This is the first page that both of them have talked face to face, I think! It’s going great!

Some amazing news to start with, The Meek was nominated for an Ignatz!! I unfortunately can’t attend this year, but if YOU are attending SPX, you are eligible to vote, and I’d be honored if you’d consider voting for TM… To celebrate the nom, I’ll be updating The Meek once a week for sure until SPX happens~ so yeah see you here next week

This is actually the first time The Meek has been nominated for anything (also, the first time I’ve submitted it, not sure if there’s a correlation there), I am just really excited :’] Another collection I was in, The Elements Anthology, was also nominated! Please check them out and defs consider them also~

On Saturday and Sunday I WILL however be a guest at Boise Library Comic Con, so if you are from around those parts, please feel free to stop by this free event and harass me for spoilers or whatever…

For Patrons, you got a some hot WIP action last night, as well as a bit of shop talk about word bubbles, in case you missed it! Also for Patrons, a new tutorial about story pacing went up! And for non-Patrons, the free-to-read: worldbuilding tutorial¬†is also posted, because everyone gets to learn things… as usual, all of my tutorials go free-to-read 6 months after Patreon publication.

Not Meek related, but my other webcomic Mare Internum has a small Kickstarter going, which ends in a little under a day, so idk why you’d be interested but I figure I’d better list it for completion’s sake or so archaeologists can read this later and piece my boring life together from this trail of documentation and dead hyperlinks

And as usual, digital books are for sale on Comixology, for sale irl below, and I’m working on Amazon but they are slow but I think you guys probably have stopped reading so whatever. I’m going to go eat some oatmeal



  • Mallow

    Wow dad, way to be motivating to your eldest daughter

    • chyro

      It’s almost as if he was not a very good person.

    • okno

      especially when he isn’t exactly the picture of health and skinniness either

  • Mallow

    (also the lighting on this page is REALLY nice)

  • Hyrule_Symbol

    That’s some nice lighting you’ve got going there

    • Thanks, been sloowly trying to incorporate some new things I learned~

      • Arianwen

        Love the change in colour of the lines as they pass from light to shadow. It’s rather subtle and it took me a while to see just what was different.

        • DavidJCobb

          Oh hey, yeah, I’ve seen that used in video game pixel sprites. First time I’ve noticed it in drawn art, though.

          • I do color holds everywhere now (had to go back to ch1-3 and color in the lines for the updated art in the book), but have been avoiding coloring in the lines for very bright areas until recently when I found a more intuitive way to do it.

  • JuaSaysHi

    She WAS waiting, that’s why she didn’t knock, silly. I’m sure if you’d just kept talking and hadn’t opened the door she’d have waited all night!

    • JuaSaysHi

      Or, uh, day, whichever it is…

  • Sandy Noname

    Sorry, but why in the two last panels their words are in angle brackets? What language do they speak?

    • They’re speaking Basori, it’s Luca’s native language.

      • closedmouth

        Oh, lol, I always thought that was indicating people communicating telepathically.

        • Lmao, that’s quite a twist XD

        • theMarc

          Didn’t they use angle brackets that way in Animorphs?

          • I haven’t read Animorphs, but I think I first saw the brackets being used in some Xmen comics a long time ago when they were talking in a different language; pretty sure it is a US comics thing.

          • theMarc

            Oh, I meant angle brackets were used to signify telepathic communication in Animorphs, iirc. I brought it up because it’s the only instance I can come up with of angle brackets being used for that purpose.

            Angle brackets used to indicate a foreign language is definitely far more common, and predates Animorphs by a couple decades, at least. I’m no comics expert, but I think you’re right that it originated with, and is primarily used in, American comics.

  • Felis Leo

    Can’t a dictator communicate with his demon tiger for 5 minutes in peace???

    • Alan Corvus

      That sounds like a euphemism for something.

      • reynard61

        As long as he doesn’t start…um…petting it…

  • Roo


    …though without coffee that’s not far from my own <.<;;;

  • workaway

    Fat?!? She looks exactly like him! Way to project your issues Luca…

    Also, didn’t stop reading, tell Amazon to hurry up, and how was your oatmeal? ;)

  • googolplexbyte

    She can see the speech bubbles?

    • haha, no 4th wall breaking, she can just hear that the direction of the voice is located higher than normal

  • theMarc

    Such a supportive, loving father.

  • Evilbob dA

    … I just got a really weird Asian-family vibe from that father-daughter dynamic…

  • TimesNewLogan

    Huh… now that they’re on the same page, I can DEFINITELY see the family resemblance! Especially in their -ahem- physique.

  • Vert

    Der-shing, is being fat a shameful thing in Luca’s culture? Given their traditional living conditions, I’d almost expect the opposite.

    • Rayanne

      I imagine it’s less of a gluttony thing and more of a sign of low/common birth. Rana is stock and dusky like her father and although that seems to be the norm for most of the Pasori builds I’ve seen in the comic so far, I imagine that there was some shame beat into Luka about his looks under the Carissi regime. For a long while, as detailed in the wiki, and as hinted in the comic, the Carissi treated the Pasori like cattle. The Carissi are blond, fair and (so far) tall. I’m sure that after a while blond/fair/tall = leader while dusky/short/stocky = peasant.

      • Nah, both cultures dislike the looks of the other fairly equally, and don’t aspire towards looking that way. They also don’t physically get close enough to communicate either… most Pasori-shaming has historically come from the Santri, who live between both regions, and do aspire to assimilate into Caris culture.

    • Not generally, no, but it would be insulting to Rana because of the more modern implication of idleness/ laziness. Luca probably means it that way too.

    • ErictheTolle

      It is an industrial setting, so the concepts of thinness/fatness could have reversed from preindustrial concepts, the way they did in the real wold.

      Also, for a military type, being fit for war may be a thing.

  • SC

    I like that it was Dagre that told Luca that Rana was outside of his door. Can anyone else enhance the middle bubble in panel one? I see the word ‘get’ but can’t see any other words.

  • boogiecat

    Oh god, that gave me the chills. The only thing I could make out was “…is out side your door”

    Creepy demon cat god

  • arke

    I think the words are “we might not get a no ther chance be zo”. I can’t read any of Luca’s on this page.

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