Ch 4 Cover

Hello, and welcome to the new site :) Chapter 4 starts today, and will be updating twice a week. Page 1 will go up mid-week! Some of the archived pages might look a bit jank right now, I’m still reuploading all the large files. They’ll all be resized in the new, deliciously large format by tomorrow.

I have some stuff to announce but I will save that for the next post… Instead I’m going to use this space to give heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated over the break. Without you, the site optimization and new features would not have been possible. Thank you all so very, very much.

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Thanks for coming by, and the story will continue soon :)


*edit* If you’d like to see a small walkthrough/ process of the cover, you can see it here.


  • Kasumi

    Great! It is AWESOME to hear more high res comics are coming.

  • Diggin’ the new setup!


    Also, the new layout is SEXY

    • Engelen!! stop breaking my site with your unruly RRRRRs XD XD

      • Tony

        Some CSS to fix (line 707):

        .comment-text {
        word-wrap: break-word;

        • Haha, I actually requested my site person to leave it like that on purpose. Sometimes you just need to fuck a site up with excited text.

          • It’s cute. I like the excited text. Half of the best art is accident anyways.

  • wow the site sure looks nice!! looking forward to this chapter =D

  • Cheri


  • Squeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Yes yes yes yes yes! It’s been years since we’ve seen these guys, yaaaaaaay!

  • awol360

    Awesome, I know what I want for christmas!
    The Meek!

  • Oh man, this is all so – so – SO MAGICAL

    Seriously though, this cover page has wonderful colors and flow and I LOVE this banner. I would buy this banner and put it up on my wall.

    • Thanks so much ;u; Though a banner of Pinter looking like a pensive loser is not very alluring XD


      • Kels

        Poor Angora has a bad case of logoface, too.

        • That’s what happens when the chapter is not focused on you as much XD burn

          • Kels

            Ooh, I see character development on the way. I’m on board for that.

  • Loving this new layout. 8DDDDD

  • Raquel

    Is this chapter gonna be about Pinter?
    I love the new website! I looks so clean and pretty, the buttons at the corner, and the header is amazing (I love Pinter!)!! I also really enjoy the fact you will display the comic in higher resolution! Thanks!! <33

    • It is about both of them ;u; As you will see! So exciting!!!

  • Maggie

    well Pinter is looking deliciously handsome these days

  • Davie

    YES! I’d missed these two. Loving the big page space too.

  • Kristen

    My gosh, this chapter is going to be so EPIC, when the page came up I literally made a squeeing sound and got up close to my screen so I could just stare at the new layout and the chapter cover.<3

    Is it just me or did Pinter's hair get lighter…? Mm, I think maybe it's just the different lighting.*ponders*

    • It’s a combo of the lighting and maybe me not doing as good a job coloring in Ch1 as I should have, haha… His hair is dark reddish brown :B

  • Woden

    Glee! New Meek!

    And I’m super-excited to get back to these two! So much so that there are exclamation points spontaneously appearing at the end of my sentences!

  • Lee M

    Yay! Angora and Pinter are back! I hope this is where we start to see the storylines coming together.

  • Geek

    Yay, looks like more forest settings!

    Cities and deserts are all well and good, but I love how you draw foliage.

    • Thanks a ton! I hadn’t expected this, but my tolerance for drawing a bunch of leaves seems to have somehow increased since 2009 XD

  • sweet_gardenia


    Also check it out…Boozer Vs. Wild! yay pinter I have missed your gorgeous moobs so much ;_;

  • bibz

    Oh wow, I just adore new site!
    Really, really good job.
    It was worth to wait. :)

  • zenmei

    …it’s BEAUTIFUL! (°⌂°) <3

  • Jenny

    This is gorgeous! Congratulations! :)

  • Wow, and I thought the first site layout was awesome.
    Great colours on the cover page, too!

    • Thanks so much ;3; I’m so glad you like it. Took so many edits to get it to where it is now, even though it looks relatively simple XD

  • djinn

    So excited! Can’t wait to see what you bring!

  • mike

    I’m curious how much time has passed since we last left them.

    • Happy

      I bet it’s two days


  • Der, you’re awesome, HANDS DOWN.

    Btw, the fact that the title “The Meek” in the banner is over Angora’s face means that this will be more of a Pinter-centered chapter? WE’LL GET TO SEE WHERE HE COMES FROM, AMIRITE?

