Pinter, you dumbass…

In other news:

NOTA BENE: I am changing the update day to Wednesday instead of Monday!

I took a critical look at my current schedule and productivity patterns, and I think switching to Wednesday will save me more time and craziness overall. This’ll start next week! And we’ll continue to be on a 1x per week schedule :)

Also some of you have noticed that the borders are going away. I decided to make the switch to borderless while putting the book together (did I mention there is a book), I just haven’t had the 3 hours or so it takes to swap out the old pages with the new >__> I’ll get to it, I swear. Anyways, it’ll all be uniform at some point, so please bear with the inconsistency!

Meow, and see you next Weds :B



  • Pinter makes an excellent first impression by muttering to himself about beer.
    (Really fond of that second to last panel.)

    • Nettle

      I thought it was moonshine, being clear and all.

    • Geneseepaws

      He mentioned a ‘bar’ didn’t say what his poison of preference was. And I agree second to last panel, rocks. But so does the punch line. So very “Deer in the headlights”.

  • Jenny

    O mai. What have you gotten yourself into Pinter??

  • I saw depressed because of Hurricane sandy and then I was brave enough to check this page for updates. The arts lords blessed me with three shiney new pages T^T

  • Tilly

    I forgot to say before! But I’m so happy that the meek is back! And now I’m going to lie and say that I waited patiently the whole time :D

    • Haha, thank you for the effort of lying XD

  • Comett

    I love the perspective of the second panel :) Great to see you back!

  • I like the borderless look for this, seems more fitting for some reason I can’t quite describe.

  • Jspr

    Der-shing I am still so happy you are back.

  • djinn

    That is a scary-looking Pinter in the second panel :D I wonder who this newcomer is? Again, the colours are beautiful and vibrant. Lovely work!

  • corvideye

    I just love how you’re conveying the moist lush jungle in these scenes… I can practically feel the humidity!

  • Fennel

    absolutely love the second panel :D
    And haha, focus on what’s in front of you ey? Hilarious XD

  • I really like the perspective in the 2nd panel, that’s a tough shot to pull off convincingly but you did it flawlessly.

    Poor Pinter D:

  • Literas

    Oh lord, what has he got himself into. That does not look like Angora, so I bet she’s gonna have to save his butt again :D

  • Gosh, that better not be Kiz. o_O

    • I think Kiz is out of the picture forever at this point.

  • Olivia

    Cliffhanger every page!

  • DreamCarver

    Oh dear. Out of booze and about to get smacked across the face.

  • sweet_gardenia

    YOU USED LATIN I LOVE LATIN Talk more latin to me, baby

    page looks fab! I think I love that first panel the best, strangely enough but I dig that difficult perspective in the second panel and how well you pulled it off and…and I am staring into eternity through Pinter’s nostrils. Wow. *eyes widen*

    • Tom


  • toaster

    good to see u back – looking forward to a print copy.

  • Christy O!

    As a mature reader with a fairly sophisticated understanding of graphic fiction, I have to point out that your characters have great butts.

  • Bjorn

    Whew! Was growing scared that you’d had another of these… unforeseen/Unforseeable interruptions.

    I don’t know why, but I like it with borders… and I like it without them.

    • You can always find the most up-to-date info on the Facebook :b I do my best to communicate any delays, etc…

  • BentKatana

    Ahhh, I’m so happy to read more of this! So lovely! :D

  • Tim Kietzman

    Oh dear… who could that be?

  • Lee M

    Who is Benny and why are you writing a note to him?

    • Lee M

      Oh, come on, I thought that was at least worth one LOL.

  • So good to have you back! Second panel is ROCKSAUCE, btw. Love the perspective. ^_^b

  • Reo

    Welcome back! :) I’m glad! This is one of the first webcomics I found that was both well-drawn and well-written. Will go back to the start for a refresher now I think.

  • Love cell 2

  • pinter looks pretty cute in 3rd panel!

  • Elderac

    Good to see the Meek back. I have been hoping things would work out for you so that you could continue.

  • Nettle

    Yay! Glad to see you’re continuing, I do like Pinter!

  • Wolfeth

    Oh bless the web comic gods! You’re back! I’m sorry to say that I haven’t even been checking the past few months- I got a new computer and only now have gone through my old bookmarks to see what’s up. Glory days!

