UPDATE: My schedule is all kinds of crazy right now, so I might not have a page up for another week or more. Sorry about that :C In the meantime… meow
Oh man, new characters! And it’s not in that shack either, thank god. I can’t wait to keep fleshing this chapter out, eeee. There will be more info about these rare dudes who are not fat or old in upcoming vote incentives :3

I haven’t done a comic pimp in a while, so here is a really good one: Stop Paying Attention by Lucy Knisley. It doesn’t update as often as it could, but the comics that are there are so meaningful and amazing that it more than makes up for it (it updated yesterday!). If you haven’t read it yet, you should take a look.



  • OH MAN so exciting. These two almost mirror Soli and Alamand, though I’m sure the square-jawed guy’s sidekick is older than Ali. Peachfuzz. :3

    • T_T The mustache is too pathetic to break regulations.

  • paperjellyfish

    Tee hee, more horse-butt.

  • Yessss I’m so happy to see him show up. <3

  • TLL

    Amen you so man-tasty. <3 That last face makes me stupidly happy.

  • grove


    that is all

    (and yes, these guys do kinda mirror Ali and Soli. :P)

  • I don’t want to sound like a nasty heckler, but I think there’s some things really off about the new guy’s face. First, the eyes in the last panel look like they’re focused about three inches in front of his face (you’re better than that), then there’s the geometry. I don’t know much about it, but I just think there’s something that isn’t quite coming together like it should.

    • TLL

      See, I actually like Amen’s face quite a bit, -because- of the fact that it looks more, uh… Polygonal? It’s not quite normal in the stylings that you see with her other characters, methinks, but I find it interesting.

      As for the eyes appearing like they’re focused on something close, as someone who’s kind of a budding-ish-artist myself, i’ve gotta ask the noob question and wonder how you distinguish between eyes focused on something close, and something far away. (I mean, I don’t think you’re WRONG–the more that I look at the last panel the more it looks that way–I just can’t put my finger on why. XD)

    • mmmmm I kind of like his eyes in the last panel. I played with it a lot and I’m fine with the way it looks. I’ll allow that maybe I’ve been staring at this page too long, but I’m not going to “fix” anything until I can actually see it myself.

      And his face is way more sharp than anyone else in the comic so far. I’ve actually never done a inked/ colored drawing of him, only softer paintings or sketches, so I’m still working things out. Tell me again in 10 pages if you still hate it.

      • No no I never hated it! I just though maybe you stayed up too late. But yeah, it’s probably just the contrast, especially with Peach-Fuzz there. Soft-and-round next to hard-and-square.

    • Fleece

      Heh, there´s nothing wrong with his face or eyes, he is just being like O_o on the last panel.

  • P-chan

    YAY For Amen showing up! I’m curious since there’s not much info about him, so I’m going to greedily devour my eyes until the next chapter shows up! :3

    …Are Soli and Amen going to have a face off? I seriously can’t wait, but I’m willing to be patient!

  • Jac

    Oh, so this is Amen?

    He’s so very handsome. :}

    • Jac

      … Now that I really think about it, his facial structure really reminds me of comic book superheroes. I think it’s the eyes and the jawline.

  • Amen, sistar!

    If you happened to saw this in facebook… make like you didn’t anything…

  • XIX


  • sawbones

    I was about to say, bro. That one bro is haaaaaandsoooooome.

    • He is likely to be the most handsome bro in this entire comic.

      • except for Pinter. I<

        • Hillary

          Psh. Suda is where it’s at.

          • Jac

            IDK guys. Soli has kinda won me over, even despite her recent jackassery.

            I still think she’s the hottest guy here. :D

          • sawbones

            Suda is pretty attractive too! But I think Amen’s more my type~*

  • Mabool

    I usually only read without comments, but this time I’ll say this: I love those uniforms.

  • Lizzy

    Amen… *__* (I think it’s funny how everyone totally already knows who this guy is…)
    Also, I like his face personally, I think it’s a nice variation from the “rounder” faces you do – Angora, Luca, blah blah) while still in keeping with your personal style :)
    Plus he’s handsome.
    PLUS PLUS, his sidekick (or whatever) should really just shave the teensy mustache. :P

    • Jac

      He has to keep the mustache. The poor guy is probably so very emasculated by Amen’s chizeled manly jawline that he has no choice but to attempt to compensate.

      • Lizzy

        Ahh, you have a point.