  • Austin

    Love the new look!
    Can’t wait to see whats in store for this chapter!

  • Hooray!!! ♥

  • lcarsos

    w00t! Lots of pixels!

  • Hillary


  • Fridge Logic

    Pinter put a shirt on, Angora didn’t.

  • Mom

    Wonderful indeed. Great Job!

  • Steph


  • Jrue

    Yay, we’re back to The Odd Couple. Country Mouse and City Mouse. Crocodile Dundee and…whatever Crocodile Dundee’s girlfriend’s name was. Anyway, Angora’s cool, Pinter’s…alright, and I’m excited to see where this goes.

    Also, the new site is BOSS. The pages look spectacular when they’re blown up. I can now see Pinter’s stained wifebeater…IN HIGH DEFINITION! :D

    • I made his armpits extra sweaty just for you <3

  • SladinForever

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND We’re back! I missed seeing Pinter <3 Liking the new look/layout, BUT everything's huge. The pages are the size of an actual comic book. Maybe it's just because I'm so used to smaller pages *shrug* If you don't change anything at all, I'll try to get used to it, but I'm not so sure XD Anyway, looking forward to this chapter

    • They are huge! I originally had them smaller, then I was like screw it, giant pages forever. Half of the inking I do gets lost in the compression, so why not? I bet you’ll stop noticing after like 2 pages XD

  • Tom

    I read your comic avidly but I never comment, but I must say, this new layout is gorgeous. I don’t know why it is the change in layout rather than the actual events in the comic have moved me to such extremes as commenting, but holy poop this new layout is gorgeous and now I am so excited for Chapter 4.

    I am rationalizing it in my mind as being sort of like that moment in The Wizard of Oz where it turns out that its a COLOR movie. Or maybe more like when the aspect ratio shifts in Enchanted or The Incredibles. I don’t even know I just know I love it.

    • Thanks so much, Tom! I’m glad you like the new format. Hopefully now the colors will pop a bit more, and you’ll be able to see all the details (aka all the mistakes, haha) XD

  • Aeda

    OMG I was happy enough when when the last chapter started updating again, but chapter 4!! Ooooooh, can’t wait to read. :) Haven’t seen these two for a while.

  • Winters

    the color…the lightning…its all so spectacular -dizzy spell- on a side note, Angora’s not looking too happy about the way Pinter’s chopping through the forest D:

  • Ele

    The new layout is great, the new page resolution is GREAT, that banner, yes, it’s great. I love this new site. I am already in love with this new chapter and the background layout (ahhhhhh) Also, increasing spread of sideburns!

  • Laney

    YAYAYAYAYAYAY. Looks great. I’m so excited for this chapter, I may explode.

    …but I hope I don’t! Then I would miss it.

    • Yes, please don’t explode, it would be very embarrassing for everyone :U

  • Stephie

    Very, very excited! Loving the new setup :D

  • Wood

    I see Angora still doesn’t believe in shirts…

    • Hellmouth

      Yes, I’m quite confused about that myself. WHY doesn’t she believe in shirts?

      • Jac

        Her answer: Well, why do YOU believe in shirts?

  • Angora <3

  • Christoffer

    That’s it. I am finally going to donate some of my money to a webcomic author. Why? Because it would be a crime to not pay one who gives me such wonderful entertainment for free! >:(

    • Sorry XD The donation period is over, but I guess you can keep it in mind for next time :3 Thanks for the sentiment though!

  • Mooco

    YAAY Angora and Pinter! I missed them already! :D

  • Dear God I’m so excited!! :D

  • Rune

    She put on pants… :(
    Thanks, alex. :)

    • She’s had them since last chapter, technically! So she’s been good for a while XD

      • Hellmouth

        Why no shirt? Unless they’re planning to keep to the wilderness, her walking about topless might be slightly unfortunate.

        • Yes, it might :U

          • Hellmouth

            Oh dear! :V

  • Shelly D.

    Congrats! This is exciting, a new beginning for the comics :)

  • fanty

    I think I preferred the smaller pages, they fit on the screen and were comfortable to read. Though, I suppose, the bigger text will mean less strain on my eyes.

