Argh, don’t you just hate when you’re in the middle of a sentence and then sound effects cover your speech bubble?


  • pfmoi


  • emergingeminence

    that alamand is a cheeky brat!

  • AxelxGabriel

    Alamand’s face in Panel 2 looks like something out of Ren & Stimpy.

  • Meghan

    Why do I get the impression that this is an arranged marriage?

    • It’s a little more on the “Alamand is completely deranged” end of the spectrum.

      • Wood

        A deranged marriage ?

        • …win

        • Ikaru


        • xxaemiliusxx

          Yes. :|

        • A deranged marriage … aren’t they all?


      • HopelessO

        Alamand, stop thinking things that aren’t true! …DAMMIT, WHY, *CONK* DOESN’T, *CONK* HE *CONK* LISTEN?

  • Toussled

    Boss Guys face pretty much sums up my reaction as well.
    Soli is such a cougar, and she sure got herself a toyboy.

  • Gingerfu

    I’m curious about the age difference. *is too lazy to look it up*

    • Sparx

      I just looked it up like ten minutes ago I think it was like 20 years lol

    • rimmeh

      …and I’m just nerdy enough to look it up!

      Soli is 35 and Alamand is 13!

  • Jasmine

    :O Boss’s shirt has a wide collar in the first panel… but in the others it looks more like a tight fit.

    Anyway, I’m super glad The Meek is back :D.

  • I can’t get enough of these new pages. Also Alamand. Alamaaaaaaand. <333 Even if he is crazy. But OH NO SOLDIERS.

  • Soli must have extra ordinary self restraint not to kick Alamand across the room every time he has his “U B ma wife!” moments.

    • Hell, Soli must have tons of self restraint to put up with Alamand in the first place.

  • Nomi

    Alamand is hella annoying, and named after a dance move. Why DOES Soli put up with him?

    • Good question!

      • John

        . . .

        You always say this, instead of saying spoilers.

        • revocat


          Dumbledore dies

          ^_^ sorry had to say the word spoilers

        • Good observation!!

    • Kyouhen

      I think we WERE about to find out. Stupid sound effects! D:<

  • Pffthahaha Alamand. XD Don’t ever change.

  • hothotpot

    Alamand is hilarious. Soli really should just smack him. I can’t imagine why she doesn’t. Maybe because it’s bad form to smack a 13 year old upside the head when you’re twice his age? Still…Alamand could use it.

    • Kels

      Not like she hasn’t smacked him before, although I guess she promised she wouldn’t do it in public again.

    • SyrusRayne

      Also, in a room full of criminal kids it wouldn’t be the smartest of moves. That boss-kid was creeeepy.

  • Molihua

    oh, panel three.

    *dies laughing*

  • Emperial

    Oh, Alamand. XDDD So happy for daily updates, soldiers is a bit of a cliffhanger!

  • DoggySpew

    Soli is SOOOO Alamands bitch.

  • Saurus

    Ahaaaaa I love how deeply disturbed Mr. “Adults don’t look out for kids” is by this. Also loving the hint of shaky happiness on Soli’s face when she sees they truly HAVE acquired enough money to… do whatever they need to do… Even though it’s going to be very short-lived.

  • Great Scott

    Oh, Alamand.

  • chris w

    Stumbled across the three new pages, made my day. Keep up the great work

  • Phillis

    Am I the only one who thought Alamand was a girl? That’s what I get for not reading the wiki.

  • Ahtna

    Alamand, key word here is “man”. Not that I am suggesting you aren’t *cough* … . Huh, guess I am.

    Anyways, those kids should prove a good distraction if soldiers come in.

  • Mandy

    Oh man Alamand is so cute!

    I love how people are either “ugh he’s so annoying. Soli should smack him” or “lawl he’s awesome, Soli should smack him”. Poor kid can’t catch a break.

    Also, we can what? We can whaaaa-aaaat??!?

  • Maphysto

    Now we can finally…what?
    Go home?
    Start a business?
    Afford that honeymoon?

  • Fleece

    On the fourth panel, judged by the look on their faces, The Boss is sharing Alamand´horrible wedding plans with the others. :D

    • jecomdmoy

      I think the others just saw the soldiers first, judging by the sleeve tug on the little one’s part. I think Boss Kid was too horrified by the wedding news to share the joyful tidings just yet.

