I’ll just uh… leave this page here…


  • Ian Kahler

    I have been checking almost religiously for an update to this comic. Finally my prayers are answered.

    • Isaac

      Dude, you should get Google Reader : D

    • Brett

      I can’t even express how much I LOVE you right now. You are seriously the greatest! :D

      • Brett

        oops, meant for this to just be a normal comment, not a reply…

        • msouth

          It’s ok Brett, we’re supposed to love everyone.

    • TechSmurf

      I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  • Flats


    And a new page!
    Tiny Tim’s getting his christmas wish this year!

    Seriously: Glad to see you’re back at it (even if its just a page every couple months :-D )

    • Nope, 1x a week now :) I am cold-turkey on the ridiculous freelance for the forseeable future!

      • closedmouth

        I came.

      • Th3ophilos

        Thank you kindly!

        *dances in circles*

  • Chris

    Oh. Why look what I’ve found. A comic I’ve missed. :)

    WB, Der-shing!


  • Chris

    Oh, look what I’ve found. A comic I’ve missed! :)

    WB, Der-shing!

  • Illidasi

    Oh hey, I found a page just lying here…

  • es

    wooo-hoh. Months later and still not an inch of atmosphere lost! I love this comic. Hope you’ve gotten better with everything. Thank you for posting <3

  • rosyatrandom

    Update? UPDATE!

  • XDDD The expressions in this page are PRICELESS!

  • rose

    Holy crap, yay!!

    Pinter’s expression in panel 2, omg.

  • Raven511426

    My day has officially been made.

    And I don’t care how long it takes for this comic to be made, I will always wait patiently for it to be finished!

    Keep drawing! You’re an amazing artist!

  • The slowest of Bears

    I’m really glad to see more of this. Love the style and the tone.

    Would totally support this in non-monetary ways. Do you accept blood?

    • msouth

      See if there’s a plasma donation place near you (one that pays I mean). Then you can literally support the comic with your blood.

  • I re-read the whole comic thus far last night in preparation for this :) I’m so happy to see new pages!

    • I’m glad you did, as the archives seem to be all jank now v_v *shame*

  • troll

    Why check “almost religiously” when the RSS feed will tell you when there’s something new? RSS is what, 15 years old? Do people still not get this?

    • I’m also one of those people who never uses RSS, because I’m mentally still living in 1997 v_v *shame*

      • Same here. I have no idea what it’s for and I’ve never bothered to check it out. lol I’d probably just ignore it and forget about it anyway.

    • Tibsie

      I keep all my favourite webcomics in a bookmark folder. One click and they all open in tabs. Do it once a day and there’s no need for RSS.

      • Sven

        I just use this site:

      • zibodiz

        I keep up with 134 webcomics (with more added all the time), so my netvibes rss homepage is the only way to do it. My computer would just crash if I did it your way lol.

    • that one guy

      I don’t use RSS so the sites I go to get money for the ads I’m seeing on the sides of the page. Support the artist ^^

  • Huh? Oh, what’s this popping up in my RSS reader…

    Woah! Alright!

    BTW, I’d be willing to part with some of my cash to get more frequent updates, but the store link up top doesn’t seem to work.

    • Thanks Eric! I don’t take donations though, and can’t really afford to update faster than 1x a week with the day job and such… I appreciate the sentiment though!

      • Then I thank you for this excellent free comic.

        Pff… day job.

  • AndyW


    Hooray for RMS :D

    • AndyW

      RSS. My job has too many TLAs :(

  • Brad

    It’s great to see the comoic is back!

  • Ben

    Welcome back! I’m really happy that this comic is back. I’ve quite missed it.

  • Wood

    Whooo, so nice to have you back !

  • Abby

    You can also check the facebook to see when new updates will start ;)

    • You make me so happy when you talk like that :D

  • Sky

    glad you’re back

  • Daniel

    Welcome back. And no more super intense side jobs allowed.

  • Carolyn


  • Topher Brink


  • Alex

    A great way to end a terrible day is to find out a long-inactive webcomic has just began updating again. Glad you’re doing better, and thanks for making me be doing slightly less worse now! :-)

  • Brian

    Speak of a devil…I was wondering when you’re going to update yesterday and here you are today!

  • An Average Loser

    Holy crap, an update! Honestly, I checked today as some sort of sick joke but…never mind, I’m glad that it’s here and that’s all that matters! Thanks again and see you next time!

    • I would never make a sick joke. I mean, in regards to comics. Say hi to your mom for me.

