Page one :)

Oh god, I have 10 hours of classes today.


  • 10 hours?! Dear Lord! You have my sympathies!
    Nice boots, Luca!
    I love how the bubble stems go behind the partition thing to show that someone behind it is talking. That’s clever.

    • Not so much clever, it was the only way that made sense XD But thanks!



    • Yes, next page XD Yayyy!

  • And so it begins… dundundun

  • The O!

    Oh my goodness, it’s finally happening. I love this chapter.

    More than that, I love the distinctly different tone that you’ve already established! Goodbye greens and fluid curves, hello reds and formal angles!

  • Minnsu


    hello this chapter will be hot

  • Nosferatu

    is there a signifiant reason why his fingers are sorta dark or is that shading?
    and it is weird that the vote incentive is the most adorable thing i have EVER SEEN?

    • Yeah, his fingers are somewhat messed up. They were broken a while ago so he still has some circulation issues with them.

      • Nosferatu

        wow deady fingers no front teeth and one leg, what has this guy been doing!?
        I love how you put so much thought into everything.

  • Sweet! The color change in the hand is mysterious and forboding, and I really love the raking light across the tendons in that frame, it’s one of the most excellent man hands I have ever seen. Also, good job contrasting the hands against each other in the last frame in case we missed it.

    Unless the hand isn’t changing color in which case WTF. ^^

    • Not, they are (at the fingers). I figure he probably has pretty bad circulation in them. And thanks for noticing my/ his tendons :3


  • Neverfilledvoid

    Iiihh!! So damn awsome! For some reason, I love his arm on the first panel. : D

  • Pattom

    I love Luca already. His “I like peace!” is so convincing. XD

  • Bea

    HUUUUGE contrast in color between the adventures of Angora and now, my eyes had to readjust XD. Love the colors by the way.

  • Oooh I’m so excited!
    I couldn’t say anything to the chapter cover ’cause I was so overwhelmed D: Srsly.
    I really like how you did the page, builds up a lot of suspense for me!
    And nice color scheme, love the contrast <3

    • Thanks very much :) The first page is always easiest to color… matching the scheme in the next few pages is the tough part D:

  • I have little crush on Luca. And I want his furry boots!

  • Nethiron/MissMercurial

    That shading on his hand & arm in panel three? LOVE. It’s wonderful that you’ve defined real-world musculature by shading on a cartoon-y character.
    Hilarious that he has to justify himself XD

    (Don’t die!)

  • YES! I’m so excited for this chapter! :D to the thousandth degree, seriously.

  • Evan

    Is he missing his front teeth in panel two? Or is that his tongue covering them up? Also, It’s looks great :)

    • Neverfilledvoid

      No front teeth, if I got it right :D

      • Luzerne

        I love the fact that he has no front teeth. I’ve never actually seen that on a character design before!

      • There are also drawings where he has those teeth – so I always thought he’s wearing dental prosthesis… O_o

        • He has both XD Dentures for public appearance, no dentures in private (they are uncomfortable)

          • Haha, that’s what I figured. It would be weird to see the glorious emperor at a public appearance … with no front teeth. XD

  • Lucaaaaa! And Phe! I feel like a crazy fan girl I am so excited! I just want to say that I am so amazed by your line-art time and time again. You somehow manage to keep it so fluid all the time. Great job.

  • KoniraThax

    Crap, ten hours, I wish you luck.

    Luca… O_O
    And Phe…

    *Dreads end of this chapter* DX

    • XD Remember, no spoilers in the comments!

  • I like peace too… a piece of dat [this comment was censored by the upright angora brigade]

    ^_^ Man it’s so great to see Luca, gah~ This is such a color change, I absolutely love it. Your choice in color palates is amazing.

  • The wordless panel before “I like peace!” is a great touch. Yay paciiinnngg!

    • lol, thank you! I like it a lot too. Originally I had the “I have nothing…” bubble there but it 1) took up a weird space and 2) the panel looked better blank :3

  • Michelle

    I feel like I’m missing something in that everyone seems to know who Luca and Phe are except me. XD

    • Lol, yeah its a bit sad XD I post so much of them in other places. Don’t worry, you’ll get caught up soon enough :)

    • Amber

      I know how you feel. :P
      Beautiful page, the colours are lovely.

