Ch 2 Cover

Chapter 2 start!!

A few notes, just to keep you guys up to date:

– The comic is returning to a once-a-week schedule, probably Wednesdays or Thursdays. I’ll figure that out next update. More on that here.
– The site got updated! You can browse around to see the changes, if you hadn’t seen them already.
– I totally reinked/ recolored the first 8 pages for the small dead tree version I’m getting done. I’ll be posting those on weekends just to keep it interesting around here. Take a look at those early pages now if you want, since they’ll be going away soon. You can get a look at the difference in inks quality when you vote today
– There is an official Meek poster! It is 13×19, and looks incredible. While the actual posters are sitting in my room and rarin’ to go, I’m trying to figure out how to ship them… more on this later!
– For those of you who missed or wants to reread any pages of the Ch 1 sketch comic, they are all posted here.
– A fan made a really great little trailer, posted here on youtube. Its a tad spoilery but nothing you wouldn’t have seen if you looked through my DA page.

As ever, check out the links at the very top of the post to get the most up-to-date info on comics posting and other stuff.

Chapter 2 is not as boobalicious as Chapter 1, but it is probably my favorite. I hope you’re going to like it too!


  • Jesse~

    Very nice cover! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this! :3


  • ColdCedric

    …NOW it begins

  • Kitty

    Holy shit that’s the most beautiful page so far.



  • ColdCedric

    If i was an artist I would give you a gift art

    • Your readership is gift enough! Thanks for reading :)

  • whooomeek

    YEAH BRING IT!!! >8D

  • I am superexcited! <3
    Will next chapter consist of sideburns in action?

    Love the trailer. :)

    • Technically every chapter has sideburns in action >> Angora had a pretty fine pair herself!

      • Yay, more sideburns in action! :)
        Then, I guess, the real question should’ve been “Will next chapter ALSO consist of sideburns in action?”!

  • Mai

    Dear God, I’ve been waiting for this!! :P <333

  • Mai

    Also, just noticed the Dagre shadow on the floor, with the glowing eyes… nice. :)

    • Dude! I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out! That is so awesome!

  • Yaay, how exciting!

  • Yey, it’s baaack! And look at that lovely cover, I’m just in awe. So excited!

  • Emperial


  • Beautiful cover for this chapter 8D. The details are astounding.

    This is going to be so awesome! :D

  • Yim-Yam

    THE EXCITEMENT! BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have sooo many questions! like who’s that!? why is he in bed!? he kind of looks like pinter, is he related to pinter!? but I guess I have to wait to find out

    are you only a few pages ahead of what we have seen or do you have the whole story planned out?

    • She drew the entire comic a long time ago in sketches– that is what the sketchcomic was for the past month or so, it was the original “first draft” of the comic. So the comic is, I assume, entirely planned out by now, and she’s just changing and tweaking it along the way. :)

      ( That is Emperor Luca. I will say that he’s 99% likely not to be related to Pinter, considering they’re different races. I think he’s in bed because it’s morning! :D )

  • OH MY GOODNESS LUCA YES. I’m ridiculously excited about this chapter, partially because I don’t think I quite understood what was going on when I read the sketchcomic. Whoooo Luca!

    • Yeah, thankfully I get the chance to clarify things time around! Wooo!

  • gorgeous cover, love the lighting and all the detail, looks like you put a lot of work into it and it payed off in my opinion. i’m loving the new banner and i can’t wait to start reading again! :)

  • ouhou! but what is this shadow with big eyes ?

    this chapter promises to be great :) (haha as always)
    the little french girl.

    • Haha, you will find out X3 Thanks for commenting!

  • Geenra

    Thanks so much for the trailer linkage! :D

    and holy f*cking crap, this chapter looks AMAZING. My jaw hit the floor seeing that cover. You really are a phenomenal artist.
    I didn’t notice the dagre shadow on the floor until just now, niiiice.

    Oh man I am so excited just to see the BACKGROUNDS in this chapter.


    • lol XD Ulyer must be so grateful to you

    • Phew, I thought I was the only one excited to see her.

  • Excellent. It looks like New Yorker Magazine, Special Dictator Issue. =)

    Seriously though, this is exquisitely painted.

    • Thank you! And I’d totally buy that issue :3

  • That is one serious kickass looking cover. My eye keeps taking in every little detail in the decoration, the patterns, everything (you put enough effort into it, I’ll at least stare at it for a good 5 minutes!)
    Frankly, this looks ten shades of awesome. Solid work.

    • Thanks so much! Much credit goes to a great book I found called The Elements of Style… a lot of good inspiration for interior design :)

  • Awww, yeah! Chapter 2!

    Though, I’m wondering about this once a week updating schedule. How long do you think it’ll last? The twice a week updating schedule had me quite dubiously enthused, after all.