  • Mmm them are some seriously sexeh hawt uniforms XD yay for getting out of the shack! :D

    The only thing that bothers me with this page, just as a dorky horseh artist note, is that horses with dark tails and manes typically always have dark coloured legs, as in dis pictcha http://www.manegaitfarms.com/showcase/wrangler/wrangler5.jpg and dis http://www.theequinest.com/images/cleveland-bay-1.jpg – I have actually never seen a horse with a dark mane and tail who did not have dark coloured legs (unless of course its entire leg was covered in a white stocking marking, which is extremely unlikely unless the horse also happens to be a paint or pinto. Paints have white markings splattered randomly all over them like http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/horses/paint/paint1.jpg ) I know for people who do not care about horses this is not a big thing, but for animal-obsessed psychos like me it glares a bit. ;) Of course, your world is a fantasy place, so maybe buckskin horses don’t have dark coloured legs there? :)

    • Oh, I had no idea! Thanks very much for the tip, I will add that in :B

  • Mmm. I’m diggin’ Amen’s design here. 8D He’s reminiscent (to me, anyway) of those old-fashioned, very cut jawline actors from the thirties and forties in Hollywood. He’s kinda got a Paul Newman thing goin’ on here, with the hair and face shape and eyes and what not.

  • Sky

    Did we go back in time just a bit~? Or is this still the present from what was goin on in the previous page? It seems like these be’d the guys who’d yell “De Tiker!” Unless maybe they are~!? >>!

    • Sivartis

      I think the guy talking on the radio in the previous page was a dispatcher/communications officer, and these guys are the bordermen he said were on the way, so this is probably a few minutes after the previous page.

  • sweet_gardenia

    EEEEEEEEEEE it IS mah man Amen clap clap. So glad to see him.

    And that is a srs bsns face right there. You don’t mess around with the Amenster oh no… Someone’s about to get their laundry folded WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE.

  • Kedrezac

    Oh boy! The Foreign Legion has come to save the day!

  • Amen is like, on a John Hamm-level of handsome.

    But why does he have bandages around his neck? That’s what I want to know!

    • He is full of mysteries.

    • sweet_gardenia

      It’s because the bandages are the only thing that is KEEPING HIS HEAD ON HIS NECK OMFGGGG

      Or maybe it’s just part of his outfit I dunno

      • Raptorbane

        I read this at 5:30 AM and almost peed laughing :| I HOPE YOU’RE PROUD OF YOURSELF

  • Emperial

    CAN I GET AN AMEN PLEASE! Finally! X3 He has always been my secret guilty pleasure favorite. (Don’t tell Luca! )


  • Emma D

    Um….Am I the only one who thinks Amen’s buddy is hotter? XD

    On a side note – This page looks great. You’re very good at drawing horses and expressions *_*

  • I like these new characters. :D

    Love how in the third panel the moustache guy looks like he is leaning sidewards into the panel, almost like he is peeking through the panel at us. combined with the `huh?` it`s even more awesome.

  • Munchausen

    Amen is very fetching.
    I don’t compliment you enough. The colors and lines are always so nicely done. It is rich and full of eye candy. I eagerly anticipate for more to see how the story develops.

    • Munchausen

      Amen is sooooo good looking! I find myself obsessing over his features that I had to comment again. He could be a prince in a Disney movie. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition between Amen masculine chin versus his subordinate’s pubescent ‘stache that accentuates his good looks even further.

      I didn’t really think about the era that this comic is based off of but I’m really digging the feel of it so far. It sort of reminds me of the British colonization of India in 1800s mixed with American Western. I don’t know if that’s what you’re aiming for but it’s great.

      • British colonization in India and American Westerns is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Awesome. :D

      • Jac

        … “You know, I only keep you around because you make me look good.”

  • Laura

    AAAMEEEENNNN!!!!! <33333 Will we get sexy pin-up shots in the vote incentives? Yes yes yes??
    I'm gonna shut up now (just… Amen <3)

    • Jac

      I can guarantee that there will be fanart at least :3

      • Jac

        (well, in the DA group anyway…)

  • Marbles

    I’d compliment you on another beautiful page but… that chiseled jawline has me mesmerised. <3

  • HDCase

    Does anyone else think that Amen looks like Colin Ferguson from Eureka in that last panel? No complaints, here, though.

    I’m no artist, but I have to say that your art work is amazing! I get so excited about each new post!

  • Fleece

    OOo, new dude has a cool design,his eyes especially. I feel the urge to repeat to emphasize my high level of liking his eyes: new dude has really awesome eyes.

    (Hehe, I suspect this guy has such masculine design, because so, compared to him, Soli would finally look female. :D To me, Soli looks more feminine with that scarf covering the lower portion of her face anyway. )

    Hehe, the other dude´s “mustache.”

    Boy, I am excited about those new characters turning up. I love how I have no idea how this portion of bad news will turn out for Soli or in witch direction this chapter is going to move.

  • Anton

    They look a bit like French Legionnaires. Maybe even a bit Afrika Korps?

