Just in case there was any lingering question about what kind of person Soli is: she’s the kind of person who shoots you while yelling “don’t shoot.”


  • Maphysto

    Soldier shot first!

  • Yappatan

    I love the lighting in the second panel. Very intense!

  • AXCervantes

    Bet it threw them off.

  • Saurus

    Hahaaaa and that is why Soli rocks. Getting the job done.
    Good thing she shoved Alamand in first! Also, Soli, you are letting a lot of people see your face who shouldn’t…

  • Kitty JJ

    AHHHH muzzle flare lighting. *licks*

  • Charlotte

    My kind of person!

  • Trivelie

    oh god oh man oh god

    • Screwy

      Sorry, I blame the update on Tuesday, but I smiled at your comment so hard, man.

  • Mandy


    These pages are too intense! :V

  • iza

    soli …T_T

    i want this -“The Meek: The Tide” and firts volume- but in my country there is no paypal ( shit D:< ) but i want buy. and i have idea how do this. People!!! please leave me one copy!! T_T

  • mike

    I used the link you gave to purchase the digital version, but am a little confused now. I got an email saying that my payment was received, but nothing else has happened. How do I get to the digital version?

    I keep loving this comic more and more, by the way.

    • Sarah NG

      Same happened to me. I imagine they have to send out the files to us and don’t have an automated sending system for it :) So I think we’ll get them soon, just maybe not instantaneously (unfortunately)

      • Yeah, that’s the way I think it works for now : So archaic!

    • I’m relatively certain that it is manually emailed to the email of the paypal account! I will contact my publisher and let them know they should make that clearer :3 Let me know if you don’t get your pdf in a day or two and I’ll make sure it happens!

      • mike

        Cool. Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

  • Carmalu


    Oh no!

    (I like her face.)

  • Oh no, Soli! At this point, the last page can contain nothing but pure awesome and cliff-hangers. I can’t wait!

  • VyaT

    this page is GORGEOUS Der-shing

  • Reed

    Btw, the minicomic reminded me: Are there any plans for the print version of book 2?

    • There are! The first couple of hundred copies weren’t released online since I really didn’t like the darkness of the printing (it was my fault btw). We’re doing it over but I put the Ch 2 colors on hold so I could finish this chapter… will be working on those this week though so it can finally be made available : More than a year later, asdlfka;l

      • Reed

        Yeah! :-)

  • gaboris

    Oh DANG IT man! Stop killing off your main characters after each other… or just do a clean business and just let a meteor crash into the whole planet… Okay just jokin, but admit it that that meteor would be AWESOME to close off the chapter. :D

    BTW now I can see that that thing really was just a manhole cover. :)

  • Muzzafar

    I don’t understand. Has Soli been shot in the process?

    • John

      Yes. Blood flew out of her, and there is blood in the water.

  • StephenM3

    Second panel’s a little confusing, if only because Soli’s style of misdirection is so intense. I didn’t completely understand (believe?) that she was shooting the guard while yelling, until I read the description. Especially since she looks so very surprised, and then the very next panel has her with a bullet wound (?).

    • John

      It doesn’t help that the soldiers’ shots are at the bottom of panel 3 and so are likely to be read after you read her sigh and notice her blood (a problem since you might attach the shots from panel two with her wounds. This is a tough situation, because you want layout to reflect topography and chronology.

      Just pitching a crazy idea here, but there’s an alternative layout that I’ve imagined where the panels spiral in like water down a drain, but that might require more space than the page has and could be even harder to follow.


      All the panels have the same content, except the gunshots have been moved to panel 2.5 for sequencing and guidance. To help the reader follow the shot a swirl of blue could be used to create a hard guideline, and then this swirl could change from blue to red as Soli gets hit.

      Like I said, it’s just an idea. I’m just curious if it’s at all workable.

      • I do a readthrough and massive edit round before the chapter goes to print. If something jumps out at me as being terribly off at that time, or if a majority of readers are having issues with what I’m trying to communicate, then I’ll do something about it.

        And, just so you know, while I do appreciate detailed suggestions, realistically speaking I hardly ever take them. I’m at a level where I think I’m okay with defending my decisions even if they aren’t ideal for all readers… It’s really good practice for wrangling with layouts when you do your own comics though!

        • John

          Of course you’re well past the planning stage now, I expect that. Really I just wanted to talk about ideas.

          I guess if I want to talk about this sort of stuff in a constructive way I should read the sketch comic instead, but I feel this strong urge to view your work in a finished light so that my first understanding of the story is the one you most intend. I guess I’m saying it’d be like watching the DVD extras before putting on the film.

          Oh, and by the way, you’re doing a great job, Der-shing!

    • I’ll think about it! Most of the whipping around action is conveyed in the hair, but it’s not super obvious. Yeah… I’ll think about it <:U

  • Emperial

    *weeps piteously* Der-shing, these cliffhangers… they are too much for me! Soliiiii, I think I love youuuu, please be okay!

  • Cherry B.

    *Mouth foams with rage* OMG THOSE BASTARDS SHOT MY SOLI! I shall hunt them and gut them like the pigs they are!!