    • I’ll last as long as I have work coming out of my ass, which is to say, until I finish the program in early June.

  • I seriously squealed when I saw this cover! It looks so awesome! I can’t wait to read more! <333

  • WOOT! Luca, finally! I bet this chapter’s gonna rock! And you’ll finally draw him in the comic… you’ll get sick of him xD

  • Elle

    Did you use the pen tool when you improved the lines?

    • No, just switched from a textured brush to the default hard brush.

  • marinated-fish

    This looks so very good and elaborate. I can only re-emphasize rufftoons comment on the cover!
    It’s an interiour and it looks so incredibly awesome! The effort was worth it (all of that perspective “lessons”)! And I also adore the new reddish-brown colour palette, it fits Luca really well.
    (Yay for cultural hints, I love the banner and the necklace as wall decorations! ♥ )

    • marinated-fish

      overused the word “love” here, definitely.

  • I cannot begin to tell you how super duper extremely oh my goodness excited I am!
    I cannot wait to read this chapter.

    I’m going to end up drawing fanart for it soon. Hahah.

  • O

    Stunning! And I didn’t notice the dagre until others pointed it out – you’re an incredible artist! I feel very priviledged to be following your work! *G*

  • Having voted, I’m strangly obsessed with watching Kiz’ man-nipples move. It’s like he got a boob job. LOL

  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • rainey

    THE MEEK IS BAAAAACK *___________*

  • sweet_gardenia


    I LOVE those rich glowing colors. Love love love. You give this shot such a great sense of brooding and POWER. ‘Cause we know that’s what his Lucaness is all about.

    I’m very proud of you ;_; you’ve worked (and are working!) so hard. You deserve cookies or something

    *gives you cookies*

    *then explodes from sheer delight*

    • *explodes from eating too many cookies*

  • Earthsoul

    hehe ive really been looking forward to this and i think its really cool youve changed the header for your site for your next chapter, a really good idea =D

  • Shelbeee

    Chapter 2 bitches!!!

  • I loved this chapter in the sketch comic.. can’t wait to see how it turns out. Keep it up, YOU’RE A DRAWIN’ FIEND my friend

    Also I would like to make love to this cover image. what the hell this is gorgeous. great shadow play.

    • Thank you! Feel free to make love to it if you want. I learned a lot from Fox-Orian’s bgs and lighting, he’s on DA… I think you might have seen his stuff already

  • Cedarwolf22

    PRETTY ACE. I like how the bear(or wolverine? I can’t remember)-claw piece got snuck in there 8D And how the floor sort of has the texture of kitchen tile, ha.

    • Thanks! Its bearclaw (mmm, bearclaw)…

  • Gearfish

    I AM SO EXCITED. This is going to be so awesome!

  • Oh god, oh god oh god. I am so excited for this. I really like how the top banner thing was changed, too. (:

    • XD Luca wouldn’t appreciate being under Angora’s banner, thats for sure.

  • Erica

    It’s BAAACCKKK!!!!!! *squeals*


    DO ET~

  • HOLY CRAP look at the detailing on that bed!
    I am so excited to see this chapter /you don’t even know/

  • Hooray for the triumphant return of The Meek in color! And the quality is still off the charts!
    Luca! Your leg is necked!!! I can see your necked leg!!!
    …I think Luca just put me on his hit list…<:/

  • c: absolutely wonderful, i love all the details, and the lighting’s great.

  • Connor

    I’m so excited for this new chapter!! You may say you’re not the best as far as webcomics go but I have to politely disagree, this is the newest webcomic I have regularly started reading (found it on DA when it was around page 20) and it’s by far the one that makes me come back the most. Your art and storylines are too awesome for you to not eventually make these into books, ya know. (hint hint)

    • Aw, thanks very much. I’m hopeful about getting a book out at some point in the far, far future XD

      • Connor

        Haha no need to rush, I understand how busy you are! Throw in a nice vacation eventually before you worry about it =]

  • Illidasi

    I don’t know which would dissapoint me more. Finding out that that person is the lady, or the tiger. In all seriousness though, he looks like he’ll be kicking some political tail.

    • Haha, he’s neither thankfully XD The lady is in the bed, the tiger is… well, he’s around.

  • HOLY CROWS this cover completely floored me I sort of hate you right now XD nghgnhNGH look at that gorgeous wonderful warm morning lighting and beautiful huge royal bedroom ammigawd! I sort of love you also ;___; I’m so excited to see this chapter cos OMG Luca ♥

    • Man, something is really wrong in the universe when you are floored by my art :

      I found this awesome book at the library that is comprised entirely of architectural details. It’s overdue D:

  • DanielleK

    I had an idea for how to ship your posters. Head over to one of you local movie theaters and ask them if you can have some of the poster tubes. When I worked for one we threw them out all the time! Thursday nights are a good time to ask because thats when all the stuff is getting changed over for Friday releases. They are sturdy and can ship through the mail really easily.