      • Sorry, maybe that is less “sick joke” than “bad, outdated joke” v_v *shame*

    • Gnomasz

      Almost the same. I was just clicking all the bookmarks in a row and I was like “eh, why did I click Meek? I should remove it noWOW!”

  • Tulicloure


    Oh well, guess I’m done with my programming project for tonight. Time to go on a binge!

  • Asterai

    Whhooooo you’re alive and your drawing-hand still works whoooooooooooooooo!

    …Ahem. I’m glad you’re back!

  • El Grande

    Dafuq? You are still alive?

    P.S. i cant open your older pics

  • Karyl

    OH JOY!!! you’re LIVE again!!! :)

  • Ted Lovejoy


  • Dart

    I’ve been checking up on this every single day since the last page update… just woooooow….

  • Laura Bat

    freaked my roommate out with my cries of joy <3

  • Mateus

    All that time checking the site everyday was worth, yaaaay.

    PS: i can’t check the older pics too,

  • Google Reader is the bomb, because it alerted me that you are back.

    Outstanding, and I join the chorus of “Please keep going!”

  • Walnut

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! The Meek lives!

    I’ve been reading this comic since the middle of the first chapter, Der-shing. I would never expect any long-term web comic to always update consistently, so I wasn’t that surprised when I read you were taking some time off to work on real life. If you said you weren’t going to abandon the comic indefinitely then that was good enough for me. That being said, I did miss the story terribly. When I saw on The Meek’s Facebook page that there could be an update soon I nearly fainted. It is so good to see Angora and Pinter arguing in the rain again ;)

    Thanks for putting quality before quantity. I can’t wait to see more!

    • And thank you for sticking around and understanding all that junk about real life :3 If I’m going to abandon the comic, believe me, there would be wayyy more blood and screaming (from who, I know not)

  • Pinter’s faces are priceless. As if he started by wanting to be reasonable then said ‘YOU KNOW WHAT? NO. The little princess can find the center HERSELF. I’M FINDING A DRINK.”

  • It’s back!


  • Kio

    OMG FINALLY! I knew RSS feeds were good for something! Whoo!

  • Jess

    I always imagine Angora’s voice to sound like Chihiro from the American dub of Spirited Away- who do y’all think Pinter would sound like?

    • Geneseepaws

      Bill Murry. Well, really, John Candy, but that’s just not going to happen.

  • Joe

    First time checking in a week, it just so happened to be today, I love coincidences!

  • Haplo

    I’ve been thinking about how I much I enjoyed this comic in the past week. I’m happy to see it is still alive! Keep up the great work.

  • Haplo

    I’ve been thinking about in the past week how I much I enjoyed this comic. I’m happy to see it is still alive! Keep up the great work.

  • wanderer

    I knew it!!! I knew it!!!!!!onehundredeleven

  • B

    Finally. Can’t tell which faces are better.

    Well, actually, I can. Pinter’s.

  • meekly fan

    apocalypse starts now.

  • The Pirate Rose

    Yes! Thanks for the new page mate!

  • feline256

    Update yay! Glad you finally have time to work on a fun project again!

    Heh heh, Pinter’s getting dangerously close to imitating deGrasse in panel 3 there

  • BG

    AHHHHHHH! IT’S BACK! IT’S BACK! Ohmigod, I had a panic attack when I saw the new page!!! :D

  • Chad from Canada

    OH MY GOD! Your alive. I missed you oh so much. Checked every day, waiting. My faith is rewarded.


    On another note, I don’t think I’ll ever get over how amazeballs you are with drawing expressions.


    Really though I gasped at the sight of a new Meek update! Thank you for making my stupid day better! Your tireless dedication to this comic gives me happy feels. You should be proud of yourself, Der-Shing!! :D

  • Graeme

    Was looking through my bookmarks for something interesting and thought: “Oh, the Meek, that was fun, too bad its dead, eh, I’ll click on it anyways.”

    So, this happened…. I just have one question for you: are you a a wizard?

  • Daniel

    Opens all comic tabs, goes to close The Meek… wait… whaaaaat????!!!!?!!!1one

  • That one girl your mom warned you about that one time


    what day are these updated on? mondays exclusively?


    i’ve missed this comic too much ;u;

    • Gonna play around with a good day, then stick to that! I might have to push back the day, Monday seems to be maybe unrealistic, but who knows. I’ll try to wrangle with Mondays for now, if that doesn’t work then I’ll try something else. So yeah let’s say Monday :B

  • Jozth

    Wow!!! It’s alive!!

