Things! This is one of those pages that will read better when you’re going through the chapter in one sitting.

I was thinking about doing some April Fools thing today, but then I was like “screw that.” What could I do to shock you more than I already have?

Me: “Lol guys I am going on a 3 month hiatus.”
You: “Oh, again?”

What I love is that today, the first time this year I have to go out to do something in public, I have this giant zit on the tip of my nose. I haven’t had one there in probably 10 years. It’s sort of edging over the line from “exasperating” to “hilarious,” just due to the sheer precision of timing. I got zitrolled. WHATEVER if you’re coming to the con you can say hi to both of us because I refuse to care.

Well, off to get ready for Wondercon now. Booth 313, see you there!


  • Emperial

    Oh man, I know there’s another reveal coming up now!

  • Ailynne

    I’m assuming, since Alamand’s mad, Soli probably didn’t kill the two. I hope not, at least. I’d cry my little heart out. Amen was too awesome.

    (You should have just uploaded this page with a trollface.jpg at the end. :P )

    • Ailynne

      Hmm.. You didn’t show Soli’s face, and Alamand’s hair is.. different.

      Soli let them live and just had them change their appearances? :o

  • Claire

    Oh good. If Alamand’s mad, then Soli probably didn’t kill them. I don’t know how to react: happy Amen is alive? Or sad at angry Alamand? :D

  • Huh, wonder what Soli did, incoming flashback to earlier in the day perhaps?

  • Claire

    And is it just me or does Alamand look more like a man in this page? (Guy, boy, etc.)

    • deliria

      He certainly does. Maybe it’s the pout that does it.

  • mtnlaurelarts

    love the moon in the top panel. very moon-shiny. in a.. realistic moon-y kind of way. uh.. yeah. yay updates

    • XD Dude, that’s how I’d describe it too.

  • Aw, poor sulky Alamand. I’m also guessing the guys were not properly dealt with (in his opinion) if he’s acting like that, or I can only hope! Curious to see how the journal entry goes. :D

  • Love the april fools banner haha XD And this page. Very nice page; that starry sky is very pretty. I’m guessing/hoping she didn’t kill them…I like Amen. :>

  • Rainey


    Alamand’s sulky face is just adorable! And Soli’s terrible spelling is so endearing. I wonder what she did with those two…

  • T.C.

    lol I think the banner is your april fools? (or I just noticed. Perhaps you could try putting a band-aid over your pimple?)

  • Seilann

    Ha! Love the banner. I didn’t even notice til after I read the page and your AN.

  • FightingFire

    Ha, Rainey, the header is fantastic. I just noticed it, and made the same face as Soli.

  • deliria

    I just noticed, the lines and light+coloring (on the characters) in this page and especially the previous one is kinda Mucha-esque. Bloody brilliant.

  • deliria


  • Katie

    OH GOD I lol’d so hard at the header heeheeheehee!

  • Maelstrom

    OH WAIT, the con you guys are showing up at is Wondercon? Goddammit.

    And then the Con turns out to be the April Fools.

  • iron

    This is a totally stupid detail to appreciate but I love how Alamand’s hair has a goofy ponytail kink in it. I KNOW YOUR PAIN

  • Parisa


  • Stephie

    wat a page

  • sweet_gardenia

    Awwh Alamand’s mad. I’m hoping that means a good thing for Amen and the old man. Though I’m picturing Pencil Moustache staggering in after regaining consciousness and seeing Amen and the old man probably tied up against each other in an awkward embarassing way

    Pencil Moustache: Er Sir? why is your hand on his…

    Amen: We will NOT discuss this untie me right now BC

    also the header hahaha BUT IS SHE A GIRL CHILLY OR A BOY CHILLY I CARNT TELL If you put boob tassles on her that would make things a lot easier y’know

    • I would have put in the boob tassels but the header is too thin to include them :C Just use your imagination for now.

  • Decoy

    Alamand’s hair isn’t as curly as in the last page.
    I like Alamand’s curly hair! D:

    • The curls die after a while XD He puts his hair in rollers at night.

      • Kitten

        ahahaha this is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. ♥

      • Beckie

        Clearly what he’s off to do right now.

      • schazzah

        oh, you just add to his manliness every minute!

  • P-chan

    Oh~ a day in comic already? YAY!

    Although, there is one thing I’m missing. How many ludgers did she pack? O.o
    The first time we saw her, she burned her ludger.

    I understand the first one’s full, but this had the pages half full too. What’s going on?