    I LOVE the comic and I can’t wait to read more!

    • Wow, thats a great idea! Thanks :) I’ve been shopping around online for tubes, but they can get sort of expensive and I want to cut down on s/h cost as much as possible.

      • Don’t shop online for tubes. Go to Office Depot or some other office store. They have shipping cardboard tubes there.

        If your poster is 11×17 sometimes you can even cut those tubes in two, and fit a poster in each one. Take some measures. I know they have only two caps, but you can substitute them by taping paper to one of the ends with shipping brown tape.

        Beware of getting some other kind of tubes. Some tubes are very thick and thus very heavy so the shipping actually costs more.

        Send the tubes as regular mail in your local post office, like you would send a letter. It shouldn’t be expensive, I have been doing it for years.

        • Thanks, but actually the tubes are pretty damned expensive at Office Depot… like 6 bucks for 2 tubes XC A little better at Staples, but not by much. If I buy bulk I can get it down to $.30 per tube which, even after shipping, will be much cheaper than anything I can get at a big store that has store overhead pricing. The point is not to have anyone spend so much money on me shipping it to them, that would make me sad.

  • UnicornJam

    I’m a lurker who’s watched you for a while and anticipated Chapter 2. Since everyone’s already beaten me to the boggling and the well earned compliments of your art (especially this page, hoooly crap <3) I wanted to say I read the story where the chapter’s title came from and now I’m reaaaally excited. *_*

    I know I don’t have to say this, but keep up the fantastic work you’ve been doing. <3 *goes back to lurking*

  • uni

    just wanna say that’s a really good picture. I looked at it for a while and then I thought “hey, what’s he looking at…?” and then I followed his gaze and I’m like /WOAH/.

    • lol XD Yeah, the shadow is a lot more prominent when the pic is zoomed out a bit more.

  • Crow

    This is my favorite chapter as well. :) I just did a 1am version of a squee when I saw the cover show up.

  • I’ve been stalking your comic since page eight or so, and never said a gosh darn thing.
    So now I’m giving some much deserved appreciation and fan-lovin’ on my part.

    I’m very much floored by your skills, the drawing/coloring/story-telling alike. :D I know several people have said the same general thing, but it’s true- so it’d bound to get repeated, right? :3 You have a natural flow to your stuff that seems to make people gather in masses.

    Seriously. If I was old enough to get a job, I’d save myself some money for those posters. X3 (Then debate whether or not to sell them on eBay as ‘first editions’ once your rich and famous. Lol.)

    And with me having some small amount of talent here, I think I’ll add another piece of fan art to your stock pile. :3

    • Thanks so much for the nice words! It makes me really happy to know that you’re enjoying the comic so well.

      As for posters, they’re only going to be $5 so I don’t think you need to do much saving XD

      If you ever do draw some fanart let me know so I can put it in the fanart LJ for all to see!

  • Ricky

    I just discovered this by means of the fantastic Johnny Wander, and I have to say I’m mesmerised! Just read the whole thing so far and I’m dying for more! Keep it up!

  • Yay new chapter cover! Love the shadow! Authentically hairy man noticed!
    Just a little mind f’d; the newest Penny & Aggie chapter is also called “The Lady and the Tiger”.
    (Though I srsly think I’ll enjoy this one way more.)

    • lol, “authentically hairy man” XD

      And that is a strange coincidence, haha. I don’t read P&A regularly so I wouldn’t have known… I doubt that it is very much like this chapter >_>

      • Morag

        Actually I thought your chapter title was a play on the short story called “The Lady and the TIger” (which I did enjoy very much, dispite its teeth gnashing ending).

        Anything to this?

    • Soma

      I second the last line of your comment, Zeggo, although I too read both comic.s

  • Aww man, FINALLY! I must say the cover art is fabulous! Not that I expected any less from you – but I’m still amazed by the progress you’ve made art-wise since the online comic started! Delicious eye-candy!! 8D

    • Thanks so much! I’ve learned a lot from watching some people on DA who can do environments 30x better than me…

  • Stormdancer

    I’m so glad I stumbled across this strip, I’ve been riveted every step of the way.

    I fully support going to one day a week – I’d MUCH rather see a consistent update once a week than sporadically getting twice a week, but often once. That would mean I have to check the site every single day (putting more load on your servers), to make sure I don’t miss something, rather than just checking every Friday.

    • Haha, yeah my schedule was sort of hectic last time huh :B I just worry, since each chapter is 45 pages and thats nearly a year (what with the year being 52 weeks). Oh well, I guess sometimes you have to make concessions to time even when it hurts.