  • gaboris

    Sooo now those are relics? I’m really getting lost in the technology part right about now… O_o”

    Can’t imagine how those two got together and how did Ali get that whole marrige thing in his head, but he’s not totally right, a man should know some limits… then again who’s the man here again? >:D

    • Yes, there are so many things wrong with the picture it’s hard to correct it XD

  • Marcutiolives

    Everyone’s hating on Alamand but I’m sitting here waiting for something epically messed up to happen to him.
    Especially after the whammy in the LAST chapter, I trust nothing.

    • lol, I’m sorry XD I don’t mean to make you a neurotic reader.

      • Marcutiolives

        Trust me I’m practically neurotic about every story I read. Every character I like will inevitably die.

  • Hanan

    I really like the shading in the second panel. Maybe it’s Alamand’s eyes. Does the boss have a name, or is it a secret?

  • sweet_gardenia

    *throws rice*

    I’m..so…so happy for Alamand and Soli. they’re the perfeckt couple *tearful*

  • Crestlinger

    Like the sharing of horrified faces in panel 4 too as the word spreads.
    Alamand never was mentioned in Gramp’s prophecy. I’m of the opinion he gets shot and Soli, instead of grieving, vows revenge, giving weight to the other part of her prophetic name.

  • diTaykan

    I’m still halfway convinced Alamand is Soli’s secret lovechild. Which makes this all so, so much better.

  • LongLiveHumour

    Oh… three new pages…


    I LOVE you. (In a non-creepy and non-Alamandish way.)

    • John

      I know right, Der-Shing should totally make up a holiday in the Meek universe to commemorate this week.

      I’m thinking something about the prolific creator increasing the speed of time so that a great hero could catch up with the exposition that they were supposed to stop.

  • eetoi

    Whoa, I see annoyance but not denial! Are they really betrothed!?

  • DracMonster

    At first I thought the clangs were Ali getting beaten, lolz

  • Asia

    Alamand is a huge twerp, but I love him so.

  • Casey

    Oh Alamand…I love you, but seriously. A smack across the face might benefit you. XD

    This is by far my favorite page, just because of the boss’s “Wtf….?” Face. XD

  • Katzenstreu

    “This is enough. We can finally-”
    “…take a shower.”


    • A $5,000 shower!?

      … okay, after imagining that (or trying to), I must admit to just a little jealousy …


  • Elaine

    Ahhhh, you’re updating again. I am literally crying. Okay only tearing up. Maybe it was the onions. Regardless I am excited! Are going to be updating this much all the time now?
    Also, I really really want them to get the radio back!

  • X

    AHHHHHHhHHhhHHhhHhh I am a little bit late at discovering this update-y thing but it is no less wonderful and shocking and punctuation killing AHHHHH



    …kdj. Ahem. Now that I’m done with that, I absolutely love eye-patch kid. Does this area have more blue-eyed blond(e)s than most? Because if so… awesome.

    • Yes! They just crossed over from Caris into the city of Lopine, which sits on either side of the Caris-Territory border depending on whose army is more aggressive that year.

  • Stephie

    Love the updates! Alamand is so funny. I really hope nothing really bad happens to him… Soli can smack him though. He’s kind of asking for it.

  • HopelessO

    Ooooh! I think I remember seeing the rough of one of the next few pages when I stumbled upon an lj page of yours two years ago; I think the entry itself was from 2007, though. Wow, how time flies…

    • I think I know the page you’re talking about, it was one of the few unlocked pages. It’s actually from Chapter 6 though, so thankfully you’re not going to spoiled B]

  • Kels

    I hope those soldiers brought wedding gifts.

  • feline256

    She’s… she’s not denying it?

    • Jac

      I get the feeling that she’s given up at this point. XD

  • KB

    While Allimand is obsessing over soli. I am think once he meets Angora its gonna be <3

    • Charlotte

      That was my though, too. I truly cannot wait to see what Alamand makes of Angora in all her partially clothed (or perhaps fully clothed, but I don’t think one can assume with that girl) glory.

