Here we go… Looks like someone’s been busy.

For Patrons who missed it: full PSD of the chapter cover + some other fun stuff

Today’s closeup art: PDA af


  • Kate

    Omg. What. WHAT. Go Rana go!

  • “PDA” ?

    • DukeBG

      Public Display of Affection.
      It’s often frown upon

      • Oh !

        Well this may why they’re atop of the solitary tower, in sicret.

  • Lar

    That’s a gorgeous frame.

  • DukeBG

    Not a goatee guy. Rana, have some standards! :[

    • neptune432

      She has standards, and they all involve goatees.

      • Darth Corvus

        I think she just likes the bad boys. ‘Cause everybody knows guys with goatees are villains.
        Oh wait.
        That’s me.
        Ah, but I am evil, so it still works. Bad boy status confirmed. He’s evil.

        • Charles Wilkinson

          My immediate thought was:

  • zmm

    woohoo neat. thankies.
    haha just as i was checking to put it on hiatus as i wasn’t sure when it would continue yet. score

  • Kelsey Raabe

    That sunset/forest backdrop is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Fraaaaank...?

    All those stripes are purple.

    • David

      lol, not a yellow one among them

    • The pillar was a giant yellow stripe.

      • David


  • Ruth

    I feel like I just found out my daughter has secretly been dating someone behind my back

    • Jac

      Interesting. How are your hands?

  • Arianwen

    Panel 3 makes me uncomfortable. He’s like the Meek version of Ceiling Cat, except without a ceiling and probably not a cat.

  • David

    Please tell me that’s not her brother X-P

    • oh god XD NO

      • JepMZ

        Oh thank god

      • David


    • Da Rat Bastid

      *laughs* This is not Game Of Thrones v2.0, David.

    • Deenight

      Thats some games of thrones shit right there

  • DS

    This could be a daydream. She seemed to be a very no-none sense kind of person previously. Or she could be cultivating him to assassinate her father. Or the death of her mother changed her personality.

    • aguy

      No-nonsense doesn’t have to mean joyless and single-minded.

  • squidlifecrisis

    Luca did say she’s too old to be unmarried!

    • Mallow

      And her SO is pretty hot, too! And looks like he’s trying to be attentive and stuff.

      (hoping for an unambiguously overall-good guy here this family needs some rays of sunshine)

  • David G.

    Haha sorry, but being a native Spanish speaker I can’t help but snicker at her name (“rana” means “frog” in Spanish, in case you didn’t know) XP

    • It’s Latin too. All the kids are named after frogs :] (It doesn’t mean frog in the native language in the comic tho)

      • Corbie

        Haha XD
        I noticed the Latin frog when she appeared first in the comic, but I’d have never guessed about “Suda” meaning the same. :)
        Is there a special reason why frogs? Or did Rana happen, and the other names just followed?

        • There’s a reason, but I think it might be somewhat spoilery, haha. But Suda’s full name is Sudacris (Pseudacris).

          • Vert

            OMG, I think I just realized what you’re doing with “Luca”. Niiiiice.

          • Haha, that is actually not related at all… it was back a long time ago when he was a character in a comic about werewolves v__v really long time ago.

          • rimmeh

            Awww yeah, I remember noticing this… holy crap, almost six years ago?


            Six years? But, but, we are but young children!

          • Brad

            So are we going to see a giant magical frog? How do you stretch out a frog?

          • Don’t test me Brad, I will make the longest frog you’ve ever seen.

          • David

            Sudacris- isn’t he a rapper? :-P

          • Rana also means ‘wound’ in Croatian..

      • Vert

        That adds a whole new and unpleasant connotation to the chapter title. Froggies with yellow stripes are usually the sort of small, brightly-colored froggies that you really want to avoid touching or even looking at for too long. Poison. Hrm.

  • Kroaziad

    What a beautiful first panel.

  • Not only are all of these panels gorgeous, but Rana’s got herself a hot man.

    Get it, girl!

  • Lilian

    The first panel is very evocative. Excellent lighting.

  • Ambs!

    Oh gawddd be careful, Rana. I can see mad dad Luca getting rid of this guy in a not-so-nice way.

    So excited for a Luca chapter, though! I don’t know why, but I feel even more invested in his story than Angora’s. I’m sure I’m in for some crushing sorrow haha

  • Jonas


  • Emperial

    Ahhh, this guy is so hot, his facial hair–!! I must know his name. Hopefully soon, right?

    • We’ll see XD

      • Emperial

        HAHAHAHAHHAAA, you genius monster, you! <3

  • lamepudding

    I feel like this whole page almost looks better if you read the whole thing backwards

    • lol… Rana? *smooch* *lurks until out of sight*

      • Happy

        How I court all my romantic interests tbh

  • Rue

    Please don’t be a dick, please don’t be a dick…

    • Vert

      If he is, the next panel will probably be Rana judo-ing him right over the balcony railing.

  • Crestlinger

    Croak meter rising. Hopefully he’s militarily trained or some such.

  • Kempson

    It’s been so long since we’ve seen her. That last panel made go back to Chapter 2, to see how Rana looked back then. Your art, excellent as it was back then, has improved significantly.

    • Haha, thanks! I’m glad I can draw her a bit closer to how I envisioned now :]

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