Started this chapter in Nov 2011, it’s quite a weird feeling to see it finished.

The PDF of the 44-paged sketch version of this chapter is now on Patreon for $5 Patrons. It shows all of the original story, which was heavily edited down and rewritten to form the current version. If you like this kind of behind-the-scenes content, or just want to support the continuing/ increased creation of my comics, Patreon is defs the place to check out :] This week I’ll also be sharing a lot of stuff about the changes that were made, why, and also some thoughts on maintaining consistency in a comic after being on hiatus for like 3 years lol. Also some previews for…

Chapter 5! of The Meek will start in mid-March… we haven’t seen the deSadar family in a while, but believe me they have been keeping busy. In the meantime Mare Internum will continue updating frequently. We’ve reached the 12x updates per month tier on Patreon so there are quite a few pages on the horizon.

Thank you all so much for supporting my work and for reading, I couldn’t have done it without you. See you in March!


  • anton

    Congrats on finishing this!

    I just about finished College back then and moved out to live on my own. Took me three years to get accepted at the art academy and I’m now in the 3rd year of that. Wow.

    • Yeah, it’s crazy. My job, living location, relationship, life, etc is completely different now than it was when I started this chapter.

      • Lawrence Tider

        It’s amazing how long I’ve been following the comic. I know (vaguely) that you’ve been through a lot. Keep up the good work.

  • DukeBG

    Hello, new friends

  • Lee M

    Umm, remember what Pinter was saying two pages ago about tiny pitchforks? Oh, dear…

  • Hello, new friends who… have his backpack and the trident. I wonder if they killed the two others.

    • Samirakate

      Gah! I didn’t even notice them at first!!!

    • Ceceoh

      Thanks for pointing out that those guys are carrying Tanome’s weapon. I just thought pitchforks were a thing here.

      • Like Darko said, if you look close you can see Pinter’s pack too :[__] Nice of them to bring it for him.

      • It’s possible that it was a different pitchwork (well, it was until shingworks confirmed it was the same one :), but I thought it was unlikely those guy would use forged metal weapons

    • Carolyn

      Dreams do come true!

  • Samirakate

    Wow this chapter pretty much took me through my entire college career!
    I can’t wait to see what else is to come!

  • Well those are some ominous folks. Unless they’re just Koroks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCs1fKXk2Ug

    • Coldyham

      I thought they were the grass masks from ashens’ advent calendars – origin here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72e2mCRft0U

      • DS

        Lol! Oh wow. On day 24, the grass masks hang Santa from the tree for his crimes against the woodland creatures. Does make you wonder the fate of Etan and Tanome. o_O

    • Tindi

      I thought of Koroks, too! Now I have Korok songs stuck in my head, which is not a bad thing. :3

  • Gills

    building sandcastles in my heart just to smash them up.

  • Sillydraco

    Oh good, those Korok will help!

  • Gathe

    I hope we get to see our favourite Pasori dictator again soon :D

    Awesome work on the finished chapter; it was well worth the wait!

  • parsolaphus

    This is one of my favourite webcomics! I was so happy when it came back, and I’m so glad that you were willing to go to the effort of finishing this chapter! I love the use of simple imagery and framing in these last two pages: the sun coming up to reflect the emotional relief, and the last panel in this page-it may be a hunch, but I suspect you deliberately framed the mysterious figures to the side like that in order to show them as non-threatening characters. I really hope they are; Angora and Pinter could use a break.

    • Asterai

      Nope. They’re LURKING

  • David K

    But now I am guessing it will be about a year or so before we see what happens to Angora and Pinter next, right?

    From the references Der-Shing made to chapters 7 and 10, it is obvious that the three story lines obviously won’t be merging any time soon.

    • Well, I can’t answer that question directly ofc but I will say that I’m reducing the story (like, in the sense of reducing sauce… I guess that means condensing lol) quite a bit. A lot of Chapter 7’s content has been merged into 4, and the new 7 will be a mix of 7 and more heavily, 10. I’d like the story to be a little more dense and faster paced not just for the excitement level but also because I would very much like to finish within my lifetime.

      • strannik

        It seems a good idea.

        (especially for european like me, accustomed to comics which stands on 40 pages to tell a whole story, although it is changing)

        • Yeah, the Meek was always intended to be an “epic” story with many chapters, but I keep on trying to improve the experience as much as possible for me and the readers :]

          • strannik

            And we thank you a lot for that !

      • SomeUnregPunk

        Shingworks: …but also because I would very much like to finish within my lifetime.

