That weird guy again

Been busy with a lot of stuff… but some progress? The Meek Store is now open, and V1 books are finally available for sale

There’s also a small amount of Limited Edition packages (hardcover and softcover) still available for the time being, which are also listed in the Store page.

Additionally, a new Networking Tutorial went up for $5+ Patrons, and the tutorial supplement is up now too. Patrons also have till Friday to enter this month’s Pin Giveaway contest.

Oh yeah, and I wanted to say thanks for the acceptance comments and angry comments on the last page, I want you guys to know I’m listening, even to the negative stuff. I’m just like… one person, haha. I can only do so much and I’m trying my best to alleviate the issues while moving forward with my biz. Even if you hate the way I work I still appreciate you taking the time to express it! I figure if you didn’t care you wouldn’t bother after all this time :] We’re all just muddling through this year aren’t we.

Last, I’ll be streaming tomorrow for Patrons as well, so there’s that too. This page took longer than expected because I was trying to integrate some new stuff I learned… idk if it was worth it but either way I have some catching up to do~ Comics comics comics


  • DukeBG

    What’s that shiny thing under the mirror (i assume) on the right, on a small pedestal base?
    Also, what’s the little shiny thing Luca is fiddling with on the next frame, near his pocket?

    (I guess, my mission is to question shiny things)

    • Daniel Soder

      Pocket shiny-thing: the key for the second door

    • J.A Kooistra

      Would you recon that’d be a key?

      • Thornbrier

        A key seems most likely, especially with the ‘cl-click’ sound effect.

    • The shiny thing under the mirror is a candelabrum and the other shiny the key that Luca uses in the next panel, which produces the “cl-click” sound.

    • It’s a key~~ and a weirdly shaped candelabra thing

  • Glavos

    Hmm where did we see that guy before?

  • We saw him on page 22 of chapter 2 : http://www.meekcomic.com/comic/2-22/

    I assume he’s younger Luca : same blackened fingers, missing leg, nose…

    • Thornbrier

      Yup, that’s definitely him. Same hair after all these years. Wonder what this guy has to do with the revenge that Phe said he wouldn’t be able to have without losing her. Last time we saw him he was praising Phe, saying they wouldn’t have anything without her, while Luca was putting that accolade on someone else, someone who it sounds like Luca doesn’t want to be like/be indebted to.

      • Brackass

        That “someone else” is absolutely tigerface (Dagre)

  • JJ

    That’s rich, coming from a hallucination.

    • Way to pick on the disabled hallucination, JJ

      • JJ

        Well how do you know I’m not the physically disabled hallucination of a mentally ill and physically disabled dictator myself.

    • Spark

      This when you know you’ve *really* lost it. Even your own hallucinations know

      • ErictheTolle

        “Shut up hallucination of my younger self, the tiger inside my head says I’m perfectly sane.”

      • BigDogLittleCat

        Yeah, I’m thinking that can go in the DSM as a definitive diagnosis.

  • Corbie

    I love the way how the “you’re wrong” speech bubble can be read … it could come from either of them, and in either case fits. Living Luca defends, Hallucinated Luca is absolutely right telling Living Luca to be wrong. :)

  • dreampiper

    It took me a while to realize that he was talking to a younger version of himself and now I feel like an idiot! XD

    • JJ

      Pls don’t, I only know it because I read the comments and felt dumb the first time round.

  • that guy

    Is that a hatchet on the wall?

    • Close, the head of a hand axe! A traditional Pasori weapon.

  • Jennifer

    Just wanted to say: Thank you for continuing to update! I’m amazed at how much you get done.

    (Besides, I waited a few years last time, a few months is nothing!)

  • Quix

    Just giving himself the cold shoulder.

  • whatagrump

    “You’re losing it.”
    Luca, addressing his own hallucination: “Mmm, nah. Don’t think so.”

  • Nicosar

    Young Luca: You’re losing it.
    Old Luca: Yeah, well, y’know that’s just like, uh, your opinion, man.

  • yrr

    I am LOVING the textures on this page! Just flipping between this and the last page – definitely get an impression you’ve “leveled up” – and in such a sort time, too! Thanks for sharing your experiments with us.

  • The Wakin Dude

    I’ve wondered before when young Luca shows up, is this just a visual metaphor for Luca’s internal monologue, or is he actually *seeing* a younger version of himself and having a full dialog with it?

    • I guess we’ll find out when one of them punches the other one in the face

      • BigDogLittleCat

        Suddenly, the presence of a handaxe nearby is troubling…

  • Lilian

    Some beautiful ambiance in this page. Great rooms, great textures, great lighting.

  • Jeremie

    Hey! I just got your book this week! Thank you!
    Did you know there’s was an actual city in Canada that named ”Lachine” in real life? It became a borough who’s part of Montreal since 2002. It’s just a fun little tidbit for a french-canadian like me! :3

    Also, Brassard is a very common french-canadian last name too!

    • Oh that’s interesting! I had no idea… Most of the town names are random names I come up with and put on a post-it, and I’ll use them now and then if they seem interesting. I guess I inadvertently channeled some Canada XD

  • Pullo

    I love you work, and cannot wait for your next stream!

  • Biev

    “Hey, just thought I’d let you know that you’re insane and like one step away from turning into Hitler.”
    “Nah, I’m fine.”
    “Oh, okay then.”

  • Fleece

    Nice page.

  • dreampiper

    Why don’t you take a break for the rest of the year from the Meek so you can focus on only Mare Internum? Then start it up once you have enough time and energy to create a backlog? :D

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