• Lol. I love the look in her face in the third panel. Them are some crazy eyes! haha

    • TBman256


    • DoubleU

      Inebriated eyes. Or something.

  • Beata

    Someone’s playing good cop here.

  • yim-yam

    hmm… will she killl them, or not> I can see this going either way

    • Artemis

      I don’t think she will. Alamand seemed pretty mad at her a couple pages back, and I’m betting it’s because she let them go. And Amen is a “major supporting character” according to the cast page; how could he die this early?

      • Anthony

        You mean like Phe?


        • hoho!

          • Mjinga

            Was that an ominous foreshadowing hoho?

          • Storycollector

            Beware the laugh of the author, it never means anything good. Expect trouble. Amen.

        • Touchè.

  • Ahh your pages are such a treat! I adore the consistency like i dont even

  • Rachel

    The Meek, featuring Amen’s jawline. <3

  • WoS

    Since Amen has a slot on the cast page I’m guessing not. Could be wrong; maybe we’ll see him in flashbacks. I think he’ll be with us for a while, though.

    • AlmostLiterally

      Phe has a slot too, though. D:

      • WONK WONK

        1. Add milk to plot
        2. Stir gently and leave to thicken

        • Saney

          3. ??????
          4. PROFIT.

      • dimpwnc

        But Phe lives on through flashbacks. We don’t have a major character who has a significant past history to allow Amen to exist via flashbacks, so I think he lives on…

        • AlmostLiterally

          Phe has been in flashbacks?

  • Ailynne

    I was actually wondering if there would be a page about 2 minutes ago, and look what happened! :D

    Oh Soli, you and your crazy laugh.

  • Huu

    Better than troll-face XD

  • Crow

    I hope Amen is actually showing some christian charity here and not some bull shit.

    • Linda

      Yeah, me too.

      Amen was for me this man that was so easy to make fun of. A strict man with pre-stablished ideas of right and wrong that he just accepted.
      But, what if he had thought this stuff? Maybe, in his everyday, he really believes that there is no evil, but people that make mistakes. I cannot describe that vision of the world as wise or foolish, but paternalist. And that is just so full of love, you know? (awww!).

      Anyway, he is an officer, his mission is to put order in that crazy land … (with love?)
      Damn! he´s growing on me. I hope he doesn´t turn in some jerk…

  • Ladybookbat

    I just LOVE Soli’s body language in panel No. 4.

  • Coni

    Amen looks great in this page. I agree with Rachel abot his jawline ♥

  • Rainey

    I love Soli’s hidden smile in the last panel. Such a contrast from her crazy face up there. You’re doing an amazing job with the colouring in these low-light scenes, nothing looks undersaturated or too dull! If anything the blue accents pop even more. So gorgeous *___*

    …also, damn does Amen look really fine with his hair all mussed up or what

  • Karrey

    Oh, wow, I love the expressions in this page. XD (Even if most of them are 50% covered, they are excellent!)

    <3 Soli!

  • Angelina F

    Hope she doesn’t kill him!

  • mvmarcz

    The bottom panes in the page are aces
    The chemistry in your cast is amazing, you are a fantastic writer! I can’t wait to see what happens

  • Woman. Do it.

  • That third panel cracks me up. And I know what you mean about that dusky-low-contrast-but-not-quite-dark sort of lighting situation. Hard to draw/color, even more annoying to drive in.

    • What are you talking about I love to drive in that shit.

  • Rachel

    Is it appropriate to ship Amen and Soli? Cauuuuse… I meann….

  • Jac

    Is it just me, or does Amen resemble one Captain Reynolds in that panel… <3

    • M

      !!!! <3 If he does bear a resemblance, it's passing at best, but this comment deserves love for any mention of the fine Malcolm Reynolds.

      • WeirdPinkPiLL

        Oh! I less-than-three you both.