        Woohoo! and DARN!
        I used to read Poison Elves. So I fully understand the sentiment. Cool comic, sad the author died before finishing that very long series.
        And Matt Wagner’s Mage series which so far he has published two big books in his trilogy.
        But I also used to read Transmetropolitan and Dave Sim’s Cerebus which are epics that are finished. … so I can see epic length comics are still a good thing.

  • Brian

    Oh no… more people with tiny pitchforks…

    Yay chapter 4 completion! Excited to see where we go next. As much as I enjoy the time spent with Pinter and Angora, there are other characters I hope we catch up with soon, like Luca, Suda, and Rana.

    • And don’t forget about good ol’ question mark

      • Patrick

        Oh you…

      • Brian

        Mystery Character!!!

        I had forgotten. Now I’m bracing for the disappointment of more waiting to learn what’s up with Luca and the kids against the excitement of meeting entirely new characters. Evil, evil, evil.

      • Brian

        Ah, didn’t look at the wiki closely enough… one of these things might not preclude the other… interesting times indeed…

  • An Average Loser

    I didn’t think this chapter would finish. There were times that I made it kind of a joke to check back here from time to time during the hiatus, and there were times I’d actually lost hope on this great series resuming, but here it is, wrapping up another great chapter!

    Kinda feels like a milestone for me in a way, seeing as I’ve been following this comic since my High School days; And seeing this return gives me good ol’ fit of nostalgia!
    Thank You for all your hard work over the years, I patiently wait for your future entries!

  • they kinda remind me of oompa loompas except alot more….green and less orange xD

  • zmm

    Whelp that actually ended on a good note. Despite the possibly bad situation with the new fellows..
    Though she uses her powers the best when she’s panicing.

    So maybe she’ll make a super pinter haha

    • zmm

      oh. also terrribly curious why they have their gear..
      and what that means about the two other folks back there.

    • Anon3000

      Add a mystical beanie-type directional attachment to his skullcap and who NEEDS a map?


      Pinter(‘s hat) has evolved into POINTER!

  • WOOO! AWESOME. I’ll join the bandwagon and say: I was on my first year of college when chapter 4 started, and now I’m about to start thesis work. Congrats on never giving up!

  • roof

    yay chapter four is finished! i was in eighth grade when this chapter started. everything happens so much.

    (i should not have been reading this comic in middle school.)

    • lol, I actually started writing the comic in middle school, so that’s the perfect time to start :] Thanks for sticking around! Everything does happen so much

  • Corbie

    I just re-read the chapter on a whole and marveled on the writing. All those witty little remarks that only pop up truly during a 2nd reading, or when you read it on the whole (and I love stories worth to be read twice). Focus on the things in front of you (Etan) and you’ll be fine. HOLY man! plus all the more subtle stuff in the dialog between Pinter and Angora.

  • KennyC

    I’m so glad that this comic is still going. I read it all the time back when you first started, and kept it in my bookmarks for a long, long time since. I’d check back again and again and again, only to see the same Hiatus message. It was awful. Years passed. Then I removed the bookmark.

    Then, one day on a whim, I was like “Hey, what if The Meek were somehow resurrected? Let me google that, even though I already KNOW it hasn’t, and- wait a second, this isn’t the same page. This is a NEW PAGE! How long has- oh, it’s just this one.” I just happened to check back right after you began going again. And I’ve been checking in every single day since. Keep it going, brother. Keep it right on going.

  • Mal-L

    Hey more then slightly sinister grass-puff men.

  • Oh god, it took me a second look to see the figures in the BG – I just about had a heart attack. Congratulations on completing this immense chapter! I can’t wait to see what’s happened with the deSadars, but I’m so looking forward to some more MI in the meantime.

    I wasn’t in school when The Meek began, but I was an aspiring webcomic creator – Just recently ticked that off the list. You’ve been such an inspiration throughout the years!

    • Congrats on starting your own comic! It’s like having a baby; you’ll lose sleep and money and never have any free time to yourself ever again, haha.

      • Hah! Well put, I’m learning as much. Loving it, though. I’ll take these art babies over meat babies any day.

  • Ozzien

    Heheh, I remember finding The Meek on a Monday. The next Tuesday, there was an early update, and then… Nothing. For years. Normally in this situation I would have stopped reading. I’m really glad I didn’t :)

  • Crestlinger

    ‘Still here’ dependent on receiving healing in time to halt internal rupturing before incurring irreversible damages.

  • Pumpkin_Cake

    She sure flipped him over in a hurry. I like to imagine that she flipped him like this: https://youtu.be/z30Y572EmCk?t=151

    • LOL. 100000 points for the Nichijou reference.