  • Marion

    Yes, it *IS* possible for me to loath Soli even *MORE*!

    Because, you know what just struck me? That the whole raid-thingy on the radio/scienceshack thingy was merely to ‘steal books’ because Alamand had, in all probability, said, “I know a guy who pays top Lucre for them booky thingies and you know, I the desert there lives this old guy, and he’s all by himself, and he has loads of books. Easy pickin’s!”

    And here I was, thinking that, just because the old geezer was clearly doing some hot-shot science work for the Carissi government, that this raid had a somehow *deeper*, more politically motivated reason that just ‘let’s rob the most isolated and most frail of all.

    I was prepared to give Soli the benefit of the doubt. I thought that, if the old sciency geezer was the Carissi equivalent of Doctor Mengele, conducting creepy experiments in the desert, or even if the raid was somehow politically motivated (Soli the ex-con, solely taking up against the government that wrongfully enprisoned her or something).
    Not that it’s okay to steal if you’re politically motivated, but it would be for a less thuggishly reason than ‘who has stuff we want and is the least able to keep us from stealing it’.

    My mother’s neighbour, who was 89 at the time, got broken into when she was at home by a 15 yo crook who was after money but wasn’t above terrorising, beating up and sexually intimidating (I kid you not) a frail old biddy because (as he later confessed when they nicked him) “he wanted show her who was boss”. Because yeah, beating up, stripping down and rubbing off on a sobbing old lady and then stealing her grocery money REALLY shows how big you are.

    Little creep got away with ‘community service’.

    • DracMonster

      Uh… Crap. You brought up points I didn’t even think of in the giddyness of more comics. Yeah, this does paint Soli in a worse light. Though I’ll reserve judgement in case there’s mitigating circumstances. She DID take extra risks to avoid killing, so she’s not a complete monster.

      • Marion

        Or maybe she’s a smart monster :-)

        Steal some books, knock out some old guy and maybe you’ll get a policeman on your tail to put you in prison.

        Kill a soldier and you’ve got the entire army after you, baying for your blood, and when they catch you, you are dead. Nasty dead.

    • Greatlin

      I think that the kid from your own story is a far cry worse than Soli, who is clearly a criminal but doesn’t seem like a total creep. One of those “I do whatever I need to survive” tough-guy types, but not the sort that genuinely lives to intimidate and hurt others.

      Also, that story is awful. I hope your mother’s neighbor got through it without entirely losing her faith in humanity :(

      • Marion

        Oh, the kid in my story is definately worse. He had a perfectly good home and didn’t need the money he stole to survive. He and a friend of his had been planning the burgarly for some time to get extra pocket money and to show off on how tough they were.
        They caught him within a couple of days because his ‘friend’ had walked into a police office and ratted him out. Why? Because they had planned to do ‘it’ for weeks, had ‘cased the joint’ together (singling her out as the easiest pick) and then the little shit had gone without his friend, got some money, flashed it into his buddy’s face and didn’t want to share. So ‘buddy’ finked on him.

        These little shits did NOT live on the streets, they did NOT need the money to survive, they were merely little sociopaths who turned to crime for kicks.

        Soli and Ali are clearly in more desperate straits. But still, the way Soli clobbered the bound and frail elderly guy when he had the gumption to shout at her that she was an ignorant thieving noob didn’t say ‘noble Robin Hood gentleman (lady) thief’ to me.

        In the end, a thief who targets the elderly for easy pickin’s is a thief who targets the elderly for easy pickin’s. In short: scum.

    • Raoul

      As I recall, Soli will get a little more than community service for that job if she gets caught. which she may, since I’ve got the idea she didn’t waste everyone who saw her face, contrary to Al’s advice. So you can look forward to her being shot, or worse, I suppose.

      Anyway, I get the idea it’s not just ‘who has stuff we want and is the least able to keep us from stealing it,’ but ‘who has valuable stuff (however useless it seems to us) he can survive without that we can get without us having to kill him for it.’ That seemed to be the plan, anyway.