    Ahem, aside from that. Soli looks sexy, as per usual. And I find it funny she’s that type of person. Fufufu. She’ll pull through from a single shot successfully. Right, Der-shing? *Eyes the author*

    • Carol

      She’ll be OK. She’s got to stick around for that prophecy gig, remember? So, sorry Death. Soli’s booked solid for the rest of the comic.

  • He shot her, right? Not the other way around?

  • Also, I bought a Meek book :)

  • The second panel lighting is gorgeous!

    Also, I clicked the “Purchase” button on that book harder than a pro-wrestling typist who’s parents were murdered by a rogue return key.

  • Maggie

    I totally bought those the last time they came out lol

  • Ailynne

    It looks like she got shot in the shoulder.
    Only the shoulder.
    Right? D:

    • Kels

      I’m reading it as the upper thigh/hip, but in any case not a palpable hit like Boss got.

  • No, not another dead character! Don’t tell me this was all just a way to introduce Alamand! D:

    • Kels

      The cost was too high!!

  • Ooh, I like the echo effect of the blue lettering >:3 very nice.
    Unless those are the soldier’s shots and I’m misinterpreting D:
    Also I hope Soli doesn’t lose her hat. I know in the grand scheme of being shot and the possibility of drowning right after being shot it’s probably unsubstantial, but I really do like that hat.

    • What are you talking about? Being shot and drowning is nothing compared to the loss of a hat. Nothing!

    • I think the hat is lost :C So many tragedies in one chapter…

      • And it was only one day till retirement… :(

        • The hat’s family is going to be so devastated.

  • Tim Kietzman

    Sweet! (So did she surprise the guards by shooting at them and then jump in the water?) Please hurry! Let’s conclude chapter! PLEASE!

  • I see, I was wondering what was happening in the second panel xD

  • did not see this one coming(man my english is really bad…)

    • Maggie

      It is perfectly acceptable and I would not assume your English is faulty unless you hadn’t said anything! (it’s far better than some native speakers, I’ll tell you what!)

    • Not bad at all ;3;

    • sladinforever

      That was perfect English :)

  • Kels

    What’s interesting here, is it’s the first time we’ve seen Soli fire a gun onscreen, and presumably with intent to actually hit someone.

  • Fozzymillow

    Great. Now the ‘blue-lightning-face lady’ will be the gossip of the country XD

    • I’m pretty sure we’ve already established that Soli ain’t no lady :)

  • Pneumonica


  • kaze

    So I guess she’d be from the duke raul school of dealing with law enforcement officers.

  • DoggySpew

    That is all.

  • sweet_gardenia






    ….And the the rest of the comic consists of Alamand going on a grim killing spree for VENGEANCE. I’m right aren’t I 8I

    • You already know the answer to that :[ (he grows up to be The Punisher)

    • Ari

      Thank you for making me laugh like a maniac in the middle of APUSH. :D

    • Beckie


  • Kels

    Bang bang, he shot me down
    Bang bang, I hit the ground (well, water)
    Bang bang, that awful sound
    Bang bang, some guard shot me down…

    • Katzenstreu

      (And the Alamand takes the mic~)

      Now she’s gone, I don’t know why
      To this day I sometimes cry
      She didn’t even say goodbye (“Don’t shoot!”)
      She didn’t take the time to lie…

  • Jennifer

    I would have put the “Don’t shoot!” in the first panel. Right now there’s no way the soldier would hear her over the thunder of revolvers firing so it’s kind of silly.

    • River

      Perhaps, but only her intent is important here. Doesn’t matter whether they heard her. Besides, Soli’s not the kinda gal to give ’em a chance, no matter what that Amen thinks.

  • the other anonymous

    Alamand is slowly losing everything he holds dear.

    First Sally, now Soli… If he goes bald, I don’t know if there’s any hope for him.

  • Hjorth

    After I was done screaming (SCREAMING I tell you!!) about Soli being shot, I spent a very long time staring at her wavering ponytail. That hair is all over the place, isn’t it; so pretty.

  • anonymous

    I think this calls for some Nancy Sinatra.

    • Katzenstreu

      Just look up, Anon. Just look up.

  • BentKatana

    Oh no, Soli! D: Wow, that lighting in panel 2? AWESOME.

  • Milo

    I’ll agree that the shooting/getting shot sequencing is a little confusing (though admittedly I was not confused until I saw that you said that Soli shot at them while yelling, and I managed to totally miss the blue gunshots in the third panel haha) but still a great page and looking forward to seeing the last one here in the next day or so! :U

    • Yeah, sounds like this page will have a few tweaks :3 Glad you enjoyed it despite the issues!

  • Ducello

    Um. So I was working on a page of my own comic that I thought was pretty good and…I might have to burn it now. This is heart-stoppingly beautiful.

    • :’C Don’t burn anything! You wouldn’t believe how many heart-stoppingly shitty pages I have made to get to this point, and you also probably wouldn’t believe how little time it takes before I hate the stuff I just made. The point is to keep going and don’t compare, if you work hard you’ll get to as high a level as you want!

  • anon

    Yeah, gotta be honest–at first I was a little confused by the third panel.