    • It’ll work out better when the actual comic pages come up, since the panels will be larger and will fit on the page better. and don’t extend over the screen the way the cover does :)

  • The site looks nicer. :)

    Looking forward to the next chapter! :D

  • Tim Kietzman

    FINALLY! The story continues!! I can’t wait to see the next!

  • Will

    I love how you change the whole look of the site to match each chapter, it’s really cool.

    I’m really enjoying this by the way, this story is incredibly intriguing.

  • Kels

    Yay, great to see these two again! Even more so, I can’t wait until they get a load of Soli and Al, probably accompanied by much Pinter hair-pulling.

    You’d think hacking through the jungle would help his waistline, but I guess he’s pretty determined to keep his shape.



  • Ooh, slick! You don’t know how many times I refreshed the page last night waiting for the new layout to launch. XD You’ve got some crazy fans. Did you know this is my favorite webcomic ever? Well it is. And I read LOTS of webcomics.

    Pinter and Angora seem to have slightly different traveling-through-the-undergrowth techniques. She doesn’t look too impressed at his machete skills.

  • CattyRemark

    Cannot WAIT for the first page of the new chapter. GAH, will you illustrate my life, please? I LOVE your style

  • Eosphoros

    Gorgeous resolution! And so happy about the new chapter!

    There’s one tiny minor thing you might want to fix, though: On the cover of chapter 2 the word “chapter” is not capitalised as on the other covers …

    • Eosphoros

      Oh, and one more thing: chapter 1 ends with “tbc”, while chapters 2 & 3 have a diffurnt note & font. Perhaps, if one day you’re bored to death, you could fix that …

    • Can’t slip one past you XD I noticed that too, it’ll be replaced later. I have to reformat all the pages for print, after that I’m going to put up all the pages on the site (again…) and that will be it XD Thanks for your two notes though, really good eye!

  • Looks great! :D

    Although the RSS feed does not seem to be working correctly…

    • No? Thank you for letting me know, I’ll look into it!

  • Totally digging the new look. The logo looks great!
    Read the 3nd chapter in one go and realized that I hadn’t put your webcomic’s link on my own comic’s site. It’s all good now, hope I’m forgiven ;)
    Keep it up!

  • Marion

    Pinter, Pinter, Pinter…! Are you *chopping away* at *plants* when you’ve got the Mysterious Plantgirl as your companion? The Mysterious Plant Girls that just used *plants* to crush some other guy’s nuts?

    *shakes head*

  • Marion

    (oh, and ‘squee’ and all)

  • Jamie

    Was going to comment that the RSS feed isn’t working, but it seems someone else already mentioned. :D Other than that the site looks fantastic!

  • tc-city

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! NOT REALLY SURE WHAT EXACTLY to comment besides that everything looks so amazing and I AM SO EXCITED BAHBAHH BAHHHHHHH hah also just from this page I could totally see Angora flying through trees like spiderman while Pinters’ chopping his way through.

  • Lokin






  • Bonnie

    Hi there! New reader, from Monster Pulse. Just caught myself up on all the pages, and looking forward to “what happens next!” Thanks for the great work! :-D

  • Ducello

    I can’t even deal with how awesome this is. 0_o

  • Cling

    Yesssssssss. Looking forward to next chapter.

    Also LOVING new large format. I mean – you’re work was splendiferous to look at earlier, but now – it’s just… I – I can’t find words for it =P
    Been going over some of your old pages in the newer resolution and I can really appreciate your dynamic line weights now as well as some of your more detailed uses of shading.

    Also great use of expression and flat cel-shading for the banner for a beautiful and calm layout that doesn’t take away from the (also) beautiful and dynamic pages =)

    Sorry if I’m gushing too much ^^; <– first time commenter

  • YAYYYYYYY!!! More innocently topless jungle adventuring!

  • Kez

    Love the new site, and ESPECIALLY the larger page size! The site finally fills more than a small portion of my screen :)

    One request: Can you add the comic navigation (first/prev/next/last) ABOVE the comic as well? It is really frustrating to have to scrolllllll to reach the buttons to go back and re-read the past few pages.

    • I kind of don’t like it that way? I think it looks kind of poopy to have the nav bar on top. HOWEVER!! There is keyboard navigation on this site! So technically you don’t even have to use your mouse, you can just hit the forward and back arrow keys to get to where you want to go :3 And you can hit shift+(arrow) to get to the first and last pages. yayyyyyyy

      • Kez

        keyboard navigation?! WIN! Had no idea.

