Well, at least he’s honest.

Some good news: The Patreon has reached an important milestone: guaranteed scheduled 2x updates every week for the month of August (and bonus July)! What this means is that I will be updating Mare Internum on early morning (midnight, to be exact) Mondays, and will be updating The Meek every Wednesday at the same early hour. I will always try my best to do 3x updates a week but since I still need to balance my budget with outside work, that might not always happen… if it does though, that third update will be on Fridays or Sat.

We also just unlocked another milestone goal, and another 20 page comic (in addition to the many other unlocked comics). You can get in on that action any time, plus get all the other stuff that is coming up, for the price of a coffee once a month by checking out the thing etc

Today’s bonus art: Etan from the original sketch version of this chapter. He was quite different back then, a completely different race in fact. I also hated his character and wanted to kick his ass (in a bad way), but now he’s better. (PS Patrons will get to read the entire sketch chapter at some point soon :D) (ok that fulfills my quota of mentioning my Patreon for the day) (Patreon).


  • AnAverageLoser

    Dunno if throwing Angora under a bus, or Pinter has the greatest Poker Face ever.

  • DukeBG

    Pinter, Pinter, Pinter, Pinter…

  • Try saying that again while looking him in the eyes this time, Pinter…

    Also, exciting with the continuation of Snowball : D

  • cosmicstresshead

    Ha! This page made me lol (which is totally a real verb btw). I can’t imagine what’s going through Etan’s head right now.

  • The Wealthy Aardvark

    Honest to a fault. And really, nobody here knows what’s up with Angora and plants. It could be witchcraft? Somebody call the head witching office and find out if Angora has a witchcraft license.

    I like to imagine that the break between speech bubbles in panel six isn’t any form of hesitancy, but from Pinter turning to examine the tree while talking, but getting distracted because Angora why are you balancing on top of the tree now? Normal, modest, respectable, civilized, sane, normal people don’t stand on trees.

    Anyway, I’m glad it seems that Pinter won Etan over. Hopefully they find his wife soon. I imagine that then the two of them will try to force some sort of plant-fiber shirt onto her, and then we’ll finally see how that works. Angora: desperately in need of a leather jacket.

    • It’s The Meek, if they find her she’ll probably be half eaten. Or poisoned.

      • Wow, rude XD

        • Sorry :D

          • Vert

            Half-eaten by something poisonous, then.

        • SotiCoto

          Was it? Seemed like a darkcomically witty observation to me.

    • JJ

      You said ‘normal’ twice!

  • “You don’t know ?”

    “..Well, no”

  • Localized


  • JJ

    I sure hope they don’t leave Stumpinter behind …

  • peppermill

    So does Etan shut his eyes for religeous reasons? I am genuinely curious.

    • Nah, he just has squinty eyes, haha

      • Fleece

        For some reason, it makes him rather creepy. Like, he can see without opening his eyes! His human form is a bad disguise by a demon that doesn’t entirely get that a human would need to open his eyelids to see.

        • DS

          Like Xellos, Etan only opens his eyes when shit gets real. Like when he was about to go after Angora with his frog sticker.

  • peppermill

    All this time I was thinking about how awesome it would be to imagine some made-up religion that requires the pious keep their eyes shut. Practitioners would learn to demonstrate a near constant state of faith in the beneficence of a higher power.

    • Lilian


  • Anton

    Meek meek meek, meeky meekness being meek. :3

  • Jones

    I guess what he means by this ‘charity’ is really something like being a good Samaritan.

  • Kells

    Pinter’s gesture with the thumbs in the backpack and the hand-shrug is perfect. I know I’ve done it, and I know I’ve seen it done by others, but I can’t recall ever seeing it drawn or really displayed in media.

  • Shingworks, the links of the first paragraph on the support page are looking kind of funny :< Just a heads up.

    • Oh, thanks! Thats what happens when you type the html in the rich text screen, haha

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