  • <3 I really like this. The colors, the poses, everything. So natural.

    Oh, god, 10? Torture…

  • marinated-fish

    yay~ Luca!!! Finally!

    just not with them. >D

  • Awesome! Your aptitude for anatomy really shines through here with those arms. Also, it’s great how you’re introducing him through his actions/words and the reader just gets a partial glimpse of his face. So movie-like @__@

    Loving it! :D

    • Thanks! I wanted the reader to focus on the other information before I got to his facial expression :)

  • sweet_gardenia

    Luca has excellent taste in footwear

    Peaceful exchange…snrk snrk >B)

    I’m interested in seeing how much this will deviate from the original sketch comic. I’m excited! Such new wonders to behold!

    (I’m also curious about that subtle change in hand color on the last panel. Shading or FORESHADOWING?)

    • Excellent taste in footwear= about 4 kittens

      And no, just poor circulation :C Evidently if you have bad circulation (like for diabetes) your extremeties do turn dark/ black D8

  • sweet_gardenia

    Also YAAAAAY fatfish :B and fatfox <3 <3 <3

  • Emjee

    ooOOOooo cinematic!

  • nk5

    Oh my how on earth are you doing these textures?? The carpet on the previous page, the wall paper, the cushion Luca is sitting on, even your wood screen there looks very cool. This is a serious question, by the way.

    • Its a mash up of finding textures/ painting them, tiling them and transforming them. Then putting filters on to make it look less unnatural. I’m still fiddling with the process…

  • memory

    Is that a boot or a prosthetic leg?

    • That is a prosthetic.

      • Taylor

        ahh, you got there first, i was going to ask…

  • memory

    yeah, definitely a prosthetic.

  • I forgot to comment before, but the cover was jaw droppingly awesome. This page is no different. I love the details like Luca’s fingers being darker due to poor circulation and the pause in the panels with the “I like peace!” The first panel’s dialogue balloon coming from behind the screen is great too, as well as the pattern detail on it. All around awesome stuff.

    Luca! Very exciting. :D

    Good luck with crazy 10 hours of classes!

    • Thank you very much for noticing all of that XD Sometimes I wonder that all the details are for nothing, then you guys make me feel bad for underestimating your eyes, haha.

      And thanks for the luck D: I made it… this time…

  • I do hope we get to hear the story of how he lost those teeth and the leg. I’ve had several family members go through the losing-body-parts-to-disease phase, and your depiction is spot-on. Brr.

    And that bench?


  • Chameleon Kid

    And we’re off! Off to a lovely start. ^_^

  • This is the first time I comment here! I’m glad Chapter 2 is already out, and I have no words for the cover… o_o Awesome!

  • ming

    Awesome opening page, you get an idea of their relation from the very first second.

  • Cayce P

    how come everyone knows who the people are?? How do we know his name is Luca?

    • Coryjonc

      The author of this comic already finished the Sketch version, and it used to posted on his Live Journal (I think…). Most of his current readers already read the entire sketch version.

      Right, alexds1?

      • Connor

        I dunno how far she’s done the sketch comic up to (because I’m trying not to spoil the story for myself) but I know she’s done quite a bit, and actually if you looked in the cast section you could find some of the character’s names/stuff about them. I only know most of it from deviantart.

    • I don’t have any idea who they are, if that makes you feel any better. I’m another johnny-come-lately. :D

  • “just not with them”



  • I’m…giddy? Yes, giddy. I think I’m giddy.
    This makes me giddy. Way to draw out the suspense! You are really developing a sense of pacing and drama (well, actually…even the sketchcomic had that…it’s in the writing. You write good.)
    I, like so many, am very excited to watch this chapter unfold! Beautiful and exiting new color palette (I’m a little red-biased as is.)
    I just can’t wait for EVERYONE TO BE REVEALED AS SPACE ALIENS AND THEN DANCE. Just like in the sketchcomic. Oh, no spoilers on the comments? Sorry!

  • 10 hours? that’s insane!

    Lovely first page of the new chapter. :) Love the shading in particular!

  • candeldandel

    Ah, Luca at last. Glad to see him! <3

  • Basil

    I love how his eyes are never visible.

