Sorry I’m late. This page was a bitch to draw. I blame Pinter.

Next page will be up before the end of the week! I am going on a trip to Texas, gonna get on a plane and everything. I’ve never been to Texas before, I am sort of scared tbh, but supposedly Austin is good people? I guess I’ll find out! Anyways I’ll be offline for the weekend starting Friday afternoon, so I am obligated to finish and post the next page before then :U I got some writing done this weekend though so at least that is out of the way.

A pimp for you, before you go! Power Nap is my new favorite thing. Fun, silly sci-fi writing and expressive art that I can’t get enough of. I know I pimped this on Tumblr already several times but I don’t even care. Also we appear to be cross-pimping, which is pretty neat as well.

Anyways, see you in a few days!

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  • Lovely lovely page :D Love the direction, flow and style of the page!

  • Comett

    Angora’s eyes are lovely @_@

    Honestly though, I love how you can draw a gloomy, rainy day – the colours you use really set the mood. It seems like someone just needs to hang Pinter out to dry for a couple of days.

    • Katrika

      She has the prettiest eyes, right? @_@

      • Rocky

        That was the first thing that came to mind when I read this strip. @_@

        • Twigs

          I just feel the need to add one more @_@ here

          • Katrika


          • @_@

  • Amber

    The colours in this page are gorgeous! Angora’s face in that last panel is amazing.

  • Shadow of the Sun

    Der-Shing, why are you so awesome? Stop monopolizing the awesome; it’s not fair!

    Angora’s eyes are absolutely beautiful, and I love Pinter so much.

  • Woah, and I thought Pinter was being very cranky in the first chapter, compared to the initial drafts. He appears to have only gotten crankier since then.

    • Raoul

      Hacking through undergrowth will do that to you. Plus, I imagine he’s had to cut down on his drinking — if he even has any hooch left. Staying sober can *really* turn on the crank, even without manual labor added in. Together, they create a Crankosaurus Pintegripus.

  • Woden

    Your linework is gorgeous. Me gusta.

  • Kelly

    Austin IS good people – I should know, I’m one of them. :D

    We’re pretty chilly right now, though, so I hope you brought warm clothing and something to keep the constant drizzle off you. Too bad you didn’t come down a few weeks back when we were still in the grips of our Forever-Summer.

    Oh, and Alamo Draft House. You need it when you’re here. Movie theatre + incredible food + booze. And may I suggest El Arroyo on west 5th street? Best tex-mex in the whole damn city. <3

  • mike

    Sounds like somebody’s detoxing.

    The art on this page is amazing, btw.

  • vi

    I understand why this page was a bitch to draw. I mean, look at Pinter’s manly arm!

    • I know, I had to keep taking breaks to fan myself

      • hothotpot

        Oh well thank god I’m not the only one who thinks Pinter is rather sexy in that panel. I mean…you weren’t being sarcastic right? I’m not…I’m not the only one? Right? Guys?

        • dogandduck

          Nah, I think Pinter’s pretty hot, too. I mean, for a cartoon.

  • BrainBlow

    I’m loving the art! Everything looks more alive, so to speak.
    And I’m guessing wading through a jungle ain’t the best thing for an alcoholic.

  • Reed

    Blaming Pinter. Convenient.

    *g* Have fun in Texas!

  • MissA

    I never realized how much I missed Pinter until he was back. :T

  • pfmoi

    Planes are fun! If you’re not scared of heights or terrorists, get a seat by the window, so you can see America spread out below you–so beautiful!

    • I’m flying out in the evening, so maybe not XD I will imagine it though.

      • Jemmerzem

        The evening is the best time to sit at the window! You can see all of the cities and towns lit up like those pictures of the world at night.

  • DreamCarver

    No worries about the late page. Have fun in Texas!

    Aw, Pinter. Why is you such a grump? Angora is having a hurt face in last panel! WHY!

  • LBSophia


  • LBSophia

    Btw, this is DAMN GOOD art. Seriously don’t care when pages are late, because it always comes out perfect.

  • I’m fine with planes. I hate airports.

    • Opposite XD Well, not the plane itself, but I get super anxious about my carryon luggage. I have weak T-rex arms and can never put it in the overhead without looking like a dumbass, haha.