  • HoppyOkapi

    Best day ever! You’re awesome, this comic is awesome, everything is awesome! Thanks you so much for updating!

  • The Talking TP

    Ahh…..I was never going to give up on this comic!!! I was waiting and hoping everything was alright, and an update is what is waiting for me when I open this page up!

    Thank you so much!!!! Glad to see you’re still going! I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for you right now! Thank you!

  • DanialArin

    Welcome back!

  • Talonheart


    Meek Update.
    Press back to read previous page…
    Hopes and dreams crash and burn….

    That being said, still ecstatic to see a new page and that you’re doing well. :D

  • Literas

    A new page <3<3<3<3<3

    Someone pinch me.

    It's so great to see you're working again on the comic. I don't really know what kinds of shenanigans prevented you; I've been hearing a mix of all kinds of things (illness, death, work, etc.). Regardless, welcome back! :DD
    The comic updates on mondays now, btw?

    • Haha, all of the above T_T. Thankfully I’m mostly rid of all of those except for… work, and that’s been cut down by like 50%. SO. Back to webcomics!!

      As for update day, I’m still trying to find a day that I can stick to consistently. I’m going to keep wrangling with Monday; if I can make it work then it will be Monday from here on out!

  • Scuzzball

    Glorious update! Entire site is DDoS.

    • I don’t know what that means! Unless it means “slow as shit and aaaa god why is this happening”

      • Scuzzball

        Yeah pretty much. Distributed Denial of Service attack.
        They don’t have to be intentional. Everybody wants pretty pictures from server, server has a tendency to go reaaaaaaally slow. And drop requests.

        Thank you for updating, by the way. It is a very cool comic. It’s one of the three webcomics I read by RSS.

        • Yeah, it doesn’t help that I didn’t know anything about optimizing anything when I designed this site. I’ll need to rethink a few things.

          Thanks a ton for reading :)

  • Jonesy

    The last upgrade to my surfing behaviour was upgrading from my 56k modem and break up with my netscape navigator. I had a look at this RSS thingy… I just keep clicking on my webcomics folder and bringing my firefox to an almost halt with opening them all. Tabs, them alone took me a while to get used to. But the greater was the joy to see a new comic, after loading the page up every other weekday with the other bunch, since it last upgraded.

    In short: REJOICE!

  • Saurus

    Pinter I’m pretty sure you can’t outrun her

  • Soulnova

    Heh, same for me, checked through this here every time I checked my RSS feeds.

    Awesome response to this page though. There we see how many still kept checking. XD

    PS: Neat new page. Looking forward to seeing how this will get solved.

  • Biscuit

    This is beautiful, you are beautiful, and everything is beautiful because the Meek is back! This is exactly what I needed, so thank you for continuing to be amazing.

  • ems

    ITS BACK!!! WOOOT!!!

  • You really expect us to believe it took you nine months to complete this page?!?! No. I’m just kidding. I can imagine how hard this is. I’m so excited. This is my favorite comic. Thank you.

    • I added one drop of rain every day since January

  • Eki

    Welcome back! I’m so happy seeing you continue this story.

  • PatrickleMorse

    My day was originally going to be pure crap.
    And then I saw this. And then it’s gonna be weekly updates.

    I’m so happy ! *squeals like the rabid fangirl she is*

  • Bartimaeus

    Glad to have you back!

  • Fennel

    Holy crap! This updated! I remember seeing something in my tumblr dash about this comic and i got excited for a moment. And here it is!
    Congratulations man, this was and still is a great comic, and I’m really glad you’ve gotten back to it :D

  • Nice to see you coming back to your hobby that you share with us. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it for a long time, without feeling pressured too much in keeping it updated. Remember: You’re doing this for your own fun, not for us :) We just stand here in awe and joy.

  • 6pilko

    Glad to see you are getting better mate! Keep your awesomeness!

  • Mebio

    Welcome back!
    I didn’t even read the page because I just wanted to express my hapiness and gratitude first!

    *now back to actually reading and enjoying the page*

  • Enigmatic_Spectator

    Congratulations on returing to The Meek, I’m happy that you haven’t given up after all these months.

  • Brent

    I’m so happy for you!

    Okay, mostly I’m happy for me, b/c I finally get my Meek fix. But also I’m happy you’re better, and that you get to work on projects just for you. Congrats, and thank you!

  • job

    i’m so happy for you! your awesome comic is back on track(is that how it is said?)!
    finally one of my favorite comics is back! and ya know what… i already fell in love with it again! i think the waiting was worth!