  • evelyn

    Hey…he’s a hottie.

  • Nrolad

    Amen is so handsome, i’m lovin those jaws and colored eyes…he is hot :D.

    And yeah i have a question in top web comics it describe the meek as “A comic about bad things that happen to good people, and vice versa” i thought it’s about three ppl who try to save human kind from the dangerous mutated tiger?

  • F. Squid

    I’m so excited to see Amen!

    I–I don’t have anything else of note to say, but I felt I should state that. Wonderful page, also! But then, I always enjoy them so much.

  • Rachel

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Amen. <3

  • Mai

    Ameeeennnn~ I’ve been waiting so long for him to show up. He does not disappoint. :DDDD

    • Mai

      On another note, does the soup-for-one comment have anything to do with the film of the same name?

      • Haha, no, I didn’t know it was a film :)

        • Mai

          It’s a romcom about a guy who’s determined to find the perfect woman… as in, he’s practically OCD about what she has to be like. So naturally when you mentioned it… I lolled xD

  • caris

    oooo studly.

  • Eggplant

    *delurks* Just here to say that I’ve been stalking this comic for a while and I love it to bits. :D But unless I’m too sleep-deprived to read properly, the ‘its’ in the first and second panels should be ‘it’s’…

  • Yay! Amen! I fell in love with him as soon as I he came in when I read the drafts. So glad to finally see him in the final. :D

  • Words cannot express how much I love the faces Mister Jawbone makes.

  • Lokin

    Omg,so finally some good-looking actual manry men appears xD!

  • Pneumonica

    Awesome! I’m presently studying contract law, so no snappy comments. Sorry.

  • Diabolo


  • Sweet! New characters! :) And you draw horses so awesomely – just to let you know.
    (Omg, that mustash…!)

    Ah, btw, how many letters did you post in the incentives this far? I only got 3! Feels like I have missed some. D: I try to vote every day – but some days have been less internet-action for me lately! (I am in a “gotta catch them all”-mode when it comes to your wallpaper-drawings. The 2 ones I have are so lovely~ <3)

    • Raptorbane

      There are 5 letters so far :<!

  • Red Leaves

    He looks like Peter O’Toole from Lawrence of Arabia.

    • I KNOW RIGHT ahaha

      It weirds me out because I had never seen or heard of that movie until someone pointed the similarity out to me a few years ago (when I posted the sketch version of this chapter). Maybe my subconscious is working behind my back.

  • Meganite

    YAYYY new characters!!!

    One question though: WHY does everyone have blue eyes in a desert? Evolutionarily it makes no sense, since brown eyes block harmful light rays better. (Plus, I thought it was a recessive trait…) I guess I could say the same of the white skin too, but I guess these guys could be foreigners/immigrants. Settlers.

    • EnviousMango

      Meekipedia has some background info about the ethnic groups in Meek-world. There’s a link to it under the author’s notes.
      Also, recessive traits are as likely to be passed on as dominate traits unless they actually decrease one’s odds of living long enough to reproduce. For example, the gene for 5 fingers is recessive to the gene for 6 fingers but is still more common.

    • Actually there’s a good reason for it but I can’t say yet XD

  • Lokin

    I can’t wait how the soup will turn out,much love for Amen~~

    And yeah I agree with Karrey,I only have 3…WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY—–
    I voted everyday nuuu

    tl;dr: depressed

    • caris

      yeah, i only got 3 and i thought i voted everyday, but i might have missed one or two. i guess i just hit it at the wrong time.

  • Raptorbane

    Why do they call him soup-for-one :< I wish to understaaaaaand

  • Kyrie

    The officer looks like Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia :D

  • Megan

    The link for the wallpaper doesn’t work! :(

  • Pneumonica


    (Sorry, couldn’t keep it in.)

  • Mai

    Oooohhkay I’ve got all six letters and i have NO IDEA what they are supposed to spell. :/ Anyone else having this problem or did I misread one of the letters?

    • Raptorbane

      I have six as well and no idea ;A; I just spent like 20 minutes chaingunning “random page” on the Meekipedia praying for a lead, hahaha

      (I GOT NOTHIN’)

      • Mai

        I even went on an anagram solver… nope. O_o I bet it’s really obvious and staring me in the face.

      • Haha, okay here’s a clue: the last posted letter is the first letter in the word.

        • Raptorbane

          Aww, that pretty much enhances my thought that one of the letters may have been wrong, ’cause the very first page I got on my random spree seemed promising, but only one of the letters was different D:!

  • Emma D

    I have the last 3 letters and NO IDEA what to do with them.
    Also, reading the comments – THEY ARENT IN ORDER?
    I officially have no chance XD

  • EEeeeeee!

