Luca is a good dad. Also today is backwards day.

Drawing all those columns was, as you kids say, a hot mess. Also I hate the colors, it looks way dark (although it is supposed to be dark. Every Pasori palace tries to have a hall of columns, it represents the homeland/ boreal forests and the transition from being animal to human)

In RL/comic news, these next few weeks (and this one, haha) are very busy for me. Hence the lateass page for this week… I am going to do my damndest to get a page done on time next week but I am anticipating late comics (thurs or friday posts) for the next two weeks… I have some teacher workshop to go to this weekend, a big presentation and some other projects for school, and then APE next weekend (come visit)! So there may be a day or so delay, but if I gather my shit together, maybe not…

In other news:
- Pimp of the week this week goes to B.I.B.L.E. not only for the clever acronym but for the wonderful art and good writing. Take a look!
- Another pimp/ shout out to my friend Mario, who has been doing his Wyliman comic for several years now! Notable because he has a real site for the comic after all these years on dA.
- An interview! With some bg info on the Meek, you can read it here at Flashes in the Dark.

I didn’t update the vote incentive today because I am late as fuck for work, but you can vote to see the lines for this page that I put up yesterday. Thanks for putting up with me XD