      • Twigs

        Also, I can’t stop looking at Pinter’s gut in the fourth panel. Surely all this trekking through the jungle will only do him good.

        • Twigs

          Sorry, I didn’t mean for that comment to be a reply x__x

        • If he doesn’t kill himself first XD

        • Alvar

          I can´t stop looking at his ARM.

          Im thinking, cuting the undergrowth did him good already.

  • a.a.

    Wow, it’s amazing how you can see how much you’ve improved! The last panel, specially, loved the expression on Angora’s face.

  • earthy

    Austin is good people! And I agree with Kelly up above— it’s very cold right now. Hope you enjoy it here as much as I enjoy your comic!

  • What happened to Pinter’s machete between panels 1 and 3? I mean, not that you should be drawing every miniscule action between point A and point B. It just seemed to disappear rather abruptly to me.

    LOVE Angora’s face in the last panel.

    • It’s tucked away. Yeah, one of those things I’m not going to spell out, since it’ll be show tucked away in the next page :B

  • I love Angora’s eyes with a burning passion. They’re so radiant!

    Austin is a pretty neat place (or at least it was when I lived there), but it’s very, very dry right now, so don’t think it’s like that all of the time! I was there a few weeks ago, and it was almost surreal how dry everything was. Other than that, I have a lot of good friends from Austin, and there tend to be nice people there :) Have fun visiting!

    • Yeah, I’ve been hearing it’s dry and cold. Right now over here is dry and cold so I don’t think I’ll be too shocked :B

  • Jared

    I’ve read the entire comic so far, and I’m absolutely loving the entire thing. You’re doing a fantastic job, and I love reading every single panel you’ve created so far.

    Thank you for taking the time to draw all of this, and to allow us to read/view such amazing work. o c o

    Also, Texas is a very nice place. It’s not full of as many rednecks as you think it is. (I grew up in Texas, so I’d know!) Don’t be too surprised when everything is dead… It’s been so dry so nothing is really alive anymore. Be prepared for bipolar weather conditions too. I once had a winter day go from 56 degrees to below freezing in less than 8 hours!

    I hope you enjoy your trip!

    • Haha, thanks XD Yeah, I remember it snowed there last year or something? crazy. I’m trying not to but I can’t help always envisioning Texas as a flat desert full of saguaro like out of a roadrunner cartoon.

      • Sarah

        That’s only out in the West area, silly :P
        But then, it pretty much is near that in more central Texas… I remember I took vacation up to Vermont and the first thing a I thought was
        “Grass is… GREEN?!”
        Hadn’t seen that since April or May, lol.

  • Jrue

    See, Pinter, Angora got that same glint in her eyes before she castrated some dude with a tree branch. Tread lightly, mmmkay?

  • Chip

    Aw yay! I love Angora’s friggin hair. And her eyes. And Pinter’s face.

    Also, Texas is good times! You will have fun in Austin I hope. For a super-touristy time, try the Texas history museum. More fun than it sounds.

  • Ye gods, this page is gorgeous! I love her hands in the last panel. So well done.

  • Cheri

    Poor Pinter, looks so tired.

  • Graypath

    Looks like you have more than a few of fans in Texas! Texas is a great place to live and visit, and Austin is one of the nicest places for a first visit. Enjoy!

  • Pedro

    Thanks for Power Nap. Best pimpage since Lackadaisy Cats.

  • I could even hear the rain falling. EXCELLENT.

  • I also am from Texas (born in Austin, raised in San Antonio) and you have nothing to fear – we are very nice people. We’re also pretty normal. Make sure to eat some Tex-Mex food while you’re there. I mean, if you like cheese and happiness.

    • My guts are going to hate me! But I’m going to anyways, haha XD

  • Luiza

    I want soaked Pinter!!

  • cailte

    Don’t be scared! Texas is not (always) the frothingly psychotic place you hear about in news stories. There’s lots of places like my old small-town high school where they cheerfully taught evolution and the homecoming king senior year was flamboyantly gay. And Austin is super laid back, you can be yourself and no one will give you any trouble.

  • Gingerfu

    YESSSSS I’ve missed these two.