    I love the perspective on Pinter in the second panel. Absolutely brilliant.

  • *Does a happy happy little dance!* The Meek is back! The world is full of life and love and Pinter!

  • Rachel

    Oh my God! finally! I have being waiting so long!! >v< can't wait to see who's there… xD

  • minetruly


    I’ve been checking back every so often… and finally… YOU HAVE RETURNED!!!!!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting again. No pressure. Just put up pages whenever you can, and I will always be waiting, always delighted when something new appears!!!!!!!

    OMG so happy. You have made my day. My week! Heck, depending on how November goes, probably my entire month.

  • KSA

    Wednesdays? Mondays? who cares! I’m just happy to see updates appearing each week!

    Great joy (again)

  • Leluke

    I’m reading this from a computer in a German electronics store. I’m actually on a class trip, but I just HAD to check the new page!

  • Brett

    Oh my god… I checked today, and I had… 2 NEW PAGES OF MEEK!!!!!!!!

    I almost want to cry. :)

    I have missed you so, you brilliant, lovely thing, you.

  • Nicole

    OMG…the Meek is back! *faints with joy*

  • Marion

    See, Angora (and sorry, but everytime I see that name I think of goat’s hair and knitted sweaters), there ARE people in that wilderness. People with stickses. People who might, possibly, juuuust possibly, be not NICE.

    • The perfect shape and hint of a glow along its top suggests to me that it’s the barrel of a gun. No idea why anyone would hold one like that, but what do I know?

  • PersonOfInterest

    Ah, a joy to see the vibrant colors again and that wonderful perspective flip in panel 2 – welcome back! I actually like the royalty storyline a bit more than this one, but I am sure that Pinter has a bit more reveal left in him.

  • Crestlinger

    Yeah focus like Right Now.

  • Screwy


  • DryBones

    Game face Pinter, game face

  • R2

    The comic’s description is ironically funny, cuz ‘Pinter’ is like the Indonesian slang for the word ‘pintar’ which means smart. “Pinter you dumbass” just sounds funny that way.

  • REALLY diggin’ the no-border-style! It looks very clean and colourful.

  • Von der Tann

    So, once again we find ourselves in another hiatus, even after we were told this would not happen again, or at least not this unexpectedly, so yeah, pretty heart wrecking actually.

    Oh well, apparently this story was never meant to be finished, so I guess it’s time to move on, so farewell miss Helmer, hope you recover from your depression, and find the streght to move on as well, since this seems to be more of a burden for you than anything else.

  • Drifter

    Ignore Von, he does not know what he is talking about. I have been in your situation before. Sometimes you have that passion and desire to take on the world and draw till you’re hearts content. I have had that moment when life gets you down, stuff happens, things change what seemed like fun yesterday is a chore today.

    I just want to say, ignore these comments, just do what you want to do in life. I like that you decided to make a wallpaper to get the juices flowing. Hope it works.

    Have fun, =) and thanks for all the hard work you put in.

    • Von der Tann

      To quote her from facebook:

      “Hey guys,
      You deserve a status update. I haven’t been working on the comic at all. I’ve been struggling with a total loss of interest and motivation in most areas of my life. It is very frightening to no longer find enjoyment in the things you used to care about most, it is like going blind. I’m doing my best every day but I just can’t guarantee anything at this point. I’m taking steps to get out of this hole and will keep you informed if I have any concrete news about if/ when things will resume. Sorry in advance if I don’t reply to PMs or notes for the time being, I just don’t really know what to say other than that I am very very very sorry.”

      She is suffering because of this comic, because of us, dont you believe its fair to say that she should just move with itl?

      • Ketrina

        I gave up on this comic, and I advise others to do the same. When a webcomic creator coincidentally develops a dozen personal issues all at once and then goes on unannounced hiatus before failing to update for close to a year, it’s a pretty good sign the comic is dead.

        To blame this on anyone else, especially the readers, would be an enormous joke. A webcomic thrives on the people who support it. No one forced this comic into existence, no one forced its creator to keep updating through multiple “issues”, and any complaints were fair outweighed by the overwhelming support from readers. This has nothing to do with them.

        I’m just tired of giving a comic my support and then having it collapse in on itself because of a remarkably similar string of events that just so happens to occur specifically to people publishing webcomics.