    And, oh my god, the SHADING…
    Your shadow effects have rendered me speechless. That must have taken a long time to get right, but the end result is exquisite.
    *Heaps more praise*

  • Mo

    10 hours?
    same thing happened to me thursday…every thursday *sigh*

    i like the last panel for some reason haha

  • Peppa

    I had no idea what people were talking about with Luca’s fingers; is it the redness you see on the last two panels, or just the shading in general? I thought it was just shading 8D; My desktop comp displays colors darkly, so if I were on my laptop I might be able to see that better. FU, desktop computer.

    P.S. I hope I can color as good as you someday. o_o

  • Gracia

    I love this comic so much. And I kind of want his boots, even though I’m pretty sure I can’t pull that sort of look off.

    Awesome page!

  • Filipe

    When I saw a hole on the banner hanging from the wall in the cover I thought about retired general of some sort, but the guy seems more important than that.

    Ten hours of classes!!! I hope the kids were quiet and well behaved (like that’s even possible).

    • Think of it more like having an antique in your room… a really nice one at that :)

      And half of the kids were! The other class though… yikes.

  • Wohooo!! Chp 2!!! <3
    Meek is awessoomee, Meek is greeaatt~! lol Love the comic, keep it up! :D
    And good luck on those classes O_o mine will be starting next week, one last week of joy D:

  • Andrew

    I have 10 hours of work every day! monday through friday… sometimes saturdays…. =)

    • Sucks for you XD

      Haha, I guess I work more than 10 hrs a day if I count in the time I do comics… but it seems unfair to classify that along with stuff like having to wrangle a classroom or sit in lecture for hours.

  • laura

    ah either it’s brighter now or it’s my computer changing colors. I like it brighter because you can see more of what’s going on, but i must admit that the really dark reds and browns gave an awesome mood.

    either way, great comic wonderful coloring, wonderful anatomy, wonderful characters. very inspirational to watch you crank one of these out every week and have the quality stay just as good as when you started :)

  • Sparn

    “I like peace!”

    This seems to me like a line which I’d expect to see in terrible writing. It’s definitely a great line here, but I can’t stop imagining overly cheesy perfect hero-types saying it.

    • Great thing he’s not a ((this comment has been censored by the Upright Angora Brigade)).

      ^_^ And that’s all I have to say about that.

      Censoring done by me ^_-

  • it seems you colouring got kind of better nice job ;)!!

  • RanaElaseim

    :D I love those boots! I want some! Your coloring style is so unique! I love it. Can’t wait for the next page! I wish they came faster! lol ^_^

  • Arwen

    Hi! I followed through a link at Kukuburi and LOOKWHATIFIND. More awesome webcomic adventures to follow! Beautiful work and great story so far, I can’t wait to see how things develop!

  • insanity202

    Love this comic it looks so fantastic and the story is one of the best ive read. ;)

  • yyyaaaaay finally!!! *-*
    CanĀ“t wait to see the next pages!

  • i love that pause. that pause is great. its brilliant! XD good stuff

  • Cartman

    So excited for new updates. I hope we’re still going to get to see more jungle, as I love how you color the greenery… but interested to see how you handle cityscapes too! I’ve been takin’ notes on your coloring style :-P

  • HendoGirl

    I love The Meek! The art is beautiful, the chars are engaging and what I’ve seen of the plot and the setting seem complex and fascinating! Good luck at school.

    Also, The Meek was plugged by Tozo – the Public Servant at http://tozocomic.com/

  • 80

    This comic is beautiful! I love everything about it. Sooo glad I just stumbled across it one day.

    Keep up the amazing work! I know you will!

  • EatUrVeggiesXD

    I love The Meek, it’s really really awesome :D I read it on deviantART and now I can’t wait to read it here! Your drawing style and colouring is great. By the way my name on devART is ~fallen-dream99.

  • Veitstanz


    I love that blue.

  • Nora


    Does he have a prosthetic leg? Or is it just a really cool looking boot?

    • Its a prosthetic! Luca is a BK (below knee) amputee from an incident when he was in his 20’s.

      • Nora

        Cool! My friend Paul is too!

  • radical edward.

    i’ve never seen a better comic in my life (when’s it gonna hit the shelves i’ll buy that).

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