Chapter 2 start!!

A few notes, just to keep you guys up to date:

- The comic is returning to a once-a-week schedule, probably Wednesdays or Thursdays. I’ll figure that out next update. More on that here.
- The site got updated! You can browse around to see the changes, if you hadn’t seen them already.
- I totally reinked/ recolored the first 8 pages for the small dead tree version I’m getting done. I’ll be posting those on weekends just to keep it interesting around here. Take a look at those early pages now if you want, since they’ll be going away soon. You can get a look at the difference in inks quality when you vote today
- There is an official Meek poster! It is 13×19, and looks incredible. While the actual posters are sitting in my room and rarin’ to go, I’m trying to figure out how to ship them… more on this later!
- For those of you who missed or wants to reread any pages of the Ch 1 sketch comic, they are all posted here.
- A fan made a really great little trailer, posted here on youtube. Its a tad spoilery but nothing you wouldn’t have seen if you looked through my DA page.

As ever, check out the links at the very top of the post to get the most up-to-date info on comics posting and other stuff.

Chapter 2 is not as boobalicious as Chapter 1, but it is probably my favorite. I hope you’re going to like it too!