        • I’ve avoided looking at these comments for a while because of comments like yours. I don’t really feel the need to justify my life or private issues to you, but I do sincerely hope that you never have to deal with anything similar yourself. Though maybe it would help with the whole “looking a gift horse in the mouth” deal.

      • Well, that’s like saying that a person should kill their baby because they are feeling ill and can’t take care of it. Or maybe that’s a bad metaphor. Either way it is not the comic or readers that was causing any issue, but health and work issues that are somewhat private. Anyways will hopefully have a news update in Jan.

        • JR Quilcon

          I’ve just discovered this webcomic. It is beautiful. I do hope you can find it within yourself to continue, as th’world doesn’t have enough beauty in it! Love & Good Luck!

        • Resonance

          Glad to see you’re feeling better, miss Helmer.

          It would be nice to see a lot more of this story, as you are a very talented storyteller.
          On the other hand, nobody in their right mind would expect storytellers to tell stories while they are unwell, unless they are doing so to earn their keep. But real storytelling is and will be a work of love, I reckon, even when the stories are, on occasion, sad ones. So to the extent that you cannot relocate your inner love of doing, here, doing this, I too would cross my fingers that you move on to do something else, sweet Dershing. And if you do, eventually, happen to relocate your love and joy in this project, more power to it and to you, doing it. :)

          Love is rarely a constant flame, here or elsewhere, I’ve found.
          But I do believe that some projects should only be embrased in the spirit of love, even if that makes them, and you, appear ‘unproductive’. Don’t worry about that, or the complainers. Their complaints are about their own issues with regards to expectations, and their longing for the fruits of your labor. That should not be your concern in regards to a personal labor of love.

  • Kyoko K

    What program do you use to make these? They’re really cool! ;D

    • The comic is made entirely in photoshop.

  • Amanda

    Um…So maybe I missed something, but I can’t seem to find anything beyond this pain anywhere on the web. WIll this not be updating anymore?

    • Thanks for asking, hopefully I will have some news in Jan.

      • Von der Tann

        Hey pst, hey

        lady hey

        pst over here

        Did you know?

        In two days it’s April.

      • Von der Tann

        Oh hey look at this, you know miss next time be sure to specify the year of your promises ;)

  • lucy753

    the comic is beautiful and me and my friends enjoy it
    i hope that you find the inspiration to carry on

  • carbonfixation

    I still check on this website at least once every week (some weeks daily) to see if you’ve updated, as I have since I started reading sometime around 2009. This web-comic still remains my favorite (I think tied with Dresden Codak) web-comic of the dozens upon dozens I keep bookmarked. I don’t care how long it will be, but I eagerly await your return in whatever form you choose to share sequential art with us. I love your stories and I love your art. I wish you much fun and joy in whatever you’re doing right now.

    • Thanks! There was not much fun or joy but I think things are smoothing out now. Hope to have news for you all soon.

  • guest

    Still checking the website for updates.

    For that awesomeness that makes up the pages of the meek you’ve created so far, you deserve praise.

    Just wanna say I thoroughly enjoyed it so far, and I accept your decision to not update anymore, eventhough it makes me a little sad.

    I hope you’re well at least.

    • Thank you! I am closing out the year doing 100x better than I was last year at this time. I will hopefully have news soon.

  • Von der Tann

    Wow, today marks the first year of the death of this webcomic (thanks 4chan for reminding me…), talk about broken promises…

    • Vee8

      And I only just cam across this comic. How sad :(

    • Vick

      Honestly, what a terrible, rude, comment to make. I’ve read your other comments and I have to say you sound like a completely self-entitled jackass. This is a free comic, something she makes in her spare time around other things like a job. She’s not bound by a contract with you, or any other readers, to update this next week, next month, or next year.

      She has lost her mojo, her groove, her inspiration. It’s not an easy thing to lose, it’s depressing. She didn’t do it to spite you, to lead people on, or to troll you into getting hooked on a story line you’ll never get to finish. You are entitled to feel sad, maybe even a little frustrated. But the way you go on… it’s disheartening. If I really wanted to work on a project I loved but couldn’t find the spark I used to have for it and had to read nasty little comments like yours… I would honestly be less likely to want to go on with it. I would close the page even more depressed.

      I hope one day she gets her love for this back and we can continue the adventure. I miss her characters and her lovely style. I hope she finds the happiness she may be missing.