  • zeb

    Did Alamand just give her his handkerchief? That little detail just made my respect for you shot up above the skies, to eternity and beyond. Goddamnit, you make these character’s so unbelievably human, I can relate to them (kinda…)! Please never stop being too good to be true…

  • Fleece

    Wait, it´s already sunset?? I thought it was morning! O.o

    The evening dusk is looking very good here, of course. Those middle panels are so nice.

    • M

      It was noon or a little after when Soli entered the cabin.

    • Yeah, they got there in afternoon (like around 1pm), spent some time doing whatever inside and looking for the stuff to steal, then more time spent waiting for Alamand, and now it’s sunset.

  • Aisca

    Lol, Amen.

    But considering how pissed she got when DeTiker said she didn’t understand sacrifice…maybe he’s onto something there.

    I bet she pistol whips him like next panel, though.

  • M

    Sadly, I think that whatever insight into Soli’s character Amen has stumbled upon here, it was completely unintentional. However, I do believe that he’ll quickly discover the significance of his cya-babble, and milk it for all it’s worth.

    Actually don’t think a pistol-whipping is coming here. I would be surprised if she killed him in cold blood. It would nudge Soli’s character from lovable rogue to unsympathetic villain, and I don’t think that’s our author’s intention for her.

  • DracMonster

    Those last two panels look like shipping fuel. They must be staring deeply into each others eyes.

    • Isravn

      Really? I got the impression that she is either staring at the floor or just off into the distance. Remembering something, perhaps?

  • makani

    lmfao oh god the laughing

  • Decoy

    I wasn’t paying attention to the text and I thought something like in the beginning of that one Mission Impossible movie had happened. But then I realized that miniature brain-bombs likely would not have been possible in this setting.

  • engelen


    • I had to draw some crazy eyes 6_9

  • HopelessO

    Amen is looking handsomer every page, man. Soli as well, particularly in the last panel, in contrast to the…crazy laugh… But nonetheless, the expressions in this page are particularly great.

    And anyone mention how Alamand looks, covering up his face with his shirt in the third to last panel? Am I allowed to think that that’s adorable? (Well, I’m going to keep on thinking it, even if Alamand doesn’t want me to. :P

    • Fleece

      Oh yes, Alamand covering his face with a shirt. Combined with his body language, on page 5 he looks almost shy. That´s adorable!

  • ADC

    XD Oh god, that third panel. WALL-EYED SOLI IS VERY MUCH AMUSED.

  • Tim Kietzman

    Why beseech her? There’s no way she’d let them arrest her.

    • Right now he’s probably just trying to make her not kill them

  • Unumei


  • Nes

    Goin’ a bit CRAYZEE I see? XDDD
    Such a great page. I wonder how this scene’ll carry out. c:

  • smurg

    that third panel oh god

    can’t stop laughing


    probably just as wrong as everyone else guessing, but can’t wait to see what happens, oh and. CRAZZZZY EYES :D

  • gingerfu

    Hey Soli, you got a little crazy on your face.

  • AxelxGabriel

    Ohhhhh boy, I can tell this isn’t going to end well >.<

  • pd

    If the third panel were a poster and I were a detective, I would so put it up in any room where I would be conducting interrogations. Just for ambience. :D

  • bookworm6892

    it might just be me, but soli’s eyes seem so sad in the last panel….

  • Austin

    I keep telling myself that I’ll stop following this comic, but then right before I delete it from my bookmarks, BAM! update. And it is so worth it!

    Great comic! Can’t wait to see these stories come together.

  • ss

    If alamand didn’t kill the other sheriff, is he going to barge in any time now?

    • You know I was wondering the same thing.

  • Cherry B.

    Update! Oh happy, happy time!

    And THAT was the response I expected from Soli. (Or from people with a sense of humor?)
    I luff her goofy laughter, crazy eyes and all.

    Amen looks mighty fine in that 6th panel…But…
    Not as fine as Soli in the last one. Those half-closed eyes, with the bangs falling on top, look intriguing and super sexy.
    I kind of picture a bitter/ironic smile hidden behind the bandana and think (hope) that the next page will reveal something about Soli’s past.