      • Kels

        More to the point, they seemed to be after specific things, not random items. They had certain book titles, and didn’t seem interested in anything else. No valuables, no keepsakes, nothing. And aside from the noise maker, they don’t seem to have stolen anything extraneous. Granted, the books seem valuable in this culture, but I can’t call this the same as a normal burglary.

        Hurting the guy was never part of the plan, that was only because he touched one of Soli’s sensitive spots (not blaming him though, how was he to know?).

        • Charlotte

          Agreed. I just went back to reread the first bits of the chapter, and Soli has a very clear list of books she’s looking for. It definitely wasn’t just some smash and grab operation.

          • Marion

            Well, that’s a relief! Here I was, thinking that Soli was just a common thug who binds up the old guy she steals from and smashes his head in with a heavy blunt object because he dare call her ignorant, but clearly, it’s so much more forgivable to steal, bind the old geezer you’re stealing from and then smash the frail, bound pensioners head in with a blunt heavy object if the thieves know exactly what they want to steal.


            Seriously guys, Soli is not a ‘gentleman thief’. She’s a common, ignorant thug. An amusing, entertaining ignorant thug, but a thug nonetheless.

    • feline256

      That’s horrible. I can see why you don’t like Soli, what she did hits too close to home. (on top of it being rather shitty in the first place of course)

  • Barb The Cartoonist

    Have I ever told you how… CREEPY… Alamand is? ^^; ::shudder::

  • Carol

    Awww, they grow up so fast. I bet only last year Alamand still thought girls had cooties.

    Can’t wait to see the scramble when the kids go into “Cheese it! The soldiers!” mode.

  • Tim Kietzman

    Your comic’s amazing! I check op on it more than Lackadaisy!

    (That’s really funny! Isn’t Soli like, twice Ali’s age. Is Soli embarrassed out of ridiculousness or shame?)

  • Darn. “Soldier Boy” just popped into my head.

  • NO. I HATE it when I’m in the middle of a comic and it cuts off at a cliffhanger…UGH.

  • I’m not sure whether to think that’s sweet or completely deranged. Or both. :P

  • Amy Carver

    You know, I’ve been having a feeling since Alamand was first introduced that he’s going to die :( I really hope I’m wrong, Alamand is funny as he’ll, but I just can’t get rid of that gut feeling. By the way, absolutely gorgeous comic! I really love your work and wouldn’t mind waiting a year or more for just a few pages. I am truly hooked! :)

    • Asia

      DS wouldn’t kill Alamand. We can’t have /every/ main character losing a spouse. o_o Right?
      (Joking. Seriously though, I hope he doesn’t die.)

      • Kels

        Getting gagged for a bit is acceptable, though.

  • Krissy

    Hum D:
    To me, Soli’s hair kind of looks a bit different. Not too sure why.

  • Bootman

    Just realized that before this page, the boss didn’t even know that Soli was female XD

  • Catalyst


    DUDE. I think I fell out of my chair I laughed so hard. THAT FACE. Wonderful work. :)

  • DUDE. I think I fell out of my chair I laughed so hard. THAT FACE. Wonderful work.

  • Yu

    I just get so grossed out when Alamand says “Shouldn’t a man brag about his woman?”
    I love it though, he’s not a man yet and she’s anything but “womanly”. My favorite kind of humor.

  • Twigs

    Ew, Alamand. Ew.

  • Steph

    Enough for what?! ENOUGH FOR WHAT?! D:

  • Anonymous

    The page seems fuzzy and hard to read to me for some reason.

  • David E

    this image is still the old, low-res version. I guess she missed it when she upgraded all the rest of them.

    • This page is the one I don’t have as a high-rez file, I saved over it by accident, so it is going to be low rez until I have enough free time to color it again.

  • Thisguy

    That’s what a boy says if he hangs out with an adult woman for a couple of years

  • ItThing

    Ummm… so I hate to bring this up after so long, but is Soli’s tattoo missing on this page?

    • lol, yes. Actually you’re probably the first person to see this image, I reuploaded the page from the original .psd file a few hours ago cuz I couldn’t find the flattened page in the size I needed… evidently I missed the tattoo on the original page~~ will fix in a sec and thank you for noticing that!

      • Carmeops

        gonna have to say, it’s 2019 now and this page is still missing the tattoo

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