    • John

      The new ludger is a stolen book from deTiker. You can tell because it has graphs in it, which may be a bit beyond Soli. The pages have been tabbed, which you would only do if you were taking notes from the book or planning to read it again, which we know Soli does not do with her Journel. And polysyllabic words have been written cleanly and with what I assume is proper spelling on this page and then crossed out. The bottom of the page also reads “PROPERTY OF KARL D[ETIKER].”

      In my mind, Soli just kicked the dog, I’m ready to see her get punished. See, before I could accept Soli stealing these books presuming that she would give them to someone who would pay good money for them thus only shifting who’s research the books served. But she burns her journals, which means that all that research is going to be burned. That is a setback which to me is more desperate than theft, more dramatic than murder. With that pencil she strikes against the advancement of knowledge itself.


      Moral of the story: teach your kids the value of math and science, they may not contribute to the advancement of human knowledge, but at least they might respect it enough not to spit on it as they pass.

      * This is especially painful to me since wireless communications are one of my areas of training.

      • Haha, wow, I am really glad and impressed that you caught all of that from this page! You’re spot on. The only reason she is using this journ(e)l is because it is relatively blank… the date on the top of the page she’s writing on is crossed out and cut off, but it is “today’s” date.

  • Linda

    Yay! An update!

    My inner toughts:
    What happened??? Tell ussss… huhu
    Previous page: “Wait here”
    Next page (upper left): It´s nighttime. And Alamand is… still waiting?
    Me: What? You are still in there Soli? What are you doing? LOL

    haha, seriously:
    Great comic! I envy and admire how you draw cloth and hands and scennery and exppressions… Beautiful work!

    In another note: Have you guys seen this? It´s a great blog, but when I read that post I thought in the author of The Meek because he draws comics and I thought that he will enjoy it. It´s a great read everybody!

  • Heh, your coment on the zit reminded me of this:

  • Bowee the Cat

    Commentators: But what happened to those guys?
    That’s unimportant.
    Commentators: But–

    The prank is that there is no prank.

  • joe bloggs

    Er…. I didn’t get the header. What’s so funny? Are those supposed to be titties on her face? WTF?

    • lol, no, it’s a kittyface :3

      It is a bothersome emote that I use too often.

  • Kasumi

    I still appreciate your tiny April Fool’s joke. Chincilla Soli!

  • I think the best troll would’ve been to crop off ~3/4s of the page and replace it with a transparent block. NEVER-LOADING UPDATE. :D

    “This is a totally stupid detail to appreciate but I love how Alamand’s hair has a goofy ponytail kink in it.”

    oh my god it does

    …that’s why I love this comic

    also meowfaces :3 :3 :3

  • I was serious while reading this page. Then I got to the final panel and cracked up :’D
    She writes like Krazy Kat talks: http://www.esacademic.com/pictures/eswiki/49/1922_0121_krazykat_det_650.jpg

  • KD

    put a dab of toothpaste on the zit overnight. nofoolin’, it works :)

  • XIX

    This looks like a flashback to when they first met. I doubt Soli would call him a “dumb kid” after he was so integral to her plans the previous day.

    Also, she’s writing in “Journal 1”. Maybe Soli can’t spell, but I’m pretty sure she can count.

  • Soli got Chinchilla’d!

  • Dusa

    A few comic artists have been doing silly jokes like changing the text bubbles on the last few updates+new update which I found were funny and cute. XD

  • Blunderbuss

    Hmm, my only nitpick with this page is those three panels of pouty!Alamand; since the middle one is slightly to the left it just makes it look odd, especially when the balloon could still fit in there regardless.

    But apart from that, jesus christ do I love all the colours in this page.

    • Yeah, I’m still thinking about that a bit. I tried it the other way first and even though I inked all three by hand to make them look slightly different, it was still too repetitive… It’s a quick fix though, thankfully, in case I decide to put him back.

      • Marbles

        What if the top panel had him centered while the other two had him on the left? Best of both worlds. :3

  • Blunderbuss

    WAHAHAHAHAHA I just noticed the top banner. I APPROVE.

  • TLL

    oh man I actually thought all the comments about the banner were an april fools joke from the -readers-. Reading a comment, then playing along with it.


    Because i’ve been using -google chrome- and couldn’t see the change.

    And I love Alamand’s face in them three panels. Is this the last page of the chapter? It feels like it.

    • Erica

      Same here, google chrome didn’t show it for me at first either.

    • Not at all XD All chapters are 45 pages long, we’re a little over halfway. This page will seem oddly placed now but is in here to break up the pacing.

    • Beckie

      You know, I didn’t notice, either- I ALSO use Chrome! I forgot that you have to refresh, and I was like WHAT ARE THEY ALL TALKING ABOUT OH MY GOD.