  • Bob

    Words can’t express how happy I am that you’re updating again.

  • Tim Kietzman

    FINALLY!!!! You’re back!!!!!! great page! I hope you’ll update more often now!

    • Yay, you’re back too! And I will be updating once a week from now on, wooo!!

  • Bonnie

    \o/ welcome back! (90 comments already! that should tell you something…)

    • Yes, “never go on hiatus again”

  • RocketBoots

    YAY you’re back! I was a little worried that it might not update again, like, ever, so I was really glad when I saw you were going start updating again. And now this!

  • Whee!

  • Ammar

    So… how long each page take to complete?, i know that this page took 10 months but know that he is back….
    I’m new reader and I loved this comic.

  • Vert

    I… I.. you… what? I’m so used to clicking through this site on my morning comic read that I almost didn’t realize there was an update. THANK YOU!

  • Stephen

    I nearly jumped out of my chair, it was such a shock to see a different page here. I was actually startled.

    I still haven’t read it yet. I’m going to savour the fact there is a new page for a little while first.

    Welcome back. I hope things are going well for you.

  • Leluke

    I’m crying of happiness.

  • AdequateOrange

    I was just browsing the comics that I have in my RSS folder and noticed The Meek sitting there. Thinking to myself, “Huh that hasn’t been updated in a long time. I wonder if that will update at some point.” Then no more then 10 minutes later I see this page ticking by in my RSS feed. This is a strange happenstance or I have a very lame limited superpower.

  • I literally squee’d when I saw thin in my RSS feed. This is too good – both Red Moon Rising (which I’m sure you introduced me to) and The Meek come back within the same week. Welcome back! Hope you still remember the storyline.

    • Haha, yes, I remember. The story is the only thing I had time to work on until recently XC

  • My day has just been made. <3

  • Ga'Tor

    Yay, you’re back! Hope life and the real world are well with you. Also that you’re in a position to update on a regular or semi-regular basis.

  • Rahero

    I was screaming in my room, it’s a miracle it’s a miracle!

  • Oh yay you’re back! wohoo!

  • LGJ


  • NetLoiterer


  • KSA

    The Meek Returns!

    Great joy!

    I never gave up, and patience is rewarded. I’m glad you have sorted the problems out, and found time to draw for us again. I do appreciate it. Something else to brighten my week – thankyou!

  • Anao


  • Linda

    :o –> :) –> :D

    Thank you!

  • Sho

    FANTASTIC. Although the comic style seems a little more cartoon-y then when you left off.

    • Yeah :) Getting back to my roots a bit.

  • W-What happened to the borders? D:

    • Haha, you’re the first person to notice and say something XD I removed them for the first print volume, and the files will be updated here soon too.

  • Welcome back, madam! May I join the hundred others in rejoicing. = )

    Those expressions are sexy, as always. Merely by being your awesome self, you have taught me so much about body language.

  • Maese Sag

    Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God….


  • Woah.
    It updated. =D

    Do this again and I bet you’d be the first webcomic with a 1 page every nine months update schedule. You’d be famous(er).

    • lol, I would be! Until someone found me and murdered me XD

      • D=
        Who would murder you?
        Other jealous webcomic artists?
        You can’t trust ’em. Dirty backstabbing liars the lot of ’em- oh.

        • astrocom

          Maybe people who read through the archives and got addicted to the story :-P
          Seriously though, super happy about the update. Here’s hoping the medical issues are resolved or…you know… under control? Going…better? Something like that. Good tidings and all.

  • DreamCarver

    At last! More arguments!

    Thank you, good sirrah.

  • Lee M

    Those two should just get a room.

  • Dr. Foxsocks

    The faces. THE FACES!
    I’m so excited for weekly updatesssss.

  • Nikki M

    Your style has changed subtly.. I feel as if you have a better grasp on expressions. and the shading is a lot smoother. It’s lovely :)

  • Hanna

    You’re still alive :) For a webcomic this good, I’ll gladly wait a month or two between updates. I’m still really looking forward to watching the story unfold, even if it takes a while!

  • Astrocrabpuff

    Ah yes! Thank you for your new page! So much happy right now!

  • Olivia

    This is just another great page. THANK YOU for updating. I know everyone says that same thing, but I figure you can use the extra appreciation.

    I love those first two panels and the transition of Pinter’s facial expressions. I can’t wait to see where this is going. Are Pinter and Angora supposed to be similar in age? I picture her being around 15-16 and him being in his 20s. Is that about correct?