        • I know, right 83

          • Teresa

            Had no idea either! Hooray.

  • Jonty

    I silently squee’d when I saw this page. New chapter with more Angora, has made it totally worth the wait.

    Then I scrolled down and read my own name. Glad I could help.

  • 6offee

    Oh man, of all the things in that picture I love Pinters filthy wifebeater, for some reason.

    The thing I love secondmost is that the picture exists! Seriously made my evening better when I opened this page and saw it.

  • Kelly


    I really missed the hell out of this comic and am SO thrilled to see that regular updates are on the way!

    And I gotta say, your storytelling has really been an inspiration for me in my own writing (like how to more fully flesh out realistic characters and places). Thank you so much!

  • Linda

    Unnnggg you really care about your avid fans, i mean there’s giant Pinter plastered all over the banner, all over the cover.

    The drawing is beautiful, the plants, the colors, the composition! And the expressions, it’s like they’re already lost! “No, I will not stop for directions! That lizard dude doesn’t know about this secret shortcut like i doooo.”

    Goddammit man, i love your comic. Der-Shing, you made it again.


  • Damn, you did not disappoint!!! This is awesome, I’m so excited!!!

  • shilin

    what a glorious and comfortable layout!

  • bo

    The knife. Backwards?

    • Pretty sure it’s not. That line on the back isn’t the blade, it’s the top of the machete

      • annoyedwabbit

        I just thought you’d based Pinter’s machete on a kukri – they have a similar shape that looks kind of backwards compared to a generic machete-thing.

        • You’re right. I forgot the name, but I wanted something that was multifunctional and a kukri was about the right size and shape for that!

  • Oh!!! I remembered these guys, but not what comic they were from! The stories haven’t connected yet, so my brain’s stashed them in separate compartments : )

  • The new layout is really slick! And this page even more so, love the trail up of leaves to Angora, really ace composition all around.

  • SilentBuffalo

    Gorgeous new layout! I started perusing through the archives to see how the comic looked with larger pages, and then I got sucked into rereading all 3 chapters over. So beautiful. I love the man-sized page detail, and I wish my monitor was big enough to contain all the pretty. I can’t wait to get this in print. (Special love for page 1.12 and the coloring)

    (Also, I think page 3.40 hasn’t been replaced yet- it looks a little grainy, just as a heads up)

    • That’s the page that I accidentally deleted the .psd file for, because I was so tired and so stupid v__v I have to redo it still so all I have is the small/ stretched version as;ldkfajsa

      • SilentBuffalo

        Oh riiiiight! I remember that facebook post. Sad day. :C Well, the lower resolution version still looks nice and continues the story. Don’t worry, page 40, you’re not bad quality- all the other pages are just showing off with their luscious crisp lines, and you shouldn’t compare yourself to them. Be your own page! You’re unique! You don’t require gratuitous detail or hipster high res to do your job. You even feature the boss, everyone’s favorite minor crime lord! So be proud of yourself, page 40. Don’t let anyone put you down. You keep sticking to your original values.

        • *sobbing*

        • Twigs

          This made my day. x)

  • ashleyw

    The new site is looking goooood. So is this chapter cover. I’m excited that the art will be bigger now.

  • Cherry B.

    OMG, the next chappy is up and the new site looks totally gorgeous! I’m such a very happy person right now. ^w^

    The only thing that saddens me is not seeing more of Soli. :( Hopefully, we shall be reunited soon…♥

    Oh well, looking forward for more!

  • me

    Every time you start a new chapter I get all sad that the old characters are gone and now I’m torn, I love Soli and I want to know what’s happening to her, but I love Angora also and I can’t wait to see what she’s been up to. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!!

    • XD I’m sorry!!

      Wait, no I’m not

  • Slar

    The layout really looks stunning now.


  • Screwy

    Lovely new site! I dunno how much you meant to imply, but that look Angora is throwing at Pinter has got my noodle cooking. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen! So much excitedness. SO MUCH.

  • Molihua

    *doin’ a happy dance* wheeee so excited to see the new site is up/Da Meek is back, and excited comments make me even more excited eeeeeeeeee :D

  • DreamCarver

    Hell YEAAAAAAAH. New chapter and new site! Woo!

