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OK! New year, new spending a week staring at this page because it didn’t look right and then changing like one thing, whoops~ In the meantime, Patrons have a new worldbuilding post, and I’m doing side-by-sides of the inks vs the colors, plus notes on each page now. I’m actually out of town right now so I’ll get that up when I am back to my workstation that seems to follow me wherever I go. I actually colored this 90% of this page on a plane, haha. Looks okay though right??? OKay see you soon, and will update the post with the notes link when it’s up!

edit: And, the inks/colors comparison and notes patron post for this page is up!


  • Anon

    Huh. I really thought Luca was going to have him killed.

    • Jac

      I think we’re working up to that.

  • Laurens Blei

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong with such a compromise! Especially on a remote and isolated beach, where no one could hear what would happen.

  • captain guy lives another page! DANG Luca’s generous

  • Uh oh, I think I remember seeing this in the sketch pages a few years ago…

  • Lost Yooper

    This is going to be the worst beach party ever.

  • I thought grabbing Luca like that would mean instant death – I guess he has other plans…

    • Fridge_Logik

      I think Luca hasn’t gone completely unhinged. Murdering foreign diplomats in reprise for assassination is one thing. Killing men who have served loyally for years is quite another.

    • strannik

      “let’s be reasonnable. I allow you to warn the Yellow Stripes that it’ll face destruction if he comes again in our sea territories. Now swim.”

  • Spark

    I sense a watery grave lies in the captain’s future

  • Tom

    OK, so Luca’s still *just* stable enough not to incinerate a friend from the old days. As for a presumed boatload of friends of that friend, whom the emperor doesn’t himself know, however…

    • Fridge_Logik

      Wait, we know this captain dude is a friend? I thought he was just a mostly loyal subject.

      Suda didn’t mention anything about the guy he killed being a friend: http://www.meekcomic.com/comic/5-20/

  • John

    Beach bonfire!

  • DukeBG

    Unexpected lack of an outburst from Luca was unexpected! (by me)

    • DukeBG

      However… I know what happens on the beach from some old thumbnails (dot dot dot). I’m intrigued to see what the story (will end up) ended up being.

  • JJ

    Beach episode! Huddle around the campfire, share feelings, get emotional, murder!

  • rimmeh

    I am just burning up with suspense here.

  • Brian

    There is no way that this ends well.

  • Fawnet

    Whew, a reprieve. I’m also grinning at Suda’s “Yeah? Sir?” It must be hard to be military with your Dad.

    • “In the military,” that’s very generous of you XD

      • David

        Did you just correct his grammar??

        • Fawnet

          Nah, I think Shing is just saying that Suda’s role here isn’t very organized or official. Actually, I don’t know myself. Suda looks like he’s wearing a sort of somber uniform jacket, but for all I know that’s just a typical civilian design. Maybe Suda’s doing some kind of Tank Driver’s Ed thing. It would explain him running over the fountain.

          • Oh yeah, haha, that’s what I meant. He’s in the military the same way that I am a doctor for standing in a hospital… he just has to have that formal look but has zero training or interest in anything other than socializing.

  • Some_Douchebag

    They’re fairly isolated. Luca has had some time for his grudge to fester. The salty sailor man has a wonderful, bushy, greasy beard that’d go up like a candle wick.

    You’re so cruel, teasing me like this.

  • Baby M

    Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, and the Emperor Luca, together at last!

  • hey

    Oh god… they’re going to drown him. They’re going to drown him and kill half the crew of the Yellow Stripe, or imprison them, or… does it still count as a middle ground if they just kill them all AND him? ARGH. YOU BASTARD, LUCAAAAA!

  • David

    Best not to start a bonfire in a wooden building.

  • David

    http://www.meekcomic.com/comic/2-42/ we’ve seen this “calm leader” act before, it can be more dangerous than the angry leader.

    • Bella

      Yeah but immediately after he burned her face

  • Anonymous

    Luca is always at his worst when he’s being reasonable and open to compromise, isn’t he?

    They’re going to go crab-hunting on the beach together, aren’t they!!

  • David

    “Help me with the stairs”- does Luca have a bad leg or something?

    • It’s a good leg! Also: a wood leg.

      • David

        Ohhh, snap! I never noticed that. I just figured he was pulling up his socks or something. Thanks for clueing me in.

      • David

        A wooden leg must be inconvenient when you have burny hands

        • Bella


      • Felis Leo

        I find it very interesting that Luca does not make any bones about his being severely disabled or needing help from his son in front of his subordinates. Often historical dictators in real life would make every effort to hide anything that could be considered a physical weakness.

        Does Luca see an outward display of his injuries and disabilities as adding to his appeal amongst the common Pasori (“I earned these wounds that the Carissi inflicted on me; every single one of them.”) or does he just not care?

        • Welll… normal people, certainly, aren’t supposed to know about this stuff. People under his command would never dare talk about these things or acknowledge them in front of him in any way. It’s impossible for him to hide certain things (lack of grip or flexibility in fingers, gait, etc), and a lot of the areas where he goes frequently have been modified to accommodate physical needs to make up for it (the front steps and the first level stairs of the fortress are very low, for example). In places where those modifications haven’t been made he might have an issue but at the moment I don’t think he is too concerned about appearances.

  • Some_Douchebag

    I love that first panel. If I didn’t know anything about Luca before seeing this scene, I’d assume his expression there was just that of a very stern person becoming off-put by the sailor’s outburst.

    However, we readers all know Luca. We can easily imagine his impulse to burn this man to a crisp. That pause is not Luca showing reservation at someone else’s rudeness. It’s Luca stopping himself from revealing his true, violent colors.

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