    I understood that Soli was shooting while saying don’t shoot, but I did not even see the sfx at the bottom (perhaps because I’m partially colorblind).

  • Crestlinger

    Blood splatter on left shoulder= potentially very bad. Best case scenario = went clean through without hitting anything major or ricochetted out off the choulderblade. Worst case = heart shot but either way bad to be swimming/sinking in a Sewer with a wound like that

  • Elaine

    I vote grazed arm! Will be less than thrilled if Soli dies right after child boss does. Too many deaths in too little time!

  • Erica

    AHHH I’m so happy this is back! Small critique: The soldier’s pose seems too casual. If you had him squatting/bending his knees a bit more, it would convey the tension of the situation a bit better. :)

    • Fleece

      That soldier just dealt with a bunch of unarmed ten-year-olds. From his point of view, there is not that much tension (until she starts shooting).

  • Bracket

    Well Angora has plant powers, Luca has fire powers, and Soli just fell into WATER. 8D

    • Bracket

      Also Soli may be the kind of person who shoots you while yelling “Don’t shoot!”, but she also previously said “Listen, I ain’t killin’ anyone.” Which may have been a context-sensitive statement. BUT STILL.

      • Mani

        She did just watch the soldiers gun down an unarmed kid.

    • mike

      I don’t know, it seems that getting superpowers in this world requires having animal friends in high places, and Soli doesn’t seem to have a “spirit animal” or whatever Dagre and Mocheril are.

    • sweet_gardenia

      No no you got it wrong about Luca. He has MICROWAVE powers which means he can cook you a burrito in under sixty seconds! :D

  • I got a little confused with the second panel in that I wasn’t sure if Soli was shooting. For a while I thought that was a bullet from that angle. Herpderp =B But after a while I got it. but dang, that water looks pretty gross. D= Don’t drown Soli!

  • kittengrl39

    This probably isn’t what I should be thinking, but I really love the fourth panel. The lighting, the pose of her legs, the thin, fuzzy stream of red – everything is perfect.

  • kevin

    my brain hurts from that lower left panel

    also who is that gorgeous creature in the thumbnail hnnnnggggggg

  • brokentool

    Hey, I am really sorry that I have to ask about this here, but I couldn’t find any Contacts section, or something similar..

    Yesterday I purchased “The Tide” from 4th Dimension, payed with PayPal, received the receipt from PayPal ‘n everything, but I did not get ANY product in ANY way. Now, I am new to the PayPal thing, but still I don’t see how I missed anything.. I wrote to 4th Dimensions, but it’s been like 48 hours and no response from them. What should I do?

    • From the order page: “After your purchase is completed, you will receive an email, sent to your paypal registered email address with download instructions. You should receive this email within 24-48 hours. ”

      Also I don’t think you’ve been waiting 48 hours if you bought it yesterday :3 They have to do the distribution of pdfs “by hand” so to speak, so I’m sure you’ll get your email soon.

      • brokentool

        Hey hey, thank you very much for the info. I am sorry, but I apparently did not see the text you mentioned on their page, that would have cleared things. As for the hours, my bad again – I meant 24, but for some reason my early-morning brain decided to make it 48.

        • Hey, no problem at all XD Let me know if you don’t get the email within another day or so and I’ll make sure it gets taken care of!

          • Marion

            Well, I ordered (and paid for) the mini-book two days ago, and not a peep yet :-(

            I’ll wait patiently, however.


            Could come any minute now.


            Really, it’s no problem. I’m good.


            We wants it! We wants it, my Preciousssss…!

            *drools in anticipation*

  • feline256

    Oh no Soli!
    I especially like the lighting and colors on panel 2
    *orders the mini-book*

  • Fleece

    I love your illustrated description of what kind of a person Soli is. :D
    Also, that page was completely unexpected.

  • Wow, this is a gorgeous page. The colors and lighting are just amazing.

  • herene

    I love Soli so much.

  • River

    There may or may not be another page, but I think the chapter is ended perfectly just like this. The pacing is just gorgeous…FAST FAST FAST! ….then, as a perfect segue into Ch. 4, a sinking-into-the-sewer denouement that both quiets and slows everything down before the “Fin.”

    On another note, I am totally baffled as to why everyone has fallen into passionate love with Soli! I mean, I enjoy reading about morally dubious characters, but I don’t *admire* them. What is wrong with you people?

    [is it wrong to hope that she gets captured and the mullet-tail gets cut off? yes? still hoping.]

    Eagerly awaiting “The Tide”! :D

    • River


  • Hanan

    I’m not sure if this is the place to ask you, but is The Tide a digital downloadable comic, or an actual physical comic? Either way, I think I’ll buy one. :)

    • The Tide is a PDF as far as I know! I’m sorry I don’t have any more physical copies, I made them on my dad’s work copier and honestly the PDFS are clearer to look at >__>

  • Julia

    I am kind of wondering with which hand Soli was shooting, because there is no gun in her left hand, and she was holding her coat with her right hand. Was she like already holding it under her coat or something?

    • She was wrapping her coat around the gun, since you don’t really want to get water all up in those things… and she’s ambidextrous when it comes to shooting.

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