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  • An Average Loser

    Yep, Getting real deep into that rebellious phase. Good on her.

    • Ar

      “You’re not my real mom!”

      • 0btuse

        “You’re.Not.My. SUPERVISOOOOOOOOOR”

  • Well said.

    • I’m not sure letting go of her weapon was a good idea, tho.

  • Karyl

    Really, she’s just had enough! Pinter hauling her here and there, then this other character wanting her to go back where she KNOWS it’s no good–and this woman pulling a weapon out on her. Not very charitable to say the least–no wonder Angora is fuming!

    • Lilian

      I think she’s been doing plenty of hauling of Pinter, herself.

      But she certainly can assert herself in this situation. She’s being threatened.

      • DukeBG

        I agree so much with this.

    • Lilian

      So, Pinter, are you ever going to commit to something here?

  • Giovana

    Aaaah it’s been a while since I last read Meek! It still awesome and i’m always in the edge of my chair! I’ll keep coming back FOREVAAAH

  • BASTA!

    Notice how her eyes are no longer green, and her hair seems to be losing the tint too. I hope her superpowers aren’t going to abandon her right when she needs them the most, which is of course right after she said “you have no idea what I am capable of”.

    • Her eyes are still green XD Just reflecting the torch lighting

  • Corbie

    So why did the Tayaks gore her … are they just rampaging animals, or people whom Tan insulted oft enough (takes like a minute) until they gored her?

    • Definitly the later.

    • David

      In an earlier page, they referred to them as wild boars.

      • Tadrix

        Intelligent wild boars, I might add. The kind of folks one refers to as “people”. Still, insulting them is a very bad idea.

  • Ceceoh

    You better look shocked, Tan. I have a feeling that stick you’re holding is about to change its allegiance.

  • Arianwen

    This page is stunning. Panels 2-6, and the parallels between panel 2 and 6… ee by gum. By gum.

  • Lilian

    Oh, Tanome seems to’ve lost her green mossy facial hair.

    Technically, this *is* Etan-Ome’s camp… though I suppose it’s not as if the land belongs to them.

    At least Angora is sticking up for herself and not relying solely on Pinter. I know she’s capable of standing up for herself.

    • Ah shoot, FaceMoss™ is supposed to be there still! I’ll edit the page next chance I get.


    oooh this is interesting
    go angora go
    I have no idea what to expect next

  • Emanon

    Look, *we* know she’s a hero here, but she’s not in the right.

    If someone is following someone who expresses a wish to not be followed, don’t follow them. Especially when you look crazy and are topless.

    And you certainly shouldn’t get yappy with someone who can spear you in the chest yams.

    • yes

    • David

      “not in the right”… if it was just the 2 of them then yes, since 4 of them is complicated and pointing a weapon and threats to get your way is not great diplomacy…

      Imagine you and your friend meet a “crazy” person and her companion on the street. You want the companion but you don’t want the crazy person. You don’t have the right to pull out a gun and forcibly tell the other 3 what to do.

      • Lilian

        I don’t think diplomacy is Tanome’s priority. She truly believes Angora to be a threat, and this indeed not Angora’s camp. If you woke up in your tent with a “crazy” person, you would have rights to pick who you want in the tent. And if “crazy” person blatantly did not conform to cultural norms and had powers you couldn’t understand by any logical means, it would disturb a person, be they pre-scientific or postmodern.

        It is rude and judgmental of Tanome to call Angora a slut. It is unkind, perhaps even cruel, of her to kick a young girl out into the jungle alone… even if she does think Angora a witch and probably doesn’t think kicking a witch into the jungle equals her suffering and death.

        I won’t dispute the prematurity of her decisions or even recommend her behavior, but I do think her reaction is human and even relatable. Particularly in the Carissi culture which does not have a problem with aggression from women. Being a strong female character does mean that sometimes one will be strong and still unpleasant and not on the “right side”.

        We as readers know Angora is the heroine, so we know who is “right” here. And we know she’s not a “witch”.

        I think it speaks well of Shing that she can execute such a nuanced and understandable batch of characters on all ends.