  • Cece

    Your here! You’re really truly here! And is it just me, or has Pinter gotten heavier during the hiatus?

  • Nelrith

    I have checked this nearly every single day since the hiatus, glad to see you’re able to update again! :D

  • evils s.

    Holy Cthulhu, it’s back! YEEEEEEEEES!
    Oh I waited so long.

  • SilentBuffalo

    And the heavens opened, and we heard a voice that said, “I have not forgotten you” and then Meek updates fell from the sky, and all was well with the world once more.

    • SilentBuffalo

      Also, I think it’s kind of fitting that the page that had the hiatus was page 404, somebody’s probably already made the connection, but whenever I looked back on the rss feed and saw 4.04, I would always do a split second of, “oh no, The Meek site is unavailable!” But now it’s 4.05 and it’s back up! Haha… I’m hilarious.

  • We love you too, Der-Shing.

  • Brian

    Glorious day. A new page of The Meek. I hope drawing and coloring these pages is enjoyable — reading them certainly is!

  • I waited and waited, and finally, GOOD THINGS ARRIVED!

  • Paracelsus

    This comic has returned to life! This is a pretty excellent day.

  • Hyborian_Dog

    YAAAAAAAAY!! I’ve been checking every day for months and it’s finally back! So happy.

  • maileguy

    “no, there is too much. Let me sum up.”
    Thanks and welcome back!
    *I’d send hugs and kisses but the kids would talk.*

  • Ardid


  • Stinger

    You’re Back!!!

  • Léa

    Ho Pinter, glad to see ya, I missed you so much <3 %) lol
    A new Meek update, my day is now complete ^^
    Thank you !!!

  • Tarmaque

    Jeeze. Thank you SO much. You’re like that terrible ex girlfriend that keeps showing up when you least expect it and complicating your life.

    …but the sex is hot so you just say “WTF” and go with it.

    • Tarmaque

      BTW, I didn’t mean that in a mean or antagonistic way. My life is just complicated right now and this just adds one more thing I want to keep track of. Sorry if I came across as an a-hole.

      Keep up the good work!

      • It’s all good XD

      • feline256

        XD I think any artist would be envious of that compliment.

  • darkelf

    SO they aent marride but sure act like it..
    Oh glad To see that you back..and i cant out Squeee all of the above so..Welcome Back….

  • Squirrel

    My very first update!

  • BenLuke

    Huzzah! The Meek is updating again!

    This is a good day.

  • Anao

    When it will be the next update?

    • Aiming for Monday, but maybe earlier? I have some momentum built up now :D

      • Anao

        Can’t wait! Just so you know, your comic has already reached Brazil!

  • greenapple

    i love you.

  • Annie

    OH MY GOD. I. I am so happy right now.

  • Dingdong

    Error 4.04, comic not… OH WAIT!

  • Co0kieL0rd

    Hellyeah! Finally, the story goes on! :D

  • TheLuckyOne

    Glad you’re back, Alex. I’ve missed this webcomic. For months I’ve checked it at least once a week when I go through all my favorite comic sites, and when a new page popped up I nearly shat myself in glee.

  • Havenhand

    Hey, just letting you know how glad I am that you’re better. Your comic is one of the best ones I’ve ever read (only topped by Girl Genius, Dominic Deegan and SkinDeep) I haven’t been stalking your accounts on social platforms because i still feel it’s kinda private, but I’m really glad you’re doing better. I know how hard it is to be creative when health issues arises (I’ve got Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis).. Just wanted to let you know I support you all the way! :D -Havenhand

  • djinn



  • Fred

    Welcome back!!

    I checked my rss-feed practically every day and was horraaaaying today when it said 4.05!!!

  • Anton

    Yes. This. C:

  • :holds comic close and whispers:

    ..I never stopped loving you… <3

  • Joyfullreaper

    YES! YES! YES!

    I got this comic right after I installed an rss reader in Google chrome.
    Thank you so much

  • Catherine

    I am so happy I just want to vomit hearts everywhere.


  • Alvar

    why am I even openiOMG AN UPDATE!

    We missed you! thanks for the update

  • AmericanNinjaX


  • ieiuna

    Well, someone just made my day. So exciting to see a new and lovely page up!

  • Von der Tann

    Jesus Christ on a poggo stick it updated?!?!?!

    Well, an extremely pleasant surprise, yet I read your comments regarding the new schedule, and I will say that I will take them with a grain of salt, mainly because of your past promises.