  • Finally back! Yeah!
    And… Wow! AMAZING background!

  • Rogue

    Very nice! I can hardly wait for this chapter to start.

  • Oh my god I can’t wait ASDGADSAFsdg!! Good luck Dershin!! ;3;

  • Kass

    “not as boobalicious”??? I demand naked versions some of the following pages for voting incentives!

    • Oh god XD I… I might do it (though the next few pages feature ~50 yo folks)

  • Ahhh update!!! <33

    and luca <333

    haha great job on this!

  • Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 excitiiiiiiiiiiiing!

  • me


  • Just Popping In


    This is my favorite chapter! Can’t wait to start seeing it in it’s finished version! Luca is teh secks <3

  • Lotus

    The cover is beautiful! <33 We finally get to see Luca!

    And nice literary reference…god I remember in the 8th grade when we read it in class and people almost broke out into physical fights debating whether or not the princess chose the tiger or not.

  • rose

    This cover is completely *gorgeous*!

    Looks great!

  • Vuntic

    You know, he looks a lot like Ronson.

  • YES FOR LUCA!!! Also, just noticed the shadow. lololol I can’t wait to see some crazy stuff go down! Also I really like the design on the end of the bed. XD

    • Thank you XD I had to research a lot of furniture to get in shape for this chapter.

  • Ashley

    I think your comic is great. Your art work is amazing.
    I came across it about halfway through the first Chapter and have been reading it ever since.

    Can’t wait to read Chapter 2!!


  • Chameleon Kid

    I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wahahahahate! *does a little song and dance* ^_^

    The first chapter was great, this one promises to be just as good if not better. ^o^

  • BentKatana

    I can’t wait to learn about this character! :D Excitement reigns!

  • Korilian

    New guy! Hello new guy!

  • Bananna

    Haha, the Lady and the tiger. Thats a good short story. Im excited about this new chapter! So far i’ve been really attracted to Meek!

  • oingy-boingy

    i’m really looking forward to meeting the new characters, i enjoyed chapter one so much – i found it two pages in and have never seen a graphic novel (why’s that such a difficult phrase to type? there should be some abbreviation like blog. gravel or something. not gravel. anyway….!) through from so near the beginning before, it’s been great to meet and get to know the characters and re-read [several times, heh], i wasn’t around for the earlier version which i gather was on LJ so it’s really exciting to be moving to new characters and story developments, especially this guy who everyone seems to like so much!

    p.s. this is probably one of the crazier fan statements to make, but i cut my hair like angora’s a couple of weeks ago, hah! it was already pretty similar but i liked how she’s got loose bits in front of her ears so i made a few extra snips and chops so now mine does that too. though doesn’t seem to want to manage a flower, LOL

  • JM

    I just read your comic and I think it’s great!! Can’t wait for more:)

  • Bijaru

    Yay Luca! Finally!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing cover. The lighting and the color just look absolutely incredible. Bravo.

    I’m excited to see the new characters as well.

  • Neverfilledvoid

    I guess that shadow it the Tiger : D

  • Meg

    Hey love the chapter title! If you’re not familiar with the musical The Apple Tree, I recommend giving it a look. The second act revolves solely around that story!

  • Emjee

    HA! hehe I feel special cause i noticed his leg hair xD

  • What a lovely title page for this chapter. I love the feeling of the size of the room, and how lost Luca looks in it.

  • Where are you from? Is it a secret? :)

    • Haha, no… I just don’t like posting private info online if I can avoid it.

  • Nora

    The Lady and the Tiger…like the short story The Lady or the Tiger? lol
    I love your comics <3

  • Alduskkel

    Hey, I just noticed that Luca’s amputation is hinted at here (you can only see one leg) and he puts on the prosthetic leg on the next page.

    • Yep :) It’s been there from page one!

  • Zero

    Oh god! I just noticed that that shadow belongs to a certain someone…

  • Alvar

    Wait a second

    Is that… Dagre?!?

  • ImmortalMuffins

    Wow, I only just now realized that Dagre is in this picture. Ugh, he’s so creepy!

  • Katie

    Oh god.

    It’s Dagre. I thought he was just a shadow before…

    I’m not sleeping tonight. :I

  • Floor Dagre watches you have make-up sex………

  • Twigs

    I feel like David Suchet could play a good Luca. He’s got similar height and looks … although I haven’t seen him fly off the handle yet, so I think the auditions would basically consist of making him really angry and seeing what happens.

  • First Class Male

    I just reread Chapter 2, and I must say that is probably the best comic writing I’ve read. I became heavily vested in many characters in this arc very quickly. I would love to see more of this story line.

  • I forgot how awesome The Meek was. It’s 2017 and I’m still madly in love with this story <3

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