And that’s what the gaiters are there for.

Having some issues updating the wiki, but in case the context wasn’t clear enough, a “multlu” is a Pasori word (well, insult) for a mixed-race Pasori person. It literally translates to something like “slush” or “brown snow.” In case you were wondering why Etan is a bit darker in complexion than either Pinter or Amen, who are both ethnic Santri.

I got this fanart yesterday, which I thought was super cool! It’s true, we haven’t seen much of the Princeps yet, she is squirreled away at the capital in Citeran, often referred to (by Carissi) as The Center of the world. HMM

Note: probably gonna change update time to noon PST weds instead of midnight.

Today’s bonus art: my brother found and emailed me a picture of Angora and Pinter I sketched in his notebook around 2003… just typing that makes me feel like barfing, haha

And as always, thank you for reading <3


  • An Average Loser

    Etan, asking the hard questions.

  • darn, if only they’d kept those pointy chins, etan wouldn’t need a spear.

    • Well you know, you get older, put on weight, your anime eyes fall out and a new set of giant eyes grows in, etc

  • Ariel

    I can’t believe Angora was a catgirl.

    • The comic started as what I know now to be a catgirl harem fantasy story :\ Then it got worse.

  • Travis

    Whoo! The Meek is back!

  • Sploosh

    I think it was circa 2002

  • Mal-L

    Sure looks 2003… God, I remember drawing angel characters on my middle school notebooks now, slay me.

  • Huh, I never noticed that Amen was Santri. Re-read time!

    • He’s Southern Santri (like Kiz from Ch1), they don’t have the nose pigmentation but defs aren’t Carissi.

      • Jake L.

        Thanks for the clarifier! I love all the work that you’ve put into the backstory. It really helps ground the world of the Meek in reality.

  • Ar

    Old art is always so fascinating to see. Except sometimes when it’s your own. You should see some of the transformations my OCs went through. Actually no, you shouldn’t, please don’t look!
    And geezus, those bugs. Reminds me of my backyard.

  • LazyReader

    Show of hands…who’s ever lost a boot/shoe in mud that thick.

    • CrazyLady

      *sigh* <_<

  • Nrolad Dro

    Careful now, the guy has a spear. It’s there for a reason.

  • Miranda

    Wow, what a wonderful surprise to learn this comic’s back, and as beautiful as ever! Really looking forward to binge-rereading the archives to bring myself up to speed.

  • Gush

    Oh my god. Those sketches. Made me dry heave and have flashbacks to my own old arts.

    I love the transition from panel 3 to 4.

    By the way, is there some sort of an archive of the previous vote incentives? :< I just reread the whole comic and reading the teaser descriptions while being unable to access the pics was painful.

    • oh, lol. thanks for asking! I used to archive them on the Facebook but I totally forgot to continue doing that. I update the vote incentives for my other comic on the 1st of the month so I’ll probably start doing that for TM as well… I’ll make an announcement in the comment section for sure once that happens :]

      • Gush

        That’ll be great! Thanks so much!

  • Lee M

    The word “gaiters” always makes me think of Monty Python’s Light Entertainment War sketch (featuring the other “Anything Goes” by the other Cole Porter of Reigate in Mozambique). “They used to ram things…!”

  • CosmicStresshead

    Top-Left-Panel Etan’s yelling right in Top-Right-Panel Pinter’s ear!

    No wonder he didn’t hear Etan warning him to watch his step :(

  • Kelsey Raabe

    Have you been adjusting the colors or is it just my cruddy monitor? I swear every time I look at this page the saturation changes.

  • Misplaced

    Was Pinter about to say his best friend’s(best friend, hahaha v funny pinter) name that starts with an I? Wonder why he cut off and how important it is. HMMM lost one hmm

    Wonder if we’ll see those prison camps.

  • Reo

    Misplaced, I think it was more a case of Pinter was going to say, “My best friend *is*” and then switched to the word “was” instead.
    So, ex- best friend? Or deceased best friend?

  • weezact7

    Holy hell! You’re back! Awesome! Must. read. new strips!

  • Jonboy

    I’m back online after a year and I’m delighted to find the Meek has resumed! HUZAAAH!!!!
    What a treat for us all.

  • Jonboy

    Poor Tanome. I hope she’s got plenty of fight in her and a spear of her own. There’s rapey thugs abound in those woods. :(

  • Crestlinger

    And That’s why Angora travels by trees.

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