      • Some_Douchebag

        In polite society, Tanome would be in the wrong to just assume the worst about someone and start threatening violence. But they’re in her camp (as she specifically refers to it), which is in the middle of nowhere. To Tanome, Angora appears threatening (Who can make their way through a jungle without so much as a shirt?), and Pinter hasn’t exactly made it clear that he wants to keep her around, either.

        The order of events are: Tanome gets gored, falls into critical condition, then magically wakes up in defiance of all she knows about how the natural world works, has weird moss growing on her body (she was freaking about this specific thing a few pages ago), and she sees this half-naked feral waif with that same moss growing in her hair. You’re lying to yourself if you think you wouldn’t react the same way.

        If anything, it’s *Angora’s* responsibility to be diplomatic. Which she isn’t doing. Our (probably) messianic heroine needs to learn that people won’t indulge her forever, and how to deal with resistance. I certainly hope she learns to use actual persuasion rather than “persuasion” to get her way.

        • JJ

          “Who can make their way through a jungle without so much as a shirt?”
          I’m pretty sure a shirt is the last thing you need in a jungle. (Jungles do tend to be rather warm.)

          • Some_Douchebag

            JJ, you should let me know if you ever visit a jungle or similar region in person. I’d derive great schadenfreude from seeing the lovely array of whelts, scars, and bugbites inevitably patterning your body.

          • JJ

            Welp, you got me, insofar as I let my unchecked mental image of how people live in the jungle slip.

          • Some_Douchebag

            The fact that certain peoples use alternative measures from protective clothing to deal with such hazards as stinging plants, thorns, sharp/scraping branches or rocks, biting or stinging insects, and the myriad infections that can come from mishandling of those things does not make those hazards stop existing.

            It’s likely that Angora is familiar with many methods of protecting herself from those things or dealing with the injuries that they can cause. This probably comes from her time living the Mission almost as much as it does from her being a magical nature girl. No one else “on-screen” in the comic has either of those advantages. However, they are probably able to imagine the consequences of running around half-naked through that sort of environment, and would probably be upset or at least confused by someone who blatantly ignores that sort of good sense.

            As for you, JJ, I don’t know you or your resume. If you are someone trained or experienced in something like wilderness survival, or have lived your whole life in an area densely populated with a wide array of wildlife while wearing nothing more than a loincloth, I’ll defer to your superior knowledge. If not, please refer to my previous comment.

        • Lilian

          “Our (probably) messianic heroine needs to learn that people won’t indulge her forever, and how to deal with resistance.”

          Well said.

          I’ll repeat myself and say that the fact that readers can understand the motives and emotions of different characters speaks well of Shing’s storytelling.

    • GhostlyYorick

      What’s wrong with being topless? Are you American?

      • Lilian

        Tanome isn’t American, but it’s clear from the reactions of characters that Angora is violating a cultural norm. Their reactions aren’t necessarily good and right, but they are normal.

    • Mal-L

      Well Pinter and Angora were one group. And honestly, what they’re proposing is kicking out a teenager into the jungle to fend for herself, a jungle we know is dangerous thanks to what happened to Tanome.

      Not exactly the most charitable and humane decision.

    • Tadrix

      Not quite…
      1) If you are mortally injured and pass out, upon coming to senses you lack the authority to tell other what to do, unless they are on your private property (and even them it might no longer be your private property).
      2) If your partner (Etan) has invited someone, it is rude to throw them out without justification. Once more, it isn’t their provate property.
      3) Travelling people in general should help each other. You never know when you may happen to be in need.
      4) Noone is following Tanome yet. They just happen to wake up in the same place (agan, neutral territory).
      5) The spear is pointed in wrong direction, so for a while Angora can feel relatively safe. On the other hand, Tanome is standing on the grass, so if Angora wanted so, Tanome would stand there for a very long time…
      6) Besides, how you look out in the wild is irrelevant. There are 100+1 possible ways to lose ones shirt.
      7) Tanome strikes me as a double-dealer and a highly immoral person. According to her, going out without a shirt is worse than leaving someone alone in the wild. Frankly, I’m sick of “moral guardians” like that.

      • Tadrix

        Clarification of statement nr. 1: … until you are made aware of what had transpired after you passed out.

