    Fight fire with something one could confuse for fire. ^^

    In other news, might I state that Soli is hot. Really, really hot.

  • awol360

    I love Alamand’s reaction in panel 3. Every young boy would be a pyromaniac if they could get away with it or didn’t know better. Keep up the good work, man.

  • Nate

    Man this library has terrible service.

  • Maiumaora

    Holy shiz that old guy is adorable xD
    Seriously…it distracted me from the pyro thing for a few seconds.

  • lazysmirk

    Alamand just may just grow up to be spectacular.

  • Nico


  • Simply Me

    Panels 2 and 3…. Gosh.
    I would totally go lesbian for Soli, hahaha.
    And Alamand…just so cute. Definately my favorite character so far. He’s too funny. :P

  • Akeli

    I stalk this comic on a regular basis so I’m pretty excited to see a new page! I love every twist and turn. :D

    I had a question though – I bought issue 1…and I was kind of disappointed in the print job. I could see the artwork on the other side of the pages, and the colours were pretty faded inside. It was totally worth it though, for the extra mini-comic and the signature. I am extremely hopeful for this next issue because of your comment, and I’m planning on ordering. Are some of the complications with the first issue’s printing fixed in this next one?

    • Yes, we actually switched printers entirely. I’ve seen the new prints and they are amazing!

  • Kirsa

    I dont know if that was reported yet, but it looks like his finger in the first panel isn’t right. kind of broken or limpy ?!?. page is awesome, still, as usual.

    • Seems fine

      She was pointing down toward the trap door. The reason it seems limpy is because most people tend to use their thumb to grip the fingers when pointing down. I don’t really see it as a flaw since it’s really a personal preference to how you point.

      Using another example, is it wrong to drink a tea cup with a pinky finger pointed up or the pinky finger closed in a fist? There is no right answer.

      BTW, I think Helen Mirren could play Soli.

    • BouncingFerret

      No, I see it too. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to make my finger point down in any way that looks like that. Or, at least, not in a way that doesn’t look like I’m making a fist with one finger resting over the top of the others, which doesn’t strike me as very helpful in pointing. It doesn’t (to me) look like the difference between using your thumb to hold down the fingers and not using your thumb to hold down the fingers, either. There are just certain ways the body doesn’t (normally) bend.

      That being said, it in no way detracts from my enjoyment of this page or comic.

  • Raoul

    My old LCD monitor is dying, so I scrounged up the cash to replace it with a new LED. I am absolutely astounded at the difference this has made in the appearance of the last few pages. I was wondering why they were so murky—now I see they are instead amazingly subtle.

    I think this may be your best work so far.

    I agree with BouncingFerret, though: I can’t point like that. Perhaps Soli has fingers limber beyond my ken. More likely, I suspect, her hand isn’t angled properly—we should just see her middle finger and vestiges of the other two.

  • Alexander

    I just started wondering: What kind of revolver does Soli have? I assume its a single action, seeing as she has two and it is cumbersome to load one in a firefight. Unless she is actually capable of using two double actions at once, which leads my to my next question: what is the caliber?

    Yes, I’m a gun nut.

    • Josh

      You mean that the other way, right? I feel like a single-action in each hand would be awfully awkward, what with needing to thumb the hammer and all. Unless you mean to empty one and then switch to the other, which would probably be the more effective method regardless of action.

      Anyway, unless I missed one, it doesn’t look like she has it cocked in any of these scenes, so it’s probably double.

      The long barrel says “large caliber” to me. Either that or she’s trying to make some awfully long shots, but she seems like the brute force type to me.

  • Kirsa

    I agree with Raoul and Bouncing Ferret. I actually tried to bend my hand like this, and nothing seemed to work. I believe it’s an angle thing too. Raoul describes it in a better way than I.

    I did get the idea that he was pointing at the trap… I was just trying to be helpful in reporting someting I noticed, not trying to say I missed the whole point. like I mentionned earlier, the page is still awesome. I love this comic !

    • Raptorbane

      To be honest, I tried bending my hand that way too, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get my hand to show a black outline and look like it had been painted digitally, either. :C

  • I got both the first and second issue at APEcon. I think I worn out Issue 2 a tad after my seventh read through… I needed something to read on BART!

    Alamand’s love for torching stuff reminds me of my friend… Well actually, allot of my friends.

  • Gothy77

    Alamands enthusiasm worries me

  • Yasmiri

    That finger? Yeah. I point like that too. I can do it.. but maybe I just have weird fingers. D:

  • I do not see how people didn’t think Soli was a woman XD She has a female figure in your style. Also the prophecy said a ‘woman who cries but sheds no tears’, well she has the tear drop tattoo on her face.. It didn’t say a ‘men who cries but sheds no tears’.

  • I do not see how people didn’t think Soli was a woman XD She has a female figure in your style. Also the prophecy said a ‘woman who cries but sheds no tears’, well she has the tear drop tattoo on her face.. It didn’t say a ‘men who cries but sheds no tears’.

  • Ele


    • I KNOW :D Pretty cool that you can finally see all the tiny shit I put in these pages XD

  • Jayboots

    I just discovered this comic yesterday while browsing Sam and Fuzzy links, and I must say I’m hooked. I had to consciously stop reading so I could go outside and get some exercise.
    If the quality of the story line and artwork continue to grow, I don’t think anyone would complain if there are delays in the comic being posted. That being said, I realize that since I just discovered this comic, and this particular posting I’m commenting on is where I’m at in the storyline, I am biased based on the fact that I am not seeing any of the delays since it has been 2.5 years since the posting. But I do read many webcomics on a daily basis, and some of them do have an inconsistent posting schedule, but I enjoy and look forward to every time (Lackadaisy comes to mind).
    Bravo on the comic!

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