  • Sarall

    She’s totally journaling in one of the pilfered research notebooks, isn’t she? THAT MAY AFFECT THEIR RESELL VALUE SOMEWHAT. D:

    • Pneumonica

      Especially given that she burns them when she’s finished with them. lol

  • Haha, that’s kind of funny you were all self-conscious about your nose zit…because I didn’t notice at all. I love the banner though, I lol’d.

  • Essie

    Your banner! Ahahahahaha!

    Thanks for the laugh! I’m loving those dusky mountains in the background. Your color choices are gorgeous.

  • Art

    Can’t wait for more. Have fun at wondercon, shame I can’t go.

  • hel

    ‘Wat a day!’, indeed. I love Soli.

  • Could Soli be Alamand’s mother? maybe I’m just fantasizing… :}

  • ……cannot unsee Soli-chilla.

  • Kitten

    hahaha oh Alamand XD go curl your hair.

  • Marion

    I am simply enraged by the fact that Soli picked up a halfwritten journal full of scientific data from the old scientist geezer, to use as her ‘journal’ (and no doubt only to be burnt when she has filled it with her pedestrian thoughts) without understanding or appreciating the thought, craft and hard work going into those notes.


    As much as I love this comic I still wait eagerly for the first act of Soli that might make me even slightly sympathetic to her :-(

    • StephenM3

      I don’t know, the fact that she just put extra effort into finding some way to let the two hostages live (even though their continued existence is a constant threat to her life), speaks well of her character.

      Her treatment of scientific research is horrifying, to be sure, but at least these are actions borne of ignorance, not spite.

      • Fleece

        Hey, you are totally developing Stockholm Syndrome here! Refraining from killing your innocent hostages is NOT an act of kindness! It is simply not commiting a horrifying crime!

        This is exactly what Stockholm Syndrome is:
        “Oh, but the bandit who beat me, stole my valuable research and took me hostage was really a perfectly decent person: she didn´t even kill me!!”

    • Keep in mind that I may not want you to be sympathetic to her XD She is kind of a jerk.

      • iron

        There must be something wrong with me, then, because Soli is my favorite. (: 3c

  • Jennifer

    HAHAHahaha, I read the newest page yesterday, and didn’t even notice the banner until now! Awesome. :P

  • pouty face* lol

  • YnaXi

    What happened to the Soli at the very top of the page? Maybe it’s just my computer but it looks sorta creepy…. lol It could just be my computer but it looks like :3 only in the small of her face…..

    • lol yeah it was the April Fools thing, I’m going to change it back now since it’s also creeping me out XD

      • Port-a-Derpy

        No, I never saw it!


        • Jac

          She looked like this:


  • Adrienne

    I just decided to go to wonder con tomorrow with accouple of friends, I hope your still there!!!!

    • No I’m not, sadly! I am actually staying home to catch up on some work and draw comics D:

  • My first reaction to the header wasn’t about the chilly face, but more like SOLI IS SLENDERMAN AAAAHHHHH.

    And then my brain conceptualized the chilly face and I had much lulz.

  • Cherry B.

    Kind of sad I missed the header thing and only managed to be able to look at an update 2 days later…But I’m still happy for the new page!
    So many things to like about it, I’ll start from the top and go down!

    The moon looks just like previously described; “realistically moon-shiny”. It’s beautiful! Even if it’s a little lop-sided, but I think that makes it better. I think it would have looked a whole more fake if it was perfectly round. D: And the stars! So pretty!

    Then there’s Alamand’s adorable sulky face and Soli’s “Dumb kid.” comment. In fact, all of panel 5’s dialogue is adorable. Soli sounds so bratty, it’s truly endearing to me. And Alamand’s running figure is cute as heck. >///<

    And now to the last panels!
    I still can't get over how this characters is extremely attractive to me. Soli (SOLIIIIIIIIIII)'s neck and seemingly broad shoulders and thin arms and mouth! Sigh~ But obviously the day's events have worn her our a bit…Hm, wondering what happened…

    Lolol. "Journel" "Wat". She's so friggin' cute. Her semiliteracy (if it can be called that or if it's more correct to say 'illiteracy', I'm not sure) just makes her more appealing, more likeable. It certainly makes me laugh and wonder what's in her head when she's looking at her notes. Does she pronounce it the way she writes it? Or differently? Ahhh, she's so interesting.~~~

    I truly love Soli. She's my favorite character in all of these 3 chapters so far. ♥

    • The moon is a waning gibbous, which is why it looks “lopsided.”