  • Spencer Greenwood

    Hey Pinter, I hope you die you spineless fuck. Also probably not though because I suspect you’re going to continue to be a compelling character

    • Well, she’s been kinda rude lately

      • David

        Angora’s definitely got some growing up to do, although I think in this case she’s justified in being mad. I also read her as having lost some of her social skills from being alone in the jungle too long. You do a great job with her character.

        • Lilian

          Her social skills are terrible, and she seems to have no respect for the expectations of others.

          But right now she has been attacked, and it’s perfectly normal to lash out when one is being attacked. It won’t exactly help the witch impression, but I can understand her frustration and anger.

  • Ar

    I hope the next page is just her calmly brushing the moss off her face like “I DON’T HAVE TO ANSWER TO YOU! But I’ll answer to that moss because it’s stuck on a jerkface and it deserves better. B( “

  • amrothsirfalas

    – Don’t You dare poking me with this pitchfork of yours, bi*ch!

  • RichWalk9891

    Oh no.

    Angora, don’t do something you’ll regret.

  • Crestlinger

    She has touched the wood on that trident. It is now soulbound to Angora, meaning she can do whatever the hell she wants with it and it will Obey. having it spontaneously grow flowers in full bloom should be enough though.

  • Tim Kietzman

    Yo! I am SO glad you’re back! You’re on Patreon too!? SWEET! Sorry I didn’t realize you updated till yesterday. This comic is so epic and that was an awesome way to end the page! You’re art’s awesome too! Please, don’t compromise the quality to make updates more frequent! Your great as is!

  • Quix

    I appreciate the gesture of Tanome pointing the blunted end of the spear at her instead of the pointed one. With how fast she was escalating things previously it had seemed like she might just be irrationally bigoted to a violent degree, but this sort of shows some inherent humanity where she is not being as threatening as she could be.

  • Duran

    You know, the more I learn about the characters, the less I understand them.

    At the beginning I thought that Angora was some kind of wild child who had grown in isolation in the jungle with her grandfather, but now we know that she lived in that community or monastery or whatever, used to wear clothes, had some contact with the outside world, had normal social interactions, had chores…etc… So, how come she shows such a strong refusal to wear clothes? Even if she doesn’t have a sense of modesty about nakedness, getting clothed shouldn’t a big deal fo her and she should be willing to do it for the sake of her Very Important Mission.

    By the way, how come her grandfather and the other people in the monastery sent her to the outside world without giving her some basic information?

    And that woman… she awakes i n terror, is told the camp has been attacked, that she was wounded,…etc., and her reaction? A YOUNG GIRL? I MUST DRIVE HER AWAY! Even if she’s extremely prude, shouldn’t she focus on the things that have, you know, almost killed her?

  • Roo

    Fer cryin’ out loud, why has neither of the guys remembered that Angora was the one who found her gored body and likely saved her? Talk about lack of gratitude! She should have just left her to rot.

    • Vert

      It’s been literally seconds since Miss Grumpypants here woke up from her swoon. First she screamed in panic at Etan, then screamed in panic about the people she didn’t know, then starting trying to force Angora to Leave the Party.

      Pinter’s probably still wondering if she’s for real, and Etan appears to be too cowed and/or stunned by her sudden recovery to be thinking straight.

      Then any further thoughts were derailed by Angora’s sudden counterattack.

      I’m willing to cut ’em a break until the next page, at least… I’m actually kind of hoping Etan comes to Angora’s defense, even though he doesn’t approve of her.

      Or Angora accidentally explodes Tanome because she doesn’t understand the depth of her own power. That would be an interesting twist, too ;)

  • msouth

    I corrected a typo in panel 6 for you.


  • blop

    Her arm is insanely long in panel 5.

  • not a dog

    If someone brings you back from the brink of death, using means you don’t understand, you’re not required to be grateful — but maybe you shouldn’t provoke them needlessly?

    • Tadrix

      Yep. What he said

  • KO

    Huh. That’s funny. I just wrote what she said a couple of posts ago as MY answer. Also, I really like her follow-up… “I don’t have to answer to YOU.” :D

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