  • Jac

    Der-Shing… Can… would it be alright if I asked your website out on a date?

    It’s just so.. so full of character and substance and it just keeps growing more beautiful every day. <3

    We'll be back by 11 I promise.

  • Charmee

    I am so full of joy right now!!! ^___^b

  • Twigs


  • Beautiful cover!

    I’m super disappointed I’ve reached the end of the archives. But very happy that now I can finally go to sleep.

    Can’t wait for Fridaaaayyyy :D

    I absolutely LOVE this title page! Gorgeous!

  • -ink

    Oh my goodness, congratulations on coming full circle! So excited to see what’s in store.

  • gaboris

    SWEET site man! :D
    Can’t wait to see how this chapter goes on, buuut I was thinking a bit…
    Will you be doing the story in three chapter cycles so that the storylines of “The girl”, “The king” and “The bandit”(YEAH I was lazy to look the names up sorry. XP) will come after each other or are they slowly going to mix together?
    Just curious I don’ want you to tell me the upcoming story or anything. XD

    • Yes, eventually they will all smash together >:D Trainwreck!! The contents of the chapter will focus on those storylines, though not necessarily those particular characters!

  • WhirlyHamster

    Your link keeps redirecting me to Tumblr’s dashboard…
    Also, I can’t wait to read this chapter!

    • Durr! How smart. Link is fixed!

  • Boss Ladu

    *foams at mouth*
    Can NOT wait!

  • Enigma(Lobo)

    The Meek has to be one of the best web-comics I’ve read, I can tell that you care deeply for your work when looking at how much detail you put into your art and the characters.

    The first three chapters are definitely shaping the story into something fascinating, and I’m looking forward to see the return of Angora and Pinter since Chapter 1.

    My predictions for this chapter, I think there’s a little tension between Angora and Pinter in this front cover, they do not look as if they’re getting along just yet…

  • TheDude

    Dude. Friggin A. Btw, when do you plan to have prints of Chapters 2 & 3 up on the store? :D

  • Jackiesoarous

    BAD ASS!!

    I found your comic sometime early November, and I went through the entire thing in one night! :0 I was extremely tired the next morning. I’m very happy to be caught up, and I looking forward to the next strip~! :3

  • Jemmerzem

    Does Angora have something around her neck?

  • Crestlinger

    Well that’s one branch that Angora won’t be whacking him awake with.

  • Nemo

    Just stumbled upon this comic somehow tonight(odd that I don’t remember how) and read the whole thing from the beginning to now. If that doesn’t tell you, I really like it. Keep up the good work.

  • Anton

    I like! :D

  • Glennnnn

    In the past couple of weeks The Meek has been moved from “Inert-on hold” to “Other Comix” to “Comix”.
    Now I check 5 or 6 times a day for Page 1, Chapter 4.
    -Such delicious goodness almost in view!

    • Thanks for waiting XD I am so slowww haha

  • PatrickleMorse

    *FANGIRL SQUEAL* The new site looks awesome. This cover looks awesome. The new format is awesome. I can’t wait to read the chapter!

  • Karrey

    Pinteer! <3 <3 <3 So excited about this chapter, you have no idea! I missed his nose!

    • Karrey

      Oh, and I love the new layout! Really clean and nice for the eyes! <3

  • Hanan

    In the walk through on Tumblr you say you use pencils, but the picture looks digital. Do you use any traditional media at all? I really like the cover and your explanation on incorporating story into pictures was really helpful.

    • I use “pencils,” haha, which is just my way of saying sloppy digital sketching. I use traditional media (pencil on computer paper :B) to thumb but other than that it’s all digital!

  • Ah, you draw the best manly men I’ve seen in ages. I like my boy-girls in my manga, not necessarily in my thought provoking fantasy… you do men right. XD I love Pinter’s colors. Though Phe is going to be my favorite character for awhile, and Soli is in second place, followed by my favorite villain Dagre. Cooler than Scar & Jafa combined, Dagre gets all the lovin’.

  • Gingerfu


  • God! This comic is so good! I’m caught up in less than two hours, I can’t wait to see more. Please continue your comic :) I am such a hardcore fan!!!!

  • jAMES mICHAEL Roberts

    Words. Good words.

  • Thisguy

    Welcome back, Pinter. The other peoples stories were starting to lead no where.

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