    Oh yeah! I started reading Lackadaisy and OMG, I’m so in love with it now, too! I wish I’d read it sooner (thank you for linking it in the last update) and I hope the she wins that nomination. Mordecai~♥

  • Alissa

    The naive optimist in me is hoping Soli doesn’t kill them. After all, we have Luca for the murdering and melting of faces already, right?

  • lmao the eyeeeeessss <3

  • StephenM3

    Okay, from the patterns established in the last two chapters, and the title of this one, it’s pretty clear that Soli is going to have some sort of water-based powers. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the situation where they make themselves apparent.

    Unexpected Magic Powers could also be part of the reason things are so awkward between Soli and Alamand in the flash-forward.

    • Cailte

      That had not even occurred to me but it makes total sense. You’re good.

  • Moral choice!

  • AK

    Am loving Soli’s derp-face in panel 3. xD
    Oooh the tension – aaand Soli has baggage :s Never would have pegged Amen for trying to appeal to his captor’s good side…

    Still, I have a bad feeling about this… :(

  • Tane

    Hey hey there. Soli has a ball crushing awesomeness of a jawline too! This… this is a sign! For… something. I ‘unno.

    Leave Amen, dammit!

  • I don’t like how her laugh is slowed down in the last panel.
    By ‘don’t like’, I mean something bad will prolly happen in the next page o.o

  • Rolly

    Even if Soli doesn’t want to admit, she is still a delicate woman…those hormones eventually kick in.

    • kittengrl39

      I’m sorry, my face just went like Soli’s after reading that comment.

  • Lauren

    That 3rd panel kind of scared me ahaha XD

  • WoS

    Phe also had a huge significance in the lives of Luca, Suda, Rana and Hyla. Her death sets big things in motion. Maybe Amen’s death will set big things in motion, but so far he doesn’t mean anything to our protagonists beyond being an obstacle and a choice. I think we’ll see more of Amen breathing.

  • Ok, yes, the third panel is totally great and I predict will be an icon all OVER the internets. But I am busy loving the way Alamand has his face covered in his panels- no mask, but still all Mister Responsible. Kid’s a hoot. An armed dangerous hoot.

  • Dom


  • Morten

    The upper panel is the sort of thing you cut out and use it on forums as a “reaction” picture to something hilarious.

  • Decoy

    I’ve been wondering–do they all have that sort-of-Southern accent or is that just Alamand?

    • They do have an accent! Which is “uneducated.”

  • Saniah

    That last panel of Soli is just… just wonderful… :d

  • Ailynne

    /beard stroke. Second comment away!

    Anyway, I wonder if Adobart is going to come charging in here and try to arrest Soli. That would make a bit of sense.. BUT I hope he doesn’t. I want some Soli-soul-spilling to the hawts that is Amen.

  • Sneakthief

    Amen is sexy in that panel. Soli should keep him tied up and take him with her.

  • slara


  • Kylie

    Is Amen trying to undo the ropes? There’s little white wiggle lines around his back in the fifth panel….

    • Fisherman

      I think those are just “lean forward” lines.

    • Haha, yeah he is.

  • Kate

    G-aaah Amen panel five is just so sexy. Profiles make me happy nnnggg jawline<3

  • Raoul

    First Amen snarls he’s going to arrest Soli, now he tries the Joe Friday “You won’t *ma’am*, I know you’re a good person” routine? Either Amen’s a psycho, or someone needs to whisper into his overwrought ear that the ‘good cop/bad cop’ act generally requires *two* people. Oh, and not being tied up.

    • Jac

      Ropes? Eh. He doesn’t sweat the details. :D

  • Olivia

    Everyone’s commenting on that third panel, and I just have to add that when I first read it, it looked like she had just been electrocuted or something similar, so I thought Amen must’ve had a taser or something similar. Then I realized it was just her laughing. :D Another GREAT page! Can’t wait to see what happens next-o!

