The most important character in this chapter!!! toy bunny

Sorry for the delay, I am juggling ECCC prep and working on KS bonus comics while trying to keep up on updates, but mostly it’s because this page was annoying XD You can see the original two pages and an explanation of writing compression and expansion on today’s Patreon process notes for this page. You can ALSO grab an older 4-pg bonus comic from the rare original Ch2 printing, which went up last week for Patrons.

A cute fanart of Angora by Isa, who is lovely and whose webcomic is currently having its KS here!

And last, here’s my ECCC info for those attending this Seattle comic convention in early March~ I’ll be at table K6, and will be debuting copies of The Meek Volume 1 for those who missed the Meek Kickstarter campaign, or for backers who want to check out the books that will be arriving to them soon! I’ll also have copies of my little minicomic, The Tide, revised and retoned and back for a second printing after its original publication in 2008. And some other minicomics and stuff I’ve been working on. Hope to see some of you there~


  • Gathe

    Looks like a certain someone is up and about past bedtime.

    Also, I just realized how much Suda’s profile looks like my dad’s, albeit 40 years younger.

  • chiz

    Suda’s hair droop gives me life.

  • Sane

    I see big things in the toy bunny’s future… More seriously, the lighting in that panel looks incredible!

  • Darcy

    “Playing little games with his sister?” Harsh, professor. Oh Hyla, where have you gotten off to now? :(

  • dream-piper

    *looks at Suda* That hair transition though!~ XD

  • TorgueRND

    Well Suda, you’re just getting schooled all over the place today, aren’t you?

  • JJ

    Poor Suda has to sleep downstairs in drab beige sleepwear :-(

  • fight me prof!!! suda need a break!!!

  • whatagrump

    From a distance the design on the planter box kind of looks like Legschilla.

  • Gobi

    The precious bunny figurine/stuffed animal gives me life.

    BTW this is a great page, (they’re all great X3) I really like how Suda’s hair droops as his mood worsens lmao.

  • Baby M

    “That’s no ordinary rabbit!”

    • Marion

      “That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!”

  • mmmk

    [From top left -> Bottom right]:
    Panel 1-2: Neutral. Unclear on why this professor (don’t know if he was mentioned before) has so much sway over Suda. Guess Suda just really respects authority/tradition/his country?

    Panel 3-5: Love this. Love Suda’s gradually drooping/unmanaged hair (very interesting). Obviously love panel 4 with Suda and Rana standing side by-side without looking at each other. Love the sunken eyes on suda’s face panel 5. Love Rana just walking by w/o acknowledging Suda in panel 5. Also appreciate the change in lighting.

    Panel 6-7: Love the contrast in living quarters. Rana’s gown is hilarious, but that’s ok and leads up to Panel 8.

    Panel 8: Cute bunny! Does this bunny have a history? I forget :-). It’d be cool if it did and was linked between Suda/Rana. Whatever the case may be, definitely invokes a sense of sadness/loneliness and partial hilarity (stemming from Rana’s gown in Panel 7)

    Also, unclear on timescale. Is this just one day? I’m guessing…so. Yes…definitely.

    • mmmk

      Maybe a way to make the timescale easily understood by even a simpleton, like myself )-:, might be to put some sort of daily task (eating dinner, doing daily chores, etc.) or flashing a date in two panels.

      • mmmk

        Maybe even just a time/unit of time. Date seems silly/unnecessary actually.

      • Haha, no. This chapter is already thumbnailed out tbh, I didn’t like the way I’d originally scripted it with more time cues. I think readers will realize we’re on the same day when they’re reading it through in one continuous go since we open and close the same day with some repetitious cues. Reading only a page or two a week makes it a bit more confusing I’d bet.

        And the analysis is cool! Just letting you know tho, I am not actively soliciting for critiques here… by the time I get to posting a page here it’s probably been on paper somewhere else for about a decade, which is long enough for me to make up my mind about this or that. I’m definitely making some mistakes, which is part of the fun for me (and the reason why I publish independently). That said, if you just like pulling stuff apart to see how it works/ doesn’t work, please go ahead, as I think that’s a super valuable habit to get into (especially if you’re a creator). But unless it’s a readability or dialogue dysfunction issue, I likely won’t be changing it.

        • mmmk

          Okie doke. Obviously you spend a lot of work on what you do, and I *do* appreciate your work. I don’t think I’ve ever read a webcomic like Meek (or Mare Internum, for that matter), and I obviously won’t anytime soon. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever bother commenting on webcomics, and I wouldn’t be wasting the effort critiquing your stuff if I didn’t appreciate it.

          Totally understand that your obviously not soliciting feedback, and I apologize that you feel like I’m just pulling yourself apart to find out how it works. Everyone has their own style and way of doing things, and obviously it’s a bit presuming to think that you would go back and change something that obviously takes a long time/effort to do.

          I’ve tried to frame the critiques as being somewhat constructive (from a single/isolated perspective), but I guess it might not come across as such and is probably unwelcome in a creative context. I’ll hold off from now on. Best of luck!

          • mmmk

            *I’m sad that you feel like I’m pulling your stuff apart

          • Oh no it’s fine XD I pull stuff apart constantly (on a private journal at least), and I’m fine with crits on my work when it’s necessary, like for projects where I’m working with a dedicated editor. This just is not one of those projects/ I didn’t want to make you feel like I’m not listening. I really do appreciate your thoughtful reads~

        • David

          To put it another way, we can request and opine as much as we want, but that in no way obligates you to do something differently.

    • Darcy

      It’s Hyla’s bunny. See page 11 of this chapter. Girl’s gone AWOL. Again. :/

      • mmmk

        w00t! A+. Even better then. My apologies :-)

  • Toy bunny will be the power behind the throne one day.

    • TorgueRND

      > implying it’s not already

  • LPain stone wall, no drape, no decoration ? That’s cold, Suda

    • Darcy

      He does look like he’s sleeping in a dungeon cell. Maybe Dad thinks it builds character…

  • hkmaly

    I hope the bunny is not part of crossover with Looking For Group.

  • Anonymous

    Der-shing, you are going to be mass-producing this toy bunny, right? We are all going to be able to bring him into our homes one day, right?

  • Crestlinger
  • Skellagirl

    Luca’s s’posed to be home some time that night, right? Is Hyla gonna run into papa? Idk, something about that last panel is very foreboding, for some reason.

  • Revil

    I saw the last panel and I’m just like “…oh no”

  • i love how suda’s forelock slowly escapes down his forehead

  • Kempson

    Hey, nice hair detail.

  • David

    Have we seen the bunny rabbit before? I can’t remember.

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