  • Libsters

    Just be sure not to drive too much and you should be fine. The drivers there are a little scary. >.>

  • Laura

    I live in Austin! Okay, just a warning, it’s kind of ugly in the winter because of the trees but usually it’s super green and lush.
    BUT seriously, I love that city. How long are you going to be there? Because there are a lot of restaurants I can recommend. You should also try some “texas” food like breakfast tacos, queso, and migas.
    What are you doing in Austin?

    • Hanging with a bro B] They live there and know cool places too, I am looking forward to seeing them :B

  • Firstly: I love that last panel,fo sho.

    Secondly: When I saw you were coming to Austin, I nearly knocked over my drink :D So cool! What are you gonna do here?

    • Haha, thanks! And I’m going to be chillin’ with a friend of mine, possibly hang with some other bros. I’m fuzzy on the details but I’m sure it’ll be fun :D

  • i came to find this excellent comic yesterday via Power Nap, read the whole thing, Love It. I look forward to a printed edition, and hope that you can see through to finishing this story in a timely fashion, hobbies can be such a bear on the back of time, because i have a 1 year old spitfire of a daughter I will be purchasing the printed version for as soon as it’s available!

  • Tim Kietzman

    Well, I understand if this page was difficult to draw, but thanks for pulling through man. Your comic is so cool. Can’t wait for the next update.

  • Twigs

    I love the fact that she has big calf muscles!!!

    (What? A female character not only with defined muscles, but with defined muscles which make sense because they are pertinent to the story? Well I never.)

  • Rick

    Your art is fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  • Jemmerzem

    Pinter looks like he hasn’t been getting much sleep.

  • christopher

    So…what do the three storylines have to do with one another? I’m confused.

    • If the Meek were a 2.5 hour long movie, this chapter would probably be somewhere around 25 minutes in.

      In other words, stick around, I’m sure it’ll all come together as it goes on. It’s how they currently differ that makes the expected merging interesting!

      • Thanks Matt, couldn’t have put it better myself XD

  • Maybe it’s just the new larger page size, but wow, this is one of the most strikingly well-drawn pages I think you’ve churned out yet.

  • Rbuggy

    Beautiful page! I love this so much! O.O

  • Erica

    Someone needs more booze.

  • zimnic

    Wow… I haven’t checked up on Meek for several months, Power Nap linked me here, and it turns out there was less than a page per month posted… See you back in a year or so, maybe I will have something like 10 new pages to read.

    • Yup, that’s what happens when you have 16 hours of work to do and no weekends off! Thankfully my regulars understand that real life exists and that people need to eat :)

      • Brent

        Gotta get them eats. But srsly, the amount of gratification received is directly proportional to the time one has waited!

        Also, your rendering of light and atmosphere keeps getting moar amazing. Thank you sensei.

  • The new website looks lovely and the larger page format is kind of a treat! The colors and detail in your pages just got more accessible. I definitely cannot wait for the book as well.

    I hope you have a safe trip. :D

  • Laney

    The last panel may be my favorite picture of Angora ever ever ever. Also, Pinter should quit his complaining! All of that trekking through the forest ought to help out with that gut.

    I’m just sayin’. Hahaha :D

  • Crestlinger

    Its called scouting Pinter. You know so you don’t get LOST. And fun, her eyes are glowing again.

  • Hanan

    That last panel is especially awesome. I like everything about it.

  • Ducello

    Angora’s face in the last panel :D

  • Nick

    I also get bitchy in the inclement weather. :3

  • tc-city

    Even though Pinter is being a total jerk it makes me love him even more. :a;

    Also, I really love the environment in these pages! Really beautiful. Usually not a fan of cool colors but omg so pretty

  • Have an awesome time in TX! =D

    I guess Pinter’s going to have to learn to climb trees….

  • Elmenora

    Pinter’s just upset that rain doesn’t come in hooch flavor :B

  • You gotta eat at Freebirds World Burrito. And Threadgill’s. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could get some friends to drive you out to the Salt Lick. The BBQ there is somewhat overrated, but the never-ending family-style dining is an experience you won’t soon forget. I could put you in touch with Rick Klaw if you’re curious about the Austin comics scene…

  • SneeMonster

    Wow! I know someone mentioned this before but you’ve REALLY improved since chapter one. I don’t even have to look back, it’s that significant of an up. The expressions, the angles, the colors… Really great. So amazing how you just keep on getting better and better like this.