    • I’ve noticed your comments and tone prior to this one. I’m glad you’re happy to read a new page, but your attitude is frankly rather shitty. The way it typically works in our society is: if you’re not paying me, I don’t answer to you. Nobody pays me to work on this, therefore I don’t answer to anyone. I am happy to make and share comics when I am able, and my motivation is: because I want to.

      Enjoy the free comic, and I welcome your future, non-entitled comments.

      • Von der Tann

        I guess thats the consequence of falling in love with such an amazing work: one tents to become bitchy while waiting eagerly for more. So I apologize for my retarded actitude, and in the future I will retain for making such comments.

        • Thanks, accepted! I hope you enjoy the continued updates :)

          • Von der Tann

            I know I will!

  • Oooh! No panel borders! Nice

  • Jeff Baker

    I confess my sincere and undying love to you! I was seriously afraid you’d given up…

    Thank you so much! Best of luck continuing!



  • sweet_gardenia



    Welcome back!

  • awol360

    I knew that if I just waited patiently the comic would return, and it has it all it’s glory.

  • Fen

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! My favorite webcomic is back!

  • Sweez

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I think I should point out that she is missing a boob in the fourth panel

    • Haha, it’s behind her knee XD

  • detroitpink

    Ooooh I’ve definitely made that face during fights with the hubby before. I’m super excited to see that you’re back!

  • DeColuvj

    I just found this webcomic and read all the archives- and this week the hiatus was broken YAY WIN!
    This comic is so seriously gorgeous- there are updates where the author says things like ‘omg this is so ugly but it’s late so I’m throwing it up here, will edit in print version’ and I seriously can’t find anything ugly about the page. I love the colors, I love the linework, I love the story!

  • Rastypants

    This is terriblllle (I’m making Pinter’s face in the third panel)

  • Liz

    HAPPINESS! So glad that the Meek is happening before my eyes. I knew it would be back at some point :D :D Glad you’ve taken the time you needed and SO GLAD you’re sticking with this fabulous comic.

  • Chantalle

    just wanted to say thank you!! you made my day!! i’m so happy you updated! keep being awesome.

  • Oh, hey. An update.


  • My favorite webcomic is back from it’s long slumber!!! I’m stoked!

    I hope you can keep it going at least once a week… But anything will do!

  • Leluke

    Wait, so we’re getting ANOTHER PAGE next week???
    I don’t remember selling my soul to satan


    A week ago I’d given up hope and was about to delete this from my folder of “Procrastination Box” links (yes that’s actually what it’s called)–then got sucked into Chapters 2 and 3 all over again, and just couldn’t bear to. SO GLAD.

    / o 0 \
    / –^ ~~~
    / \
    / m m m \

  • skygazer

    I have been waiting for this grand day.

  • Vital  Laįnlȅtal

    Damn you, I have tons of work to do, and you choose that very moment to update? I have to read it all again now!

    I knew patience was worth it. I dunno if you it means you are back on updates, but whatever, I’ll check everyday like I did for so long, and enjoy your comic whenever you feel like updating. :D

    And btw, love his (yeah, forgot his name…) face on the third panel, it’s just perfectly fitting! XD

  • Correction

    And, several months later, the rain is falling even harder than before.

    Is it a metaphor for the anticipation of Meek’s fans, perchance?

  • Eosphoros

    I’ll have to get more used to the borderless panels — so far I feel it clashes with the speech bubbles and the very comic-classical general aesthetic.

  • Akina


  • Hal

    You are awesome!!!

  • Welcome back.

  • Kaz

    I love panel 2 and 3, especially 3. I love how you do your comics. I love it so much, I would love to see it as a monthly chapter. Sorry, anxious and eager reader. I’m just that in love with it. XD

  • Eilonthay

    HOORAY! Welcome back, Der-shing! You have been missed! :D I figured if I kept checking back, there’d be something eventually, even if only a news update (I avoid Facebook and Twitter like the plague, so this is where I always look). But yay! Hooray! /happy dance

  • Jen

    I’m glad that you have the time to work on your comic again!
    Good to see you back. :D

  • Emily

    I know you’ve been busy, and I’ll always vote for your life to come before the comic, BUT YAAAAAAYYYYY. =D Hopefully that means everything is going alright for you! MISSED YOU.

  • Bubu

    Yaaay!!! Updates!! And I’m only a few days late for them, too. :P

  • Z

    So you’re not dead. Can we assume your life’s back to normal, and all is well?

    • Haha, of course not. That’s ok though, my life is not on display, just my comic.

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