      • Von der Tann

        Tumblr plz

  • Jutopa

    No shit! Now that I was hooked already! T.T
    Well, this kind of stuff happens… I hope the author gets better
    with his/her life… It’s been a good read :)

  • It’s not dead, not yet anyway. As long as I still have the RSS feed in my subscriptions there’s a chance she might update again. And when, if, that day comes I’ll say I never stopped believing.

    Shine on, you Crazy Der-shing.

    • DavidMG

      RSS feeds are not magical pots of wishes, you know. It’s not like your favourite things are gonna spring out of it if you wish for it really hard. It’s not like the fact that you’re subscribed to it is gonna change anything. You may delete the comic from your feed and it still may or may not update. And if it never updates again, your RSS reader is not gonna make a difference.

  • Von der Tann

    A little fly told me the author had started to respond to old comments, and whadyaknow? It was true, so let’s check her twitter and see if she posted something comic-related for once….

    She herself summarized it best: “Man do I ever enjoy talking shit”.

  • CrazyRonin

    i love the comic!!!
    where’s the rest? did… did she DIE??!!!!
    OKay in all seriousness thats happened to me before while reading an unfinished comic/fanfiction
    and reseached as to why the individual hasn’t posted in a while

  • Dchesley

    I wanted to write and thank you for creating such beautifully written characters set against a background of obvious care — I keep coming back to your panels because they playfully hint to a much larger world, and the curiousity is immediate.

    It’s been a wonderful gift, freely given because you want to share your creativity with others, and it’s wonderful to know that impulse lives on somewhere in this world. I hope and pray you will walk out of this dark valley you are in now; I’m married to someone who faces that time to time, and it hurts that there is no way to push it away at times other than Time, and pushing on.

    I love the illustration style you have developed in Meek, and have faith you will come back to it again when you are back in the Sun. In the meantime, thank for sharing so selflessly of yourself. Cheers, David

  • Nobody

    I just ripped through the entire webcomic in one big gulp. Absolutely outstanding. It takes a lot to make me care about a character.
    I just wanted to tell you that I know the blackness real well. Had it all my life. People don’t understand. Unless they have been there.
    You and your art have great worth. It shines like a beam through every page.
    The only thing that I have to offer is this:
    you have to keep moving. keep moving. even if its pointless. keep moving. its the hardest thing, and it is the only thing that will help.

    Take care…….

  • Mr. Pants

    well I found this today and read through it. Hopefully the artist has some news eventually, because this was very good.

    Really impressive. Thanks for the read, even if it doesn’t get finished.

  • Omg! Noooo! Why has it ended here? Please don’t let outside forces stop something as beautiful as this. This is an incredible piece of work and I would love to see how it turns out. I’m a cartoonist too, please check my page out. You are an inspiration to me. I’m not sure who you are, where you studied, or what happened to bring down your creativity to stop this comic but I hope you find the strength to finish this. There is a saying I’ve heard recently that said “When life brings you down try and land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up”.

  • Hello, you already know my name form the top of the comment. I am a fan of this amazing comic story!! You are a genius, a great storyteller, and etc more good things!! You shoud be writing in flims or t.v. or something like that!! This masterpeice has it all, amazing plot, good backround, awesome art, fantastic characters, and has a lot of heart and humor!!! I also love the chsoin one type deal with Angora, it’s like luke skywalker of star wars!! I hope to be as good at drawing as you are some day, can you give some advise on how to draw good? if thats ok. I also wish I choud send you some fan art I made for this, but I don’t know how. Anyway, I hope to read more of this epic tail!! Your fan, Michael Dunn.

  • Howard

    Well I am probably one of the first fresh new readers this place has had for a while. But I must say its an awesome comic strip and I will put it on my comic bookmarks. Because I know that anyone who puts as much of there energy and sole into creating something like this as she must have can’t truly let it end. One day she will be curious how her old friends, these characters are doing, and will have to come back to them. I will be here when you are ready to finish there story girl :)

  • Von der Tann

    And would you look at that, an announcement more than two years latter about the revival of this comic, Yeaaaah I’m gonna doubt that, and even if it does happens, I want to see if it goes further than last time, otherwise it will be more time wasted.

    • zzz

      • Von der Tann

        A perfect representation of your promises: Just dreams.

        • Mark Linimon

          People like you take all the joy out of life.

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