      And I think Soli knows letters, but spells phonetically (for now). I think she should try to steal a 2nd grade reader at some point or something, that would really help her improve her spelling…

      • Jac

        “The moon is a waning gibbous…”

        I heart your attention to detail. <333

        • Haha, I’m licensed to teach general science, which means I must know basic astronomy XD The day I don’t pay attention to stuff like this is when you should start to worry.

  • Abisian

    ^The moon’s not lopsided; it’s just not full. :P

  • Eclectus

    Now I’m confused. Did Soli actually kill them? Or will we find that out later?

    • Eosphoros

      She didn’t just kill them, she ate them.

  • Meekly Fan

    Looking on this website nearly everyday because I can’t wait for the next page.

    Keep ’em com’in!

  • Riss

    My super psychic senses tell me she totally brought that guy with them.

    • Meekly Fan

      I agree very muchly :P

  • korilian

    I hope his pissed of expression means she didn’t kill anyone after all!

  • Great meeting you at Wondercon. You are as classy as your comic is good! Can’t wait for the next chapter to tie everything together.

  • Gharuel Shaan

    I bet she cut off Alamand’s hair, stuck it onto her forehead with glue and made bangs outta them. That way she totally won’t be recognizable! :D

  • Pneumonica

    Why is it that I have Johnny the Homicidal Maniac stuck in my head in that last panel? “Dear Die-Ary…”

  • Really? I think its quite a ‘stop and think’ atmospheric page, and shows off the characters personalities very well. I like the sentimentality found in people who are morally making so much trouble- I like ‘villains’ that are more just like real people who happen to of simply wondered into that way of life.

  • Kathleen

    I believe 100% that she didn’t kill Amen, and that’s why he’s pissed. She’s being stupid and galant, again. Is that lump by the fire Amen’s tied up body? :P

  • xXDeath-N-HellXx

    …. Did Soli steal that notebook from one of the hostages? I mean, she burnt her last one and the fact that the previous pages in the book seem to have charts and such on them are suspicious. I don’t imagine that Soli would care about the maths that much. At all.

    But awesome page! I love Alamand’s pouty face, and how he runs away in a childish tantrum. XD I totally would have done that when I was younger.


  • Sam

    I saw you at the con! Didn’t say anything though. =(

  • Dom

    Wait, are you actually going on a three month hiatus? Because that would be awful. I love your work. Did she steal that journal from someone?

    • lol, no, no hiatus. I just got sick from the con so the page is a little behind, but it should be up very soon.

  • Faye

    Hi! I was super excited to see your issues at wondercon! I bought issue one and a poster, and now kinda regret not buying issue two as I see it’s not for sale online anywhere. Is issue two going to go on sale any time soon? Also, do you plan to release a compilation of the chapters (when there are enough of course) into one volume? It just looks so much better on my book shelf and is easier to lend out than the thin comic books. ;)

    Love your work!

    • Thanks so much for coming by! And yes, volume 2 is going to go on sale soon… I have to sign and sketch a hundred of them first though, so maybe not for a few more weeks. Three will probably be ready for Comicon. The compilation will have the first three volumes (minus the bonus comics) and should be available probably near the end of the year or beginning of the next.

  • Tim Kietzman

    I’m getting so annoyed at the updating rate for this comic. PLEASE MAN! I need to hear the rest of the story! Please stop leaving it hanging like this!

  • Austin

    so that two a week thing lasted all of what? one update? hahahahahaha

  • PNF

    I think you need an email list to alert fans when there’s a new page out. The erratic schedule doesn’t bother me as much as the disappointment that comes from checking back multiple times a day without reward.

    • Actually I think I have that and it’s called RSS. The button’s on the bottom!

  • ALAMAND’S HAIR IS DEFINITELY DIFFERENT. I look forward to seeing Soli in some sort of weird, hairy disguise. Though the fact you see her chin in this rules out my hope that it was a beard.

  • Pffff, what’s with everyone thinking they got themselves disguises? Alamand’s hair is simply not tied in a ponytail anymore, and Soli appears to be quite herself. In fact, wouldn’t changing their clothes had been a way better method of disguise?

  • Mad

    The research.. the… NOOOOoooOoooOoOOOooo! *cries*

    That’s one of the “one of a kind” books, isn’t it? Maybe the old man’s research or someone else’s… *sniffs and then mutters something about hoping it’s about paranormal research that’s already been properly documented and investigated thoroughly by someone more capable than the book’s author.*

  • Asterai

    The pencil is a stick of charcoal wrapped in cloth or paper or something. Nice.

  • so like, just stealing the very valuable books and research and shit from random people to use as a diary till it’s full and then burns it and willing to kill to avoid repercussion from it

    well they’re pieces of garbage

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