  • Jenny

    I think that Pinter might just be my Favorite Dude Ever. Even though he’s being a bit of a douche right now, haha.

  • Fyre

    Awesome page :D

    And Texas is awesome too! And you have to try the BBQ in Austin. Greatest. BBQ. EVER. (I would suggest Franklin’s BBQ, but you have to get there before 9 if you don’t want to wait in line for over an hour, but the ribs are just amazing lD ) Just don’t come to Dallas. All the drivers are jerks.

  • Gibandit

    hey dont worry about texas its awesome here!!! although as of late it has been rather cold for us.

    but even so you should have a blast in austin!!!

  • Guairdean

    You’ll like Austin, it’s a fun place. Take a tour of the state capital if you get a chance, it’s fun. You’ll also want to try the barbecue. Look up Iron Works for one of the best in a unique building.

  • This page is so pretty *_* Also I reread the story from the beginning and I’m really excited now.

  • ZPirate

    Texas is one of the friendliest states ever! Just as long as you stay out of Dallas. Dallas is rude. But the South and Central areas are nice. I live in San Antonio, which is about an hour or two away from Austin. Enjoy your visit!
    Oh yes, and the last panel with Angora is so beautiful! @_@ Actually, the whole page is, so if it was a bitch, it doesn’t show.

  • Emily

    Why are you so good at this? WHHHYYY?! I’m so jealous. ;_; I love the expressions in the first two panels, and that last panel! *drools* The lighting is amazing. I’m so jealous of your hands and feet too. I’m the worst at drawing hands and feet. WAAAA.

  • CC

    Aww hell yeah! Austin is awesome! Trust me, I live here. :B

  • Lillyx

    OMG, I never thought I’d say this (since this comic is already my favourite on the net :p) but your style has gotten even better! Amazing! ^^

  • I love the coloring in the eyes in panel 5.

  • sweet_gardenia

    Dat gut <3

    Poor Pint he looks pretty miserable…On the other hand free wet t-shirt contest I'm not complaining 83 hurrhurr

  • Davie

    Pinter has sexy forearms. Just putting that out there.

  • vifetoile

    It appears he’s lost the vague fear of her he had at the end of the last chapter. XD Familiarity breeds contempt.

  • Shjade

    Just comparing this page with the Pinter and Angora from chapter 1 is…well, it seems like you’ve really fleshed them out in terms of detail since then. Benefit of larger pages, artistic improvement in the intervening years, or a combination of the two? Regardless of why, it’s an impressive step up from what was already quite appealing artwork.

    Really do enjoy your comic. ^.^

    • Shjade

      Hm…actually looking at them longer, the atmosphere probably contributes quite a bit to that as well. Shifting from bright sunny greens and yellows to this very subdued wet blue scheme offers a different variety of shading and contrast – thus all the comments on Angora’s eyes in the last panel, for instance, when they haven’t really changed much from the first chapter. They just look more striking when they’re surrounded by more somber tones; when everything around her was also green/gold her green/gold eyes just sorta blended in. Interesting the way changing one aspect of a piece can make everything else fit together differently.

  • spas

    you should meet up with david c simon – his comic crimson dark is/was the best sci-fi comic art online!

  • spas

    oh! and he’s living in austin now and working on a star wars video game or some such!

    • Small world… the friend I’m visiting lives with a Bioware/ SWtOR person as well :B

  • Jamie

    Don’t know if you noticed (I only did because it has to do with how I use my RSS feed) but for some reason the favicon on the pages that you used to have, the little orange gear, no longer exist.

  • Lovely expressions. Have a safe trip!

  • Mosaic

    His tattoo is the same color as Soli’s its kinda a cute color

  • MrCold

    Did you edit Angora’s expression in the last panel since I last saw this page? It seems a bit different than I remember it.

  • *A* She has such lovely eyes.

  • Leluke

    words cannot describe how much I love pinter.

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