  • lol Amen is guna own isn’t he lol

  • Kira

    I love the PFTHAHAHA face.

    Amen is going to win this chapter, for sure.

    As long as you don’t kill him, anyway. I hope. D:

  • Grey Lady

    Protip Soli: don’t let them talk, they’ll undo the ropes while you’re distracted.

  • Grace

    Did…did Soli just go DERPY on us in that third panel?! XD

  • Em


    That derpylaughter face is ADORABLE. As is the way Alamand is covering his face with his shirt.

  • Miri

    Amen is just so painfully earnest. Ouch, Soli. Ouch.

  • Pneumonica

    Amen, I hate to say it, but you should take a few more CLEs in crisis negotiation. The seguay from “you’re under arrest for attempted murder” to “you won’t kill me, you’re a good person” is really not the best one to make.

    Crud, I’d shoot him on general principle if I was already a hardened criminal. lol

    • Well, I think the main goal was to try to stop her from shooting him… it worked, didn’t it? :)

  • Novarri

    Not gonna lie, if I saw that panel 3 face in someone that was threatening to kill me, I’d be thinking, “ohdangthispersoniscrazy!” And yes, I would omit the spaces so I could think faster, seeing as how I’d be likely to croak it shortly thereafter.

  • I must concur with those others who have labeled Amen as ‘hawt’. Now that his hairstyle is a little roughed up and he isn’t so clean and put-together … yum ^_^

  • Nicole

    This is one of my favorite pages so far. Let him live Soli!!!

  • Ryl

    This page catches me from top to bottom with it’s hazy, shady colorings and wonderful expression changes (oh hey, that’s the usual high-quality standard we see on every page!). I absolutely love the last panel though, where you see the laugh-line on Soli’s face yet her eyes are downcast and her expression seems to turn inward in response to Amen’s words. You can see her thinking, “Yes, yes I do know the difference, and you wouldn’t believe what I went through for it.” Looooove it.

  • Hilary

    You should use that derplaugh face as your DeviantArt avatar, it would be beautiful! XD

  • Kathleen

    Can somebody please make this a GIF? Pleeeeease?

  • Hoheh

    Well, if this were Pokemon, I’d say that last comment was a critical hit. Well played, sir. Well played.

  • Hmmm. Now the big question is: is Alamand mad at Soli a few pages ago because she didn’t kill Amen, or because she did?

  • yeah

    Facial expressions=so awesome. I enjoy this comic, and even though it is still in its introductory chapters, I anxiously wait for the day to see a completed collection of The Meek in a bookstore someday.

    Have you ever read Gene Yang’s “American-Born Chinese”? It’s a brilliant example of how I envision The Meek turning out with its promise of intertwining stories. Until then, watching out for the next page is just as well.

    I get the feeling Soli’s gonna slap him like she did the old man. I respect your decisions in creating such an amoral character at the risk of ‘likeability’.

  • uncle porkstar

    final panel is incredible

  • Lisa

    Oh my God I’m dying to know what she’s gonna do next!!!

  • Lisa

    Btw I love the dialogue in panel 4. Soli and Alamand are my fav chars =D They’re so lovable, just like Duane and Sette in Unsounded =D

  • SotiCoto

    Oh how I hate characters on the Lawful side of the L/C spectrum.
    Lawful Neutral are predictably obnoxious and generally lack entertainment value. Lawful Evil at least know that they’re dicks and will generally own up to it if pressed privately on the matter.
    But the one alignment I truly have a grudge against are the Lawful Good types of the world. Self-righteous hypocrites through and through. Always so thoroughly assured of themselves. Chained to morality with one hand and legality with the other… and no regard for the virtue of pragmatism.

  • Xiatian

    This is my favorite page in the whole comic.
    Amen just hits a nerve with me, and I’m already super excited to see more of him in the upcoming chapter 6!

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