  • DS

    Congrats on finishing the chapter! I’ve been reading since like the start of chapter 2 and you’re definitely one of my role models. The way you handle transitions, the colors, the character designs, everything. :)

    Can’t wait to see what Luca and his brood are up to.

  • Ava

    That’s one heck of a halo she’s got there…

    • Kaylee

      I noticed that too. I bet those small grass men revere her as a goddess considering how that one lifted its arms the one time it saw her- and considering they probably have been spying on her and the other guys this entire time.
      Good- puff grass men? Coming to help them grass puff men?

  • Jac

    I love how you incorporated more of her natural blonde and the sunrise with this conversation. Beautiful work :)

  • Toast

    Oh yeeah, I forgot about those guys. Hopefully they can give Pinter some soothing lotion™

  • Sarah

    I have been following this comic for many MANY moons, and I just feel so lucky to be able to witness this story unfolding. Very excited to see the deSadar family after all these years! :’)

  • Davey wavey

    I do believe I see one of the grass pufff men holding a bag, that might have a map in it… Could be the Trident the other one is holding is the very one that injured Pinter in the first place?

  • RichWalk9891

    Congratulations on finishing the chapter, der-shing.

    I’m glad to see that the hiatus, as well as other things, haven’t stopped you from doing what you enjoy.

  • Kempson

    Damn, I remember when this chapter started. I was in high school. Congratulations on surviving life long enough to finish it. All these years later, it’s still the best webcomic I’ve ever read, and I’m glad I stuck with it.

  • Corbie

    You’ll leave us with this cliffhanger for at least one other chapter? Oh the pain! :o
    But then, there’s Luca ahead. Keep up the great work, and also your health and that sort of stuff. :)

  • Jeremie

    Congratulations! I’ve started reading your comic in the middle of art school and now I’m working in animation! Really crazy!

    Anyway, does this mean that you’ll make a printed book out of your comic? I would totally buy it!

  • KiwiCat232

    I love this story SO much, and am so entirely happy that I found it the DAY you broke hiatus (which in it’s self was an entire other level of awesome).

    I hope I start commenting more. :)


  • Travolore

    Got to say for a long time I thought this comic was dead… damn glad it’s not. I know a lot of people are saying college but I was in Jr. High when I first discovered this and June I graduate High School… it’s been a damn good time! Looking forward to the upcoming chapters now excuse me while I reread 2 and 3.

  • JJ

    Approximately since the Carissi border was closed, you also let the panel borders close the speech bubbles much more often. Very subtle :-P

  • Hi Der-shing,

    Long-time reader, first time commenter. I just wanted to say congrats on finishing the chapter, love your work and story, and thank you for being an inspiration in keeping your comic going NO MATTER WHAT may come.
    As a fellow webcomic artist/writer, you remind me what true passion, perseverance and dedication are.

  • bird school

    no shit he’s bleeding

  • DasBilligeAlien

    Congrats! The Meek was the forst highquality Webcomic I found. Time did good for the Webcomic landscape and I will reap as much as I can.

    Just realised I was not jeating impaired at the start of the chapter…. has ot really been that long? crazy.

  • camila

    It’s been 84 years…

  • Excellent job Shingworks and fantastic cliffhangery finale to this chapter. :) Looking forwards to more as always! :D

  • Flopsy

    Pinter, are you drunk?


  • John

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you, Der-Shing. Like someone else said, The Meek was one of the first really good webcomics I stumbled upon. It will probably always be my favorite. You and Ashley Cope have been huge inspirations to me as a doodler and aspiring comic maker. Thanks for all your wonderful work.

    • John

      sorry, *Der-shing, didn’t notice the typo

  • djinn




  • David

    Here come the Menehune…

  • Ceceoh

    I was kind of hoping we would be returning to Soli and Alamand, but then I saw your details of Luca and the kiddies, and I couldn’t help but “squeee!” a little.

  • cat

    I remember when I was reading this chapter back in high school and now I’m graduating from animation- partially because of this webcomic and your work. It means a lot to see you working on it again. Can’t wait to read more!

  • Robin

    oh pinter, you wonderful man…

  • serotonicDrink

    I’m so glad your comic is gonna finish!! and chapter 4 is really good :)

  • Kidedaion Symoti

    What i’m doing here? It took me two days to read the whole comic.
    Three storys, right? First one, Pinter is dying; second one, our beloved queen is dead; third… you know how it end.

    What are those guys in the back?

    When is the update coming?


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