    *swoons over the mighty man himself*

  • P-chan

    WHAAAA? I thought I really fugired out the word, but then I saw the last one, and I have to do it all over again! Hhhh, anyways, thanks for the instructions…

  • Marbles

    For those who don’t know, remove the from the end of the URL and it’ll work.

    Thought I was close to finding the word, then 1 letter mucked it up. Dx

    • Marbles

      On the plus side, I now know a Pasori swear word. :3

      • Raptorbane

        Oh lawdy by the time I had finished randomizing and reading all those pages I probably could have spoken the whole language, hahaha |D

  • Good job with the horses. They’re not the easiest thing to draw, but you’ve pulled it off brilliantly.

    So are these gents like Legionnaires of some sort?

  • Kira

    Heee, the lieutenant is smexy. x3

  • Mai

    Oh wow, I love the voting incentive for today. xD Amen sure keeps in shape!

  • Yappatan

    Ahaha I love the dude with the crappy teenage moustache.

  • where is– MY TOOTHBRUSH?

  • Nate

    And that’s when sh*t got real.

  • Turnip the Scintillating

    Hmm, is it somehow significant that everyone in this region has blue eyes?

    • Munchausen

      It could be immensely important. Or maybe the artist has fondness for blue eyes. I know I do. I love the Dutch/Swedes/Norwegians with their flowing blonde hair as if they’re chosen by the gods. I’m so jealous.

  • cedarwolf22

    Amen’s ears are awesome… he’s got that thar cartilage that sticks out futher than the edge of the ear (never get sunburned there awiebgpawbga).

  • ColdCedric

  • BentKatana

    Take your time, good luck with all your tasks and have a great holiday! :)

  • Eclectus

    Wondering when we’re going to hear from Angora again…

    • Mai

      Since the chapters look like they’re going to rotate between the three main characters, I guess the next chapter will be Angora’s turn again.

  • CottonCandyPants

    I love the diversity of your characters’ appearances. And in the first panel, where he says ‘how much d’ya wanna bet its another coyote?’ there should be an apostrophe in the ‘its’. :)

    • Thank you. “It’s” vs “its” kills me every time.

      • Asj

        With the it’s vs its thing, it might help to think of he’s and his. It’s the same thing, from what I hear (his, hers, and its). (although, I’m in the habit of putting it’s all the time, even though I know the difference now)

        by the way, this is a neat comic.
        I wonder how those two will get out of this. …or is this a different building… I think it’s the same one…

        • Jess

          Alternatively, if you read “it’s/its” as “it is” every time, it will be a bit easier to pick up. E.g. The horse has (it is) mane in a braid, (it is) pretty. The one that makes sense is the contraction and needs the little apostrophe to show you’re taking out a letter.

          • Raptorbane

            Though, generally people know the apostrophe shows possession over something, so in that case they may get confused and say “The horse has it’s mane in a braid, it’s pretty.” This looks correct to a lot of people, but really the first “it’s” should be “its”. I find it’s easier to just remember that you only ever contract “it” if you mean “it is”, so I just automatically read “it’s” as “it is” to be sure my sentence makes sense.

            The horse has it is mane in a braid…

  • Munchausen

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Mai

    There doesn’t seem to be any image on the TWC page.

  • Jac

    Ditto Mai – I don’t see a picture on the TWC page either. :C

  • Nope, there isn’t anything there.

  • Marbles

    Anybody get to read that thing on TWC yesterday? I know I didn’t

  • Maphysto

    So is this in comic limbo or what?

    • I’ve been working nonstop the last 3 weeks on paid work. By non-stop I literally mean no weekends or holidays, and only 5-6 hours for sleeping. I am finishing up tonight and will be back on the wagon after I take a day to get my real life (also on hold) together.

      • speearr

        Take care of your health! We’ll still be here when you get back :)

      • Marbles

        Stop working so hard… You’re putting us all to shame. :P I’d never cope with a schedule like that.

      • Maphysto

        Eesh. Good luck with it, looking forward to more updates.

  • Mish

    You’re allowed to have a break, goodness me! :D ESPECIALLY because this whole comic is so awesome that I’m definitely going to meet you one day and hug you just because WOW.

    ….And if anyone tries to berate you for not updating, I’ll go punch them in the face. Because, y’know, it’s FREE for all of us to read this and you’re not obligated to provide this for us- it’s a priviledge, not a right! So don’t feel guilty and don’t let anyone else feel guilty! :D

    …Also, I may fancy the soldier guy. A bit. Just sayin’.

    • Mai


      You’re sharing a wonderful story with us out of your own free time. The least we can do to thank you is to be patient, so take as long as you need to get back on your feet! Good luck with your work! :D

  • Eesh. Good luck with it, looking forward to more updates.

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